I Was Not Caught Up In The Facebook Data Breach! Were You Caught Up In The Facebook Data Breach?


You probably were!

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has found itself under fire for permitting a third-party application managed by a notorious political outfit to scoop up the details of 50m of its users for use in targeted advertising.

As explosive revelations continue to come to light, spearheaded by whistleblower Christopher Wylie, Facebook has found itself arguing the semantics of what constitutes a “data breach.” But for the millions of users whose account details were abused without consent, it may be useful to now check their app settings.

Yeah! Check your app settings. I don’t have to because I don’t have a smartphone, nor am I on Facebook because you see, I figured out from the gitgo that any entity that wanted as much information about a person as Facebook wanted, was up to no good. Apparently, not many of you were concerned about that fact. Facebook and other platforms calling themselves, ‘social media’ are set up for the express purpose of stealing your information to use for nefarious purposes and many of you stupidly allow this just so that you can communicate with folks that you think you need to communicate with. Some of you say that it is easy to set up meetings with others who are in a particular group or that Facebook has made it easy to connect with long lost family members or school friends and so this, apparently, more than makes up for the fact that the information that you had to supply to Facebook is now in the hands of who the hell knows who. And if you think that since this data breach has surfaced, that you will hear the whole truth and nothing but the truth, are you really THAT stupid? Probably!

Let me ask you this. Can you recall a time before there was a Facebook? How diminished was your life before Facebook? So? What? You had no REAL friends before Facebook and so now that you have Facebook and you’ve got ‘followers’, you now feel as though your life is complete? How many times do you meet face to face with those newfound friends and family members? How many have you had to ‘unfollow’ because their politics clashed with yours or they wrote something that just pissed you off?

We have turned our entire lives over to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit and some I’ve probably never heard of and we are fine with that because we are made to feel as though we belong to a ‘community’ when in reality, we’re just hooked up in the matrix. You cannot get unplugged now because they’ve got you locked in good and tight. How in the world could you function without that smartphone filled with apps? You cannot do a damn thing without that smartphone. It is the first thing you reach for in the morning and the last thing you put down at night because it is filled with everything you think you need. How sad is that? But then, you’re not sad, are you? You’ve got ‘friends’ all over the world. You’ve found long lost relatives who were lost to you for decades and now you get to share with them the fact that you are going on vacation in just a few short months and the kids have grown so big and if not for that smartphone and Facebook, you’d never have ‘virtually met’ and you can’t wait to meet in real time.

Oh what a joy technology is until you find out that with that technology comes a price; the price of your privacy. But then, that’s not a problem because the reason why some entity has access to almost every detail of your life is because you were willing to give up any pretense of privacy you had when you neglected to read the fine print before accepting the TOS(Terms of Service). And now a data breach has been recently ‘discovered’ and your information is in the hands of political organizations, and just about every app you have installed on that smartphone of yours.

“When you install an app, you give it permission to access your public profile, which includes your name, profile pictures, username, user ID (account number), networks and any info you choose to make publicly available,” the U.S. social networking giant says online. “You also give the app other info to personalize your experience, including your friends list, gender, age range and locale.”

So not only have you given up your information to an app, you’ve also given up information regarding those ‘friends’ you have. And now every name on your ‘friend’ list has been accessed by every app that you’ve installed and that information does what? Just sits there harmlessly collecting dust? Don’t be naive. That information is being gathered about you and is being sold and distributed. But the good news is, you’ve got a shitload of ‘friends’ and that makes it all worth while.

As social media sites continue to gather extensive information about their users’ attitudes and behavior, public concern is growing that this information could be exploited,” said Rachel Neaman, CEO of Corsham Institute, a digital rights group. “Whether the issue is legitimate advertising…or fake news, it’s high time that the public were given insight into how they are being targeted and by whom.”

Targeted and exploited? Who cares? Facebook and other social media entities are all good! They connect us to people we wouldn’t ordinarily connect with and for that, we’d give our right arm. Well, wouldn’t we? Apparently, since we’ve given them everything else.

20 thoughts on “I Was Not Caught Up In The Facebook Data Breach! Were You Caught Up In The Facebook Data Breach?

    1. Leslie, you are a non-conformist after my own heart! Whew! I thought I was the lone holdout! I guess we are the two ‘musketeers’! I gotta tellya, I miss the good ole days before ‘social media’ exploded. I surely do and we see just how ‘social’ we are all up on ‘social media’. It is my opinion that the negatives outweigh the positives, but what do I know?

      Leslie, I sincerely appreciate your comment!

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      1. Leslie, the situation is actually worse than was originally thought. I just read this.

        ‘Utterly horrifying’: ex-Facebook insider says covert data harvesting was routine

        Hundreds of millions of Facebook users are likely to have had their private information harvested by companies that exploited the same terms as the firm that collected data and passed it on to Cambridge Analytica, according to a new whistleblower.

