The Trump Administration Proposed Billions Of Dollars In Cuts To HUD While HUD’s Director, Ben Carson Orders A $31,000.00 Dining Set For His Office


Why is that jackass, Ben Carson, still at the helm of Housing and Urban Development(HUD)? Why is his wife Candy allowed to act as interior decorator of Ben Carson’s HUD office?

Ben Carson, the US secretary for housing and urban development (Hud), has scrapped an order for a $31,000 dining set for his Washington office amid a growing ethics controversy.”

Helen Foster, former Chief Administrative Officer, alleged to a whistleblower-protection watchdog that she lost her job partly as retaliation for her refusal in January and February last year to find a way to exceed $5,000 in spending on improvements to Carson’s office.

She said she was told by Craig Clemmensen, who was Hud’s acting director while Carson went through the Senate confirmation process, to find more money for use by Carson’s wife, Candy, and that “$5,000 will not even buy a decent chair”.

Five thousand dollars will not even buy a decent chair??!!! Seriously??!!! Whose ass is so precious that only a chair costing over $5000.00 is good enough for it? The ass contains the shithole and so something that’s used to pass waste from the body needs to sit in a damn chair that costs over $5,000.00? Meanwhile, read this and weep!

Following Foster’s reassignment, the department spent $31,000 on a dining table and accompanying items for Carson’s suite. The findings came after Donald Trump proposed billions of dollars in cuts to Hud’s budget, reducing programs for poor and homeless people.

Yes indeed, while Ben and Candy Carson are spending thousands of taxpayer dollars on new furnishings for them to sit their bougie ass down in Ben Carson’s HUD office, Donald Trump has proposed cutting billions of dollars from HUD’s budget that would have been destined to house poor and homeless people, thus making sure that those poor and homeless people remain without a home or have their housing choice vouchers ripped from them due to the inability of public housing authorities across this country to maintain their voucher assistance programs since the money will not be there.

Here’s an idea. Since we all know that the Carsons are not poor, they can outfit Ben Carson’s office any way they see fit so long as they foot the bill in its entirety. Who the hell do these people think they are? Royalty?

And who  had a thought in their head that Donald Trump would fully fund HUD? When has poor people ever mattered to the filthy rich? The poor will never matter to the Trumps of this world, hence the reason why there are so many poverty-stricken employees working for low wages that wouldn’t even keep a hamster in feed. But the plot thickens!

Carson’s department also signed a contract last year to spend $165,000 on “lounge furniture” for its Washington headquarters from the retailer OFS Brands of Huntingburg, Indiana, according to federal procurement records.

The president and chief of executive of OFS Brands, Robert “Hank” Menke, has made donations to Republican politicians including Mike Pence, the US vice president, who as Indiana governor in 2013 appointed Menke to a “blue ribbon panel” on transportation and infrastructure in the state.

Here enters cronyism as well as fraud, bribery and just absolute complete corruption; white collar crime that is seldom, if ever prosecuted because what rich white man is going to seek the prosecution of another rich white man that’s committing the same crimes he is? Hell! When the Wall Street bankers caused the 2008 economic collapse, did any one of those thugs see the inside of a prison cell? Hell no!

Vice President, Mike Pence, committed outright cronyism when he appointed Robert Menke to a “blue ribbon panel” on transportation and infrastructure” in return for $49,000 worth of campaign contributions to republican campaigns in Indiana and another $35,700 worth of campaign contributions to republican campaigns on the federal level.

And yet, this thug, Mike Pence, did not see the inside of a prison cell, but sits in Washington enjoying the status of Vice President to yet another thug, who sits in the Oval Office as Draft-Dodger-In-Chief. I just cannot make this shit up!

You Americans have the audacity to think that these corrupt, rich white men give a shit about any of you? Keep thinking that shit while you start your search in locating an empty spot to set up your permanent camping equipment. And believe me, there are hardly any empty spots left because we are in the midst of a homeless epidemic of epic proportions! Hell! Camping used to be a fun activity. Now, with nothing but thugs at the helm of this lopsided, stinking, sinking, shithole barge, camping is the new homelessness! But we are okay with dumb ass ‘brain surgeon’, Ben Carson attempting to sit his stupid ass down on a chair that must cost OVER $5,000.00 even as he also lounges around his Washington, D.C. office in furniture costing $165,000 while poor, homeless folks are locating a bridge to park their tent underneath since Trump is cutting the HUD budget for those programs that were intended to keep the poor housed, while letting his pick for HUD secretary order almost $200,000.00 in furniture for his office.

