“This Ain’t Wakanda!”

This is right on time! I had to share!


So, to ALL the Black folks who spent your money on African garb and headdresses, paid a mint for popcorn and sodas and nacho cheese chips and Hershey bars and Nestle bars, and who left the movie theater after viewing “Black Panther” screaming, “Wakanda Forever!,”when you got back to the ‘hood’, that’s not yet gentrified, and you stepped on used syringe needles of Black heroin addicts and gazed upon the used condoms of johns that frequent drug-addicted prostitutes and when you got shot in the ass after having been caught in the crossfires of gang shootouts over drug turf, did “Black Panther” come down off that movie screen upon hearing you scream, “Wakanda Forever?”

There is no goddamn Wakanda! There never has been a Wakanda and there never will be a Wakanda. The only thing that’s going down over in Africa is the same shit that’s going down in America; the entire continent of Africa is owned by white men, the same as our asses in AmeriKKKa are owned by white men. And for Black folks to sit somewhere on your stupid asses getting all hyped up about some fiction shit when horrifying REAL shit is going down every day in Black ghettos and in prisons where almost 3 million Black men and women are slaving away for corporations, is just beyond ridiculous! I can only shake my head over the continuation of your cluelessness, ignorance and willingness to be made a fool of, daily!

There is no fake ass Disney Black Panther coming to save you from mass incarceration, police brutality, police murder of Blacks, gentrification, a school-to-prison pipeline, mass poverty, mass homelessness, income inequality, home foreclosures, sky-rocketing rents, poisoned water, water-shutoffs and the goddamn list is endless. But there you sit, proudly shouting and screaming with your fake ass African costumes on about some made up African kingdom while your son sits beside you, looking up at your awestruck gaze and at the foolishness on the screen and wondering why he does not live in “Wakanda!” You’re not even a “Black Panther” to your own children because when they head home, they get the video games out and to hell with homework for if not, then why is the school drop out rate for Black children so high? Is screaming for “Wakanda” going to help out with this?

With a goddamn flaming, racist, bigoted president that’s called all African countries AND Haiti, “Shitholes!” where the hell do you think you stand in this particular shithole? But “Wakanda!” to the rescue, right? Disney’s “Black Panther!” to the rescue, right? Some of you Black folks are dumber than a goddamn horse and that’s putting it mildly. Skinhead groups are gaining members daily. This president backs them up while you are sitting in a theater gazing avidly at a fictional kingdom in Africa when even if you was to drag your ass back to Africa, those Africans wouldn’t spit on you to put a fire out on your ass. In all these centuries past, when has an African country made a statement condemning the fact that Africans allowed other Africans to be stolen from that region? When has there ever been a call from any ‘kingdom’ in Africa for all of descendants of African slaves to come back to the glories of the motherland to be welcomed into the fold? Not ever! There are no African kingdoms. There are only corrupt African leaders in every region in Africa who are still selling out their own people just like in days of old. That is why our Black asses are sitting here looking at a goddamn stupid ass movie that in no way even pretends to depict just what the hell really is going on in Africa.

Black people always have to be entertained. You will spend your money on anything that will entertain you or to make you up to look as much like your oppressors as you can. Fake ass European hair weaves, fake ass braids, fake ass wigs, fake ass nails, fake ass makeup. That is all Black people are about, fake ass shit and fantasy while the rest of the world is fully cognizant of their plight while we want to be entertained. We want to believe that we are doing something by donning a dashiki with an African headdress and running inside a theater to look at more fake ass shit! We will even take up some holiday, talking about we’re celebrating Kwanzaa. What the fuck does Kwanzaa have to do with you? You’re fucking not African! Ever with the pretense that your history began in Africa. Your history begins with your own family here in AmeriKKKa. You can’t even manage to love the members of your own immediate family but yet, you want to get DNA tests done to see which fucking tribe you belong to in a land that lays no claim to your ass. How stupid is that? And what are you going to do if you find out that someone in your ancestral tree came from the Congo? Go over there and get raped, brutalized and terrorized like those women and  children who live in the Congo?

