Investigators Just Cannot Figure Out What Caused This Crash

Let me see if I can come up with some clues.

SAN FRANCISCO — Accident-reconstruction investigators are trying to figure out what caused an SUV carrying a family of eight to plunge off a 100-foot cliff in a deadly wreck that happened shortly after child-welfare authorities went to their home to investigate possible abuse.

Hmmmm…child welfare authorities were sent to the home and why would child welfare authorities need to be sent into a home?

Usually when there are signs and symptoms of neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse child welfare authorities are sent out to investigate.

Bruce and Dana DeKalb, next-door neighbors of the Harts, said they called state child protective services because 15-year-old Devonte had been coming over to their house almost every day for a week, asking for food.

Dana DeKalb said Devonte told her his parents were “punishing them by withholding food.” The boy asked her to leave food in a box by the fence for him, she said.

Does anybody remember Devonte Hart? According to investigators, it is alleged that he was in the vehicle when it plunged off a 100-foot cliff and landed upside down on the rocks below, although his body and that of two other children are still missing.

He is the child in the picture hugging the cop while at a protest of a police-involved shooting death of  Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson and we all remember Darren Wilson.

Darren Wilson, the former Ferguson police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, admitted in a court filing that he and other officers in the city used the N-word to refer to black people.

But Wilson also denied using the word as a slur against people while on the job, and said he had merely repeated racist remarks made by other people.

Wilson admits using the N-word at least once to refer to an African-American, and also says he heard fellow Ferguson officers do the same.

“I have repeated a racist remark made by someone else, but I have not made a racist remark against another individual while on duty as a police officer,” he said

And now to find out that this child’s adoptive white parents had been depriving him of food to the point where he had to go to a neighbor’s house almost every day for a week seeking food, is just beyond an atrocity.

So, his ‘mother’ approved of him hugging killer cops even as she, herself was guilty of neglect and abuse of not only Devonte, but all six children adopted by these two white women.

An African-American boy holding a “Free Hugs” sign stood crying in front of a police barricade at a Ferguson protest rally in Portland. A white police officer motioned for him to come closer. The officer then asked the boy for a hug — and they embraced, the boy’s anguished face streaming with tears.

 12-year-old Devonte Hart and Portland Police Sgt. Bret Barnum

He was probably crying because he was hungry and knew what he was going home to while one of his two white ‘mothers’ was taking to social media to avert suspicion from herself by stating that Devonte “had been struggling with issues of police brutality and racism”. Yeah, stemming from his mistreatment at her hands, no doubt.

“The boy’s mother Jennifer Hart, who is white, wrote on social media that her son had been struggling with issues of police brutality and racism.

Devonte is one of six children adopted by Hart and her wife, Sarah Hart of West Linn, a suburb of Portland.”

But investigators don’t know why these two white women who had adopted all minority children and who had just been visited by Child Protective Services would get into a car and intentionally drive it over a cliff. Here’s another clue.

Well before the wreck, Sarah Hart pleaded guilty in 2011 to a domestic assault charge in Douglas County, Minnesota, telling authorities “she let her anger get out of control” while spanking her 6-year-old adoptive daughter, court records show.

Nope! No clue there! Sarah Hart just beat the poor child to the point where she was charged with and pleaded guilty to domestic assault because “her anger got out of control” and yet, these children were not taken from these two abusive white women. Unbelievable! My bad! They were minority children and so, this is truly believable!

And yet, “Family friend Max Ribner took issue with the notion the wreck was something other than a tragic accident. The couple adopted many of their children from “hard backgrounds,” he said. “They transformed these kids’ lives.”

“They transformed these kids’ lives.” Indeed they did; a most lasting transformation at the bottom of a 100-foot cliff that resulted in their deaths. They cannot get more transformed than from life to death.

The tragedy is that this could have been avoided if the authorities had done their job and had removed these vulnerable children from two obviously deranged sociopaths. Neighbors had to call Child Protective Services because a child was coming to them telling them that he and the other children were being denied food and were hungry. And another 6-year old child was beaten so badly that Sarah Hart was found guilty of domestic assault, but yet there are no clues as to what happened? Bullshit!

Sadly, the clues were too glaring to be missed, but were because these children were not considered worthy of living in a home where there were two sane adults to take care of them, but who were instead, left in the home of two deranged, racist ‘white’ women and they died because of it.