Meanwhile, everyone is sitting in a movie theater watching the absurd go down, not even caring about the shenanigans of this government that will cause many of them to become homeless. So, while the rich laugh at your ass, cushion their ass in plush chairs costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, you are sitting somewhere inside a movie theater wistfully gazing at a screen depicting fake ass shit even as the mailman is bringing you notification of the loss of your Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher thanks to Donald Trump ‘de-funding’ Housing And Urban Development(HUD).

And did you know that HUD is so underfunded that families with children are being forced to move into 1-bedroom units? Those pesky fire code violations are being ignored so that families will not be put out of their units due to exceeding maximum occupancy limits. This is just one example of how bad things are going to get and so I would snap out of that fantastical shit if I were you, bring your ass back down to earth and get with the program that this shit ain’t playing with you! Is Ben Carson, YOUR Black Panther when he proceeds to use funds that  could have been allocated to fund housing vouchers, but instead that money went to cushioning his and his wife’s ass in plush comfort? Go and see if “Wakanda’s” got some homeless tunnels for you to live in. Las Vegas most definitely has them, but there is a “NO VACANCY!” sign on the entrance! How fictional is that? Go find out! And while you’re at it, ask Donald Trump if he will house your homeless ass at Mar-a-Lago! Start laughing because that was one big ass joke! Donald Trump, housing the homeless at Mar-a-Lago, Trump Tower? That is funny!

18 thoughts on “The Trump Administration Proposed Billions Of Dollars In Cuts To HUD While HUD’s Director, Ben Carson Orders A $31,000.00 Dining Set For His Office

    1. Leslie, he has no shame, no guilt, no ethics, no morality, no empathy, no conscience. I could go on in this vein, but it is crystal clear that this jackass has not a thought in his witless brain but for comfort for his and his wife’s nasty ass!

      I thank you for your comment.

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    1. “AMEN!”

      Toritto, if there is a hell, then there is indeed, a super, soft, extremely cushy seat for Ben Carson and wife to sit their sorry, callous asses on.

      How in the world could I, in good conscience, use that kind of money to furnish an office that is already furnished and the furnishings were paid for by our tax dollars knowing all the while that my budget was cut by billions of dollars, therefore, leaving homeless people out in the cold and putting people who do have housing choice vouchers, out on the street because of lack of funding? Those bastards are soulless, depraved monsters! And Americans can’t see that?

      As I always say, “I fucking despair OF us! I know longer despair FOR us! That goddamn ship has sailed!”

      Toritto, I thank you kindly for the wonderful compliment on this one. It is much appreciated as I am sure you know!

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    1. Thank you Peter! I had to smile when I read your comment because even though I’m not doing anything but pissing in the wind, it gives me pleasure to blow a gasket every now and then over the shenanigans of those fucktards in Washington. This is just my way of letting off steam. I’ve given up drinking champagne and as that was my only vice, my fiery rants will just have to suffice in releasing those wonderful endorphins those psych quacks go on and on about. And I am with you, surprised by any of this? Not a fucking chance!

      Thanks again Peter!

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      1. I’m glad to hear you’ve given up champagne, Shelby. I’m not opposed to drinking, mind you, although I stopped in 1982. And back then I too liked champagne. So now, when the so call holidays arrive, and the sparkling non-alcoholic bubblies hit the shelves, I indulge like a lush.


      2. Peter, I gave up champagne because of where I live. I live in an area where people have no teeth. Seriously! And though I have more teeth that I’m supposed to have, I know that champagne is not good for one’s teeth even though when I lived in Minnesota, my dental hygienist wanted to use my mouth to dissuade teenagers from consuming sugary soda pop since she stated that if only teens could see a mouth that had not been mucked up by sugary beverages, they’d maybe think twice about drinking them. But apparently, champagne had no bad effect on my teeth. I’m just being overly cautious.

