Book Of The Month: The New Jim Crow

“Also explored is the stigma attached to someone labeled a felon in this country. If you are an African-American convicted of a felony your role as a functioning member of society is essentially over. The harsh truth is that another system of control has been constructed in America. Slavery and Jim Crow existed to exploit and expand inequity. Mass Incarceration is nothing short of genocide. A society actively working to weaken an entire population without implicitly invoking race so that it can sleep at night believing that it somehow has realized Martin Luther King’s dream. But for most of us reducing MLK to platitudes about colorblindness isn’t a solution it’s actually part of the problem. Read this book for the rest of the diagnosis.”

Another direct hit! Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Book Of The Month: The New Jim Crow

  1. I loved this book, which originally came out in 2012. I’m glad to see it getting attention again. Things are moving so fast now in the age of information that it’s typical for books to become invisible after a few years.

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    1. That is true Dr. Bramhall, but there are those of us who actually read more than mere jumbled characters on a smartphone screen and we are encouraging others to do more than that and that is why I re-blogged this post so that others will know that there is actually something worth reading other than those jumbled characters on a smartphone screen.

      Thank you for your comment.


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