Grandparents heartbroken after learning about death of grandchildren

All three are dead because this bitch killed these children and then killed herself.

Here we go again! Dead white filth kills her own kids, Black grandparents are still saying that she was a great person and that they still love her! For the love of !!!!

Black folks, are you THAT crazy in love with dead white filth? They kill your grandchildren and all you can say is that “whites are great people and you love them?” What the fuck is wrong with you??!!! I fucking give! I just fucking give!

The two young children of Carolina Panthers employee Christina Treadway were strangled to death by their mother hours before she killed herself, according to multiple reports.

On Jan. 13, Treadway’s 7-year-old son Isaiah Miller and her 3-year-old daughter Iliyah Miller were found dead in their Charlotte home after their mother jumped to her death from a highway bridge.

Autopsy reports released Monday say that the children’s cause of death was “asphyxia due to probable strangulation,” according to CBS17.

The autopsy also notes that Isaiah may have also been tied up, as medical examiners noticed marks on his wrists, according to the Charlotte Observer.

I just finished posting about the two white lesbians that adopted all Black children and abused them for years while officials looked the other way and then on March 26th, murdered them by driving their vehicle off a cliff onto rocks below, killing all six children while they committed suicide. Although three children have not yet been found and now, even law enforcement is calling this a crime. Of course it was a crime. I stated that long before law enforcement called it a crime.

And here we have yet another white woman who had children by a Black man and she strangled her children while one of them had his hands tied because she figured he might be strong enough to get her hands from around his neck and so….AGAIN…tied him up and then strangled him and took herself off and jumped off a bridge after TEXTING her ‘Black boyfriend’ of ten years that “she loves him and she’s sorry and that she’s going to end it all and the kids.”

What part of whites don’t and can’t love Black people or even themselves do you not get? How many times do you have to see this for it to get through to you? Whites are pure dead filth! They ain’t fucking human! They go on and on about some useless ass christian bullshit about how no one can go to heaven if they commit suicide and then those spawns from hell turn right around and commit suicide. They are not even human and yet you’re somewhere talking about how you love dead white filth and when you lie down with it and produce a half and half, it kills them and you are still sitting up screaming “She was really, really a great girl. I love Tina to death, but she was just troubled. I don’t know what happened because she came and stayed at my house for the summer. I don’t know what happen, she just lost it.”

Are you serious? This dead white filth killed your grandchildren and you still love her and she was a “REALLY, REALLY GREAT GIRL that you just LOVE TO DEATH??!!” Yeah! She just loved your grandchildren to death, LITERALLY and you don’t have a problem with that? Seriously? And then I have the nerve to wonder why Black folks is doing so poorly in America when we got stupid Black shits like this who are just too brain dead or simple minded for words! Your dumb, stupid ass had better be glad that she didn’t come down with the suicide/murder bug when she was “staying at your house for the summer.” You’d damn well better be getting on your knees praying to THEIR GAWD that she wasn’t in the mood for that shit back then or we would have been reading about your dead ass!

That bitch choked the life out of those two innocent children and her “losing it and being troubled” does in no way make it okay for her to kill those two innocent children but yet the children’s grandmother wants to make excuses for that soulless bitch who killed her own grandchildren. That is just absolutely beyond belief!

Let some dead white filth kill some grandchildren of mine, the last goddamn thing that I am going to be saying about that bitch is that she was a great girl who just lost it, but I still love her. What the goddamn fuck??!!!

Black folks, when you lie down with your enemy, you are just as worthless as they are and you deserve everything you get; the adults do. But those children had no say in who their parents were. Whites have been fucking Black asses up since the first slave was rowed to these shores and they are still at it and you lie down with that and expect it to love you when whites don’t even understand the concept of love for how could they when they commit suicide just as easily as they breathe? You lie down with something that was spawned by who the hell knows what and then you have the nerve, the unmitigated gall to claim that that thing can love? You have lost your goddamn mind!

Those children are dead because Black people think they’ve got themselves something special when a white piece of filth glances at them and lies down with them. But what you’ve got is something you really don’t know and you most definitely don’t want to mess with. But you do it anyway. Those things cannot love! That should be crystal clear to ALL by now! The world is on fire because of whites. This planet is being destroyed by whites. They make bombs to kill and destroy. They lie just as easily as they kill. They are known for nothing other than hatred for others who don’t look like them, enslavement of others, bombs, destruction, rape, pillage, plunder, genocide, war; all things evil, vile and atrocious, but they are never synonymous with love, compassion, heart and soul. Those soulless, heathen degenerates are the very definition of evil, in its purest and vilest form. Lie down with it at your own risk and of that which they produce. You have been warned and yet, you take no heed. And this is what happens!

Grandparents heartbroken after learning about death of grandchildren

Killed by their ‘white’ mother before she kills herself by jumping off a bridge.

Investigators Just Cannot Figure Out What Caused This Crash

Killed by two ‘white’ married lesbians who adopted six Black children and murdered them all by driving their vehicle over a cliff.

Black people, this is what ‘white love’ amounts to, DEATH!