What could possibly go wrong when two married ‘white’ lesbians adopt Black children, home school them and trot them all across America to attend rallies?  Those children were home schooled so that no one outside of those two ‘white’ married lesbians would become aware of the abuse the children suffered at the hands of depraved white, demonic sociopaths.

And it is crystal clear that Child Protective Services is doing anything but protecting vulnerable children from the likes of this ‘white trash’ filth and now that these children are dead and cannot tell their stories, ‘white’ people, as usual, don’t want to hold another ‘white’ person accountable for what we know went on in that household. So they will just scratch their fucking heads and pretend that there was some sort of car trouble that caused a car to basically leave the road and drift on over to a lookout point and continue closer to the edge and then proceed to go over it. I’m not buying that damn shit.  There is no way in hell that I am buying that load of crap. ‘Whites’ have never had a problem committing suicide and if Child Protective Services had been called in over abuse and neglect, then those two depraved, filthy, white trash bitches knew that those children might possibly have been taken from them seeing as how one had already been convicted of domestic  assault over the beating of a 6-year old and the authorities were en route to the home.

“Get in the car kids! We’re going for a ride!” Little did those vulnerable children know what they were in for. For the love of !!!!!

An update from an article dated 4/1/2018

Speedometer ‘pinned‘ at 90 mph as SUV carrying family plunged off a cliff, report says

Neighbors of [the Harts] in Washington said previous incidents involving the Harts’ children have concerned them.

Bruce DeKalb said Devonte regularly came to his home to ask for food and said his parents weren’t feeding him. The teen also asked him and his wife to call Child Protective Services, DeKalb said.

Last month, another sibling, Hannah, knocked on his front door at 1:30 a.m., DeKalb said. She was covered in weeds after jumping out of her family’s second-story window. DeKalb said the teenager, who was missing some front teeth and who he thought was only 7 years old, was “rattled to the bone.”

Again, there were clues aplenty and nothing was done. The article goes on to state that Child Protective Services had finally tried to contact the Harts on several occasions directly prior to this murder/suicide and had received no response.

If the vehicle was driven 90 mph over the cliff and this is still considered to have been an accident, then someone is truly delusional, deliberately so!



18 thoughts on “Investigators Just Cannot Figure Out What Caused This Crash

  1. If read reports that use the word “adoptive” and other news that says they were foster children. If they were foster children, I’m pretty sure the “parents” received food subsidies for each child.

    That photo of Devante always caused me to wonder why he was so afraid of being there, yet not afraid of the cop he hugged?

    Thanks for the informative post.

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    1. In this particular article, it consecutively refers to those women as having adopted the six children in the top picture and I do believe that children who are adopted come with some sort of compensation of sorts. And if these adoptive parents could not feed them, then they should have told the appropriate authorities that they could not do so and other arrangements would have been made.

      It is crystal clear to me that these children, every single one of them, was being abused by both women and even though some of the abuse was known to officials who could have done something, nothing was done and now everyone is running around speculating on what happened. Even the investigators have said that there were no brake marks or skid marks and that it would appear that the car was just driven over the edge of the cliff. I cannot even imagine the terror those children must have been experiencing when that car started going over the cliff especially since it is obvious that their life had been a living hell with those two depraved sociopaths.

      And most likely, Devonte, in the picture hugging the cop, wanted to ask him to please get himself and the other children away from those crazy women that had ‘adopted’ them, but he was too frightened to speak up. Some people need to go to jail behind this. Because it is worse than just a dereliction of duty.

      Xena, thank you for your comment.

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      1. I agree Shelby. They are all under-size for teenagers. This is the classic white savior story – “We saved you and be grateful” and the adoptees are starved and yes, these women were sociopaths and murderers. I am still so sick over this I have not been able to write about it. I’m glad you did.

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      2. Lara/Trace, I don’t know how I missed your comment, but I just saw it.

        Believe me, I was seething when I wrote this and still, I am seething because the lies just keep coming. Investigators are now saying that the woman who drove the vehicle over the cliff was drunk. Now the claim is that one of the women was seen on a security camera in a store buying bananas, there was no mention of any purchases of alcohol and there were no 911 reports of a vehicle matching the description these women were in that was all across the road. None of that happened, but now we are to believe that the woman was drunk while she pulled over to a lookout and then just sped at 90 miles per hour straight for the cliff and over it because she was drunk? I’m not buying that load of bullshit. They are still attempting to make excuses for what those depraved, demonic, racist shits did to those innocent, vulnerable children. There has not been one day that has passed, that I have not seen yet another update about this and there were lies told when this murder/suicide first occurred in that Child Protective Services had not been called out. That was a bald faced lie!

