For This Latest Mass Shooting, We Offer MORE Condolences, Thoughts And Prayers For The Bereaved And That’s It Folks!

Former student Nikolas  Cruz, 19, entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland armed with an assault rifle and began shooting just after 2pm. Broward Sheriff Scott Israel confirmed that 17 people had been killed and dozens more were injured. Cruz was armed with at least one AR-15 rifle and had ‘multiple magazines’ when he stormed the school, according to the sheriff. The teenager had been expelled from the school for unknown ‘disciplinary reasons’. Authorities have already started dissecting his social media accounts and reported that some of things he had been posting was ‘very disturbing’. After the massacre, Cruz went to Subway for a drink and then on to McDonald’s to get his Big Mac fix. Apparently, shooting people makes a body hungry seeing as how cops treated Dylann Roof to a Whopper after he murdered nine Black church goers in Charleston, South Carolina in 2015.




What does a shitload of condolences, thoughts and prayers do for anybody? What has any of those ever accomplished? Not a goddamn thing! That’s what. But here we go again, getting out the same playbook after……WAIT FOR IT, yet ANOTHER mass shooting by yet ANOTHER MENTALLY ILL WHITE MALE!

Here’s an idea! Lock up ALL white males because according to Donald Trump and everyone at CNN, CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC, ALL white males are mentally ill and that is why we have these mass shootings, monthly! White males have not been studied enough and so it is now time to study their brains and find out what genetic trait predisposes them to mental illness of the sort that causes them to grab assault rifles and instead of hunting deer with them, they hunt ‘human’ targets instead. And if Nikolas Cruz is merely mentally ill, then he is not responsible for his actions. He just has ‘white male mass murderer’ syndrome. Put him under a 72-hour psychiatric hold, get some other fucked up in the head white males to poke and prod him and fill him with anti-depressants and then release him back into society with a boatload of Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac and Abilify and he’ll be right as rain.

If Nikolas Cruz is mentally ill, then he is a vulnerable adult who only needs some meds, a little counseling and some understanding. Ain’t that what ‘white male’ Ethan Couch received when he got drunk and mowed down and killed four people with his car in Texas? His attorney argued affluenza as a defense and got Ethan Couch out of paying for his crime. So, who is going to come to the rescue of Nikolas Cruz and get him out of doing time for mass murder? Guns are sanctioned by every single one of us and we all know what guns are used for and so let’s cut the bullshit and stop pretending that we are all so shocked and horrified over yet another mass shooting. These shootings are so frequent, they should barely even illicit a glance from us. In fact, I hear tell that many people are just now finding out that there was indeed, yet another mass shooting because they were busy in line waiting for the theater to open for the new Black Panther movie.

We don’t care that more people are dead in Florida just as we don’t care that people were murdered in Las Vegas, at Columbine High School in Colorado, Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, at Va. Tech in Blacksburg, VA, and on and on I could go, but what’s the point? Because this will continue and so who is next?

It has also been stated that this here Nikolas Cruz was a member of a ‘militia group’ which we all know stands for ‘white supremacy’, ‘Alt-right’, ‘white nationalist’, etc., and so AGAIN, these groups have been sanctioned by white folks since white folks declared an ‘official’ end to slavery which we know never really ended. Not one white person should have a problem with this latest mass shooting by an avowed ‘white supremacist’ because you know who those people are and yet you say nothing so don’t even bother coming forward now to state that your ‘mentally ill’ brother is a member of a ‘militia group’. You condone this mess and you always will because they are supposed to be intimidating and killing Black folks but for some strange ass reason they are also filling white asses with bullets. Don’t that beat all! Is that why you are somewhere busily declaring this here Nikolas Cruz to be mentally ill? Because you just can’t figure out why he killed some white folks? He was not supposed to do that, now was he? So, now we’ve got to try and understand why Nikolas Cruz didn’t board a bus or a train and head to the south side of Chicago and go on a shooting rampage there, no he shot up some more white folks and can you believe it, the FBI had prior knowledge that dude had every intention of going the fuck off on a school and he did!

