Is Starbucks a racist company?

Support Black-owned businesses and you won’t find yourself getting arrested for entering a ‘white’ owned business. Starbucks is no different from any other ‘white’ owned establishment. So, if you want to boycott, boycott the next Black Panther movie. I dare you! Boycott McDonald’s. Boycott Walmart! Boycott Target! And so where do you shop when you’ve boycotted ‘white’ AmeriKKKa? Your own damn business, if you’d only save your money and invest it in yourselves! It is not a novel concept. The Chinese do it. The Mexicans do it. The Mexicans even have their own grocery stores and so do the Chinese. They’re not running inside Walmart.

Get a damn clue!

“Every single ‘white owned’ establishment is racist! But Black people cannot get that through their heads. Instead of spending their money at Black-owned businesses or saving their money to open up their own or for getting the hell out of this racist, corrupt empire in decline, they are running inside Starbucks expecting to get treated like the whites. They need to get real! It is no different from when Black people will patronize movie theaters just to see some fictitious shit on a screen that supposedly depicts them that’s been released by a racist company. We fall for the okie doke every single time! I’m getting tired of even trying to get through to people who are so dense, there’s not been an awakening in over 400 years!

There comes a point when you just have to realize that if people want to remain clueless, they will despite what you say.”

Kushite Kingdom

Another racist incident?  In America??  What a  Maybe black people need to support their own businesses more often.  That way we’re not begging to spend money with our oppressors so much.  Here’s a link to black owned coffee and tea shops.  Support black businesses!


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6 thoughts on “Is Starbucks a racist company?

    • Bill, thank you so much for your comment! I can’t drink coffee anyway because of the caffeine, but even if I could, I have never understood this Starbucks is the ‘first and last word’ in coffee thing. And there have been so many so-called ‘boycotts’ of Starbucks, it is unreal. People do not even understand the concept of a boycott. A boycott is not just for a few days, the Montgomery Bus Boycott lasted over a year and that is why it was effective. The people of today, with the help of technology, have become brain dead and clueless with the attention span of toddlers and this is what corporations know. They know that we’ve got nothing to work with today because those who were serious about attempting to improve the lives of the most marginalized in this country are either 80 or dead.

      And the youth are some “All I need are my 15 minutes of fame and then, I’m done,” shit! This shit is a joke to these cretins. But for the life of me, I don’t even know why I bother.

      But again, I thank you most sincerely for your comment!


  1. Shelby, my friends and I have been boycotting Starbucks for nearly two decades for their union-busting tactics. It’s no surprise to me that a corporation that would go to so much trouble to illegally block the rights of their workers to organize for fair wages and decent working conditions would also aggressively obstruct the the political and economic rights of people of color. It really annoys be that the mainstream media isn’t connect the dots on these issues, which I believe are intimately related.

    White capitalists love to mis-portray racism as a simple issue of skin color. In my view, racism is really about a campaign to deliberately and systematically deny disadvantaged groups political and economic rights that are supposedly guaranteed by the Constitution.


    • The mainstream media is not connecting the dots because of who owns the mainstream media, a few rich white men. Why would one corporation report badly on another when they are all owned by rich white men who would be throwing other rich white men under the bus if they reported the vile ass shit that another rich white man does when they’re all guilty of doing dirty ass shit?

      There is no truth in anything the mainstream media puts out. We’ve already laid bare the fact that everything we see when we look at ‘the news’ is scripted, word for word. There is no such thing as fair, balanced reporting. Everyone has an agenda and that is the script they adhere to. And the talking heads just sit like bobble heads all day long jabbering away in what amounts to a constant monologue of lies, deception and propaganda as put forth to them by those who pay their salary to do what? Mislead the public.

      As I’ve already stated, I’ve never stepped foot inside a Starbucks ever and so there is no need for me to speak of boycotting a place I’ve never set foot in. That’s what gets to me about people, they will only do something when it affects them personally as in those workers who tried to take on Starbucks for their ‘worker abuse’ but never said anything about the way Starbucks treated descendants of slaves. White folks speak up when there is an agenda that’s against them as in unfair labor laws, but when it comes to standing up against racism, that is a line they just refuse to cross.

      It is all very well and good when a person stands up against a company’s unfair labor laws, but what does it say for that same person to see a Black man standing before him/her and are still unable to put racism in check? That person wants fairness for him/herself while at the same time denying to another individual the right to be treated as they would want to be treated while expecting, at the same time, for everyone to come to their defense against a company that is unfair to them while they are displaying a racist attitude to a person with a different skin tone.

      And the Constitution never guaranteed slaves a goddamn thing. When the Constitution was first drafted slaves were not even considered human and were owned. What has changed to this day? Not a goddamn thing! We are on our own. If ‘whites’ are pissed off over their work environment or their low wage jobs, who is responsible for that? Another ‘white’ person and so they can just cry me a river! I will not stand in solidarity with white racist motherfuckers! They don’t give a damn about us. It is not a case of “We are in this together!” That’s some straight up bullshit! Whites are only out for themselves and to hell with anyone else. That’s the way it has always been and that is the way it will always be.

      Black people or as I say, “descendants of slaves,” need to get the hell out of this shithole and let the whites continue to duke it out among themselves. Hell! They’ve got enough groups to do their dirty work for them what with the KKK, the Aryan Brotherhood and now ANTIFA. They can get them to speak to the horrible WHITE boss at Starbucks and Walmart and any other corporation they feel is not treating them fairly. Whites initiated this capitalist society and now they want to bellyache about it? Too damn bad! May it collapse in on their asses, SOON!


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