A Database of Fugitive Slave Ads Reveals Thousands of Untold Resistance Stories

This is just absolutely heartbreaking to read. Ads placed for runaway slaves describing them and offering $10 and $20 for information leading to their apprehension and return to their ‘owner’. Absolutely disgusting!

2 thoughts on “A Database of Fugitive Slave Ads Reveals Thousands of Untold Resistance Stories

  1. As heartbreaking as this is Shelby, I think this is extremely important step in African Americans reclaiming control over their own history. They have been lied to for far too long about what really happened. I think it’s also important step in pushing for federal reparations for descendants of slaves and Jim Crow. That issue isn’t dead – on my mind it has to be at the top of the agenda if the American people ever take back control of their government. Surely this has to be inevitable – there is no way Americans of color are going to allow a white minority (which will happen in about 10 years) to control the US government the way they did in South Africa. And there is certainly no way they’re going to pay for a white minority to receive the generous Social Security benefits they currently receive.

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    1. Another sad fact, Dr. Bramhall, is that many Black people never even live long enough to receive Social Security benefits and are, in essence, funding that program for whites. My own father died before he could collect one thin dime from Social Security and he worked all his life starting before his teenage years, he even served in the military and was a sergeant who was honorably discharged and upon his death, my mother only received from the military, a useless flag to drape over his coffin. His burial expenses were over $11,000 and even though he had a life insurance policies, she still had to make up the difference because when they took out life insurance polices, the expected funeral costs were low at that time.

      Also, the majority of my father’s siblings died before they could collect Social Security benefits. So, what does it avail Black people to work and put into a system that the majority will never see one dime from? Reparations will never be paid out to us because every single time, someone even mentions reparations, it always goes nowhere. Even though the Japanese received funds from the government because they were put into internment camps, but descendants of slaves can just go to hell, but we don’t get to collect $200 first.

      This fucking shithole owes us a debt that it never intends to pay and that is why I would never have lifted a finger to go and fight for this shithole. What the hell for? To continue the whites boot on my neck and to aid them in bringing death, rape, plunder and pillage to another body of people? Hell to the fucking no!

      I thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall.


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