        And those neighbors are complicit in the murder of those children because as each one of them came to their house seeking help, they were led straight back to those depraved psychopaths because they were Black. Hell! I’m surprised they didn’t shoot ’em seeing as how I just read another story about a 14-year old Black child who missed the school bus and knocked on a neighbor’s door seeking information and was shot at. And the wife of the shooter said, “Why would THOSE people be knocking at our door?” Yeah! No racism in ‘post-racial AmeriKKKa’. “Those people?” That’s some real disturbing shit right there!

        But we are to believe that those two nasty bitches were not trying to dodge Child Protective Services because it was stated that they were home when the authorities knocked on the door, but refused to open it and once the authorities were gone, they left with the children and promptly committed that most heinous crime. Those children are receiving more attention now that they are dead than they ever received when they could have used it. That right there is a goddamn shame! You see, they’re dead now, and so that’s a good thing to whites’ 6 dead Black children. I am just too fucking through!!

        But I thank you for your comment.

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    1. Prince, please….tell us how you really feel! I am as outraged as you are that this was ALLOWED to happen to those children because there were multiple signs that abuse was an ongoing issue here. But because the two women were white, other whites are now pretending that they just have no idea why the sad lives of these children were ended so abruptly and so horrendously. Those two murdering, depraved scum sucking bottom feeders should never have been allowed anywhere near those children because it is quite obvious that the only reason they adopted them was because they were minorities and so they could get away with abusing them, and they did.

      I remember reading a story decades ago about a white couple who adopted only minority children and they were living in an old school bus and were making those children eat their own feces and only when one of them died from sheer neglect was when the rest of the children who were also malnourished and mewling like animals were taken away from them and the two who treated those children so horribly were jailed. Sometimes, white people adopt Black and other minority children just so they can do such as this with them. This needs to stop.

      Prince, I thank you for that spot on comment. Believe you me, I am right there with you! This is a goddamn atrocious fucking shame!

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    1. Indeed it is Kelley. The writing is ALL over the goddamn wall. And they still want us to believe that they are just running around in circles, clutching their heads, clueless as to what caused deranged, racist, white garbage to deliberately plunge a car over a cliff onto the rocks below. Whites have long looked upon suicide as a great means of escape, but these two demons also took six innocent children with them.

      If those children had been ‘white’, this would be treated differently and we ALL know this but because they are Black and minority….”welll…now…let’s not jump to any conclusions. We don’t fucking know what happened.” Oh hell yeah, they SO fucking do know! But like I stated in a previous comment, because those two filthy, depraved degenerates were white, it is step lightly time because those children just don’t count, don’t you know! I am beyond torn all to pieces about this. I could not believe when I saw the picture of the crash, that Devonte Hart was one of the innocent victims of depraved white maniacs. He may not have died at the hands of a racist cop, but he died at the hands of a racist, alright! That’s for damn sure!

      Kelley, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Oh definitely. They use a not so covert strategy to constantly remind us that our lives, in fact, don’t matter. Never have. Never will.


      2. And some Black folks actually lie down with that filth believing that that filth actually loves them! For the love of !!! There ain’t no way in hell that I am going to lie down with my fucking enemy that has been kicking our asses for centuries and still, to this very day are doing so! It is just beyond the goddamn end of enough! I fucking throw my hands up at those useless sellouts!

        Thank you Kelley!

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  2. I had not heard of this incident over here, Shelby. How truly dreadful. When I was in practice in Seattle there was an absolute obligation on child protective services to make family reunification their number one priority – given that this is in the absolute best interest of every child. I had heard a lot of budget cuts have happened after 9/11 and even more after the 2008 financial crash. This is the big danger of budget cuts in agencies with the power to terminate parental rights – it only leads to rampant corruption. Which is very obvious in this case.

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    1. Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. I am so filled with rage over this that at this time I can hardly put a coherent thought down. What we are subjected to every single day is too much for any person to take. They just got finished burying poor Stephon Clark, who it turns out, was shot SIX times in the back! So what in the hell did those goddamn cops have to fear from a man who had his back turned to them while holding a white cellphone? And before we have time to even take a deep breath from that, this story comes along and knocks us off our feet, yet AGAIN!