14 thoughts on “Grandparents heartbroken after learning about death of grandchildren

    1. But the thing is Marcus, we’re not! The Black grandparents of these murdered children are still claiming that they love all up and down on the vile ass, depraved, soulless, demonic monster that murdered their grandchildren. They are saying how she stayed with them for an entire summer and what a great person she was. Black people are insane! Because how else can it be explained that they state such as this after absolute dead white filth up and kills their little grandchildren? It just boggles the goddamn mind, it does to read such as that stupid shit!

      Whites are forever in the news for killing themselves if they lose a job or lose their McMansion or have a fucking rough day at work. That has always been the ‘out’ for them. And many times, they don’t just ‘off’ themselves but will take others out with them as was the case with this depraved piece of dog shit! I just don’t understand how Black people can even tolerate being in the same room with those evil, depraved monsters, much less have no problem with them adopting Black children because I do remember back in the day, Black people were very vocal against whites adopting Black children, but that all seems to have changed.

      I don’t even fucking know why I bother, but these two back-to-back depraved acts just got my goat up no end!

      Marcus, I thank you for you comment.

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  1. Greetings Shelby! I appreciate you posting this as this topic definitely needs more discussion from the black collective. The Foster Care System and Children Protective Services are Racist like everything else. They make it difficult for black people to adopt black children but very easy for whites to adopt blacks. And you will definitely be doing something monumental if you are a black male and are allowed to adopt a blonde hair, blue eyed white girl, that is very rare. Are you familiar with Dorothy Roberts, Shattered Bonds: The Color Of Child Welfare? Excellent book on how Racism is practiced in this area.

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    1. They most certainly do make it difficult for Black people to adopt Black children, but claim that Black people are not trying to adopt Black children and that is a lie! And I know this for a fact. They want those white devils to adopt Black children because they know what is going to happen to them since they sanction it. How can Black children be raised by their enemy and expect to thrive or even make it out alive? And many more die and we don’t hear about them.

      This is exactly why I have to take breaks more often than I used to because I would explode, literally. And no I am not familiar with “Dorothy Roberts, Shattered Bonds: The Color Of Child Welfare.” I don’t think I could take it, I really don’t. If it is anything like I think it would be, I’d probably spontaneously combust! But thanks for mentioning it because maybe someone else who is not as enraged as I am, may want to read the book.

      I sincerely thank you for your comment.

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      1. Thank you Shelby and I sincerely thank you for your Counter Racist efforts. I have stop referring to whites abduction of blacks as adoption. I simply call it what it is, “Abduction.” It’s like they are getting a new pet, sadly.

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      2. You are right AGAIN! It is “abduction!” It has nothing whatsoever to do with a pretense of caring about a child who is in foster care. It has to do with power and control over Black bodies just as what is going down in prisons all across this shithole. Those children were victims of another form of slavery. They were denied food, they were beaten and if they ran away, they were brought back and punished and that is why those ‘white’ neighbors, instead of helping those children escape, brought them right back to their captors and they even had the nerve to say they knew when they heard of the vehicle plunging over the cliff that it was those poor Black children being murdered. But they will never share in some of the responsibility for why those 6 Black children were abused, tortured, brutalized and murdered because the whole system is a setup from the gitgo and nothing has changed since the 1600s in this hellhole!

        I thank you for your comment. I feel my blood pressure rising as I think of those poor children who were treated so heinously by putrid, white, dead, diseased filth!

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      3. You said something else that is equally as important, you said “being raised by your enemies.” All black people should think deeply about that. I could only imagine how confused I would be if I had been raised by white people. Considering how confused I was being raised by black people in a Racist society, having to deal with my own anti-blackness, reservations with my hair, nose, skin tone, it’s been a journey, I doubt seriously if I would be speaking to you now if I were raised by my enemies!

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      4. I highly doubt that you would be alive today because this could have been me or you and it is certainly countless numbers of other children who have been murdered at the hands of these depraved, demonic, psychopathic monsters! That’s exactly our problem; we don’t “think deeply about” a damn thing. We embrace our enemy, tell our enemy how much we love IT and then when our enemy murders our children, we are still somewhere screaming about how “we love them and she/he was a great person. Who in their right mind does that?

        And it is indeed ‘confusing’ to be raised by Black parents because I had to deal with my mother mistreating us based on our skin tone. My baby sister was the lightest skinned one and I was next. My middle sister was darkest and my mother told her that she “wanted to throw her out of a second story window” and for what reason, I don’t know and so skin tone would be my guess. My baby sister was doted on to the point where she was spoiled rotten and guess who is dead? My baby sister, from a crack overdose. She never got married, never had children, was brilliant and yet, crack took her out and my mother is not even speaking to me or my other sister.

        The Black family is in deep trouble because as many enemies as we have, we certainly don’t need to be treating each other like this. Our enemies see this and they play on it.

        Thank you again for your comment.

