Two black men were arrested waiting at a Starbucks. Now the company, police are on the defensive.

This picture, I thought, was very interesting!

Dr Martin Luther King Jr., arrested at a lunch counter in 1958 for trying to eat lunch.
Two Black men trying to meet a business acquaintance at a Starbucks in 2018 were arrested. What has changed despite all the marches and protests? Not a damn thing!

Starbucks, which once asked baristas to start a conversation about race with customers, faces fierce criticism after two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia store, sparking accusations of racial profiling over what the company’s chief executive now calls a “reprehensible” incident.”

What is reprehensible about this is the fact that nothing has changed sixty years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was arrested and jailed for merely attempting to eat at a lunch counter. And some people have the nerve to claim that there was a “Civil Rights MOVEMENT.” Really? How so? Because from where I sit, it looks to me as though as descendants of slaves in AmeriKKKa, we are moving backwards in time. There has been no ‘movement’ forward out of racism, prejudice, bigotry, Jim Crow and hate.

I really don’t need to even say much in this post because the picture speaks for itself. However, there are calls to boycott Starbucks for what goes down every single day against descendants of slaves in this fucking shithole that was stolen from the Indians and built up on the backs of those who look like these men depicted in that picture. I don’t have to boycott Starbucks because I have never patronized Starbucks. Coffee ain’t that goddamn important! Fuck Starbucks!

This entire racist ass country needs to be boycotted. There is not one single ‘white’ owned establishment that is any different from this here Starbucks and we had damn well better be all about understanding this. Our skin color gets us followed around in every single store we go into. So, hell! Maybe, Amazon coming along and putting paid to brick and mortar stores might just be a ‘win-win’ for descendants of slaves seeing as how there’s no white sales clerk to follow us around online as we shop for a new pair of shoes. Maybe, I have been too hard on Amazon and online shopping unless they decide to stop delivery to so-called ‘Black neighborhoods’, then we got another problem. Damn! Maybe I should not have given them any ideas. Never mind, they would have eventually thought of it anyway. But since gentrification is now the law of the land, descendants of slaves are being pushed out into the suburbs and so, “ship my order Amazon!” “Ship my fucking order Target!”

And here the CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson, has offered his ‘deepest apologies’ for the incident that was initiated by the ‘white’ Starbucks manager and so who do you think promptly shows up to arrest two Black men after a call from whitey? Why…SIX cops, of course and the white ones considered it to be their pleasure to place handcuffs on those two ‘thug’ Black men who were in Starbucks doing what? Sitting down and waiting for the other party to show up. Word is that they had requested to use the restroom and this was denied them since they had failed to purchase something. Now, if they had gone out back and pissed in the alley, the police would have been called about that and they would have been jailed for ‘public urination’. As usual, a ‘lose-lose’ situation for descendants of slaves.

Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson also had this to say:

“Our store manager never intended for these men to be arrested and this should never have escalated as it did.”

Is this clown for real?

“The manager then called 911 for assistance, the company said.”

What happens when you call 911? THE POLICE COME! But according to this clueless CEO of Starbucks, a nun and a priest, apparently, should show up when you call 911, not the KKKops! For the love of!!!! And this man is actually a CEO? Unbelievable! So, the manager calls 911 and reports that two Black men are in Starbucks, they asked to use the restroom, were told they could not. They then sit down to wait for the other party to arrive and this is deemed suspicious and so a call to 911 was initiated and yet the CEO states that the “manager never intended for these men to be arrested,” the manager just intended that the police should come and escort the men to a port-a-pot out back? Yeah! I’m buying that and if anybody else does, then I have some real nice beachfront property and it is smack dab in the middle of a desert. It’s beautiful! And should sell quick!

Descendants of slaves, for the love of gawd, put down those useless, lame ass, dusty ass protest signs and quit marching because your marching is in vain. You don’t know this by now? Plan on getting the hell out of here. If you have enough business sense to meet with someone in Starbucks or anywhere else for investment purposes, invest in your own ass to get the hell out of here! You will never be able to change a damn thing here. Your children will not thank you for ruining their lives by handing them to the ‘For Profit Prison Industrial Complex’. Nor will they thank you when they are shot at for simply asking for directions as was the case with this 14-year old child.