But you see, the FBI has not deemed white males to be a threat who have joined militia groups. Oh no! They are just good ole boys letting off a little steam and so let them have their fun. Yep! That’s how the FBI rolls. No harm! No foul! The FBI was notified of Nikolas Cruz’s Youtube channel where he admits to wanting “to be a professional school shooter,” and not a thing was done about this. The FBI claimed that they couldn’t find Nikolas Cruz. For fuck’s sake! He had a Youtube channel and an IP address and since the NSA is recording our every keystroke, what the fuck do they mean, they didn’t know how to find him? It’s the FBI for fuck’s sake! It’s the NSA for fuck’s sake! They claim to know everything about US! And here we are supposed to sit somewhere and be concerned about ISIS because the government spy agencies tell us to and yet, they can’t even find little ole ‘mentally ill’ Cruz here who actually tried to get found by posting a video on Youtube. Seriously? You ain’t got to worry about ISIS. You’d best be looking cross-eyed at that ‘white guy’ sitting next to you in History Class. You’d best be looking sideways at that ‘white guy’ who is sitting next to you in a movie theater because the FBI is going to do what? Drop the ball, again!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Friday said it mishandled a January tip that the 19-year-old accused of killing 17 people in Florida had guns and the potential to carry out a school shooting.

A person close to accused gunman Nikolas Cruz called an FBI tip line on Jan. 5 to report concerns about him, the FBI said in a statement.

“The caller provided information about Cruz’s gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting,” it said.

The tip appeared unrelated to a previously reported YouTube comment in which a person named Nikolas Cruz said, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.” The FBI has acknowledged getting that tip as well but failing to connect it to Cruz.

So, the FBI missed not one, but two opportunities to stop Nikolas Cruz from going through with this attack and yet dropped the ball, both times. This is Donald Trump’s FBI, by the way. And all Trump can say is, “I am going to see to it that the mental health field receives more support to get those mentally ill folks the help they need.” What has Trump said about the fact that a militia group in Florida has confirmed that Nikolas Cruz is on their roster? What has Trump said about the fact that the FBI dropped the ball on this twice? All Trump is doing is issuing the same lame condolences, thoughts and prayers speech that all past presidents have done while the killing continues; the bodies pile up, the morgue is full. The funeral processions roll on. The grief counselors are called in. Meanwhile, we sit and wait for the next mass shooting. We sit and wait to get a phone call from our loved one at school after each school shooting. We sit hoping that our loved one was not among the dead. We go inside a movie theater and we may not make it out because, once again, another white male that’s been deemed ‘mentally ill’ might go the fuck off with an assault weapon.

Don’t expect any useless condolences, thoughts and prayers from me because if they did any good, would you still be thinking that that is what is needed to stop the mass shootings by ‘mentally ill’ white males? When are you going to stop mollycoddling these killers and call them what they are, “Terrorists?” You have no problem calling Black men who commit crimes, “Thugs,” and you have no problem calling Muslims, “Terrorists,” when your government tells you that they beheaded someone. But yet, every single time a white male shoots up a school full of people or a concert full of people or a theater full of people, you make excuses for him by labeling him as ‘mentally ill’. Cut the bullshit! Because if that were the case, then every so-called, ‘white male who keeps to himself’ should be locked up for the common good since he’s been judged to be ‘mentally ill’ if he is not smiling and is considered, a loner. How convenient that ‘white males’ get off the hook from being labeled, ‘terrorists’ and it is because ‘white males’ are doing the killing and the labeling.

Here in AmeriKKKa, it is just another fucking day in paradise! Time for a new holiday, “National Hug Your Gun Day!” The NRA members will wet their pants that day as will the ‘militia’ groups, especially the one Nikolas Cruz was a member of. “Mentally ill white males,” all you have to do is say the word!”

16 thoughts on “For This Latest Mass Shooting, We Offer MORE Condolences, Thoughts And Prayers For The Bereaved And That’s It Folks!

    1. Thank you toritto! I don’t know why I bother because this is all just wash, rinse and repeat. We are so aghast and dismayed over yet another mass shooting when by now, this should all be quite redundant because we refuse to do anything beyond offering up useless condolences, thoughts and prayers. Yeah! They are SO working!

      Thank you again for the great comment on this one toritto!