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  2. My condolences to you for your sister, so many of our family units are in disarray due to White Supremacy. Your story is a perfect illustration of what it looks like when War has been waged against a people. I think most black people have suffered from colorism, I know it was alive in well in my house. Unfortunately not a lot of black people understand that we are and have been under attack. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully your story and pain will be the antidote to awaken some other black person that is asleep mentally.

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    1. Thank you for your heartfelt comment. It means much to me and the only reason I still blog, and that is not often these days, is that maybe, just maybe, I can do as you suggest, “awaken some other black person that is asleep mentally,” because we ALL need to be awake! We really do and it is a shame that millions of us are not, especially with what we face every single day.

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  3. I always read your post and I can agree everything you say!
    Me personally I have been adopted by an Italian couple and believe or not for me has been hell from that day!
    I don’t know how all these years I didn’t lose my mind because living among people who don’t have knowledge about their racism,is hard and sad!
    I think we black people we went throughout every shit that makes us stronger but we aren’t super heroes,we are just normal human being!
    I know for those people we ain’t human,the way they treat us!
    All my life I have been discriminated just because I am a BW and for the color of my skin!
    My adoptive mother,she always tried to make me married with a WM because those people don’t have soul,don’t understand our suffering,they have created racism only for their own sake!
    They adopt black kids because this is another way to conquer our people!
    If they don’t care about us why they want to adopt or have relationship with us?
    Because they are obsessed with us and we allow them to be!
    I always asked myself why I can’t have a black parents?Why black people aren’t allow to adopt black kids?
    One lady once told me because black people don’t like to adopt black kids!
    I don’t know if I need to believe it or no!

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    1. It is not true that Black people don’t want to adopt Black children. Black people try to adopt Black children but because whites are so racist, they want Black children to be abused and murdered and so they hand them over to their enemy.

      If a Black family was to attempt to adopt a ‘white’ child, the furies of hell would be unleashed first before any adoption agency would sanction THAT adoption, but it is okay for ‘whites’ to adopt Black children. No it is NOT! Whites have a misguided ‘god’ complex and think they own us all. They have us believing that we ‘owe’ them something when in reality, they should ALL be in prison for what they have stolen from us and for the fact that they literally STOLE us!

      And of course they are obsessed with us. They will sit out in the hot sun and burn themselves to pieces to darken. They steal our culture and act is if it was their own, from our braids to plumping their lips, ass and everything else. They hate us for what they can never be. And the reason we don’t kill those sons of bitches is because unlike them, we are HUMAN. We have a soul, a heart and empathy; something those depraved rejects from hell can never lay claim to.

      So keep your head up! You are better than they are and you always will be despite them and in spite of them!

      Thank you for stopping in and commenting.

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      1. Thank you ShelbyCourtland for answer me,yeah I do agree with you what you said,and that black lady was wrong,because I believe that wp don’t want black people adopt black kids for different reason how you said before!
        I agree they have this complex of saviour to help other non white people because they truly believe they own other group of race!
        I don’t see the reason to give a colour kid in white family,and all this bullshit about “I don’t see the colour!”,
        because in real life it doesn’t work,stranger and family member,they will not see you as their family member,and their racist mindset it will show out!
        The only reason I see they do this it makes the life of these kids hell,with confusion of identity,marginalisation,self-hatred,mental illness!
        I met one adopted black guy, I felt sorry for him because these young guy,he suffered of with severe mental illness who reduced him to a state of a child!
        This girl told me,that when he was child,he has been bullied,verbal abuse and discriminated by his classmate and his white parents they didn’t give damn about what happened in the school or in his life!
        The reason why they keep silent? Because they don’t see the reason to go against other wp!
        Than they have this nerve to judge parents of other race,they say “they are the best parent in the world and no anyone are like them!”.
        My adopt mother once said racist comments about 3 black kids who have been adopted,the comments were about their skin colour and she was thinking they weren’t cute!
        I told to her “you don’t realise that you are racist and ignorant?”, she said to me ” I am not racist,why you are worrying about kids you don’t know,they aren’t your relative?” I replied to her ” I wish all my heart they were my relatives!”
        You know Shelby what I think about them or what they say, I say straight way to their face,
        I don’t care if they feel hurt!
        About my adopt parents,I don’t see them as my real parents because we don’t share bloodline,and
        I do know that my parents are racist but they refuse to knowledge!
        They don’t know that I am married and I changed a lot things in my life because I believe they don’t deserve it!
        Despite these associations know their people are sick and soulless,they still want to give these kids
        in the hands of these monsters!
        What I learned in my life, give them fake smiles and pretend to be nice to them because in the end this what they deserve!
        I know what they think about me and about all us, or if they are’t nice to me, I don’t give a damn about them!
        Some black people are so desperate to be validate from them,this is our problem to behave like this!
        Especially with a group of people who don’t like and don’t tolerate our presence around them,
        wp live for attention why give to them?
        You live for yourself first no for them,this is what everyone of us should think!
        Thank you again Shelby, GOD BLESS YOU AND PROTECT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!


      2. qNubian528, thank you for the well wishes and for sharing your thoughts. Many people, I am sure can relate and gain knowledge from what you have shared. Stand tall and be strong, my friend! Peace to you!


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