Brennan Walker, 14, said he was walking alone to school Thursday after he missed the bus. As he trekked the 4 miles to Rochester High School in Rochester Hills, he got lost and knocked on the doors of several houses, he said.

The teen said he went up to one home and knocked on the door a few times.

A woman came to the door, yelling at him, he told WDIV.

“I was trying to explain to that I wanted to get directions to go to my school,” he said. The man eventually came out with a shotgun and fired one shot at the teen who was running away.

The child was only asking directions and because ‘whites’ are so racist, they would shoot a child just because of the color of his skin? Indeed that white bastard in the above photo did shoot at that child! This child was only asking for directions and it was later revealed that the white bitch who answered the door told her husband, “Why would THOSE people be coming here?” Bitch! Ask your ancestors why the fuck we would be coming here. You have them to thank for why our dark-skinned asses are over here, you filthy, diseased, putrid, white whore!

Such as this is exactly why I hardly ever blog anymore because for the life of me, I cannot understand why I have not burst into flames every single time I turn on my computer and read such as this shit!

Descendants of slaves, do whatever you can to get the fuck out of here! That is another reason why I am not blogging as much because I am doing everything in MY power to get the fuck out of here! And I would advise you to do likewise. This shithole is done for and the ‘whites’ are trying, as usual, to blame everybody else for the shit that is now all up in their face. Read the poverty reports that are coming out of ‘Whitey Whiteville, USA’. They ain’t having a good ass day and as much as they try and pretend that descendants of slaves are all up on the dole, truth be told, it is their asses that are in line for starvation because Trump is busy sending bombs over to Syria and cutting the hell out of food stamps and when those ‘white’ meth heads cannot sell their food stamps for more meth and the ‘white’ heroin addicts can’t sell theirs for heroin, the fur is going to fly then. Not to mention that Trump is also demanding that all food stamp recipients submit to a piss test. And we ALL know those oxycontin-addicted whites, who are now shooting heroin, are going to fail those tests AND how! The moaning coming from Whitey Whiteville, USA is going to get even louder!

Descendants of slaves, get in a leaky goddamn boat, if you have to, but get the hell out! Black Lives Matter is not going to save you. The Black Panther is not going to save you! Marching and protesting is not going to save you because it most definitely has not thus far. What the hell do you have to lose? Your life, if you stay!

Get Out!” It’s NOT just a movie!

8 thoughts on “Two black men were arrested waiting at a Starbucks. Now the company, police are on the defensive.

  1. Amen Shelby. There is nothing I can add. I have a black man in my family and two inter-racial nephews. I have a Korean in my family and an inter-racial nephew and niece. I have a married lesbian niece in my family and three grand-nieces with “two mommies.” I know full well of what you speak.

    Besties from Florida.

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    1. Toritto, I am pretty sure that you could tell some stories about what has happened to each person that you have mentioned in your comment and still, it would not do justice as to how shit such as this impacted them. I have tried until I am looking apoplectic in the face to get through to people that you cannot change this inherently racist, bigoted and hate-filled country because that is all this country has ever stood for. People have only to look around and see what this country is doing to the rest of the world; making up lie upon lie to excuse bombing people just for the sheer joy of getting their jollies off on that shit.

      And here we sit, getting the same up our ass, daily. But we think by boycotting for a few days or marching for a few days will do a damn thing about a damn thing when we are doing nothing more than pissing in the wind.

      I have got one more goddamn lawsuit to finish testifying over or I would have been gone. But I am already hobbling around using a walker and so for me to continuously fly back and forth to the states to testify is just too damn much. But if things continue as they are, I’ll just have to do what I need to do. I am so damn tired of this shit and before I bust a blood vessel, I need to fucking leave!

      Toritto, I thank you for your comment. It truly pains me to read it.

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      1. I couldn’t agree more, Shelby. And I’m planning to get out of this degenerate corupt county myself, and I don’t even qualify as a minority! Some folks are selling hopium these days, But I’ve seen not a sign of change, just more of the same. Funny thing though, my friend in his 45th year for a crime he didn’t commit, he keeps telling me you find Satan everywhere. I don’t know about that. And he’s seen the worst this military and the prison system can dish out.

        I am sorry to hear you’r hobbling about. Maybe you best stay put once you get settled.