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    1. Indeed it does, Leslie. Indeed it does. And all we do is utter useless condolences, thoughts and prayers and then go buy some more guns. I just read that hundreds attended a gun show not too far from this latest mass shooting and so what does that say about Americans? We simply don’t care!

      “MIAMI — Hundreds gathered at the fairgrounds here for a major gun show held just three days after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, less than 50 miles north.”

      Leslie, thank you for your comment.

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      1. I highly doubt it because as you can see, the people at the gun show are there to purchase weapons, they claim, to protect themselves with. Even if those kids at the school had had weapons, when someone just starts shooting, there are going to be those who die. And if we are going to turn this country more and more into the days of the wild, wild west, what’s the point?

        So, in essence, our solution to this problem is to buy more guns. SIGH! We never learn.

        Thanks Leslie.

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      2. If they didn’t let you in, I’d count that as a blessing. I surely would! It wouldn’t be a slap in the face to me especially seeing as the only things we got going on here is mass homelessness, retail stores shuttering their doors in record numbers which means shopping is no-no and mass shootings. So, what’s there to come here for? Not a damn thing! Hell! You’d probably have a better time of it in Madagascar. And I am SO not joking.


  1. I read the other day that the US experiences a school shooting every other day. In my mind, this makes attending school one of the most dangerous things you could do in the US. If I had a school aged child in the US, I would definitely pull my child out of school and home school them – even if I had to quit my job to do so. I can’t imagine how any parent could willingly expose their child to this risk.

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    1. But Dr. Bramhall, they are shooting up theaters, concert venues and churches as well. There is no safe place in America. We are all at risk because everyone who wants a gun, has a gun. And we don’t know who will go berserk next. Not to mention with things so bad over here, many parents HAVE to work and cannot home school their children especially if there is only one parent in the household and with so many single moms, mom has to work. So homeschooling is out of the question for many. There really is no answer to this.

      I thank you for your comment.


  2. The human race is a defective species, the only one so. The worst among us, history bears witness, is the white male. Others have tried following his examples; few possessed the villainy to take it to his extreme. None, to the breadth and scope of his dominance.

    School shootings are one manifestation of the country rotting from within.

    The government kills and destroys more lives than anyone, the example they’ve set. Violence is prevalent, played out in sports, video games, movies, TV, and look no further than the kitchen where the most oppressed of all species lays hacked into pieces, waiting for their place on the dinner table, where dregs gleefully consume traumatized flesh. And this, they believe, without repercussions.

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    1. Peter, I had to highlight your comment because it is ever SO spot on! Animals that we have deemed suitable as pets are just too adorable to eat. But then there are those animals that are viewed as tasty, succulent pieces of meat to be devoured voraciously. And we don’t even take a moment to think about what we are doing. So long as it pleases us, that is all that is important.

      The so-called ‘human’ race is indeed, as you say, “defective,” and in so many ways. We are hell bent on killing the very planet that enables us to live and all for profit. Someone decided that we all needed ‘money’ in order to live and in order to do that, we had to work at a job we hated until we’re just about dead and 7 billion people just fell in step with that. The so-called ‘best years of our lives’ is given over to make someone else rich and we don’t even have a problem with that. The government takes from us through our hard-earned tax dollars and use those dollars to bring death and destruction to others all across the globe.

      And since we call ourselves, ‘human’, how is it that we just love brutal spectator sports that entail injuring and damn near killing one another over grabbing a ball and busting heads over it. We can know that football players are getting their brains knocked up against their skulls repeatedly and we don’t care because they’d better get out there on that field and score one for OUR team. We look at animals as lesser beings than we are when we are the lesser because we should know better.

      If people believe in evolution, then I wonder just when are we going to ‘evolve’ into something worthy of being called, “human!”

      Peter, again, I thank you for your right on point comment.

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  3. I wonder why didn’t get shot dead? Any thoughts or ideas? Anyone? I’ll let yall ponder on that for a moment. Judgement is coming to America. I pray it is agonizing

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    1. We ALL know why those animals don’t get murdered when the KKKops confront them. No matter what vile acts are perpetrated by whites, other whites condone it. And they are ALL alike. There is no difference. There is no animal on this planet lower than a two-legged white animal.


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