“In eastern Congo, rape and sexual violence are routinely employed as weapons to subjugate villages and terrorize entire communities. From old women to young children, the soldiers do not discriminate; the stories of their brutality and torture are so horrific that they rarely reach western ears. Inside the country, however, the locals have accepted mass rape as the status quo; even women who have been attacked will tell you: “This is just Congolese life.”

Yeah! That’s “Wakanda,” ain’t it? Did you read that? Even OLD WOMEN are not safe from being raped, brutalized and tortured. But your African head wrap and dashiki enables you to share their pain, doesn’t it? But they’re not supposed to be treated like that since they are living in “Wakanda!” being protected by their king, the “Black Panther” according to your dumb, stupid ass and Walt Disney Pictures!

“Decades of civil war before South Sudan became a nation and continuing to the present have left it one of the poorest countries in the world. Wracked by conflict, the young nation hasn’t been able to provide its people the basics of adequate healthcare, education, and income opportunities. Children are paying the price with their lives.

More than 5.7 million South Sudanese don’t have enough food to sustain themselves, and food insecurity continues to rise, likely reaching 6 million mid-2018. Nearly 4 million people are displaced because of conflict and hunger, including 2 million who have fled to neighboring countries since December 2013. Uganda hosts more than 1 million refugees from South Sudan; 60 percent of the displaced are children.”

This child in South Sudan wants to know “Where is Black Panther?” And where is “Wakanda?”

And I suppose, that’s also, “Wakanda?” It is quite apparent that I could continue in this vein, but the point should be well made. There is nothing for any Black person to feel ‘good’ about after having watched “Black Panther.” Let me ask you something. Did you Black men dress up like Tyler Perry did in all of his “Madea” movies when you went to watch them? Did you dress in drag to go see, say, “Madea Goes To Jail?” But for some strange ass reason, the whites release a movie about a non-existent kingdom in Africa where some supposed super hero is king and there you go, completely outfitted as though you, yourselves are royalty from a rich kingdom in Africa when you’re nothing more than weak, punk ass bitches who can’t even tell when you’re being used. How much of your money that you just gave over to see Black Panther will make it into the hands of Black people within their few remaining communities? NONE! Because Black people, even while living in their few remaining communities are still handing their money over to the Koreans, the Pakistanis, the Chinese, the whites; every one else but to another Black person.

I just recently moved from Baltimore, MD and I can tell you from first hand experience that there is no sign of “Wakanda Forever!” going on all up in Baltimore, MD. There is, however, plenty of heroin and crack addicts. There are plenty of Black people nodding on methadone. There are plenty who are mentally ill and homeless. There are plenty who have been shot by the cops and who actually survived, but who are wheel-chair bound and still full of bullets they’ll eventually die from. There are so many gangs, they’ve lost count. Baltimore recorded 343 homicides last year. Was this due to “Black Panther” coming in and ridding Baltimore of all the bad cops and bad, bad whitey? Hell no! These shootings were all about Black men shooting each other to death over drug turf or other Black people shooting each other just for the hell of it. One Black woman, who did not live in a kingdom, but lived in a housing project, was shot dead by a teenager simply because she called the police to stop this particular teenager from stealing her child’s bike, AGAIN! The Black teen shot this mother in her face, in front of her children, and calmly walked away. “Wakanda Forever!” Buy your dashikis here! If it were not so ridiculously sad, it would be funny to picture the lot of you sitting up in a theater looking as stupid as you could possibly look in your dashikis and African head wraps. I can only imagine since I will never be foolish enough to sit alongside you as you display your ignorance for all to see. Black folks, I don’t know why, but you continue to amaze me over how you are not even embarrassed at how stupid you really are, especially the so-called, adults!

This is Baltimore’s “Wakanda!” What a rich looking kingdom to be proud of, that is!

..and this is also Baltimore’s “Wakanda!”

Black people, just keep on heading in the direction that you are heading in and you will find something alright, but believe me, the last thing you will find is “Black Panther” coming to save you and take you to “Wakanda Forever!” Every single day, you have less and less to lose and yet, you never gain any knowledge from your losses. More’s the goddamn pity!