        Sandy Parakilas, the platform operations manager at Facebook responsible for policing data breaches by third-party software developers between 2011 and 2012, told the Guardian he warned senior executives at the company that its lax approach to data protection risked a major breach.

        So, as you can see, they initially lied when they said that only 50 million Facebook users had been impacted. I stated in this post that if anybody believed one word of what was said about this breach, thus far, they’d have to be an idiot because the truth, the WHOLE truth is never told. We are lied to constantly about how safe our information is when we sign up for these platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If data breaches can occur at point-of-sales like what happened with the retail stores credit/debit card data breaches, what’s to stop this from happening to other entities? Nothing! Because it is happening and the more information we allow others to collect, the more we give up just so we can argue on Facebook or light Twitter up with some hash tag movement that does nothing.

        People have given these companies the total run of their homes what with apps that lock their doors, open their doors, turn their lights on and off and now I hear that Amazon’s
        ‘Alexa’ has been freaking people out by laughing at them.

        Amazon has figured out what’s behind Alexa’s random laugh that was freaking people out

        SAN FRANCISCO — Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant, has been busting out with a weird laugh at random intervals for some users, freaking them out.

        Posting on Twitter, Alexa users have described the laugh as “creepy,” “evil,” “bone-chilling” and “freaky.”

        Yeah! I SO want that in MY home! People are just too stupid for words! And I really don’t know why I bother. Maybe, just to continue to point out how stupid people really are!

        Leslie, thank you for your comment.

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    1. Good question Kelley! See my recent comment to Leslie. It’s worse than what was previously reported and hundreds of millions of Facebook users were impacted, not just 50 million. Again, like I stated in this post, the truth, the WHOLE truth will not be told to us. Count on it.

      I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Right. And why would you any a machine talking to you unless you’re blind and friendless and handicapped and live alone? That google home mess is basically consented CIA surveillance or something like it. People are just jumping off bridges to say they have these gadgets instead of asking themselves why or if it’s even needed.


  1. Hopefully people are starting to get their heads around the fact that they have lost their right to privacy. Because all banks, public utilities and government entities keep their data on line, nothing is private any more.

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    1. What you say is too true, Dr. Bramhall. Even our medical records are not protected. Anything that is on a computer is hackable and that includes our banking information, our credit history, hell, even our dating history and every damn thing else. I can’t be held responsible for some hacker hacking into my medical records, but damn it if I am going to give up information to an entity like Facebook or Twitter just so that I can be on ‘social media’. It is not worth it, in my opinion. Can I regulate who has access to my information all the time? No, but I can try to limit who has access to it by refusing to enable stupid organizations like Facebook to collect and sell my information.

      I thank you for your comment.

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  2. Excellent point, Shelby. I’m only on there for business purposes myself. I rarely post information about my personal life for that very reason, and it’s strictly business.

    Aside from the information harvesting, I know they can come through and shut my site down any time they get good and ready.

    Excellent post, ma’am!

    The Stormy Poet

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    1. The Stormy Poet, thank you for your comment. And I do understand that some people use Facebook for business purposes and not just to duke it out with family members as is the case with those in my family. Those heathens will go on Facebook to set up a time and place to go and beat each other up. I have never heard of such nonsense in my life and one cousin of mine takes to Facebook every time she makes lemonade, she is that proud of her lemonade, apparently. I had to hear about all of this mess when I was in my hometown taking care of my mother because believe me, with the type of family I have, I wouldn’t even bother to get on Facebook to find any more like ’em.

      Again, thank you for your comment and for the compliment on this one. It is much appreciated.

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    1. Good for you Marcus because I am sure that the folks who run Twitter are just as up to no good as those who gave us Facebook. I can honestly say that I have never met anyone that started with a ‘virtual’ encounter. I believe in doing things the old-fashioned way and if it’s meant to be, it’ll be. Folks can have their dating sites and their chat rooms. I like talking with people, face to face when I am out and about. I actually feel sorry for those who are born in this era because they will never know what life was like before the advent of the internet, smartphones, digital assistants and the like. More’s the pity.

      Thank you for your comment!


    1. Xena, you are another non-conformist after my own heart and so that’ll make for the ‘Three Musketeers’! I have a desktop as well. Ain’t a damn thing I can do on a small screen smartphone and they’ll have to pry my desktop from my cold, dead hands because I’m not giving it up for a smartphone. Not a chance in hell! To think I would hurt my poor eyes squinting down at that shit, oh hell no!

      Believe it or not, I miss my Windows XP! It blew up and so I had to get Windows 7 and then I bought a backup desktop and that’s a Windows 8, I believe. It’s still in the box. So, hold your head up high! You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of with your Windows XP. It was the best operating system, in my opinion. I still miss it!

      And Xena, thank you for your comment!


    1. Indeed, Emilie, they got exactly what they deserve. And some are still quite happy to continue ‘getting it’ since they have remained on Facebook even after this latest fallout. Some fools would rather continue to be foolish. Nothing to be done for them.

      I thank you for your comment Emilie.


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