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      2. Rosie, thank you for your comment and welcome to my blog! I can’t say as I blame ANYONE for wanting to get the hell out of this cesspool of corruption, vice, racism, bigotry, prejudice and all things hateful and of war! As is the case with you, I’m not buying their ‘hopium’, not at all! They can shove it up their ass, for all I care. There will NEVER be a sign of change for the better because that is not what this country has ever been about and it will never be about humanity, empathy, compassion, love, kindness and equality. Everything synonymous with evil and hatred is what will forever go down in this shithole and I for one have had my fill. Stick a goddamn fork in me, I am SO done with this hellhole!

        And yes, once I can clear my legal issues up, I intend to get where I am going and sit the hell down! And though this country has made it extremely hard to renounce our citizenship, renounce it I will! I want nothing further to do with this shithole! In my day, I have seen some shit, but it is getting worse every single day and if anybody has any sense, they’d get the hell out as well before even more vile ass shit hits the fan!

        Rosie, again, I thank you for your comment!


  2. This can’t shock us. If black people yep, BLACK people are shocked in 2018 over this then we are deserving of everything the white man/woman dishes out to us. There is only one solution: expatriation, which you and I talked about just the other day Shelby. That talk really made it real in my mind. I’d considered it before but now it is looking like a real option for me. This country has never been for us or about us. Idc what liberal devils to us, it is never going to change. They love grinding us down and telling us to be patient while they murder our kids. Nope. My future kids will not be growing up in this murderous psychopathic country.

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    1. Marcus, the only hope for your future children is if you do leave this hellhole. And you know as well as I do, that no Black child stands a chance in this racist shithole!

      I told Black people, on this very blog, that the money they spent on watching that stupid ass Black Panther movie, could have gone to buy land in other countries FOR Black folks, but do they listen? Hell no! Black people are always on some ‘entertainment time’ and then when shit hits the fan, they’ve got not one thin dime to purchase a passport, much less catch a flight out of here. Black people simply shuffle along when whitey white ass says, “Your neighborhood is next to be gentrified!”

      This country is going to sink deeper and deeper and deeper into shit and the whites are going to blame the Black folks and rev up fucking them up. There is no way to fight this! The only way out is to actually GET OUT!

      If there was a way that Black people could make gains in this country, it would have happened by now. We have been marching and protesting for how many years? And what has it gotten us? The same as those who went before us and who are dead by either assassination or they died in prison. Or they had to flee to another country and so I choose to get the hell out! There is nothing that we can do to offer any hope to any Black person in AmeriKKKa. That ship has sailed. We can only encourage them to leave. And that is our only hope for survival.

      Marcus, I wish you nothing but success in your ‘escape’ because that is what it is!

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  3. Hopefully the detainees will sue the ass off Starbucks and the police. Getting hit in the pocketbook is the only way the US power structure can be made to understand.

    There is good video evidence of other customers confronting the police over their behavior. That has to be worth at least a million dollars each (Starbucks and the police).


    1. And Starbucks is going to close 8,000 stores for ONE WHOLE afternoon in order to get employees up to speed on why they are racist and why that is not good for business when it is captured on camera.

      “Keep that racist shit hidden, employees! Or at the very least, make sure no one is taping your racism! I don’t want to keep shutting down 8,000 Starbucks for ONE WHOLE afternoon to pretend to give a damn about racism, discrimination based on skin color, yada, yada, yada!” – Starbucks CEO.

      The above is what the CEO of Starbucks is really thinking. Does anyone seriously thinks he is taking this seriously when he is only going to close 8,000 Starbucks for ONE WHOLE afternoon because really, ONE WHOLE afternoon is ALL that is necessary to wipe out hate and racism. Really?

      But some people are going to boycott Starbucks AGAIN! I just put up a post not too long ago titled, “Why Boycott Starbucks?” And now, here we go again. Or should I say, “Here THEY go again!” Because I have never stepped one foot inside a Starbucks and I never will.

      And a few million ain’t nothing to Starbucks or to us taxpayers because KKKops are still gunning down unarmed descendants of slaves and no AmeriKKKan citizens are screaming and shouting about the $6 million dollar payout that is the going rate for a murder by KKKop of descendants of slaves. This is why I stated that the only thing we can do is to “Get the hell out!” Nothing has changed since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was arrested at a lunch counter because 60 years later, the same shit is playing out even as ‘white’ people state the obvious. “Why is no one calling the police on them?”

      Dr. Bramhall, thank you for your comment.


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