12 thoughts on ““This Ain’t Wakanda!”

  1. “I recently moved FROM Baltimore…..” Have you left Charm City Shelby?
    Great post. I could feel the rage from here. “Every single day, you have less and less to lose and yet, you never gain any knowledge from your losses. More’s the goddamn pity!”
    Amen and regards

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    1. Thank you toritto! And yes, I’ve been gone from Baltimore for months. I, myself, was at so many crime scenes, it is unreal. I was on a bus that was held up at gunpoint. I witnessed a woman shoot another man all to pieces because she didn’t like what he said to her and then she got up and calmly walked off the bus. I was carjacked. Someone tried to break into my home. A man was shot near me inside a goddamn bookstore. My cousin was shot up and is still recovering. I am still recovering from injuries I received from the crime scenes I was at. That place is off the chains. Ain’t no goddamn Wakanda going on all up in Baltimore.

      It was so bad that I could not even wait for the movers to fit me in on their schedule. With my head still wrapped in bandages and with my cousin still with pins and rods inside him, I called some folks to put my shit in a truck I rented and I drove that truck out of Baltimore like the hounds of hell was at our heels. And I don’t EVER intend going back! And another sad fact, while stopping for gas on the outskirts of Maryland, in a Sheetz gas station, I could not even use the women’s restroom because, me being me, I had to use the restroom at the same time a woman was overdosing while holding a baby in the women’s restroom. And when I walked inside the door of the Sheetz, people were looking at me asking me if I knew the woman who was in the bathroom, stretched out on the damn restroom floor, half dead. Seriously!

      Black folks situations are getting more dire by the second and the only thing we do about it is run inside a movie theater to get a ‘feel good fix’ and then out the door we go shouting some damn stupid shit about “Wakanda! Wakanda Forever!” while sporting an African head wrap and a lame ass dashiki. For the love of !!!! I gotta stop here before I blow a gasket!

      Toritto, again, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. You are welcome Shelby. Sorry to hear about Charm City. I gather it has gone to the dogs since I left in ’94. Where did you all finally wind up? Still in Maryland or gone elsewhere?


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      2. ‘Charm City’ is indeed, a shithole now, toritto! And that is an understatement. And no, we are no longer in the state of Maryland. In fact, in just a few short months, we will be heading back to the Midwest. I have had it with the East Coast. We are waiting to recover as much as possible from our many injuries before we attempt another big move but at least we got out of the state of Maryland.

        I thank you for your thoughtfulness toritto!

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  2. I am so happy to see this post – I got into this big fight with someone at the Farmers Market this morning over this movie. I won’t go into her side of the argument. Let’s just say I was really disappointed in her.

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    1. Dr. Bramhall, I am extremely disappointed as well because as you can see from the above ‘likes’, only one Black person has stepped all up in here and ‘liked’ this post because the rest are on some “Wakanda Forever” fake ass bullshit! They’re the ones who paid their money to see that fake ass shit even after they’e screamed and yelled on their own goddamn blogs about the plight of Black folks in AmeriKKKa and yet, they can’t take the goddamn truth all up in their stupid faces. Well, I don’t give a good goddamn who don’t like the truth, they can fucking ‘unfollow’ me for all I care because I ain’t never been on some fake ass, make believe bullshit that will make me forget what my fucking reality is about, not for one goddamn second.

      And if you know the email address of who you got into a fight with at the Farmers Market, send this here post to ’em. They ain’t gonna like it, but ain’t nothing but truth going on all up in here. People don’t like to be faced with the truth, that’s for sure and so they steer clear of it. That’s what’s going on all up in here and I am not hardly surprised because Black folks have been and always will be on some fake ass shit! It’s what they are!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment!


  3. Man, I wish the guy in the video was my dad!
    Great post, Shelby; I often think about what an impact could have been made (in our communities) if we’d pooled together that movie going money.
    I’m gonna guess you haven’t seen Black Panther?