        But here, practically everywhere you go, someone with one blackened tooth is standing there to ring your purchases up and I am sure businesses know that the front end employees represent, like no other, just what is going down at the business. And with that having been said, I am extremely leery of purchasing much of anything. I am fast learning how to make my own vegan meals, and it’s quite fun, because there are no vegan restaurants here. I have been in restaurants with my friends, only when they were ordering to go, and I swear to gawd, I would rather eat dirt than eat what was prepared in that restaurant. On one occasion, the employee taking the order had one blackened tooth in her mouth, up the top and none down the bottom. The employee bagging the order had one blackened tooth in her mouth, as well. I am SO fucking not kidding. I was like, “Are you really going to eat the food prepared here?” And one of my friends was like, “I’ve been eating here for decades and the food is to ‘die for’. I’m sure she’s right! Pick your bacteria to ‘die for’ as the employee spits while talking and it lands in your ‘food’. Ewwww! Yuck! UGGGGH!

        So, yeah! I got extremely excellent reasons for giving up champagne and these people actually should be ‘off their feed’ due to what’s feeding them in these restaurants. And please, do not ask me where I am because I would be too embarrassed to say here. LMAO!

        Thank you for your comment Peter!

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    1. You are SO right Dr. Bramhall. There is no country on this planet that is more corrupt than this one and the filthy, low down, dirty shits at the helm of this Titanic are somewhere hell bent on pointing to other countries and talking about how their human rights records are deplorable when this shit’s got no moral high ground on which to stand. This shithole literally reeks with hypocrisy. Those hypocritical shits should just burst into flames when they open their mouths and let loose a torrent of lies about how humanitarian this shithole is when nothing could be further from the truth!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.

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  1. Wow, now this was an infuriating read. But what you’ve detailed here doesn’t surprise me. There is no shock factor that this is what is happening. As per usual, these types of things will be ignored by most of us (Africans in America) and we will continue to numb our skulls with “representation matters”. We won’t think critically about our place in this country (read: no place) and we won’t do anything but drink and or smoke and or literally SHOOT our selves to death. I gotta hand it to you Shelby, this isn’t easy work you’re doing but you are one of the FEW cataloging these truths and it’s much appreciated.


    1. Thank you Marcus! And your comment is spot on! As for me cataloging these truths, I am hoping that some folks waaaay down the road will be able to read about how our total destruction was brought about. I hope that I can prevent others from joining us in our descent into hell on earth. It would be a shame if no being that might come after us, learn from our ‘comedy of errors’ because it’s just got to be a comedy, doesn’t it? For why else do we do nothing about anything since at the same time we are being fucked up and fucked over, the very corporations and government behind the fucking over of us is also entertaining us by way of our smartphones, smart devices in our homes like Apple’s home pod for our ‘smarthome’ and don’t forget our smart TVs. Devices have replaced the brains of humans since these ‘smart’ items are touted as being what every American needs in order to live.

      I thought we lived just fine back in the day before we had all of these so-called ‘smart devices’ to ‘dumb’ us down. And that is what is happening. People are more clueless, stupid and dumb than they’ve ever been and that is a sad ass fact. And believe me, I am not bragging because the shit is SO not funny. We don’t even pretend to know what the hell is going on beyond what some jumbled characters on a smartphone tells us. And where would be without an app for everything from finding a pizza to getting a Lyft?

      We’ve got all of this foolishness going on while our so-called elected representatives are pulling the plug on social programs, left and right but we’ve got our distractions. Oh yes, indeed, we’ve got plenty and what are we focusing on while we are getting royally fucked? Why, we are focusing on a movie that’s making us feel ‘REPRESENTED’. What the fuck? Who in Hollywood is going to step forward and come up with the billions that Donald Trump took away from HUD? Not a goddamn one of those Wakanda in Africa, Black Panther to the rescue motherfucking actors/actresses. But they’re playing a role that ‘represents us’ on film, so it’s ALL good! For the love of !!!! I fucking give! Indeed I do! I wrote a poem, years ago, titled, “You Can’t Reason With The Stupid!” and it is just as true today as it was the day I wrote it. More’s the goddamn pity!

      Marcus, I thank you again, for that spot on comment!

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    1. Kelley, those assholes are up all night thinking of ways to fuck people over. They get their jollies off on that shit! It just pains me to know that so many people are asleep or distracted or otherwise occupied while the shit is hitting the fan and people are suffering tremendously over what those assholes are putting into motion. I don’t know why I bother except for the fact that writing this all out let’s me release pent-up steam because if I held it all in, I’d surely burst into flames. And ‘disgusting’ is right! How disgusting, it is is off the Richter scale.

      Kelley, thank you for your comment!

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      1. Right, for people to still trust that the government is somehow for the people or will one day turn around and do right by us is some major denial. They don’t even bother to disguise their disgusting use of monetary wealth and power. To me, that tells everything.


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