      I wish to those heathen christian’s gawd that I had enough money to buy an island that could house any Black person who wanted to go there. I just saw a video whereas another Black woman who got so goddamn fed up with this shit, she moved to Costa Rica and held a ‘retreat’ just for Black women. She has now managed to buy land over there and is in the process of building her own retreat for Black women. I wish her well because it is most sorely needed.

      Again, I thank you for your comment.


  3. I try to be fair and look both side of every article, specialy when children are involved. I hear so many stories that make my head spin like crazy. This is so comun tha the first thing at mind is: sophisticated genocide. We practicaly forgot about native Americans, indians and cowboys movies never look funny to me, and every famous cowboy remind me, actor or real, about a Super Rat. What the (some people call me white, even though I am Caribbean) Europeans descendants are doing in every part of the world, including the Great! USA of America, supporting every crime comited by Big powers against small minorities, is the worst crime in the history of humanity. But in our country, the abuse against black people, in every way, take the top of the cake.

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    1. I think it fair to say that those two racist, lesbians who ‘adopted’ only Black children did so because they had every intention of abusing them. To me, they even look malicious in that photo I posted. I wouldn’t trust the likes of them to boil me water for tea, much less would I hand innocent children over to them. And now more and more information regarding abuse is coming out even though when all of this initially went down, it was said that there was no known abuse, but that was a lie! Whites still lying for whites, as they always do!

      Police said Monday that social service authorities in Oregon contacted the West Linn Police Department about the family in 2013 while they were living in the area.”

      “The questions were referred to the Oregon Department of Human Services, which cited privacy laws in refusing to confirm or deny the agency was involved.”

      “On Sunday, authorities announced that data from the vehicle’s software suggested the crash was deliberate.”

      I said from the beginning that this was no accident and that the car plunging over the cliff was suicide/murder because whites consider that to be the ‘easy way out’. They always have and they always will. But their lack of humanity should not have been visited on those innocent children especially seeing as now, they can no longer claim that there were just no signs of abuse when there had been obvious signs of abuse but because those children were not ‘white’, who the fuck cared? No goddamn body. But now, hardly a days goes by without some sort of update on this story. Those children had to die before their plight would even gain attention. That is just too awful for words.

      And yet whites are always going on and on about how ‘christian’ they are and yet they are the first ones in line for suicide and so it would seem that that christian shit is just that, christian shit because they don’t even believe in their religious nonsense in that suicides will never make it to heaven. That shows right there that that christian shit was invented to fleece the flock and the sad part is, they’re still getting away with it.

      Carlos, I thank you for your comment.

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  4. I have links to three stories about this concerning the children.
    We should pay attention to this story not because these six children are more valuable than any other child. We should pay attention because the Hart’s story tells us how the adoption system is designed to create the conditions for harm, even death. It lays bare the systemic issues, not just the tragic loss of individual children. But following this story comes at a price. It requires time and energy to read about complicated ideas, to sit with rage and heartbreak and confusion, and to think about what needs to change. That’s the work.

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    1. Lara/Trace, before I posted my comment, I read all three articles from the links that you provided and the tears are still flowing down my cheeks. The hurt over this just won’t stop. And one of the articles does mention the fact that Black people want to adopt Black children but because of this racist system, they are denied the opportunity and that Black children are not put into the foster care system because of neglect or abuse by the Black parents but are there through another racist institution, the criminal (in)justice system that has incarcerated Black people at a far higher rate than their white counterparts for doing the same thing, being a drug addict. Whites get treatment, Black people get incarcerated and their children are then placed in yet another ‘system’.

      This entire system of ‘white supremacy’ that IS AmeriKKKa was designed for this from the word “GO!” Nothing has changed in all these hundreds of years. We were not perceived as fully human when we were dragged over here to build this shithole up and the same applies today. There were signs aplenty that those two depraved, racist, scum sucking bottom feeders were abusing those children and no one did a damn thing and now, here we all sit, crying our goddamn eyes out AFTER these children are dead. Yes, that will help them now. I have got to cut this short for if I continue, I shall surely combust due to rage.

      I don’t know whether to thank you or not for including the links because what I read only made things worse.

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  5. I still get angry hearing about this story. If they were such a “perfect” adoptive family, then why would CPS come to their house. I get sickened being reminded of this. Those children didn’t deserve this.


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