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    1. I hear you Kelley! This guy was spitting nothing but TRUTH! I cannot stop watching the video because he is like the male version of me, only more hard hitting!

      And everything he says is exactly how it is! Can you just imagine how many Black people could have been lifted out of poverty if instead of collectively spending our money to see some fake ass shit, we actually had pooled that money together and opened our own banks and made low interest loans available to our own people? Individually, we may not be able to do much, but collectively, we could be a force to be reckoned with but we just won’t do it. We are forever chasing the latest movie, the latest fad whether it’s shoes, clothing, hairstyles, purses, whatever. But we will never chase down the willingness to help each other.

      Almost every single blog by a Black person that is scrolling down my reader, the title of the blog is “Wakanda Forever!” What the hell? So all of a sudden, we have collectively lost our minds? Gentrification no longer exists because we now have “Wakanda Forever?” We have a super hero, “The Black Panther?” The school-to-prison pipeline no longer exists for the same reason? Mass unemployment? Income inequality? Mass homelessness? Food insecurity? Low economic achievement? Substandard healthcare? Mass incarceration? All of that has ceased because now, we can be proud because some Black actors/actresses engaged us in a fake as African kingdom? For the love of !!!! I just fucking throw my hands up because it is quite obvious that the vast majority of us are quite insane!

      Kelley, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Yes, even if we all pooled together to buy a theater since we love certain movies so much, at least the profits would come back to us. At least we would own SOMETHING that could potentially make A LOT of money.

        I just wish we would make a big move like this for our benefit. OUR benefit, not just the benefit of a few Black actors and a Black director, but us collectively.
        If nothing else, I hope some of us realize the power of our collective dollar and spend our money where it can make a difference for us. Thanks for telling it like it is.

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      2. ” we all pooled together to buy a theater since we love certain movies so much, at least the profits would come back to us.”

        Exactly! And that is what the guy in the video alluded to; the fact that we don’t even own anything that’s in the concession stand, much less do we even own one goddamn movie theater that had this movie on multiple screens.

        Dude also said that “it’s too late for the 80s babies and the 90s babies and so let’s concentrate on the 2000 era,” and he is right. Because when I was growing up, Black-owned businesses were plentiful, but now. Try finding one hardly anywhere. I remember a Black man owned a candy store, one owned a shoe repair shop. There were several soul food restaurants and plenty of hair salons owned by Black people because those people worked hard, saved their money and opened up their own businesses and Black people patronized them. But today, the story plays differently. Now those buildings that once housed businesses of Black folks is either torn down or operated by foreigners.

        Unfortunately, this wave of Black folks that we are dealing with now are in no way the equivalent of those who have passed on and so, we’ve got nothing to work with. Many who taught me in school were Black. And so if we could do it mere decades ago, what changed? Desegregation? Drugs? Housing assistance and all that government crap? All I do know is that Black folks on housing assistance and on the dole was a rarity as was single parent households mere decades ago. And it seems to be too late for many of our youth today since the prisons are bulging at the seams with Black men and women.

        And I don’t think I answered your question you asked as to whether or not I had seen the movie. The answer is absolutely not! I wouldn’t even look at it if it was free. I’m not a fan of TV and damn it if I’m going to pay to see Disney’s fake ass shit! Not ever!

        Kelley, again, I thank you for your comment.

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      3. LOL you KNOW I was kidding with that question, but thank you for humoring me. I haven’t seen it either so we should make it a date!

        But really, I agree with you! I can only speak for what I know and what I’ve seen; I think the strength of our numbers was much higher before my time. And although I was a baby and a kid at the time, I do believe the crack epidemic took a toll on that strength. That unity. That drive. I know quite a few Black business owners today, but I know many that have not done well because they are too focused on being white-like instead of circulating money within their community. Their goals are just to follow the white man’s path (greed, people working FOR them, not WITH them, vanity, integration with outsiders for personal gain). Our path should have nothing to do with them. We’ll be free when we make our own way without asking permission or inviting everyone to come with us.

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