So, You’re Pissed Because Black Women Are Raising Sons On Their Own? Whose Fault Is That?

Black women are not solely responsible for THAT shit and to say that they are is a complete and utter lie! Fuck THAT shit!




The post that I am referencing is not about feminism, it is about Black women and this person’s contempt for Black women. I can’t believe this shit! And I have the nerve to wonder why we are our own worst enemy? We cannot even pretend a united front against our common enemy!

Now, you Black women want to be independent. You really believe that you can do what these white women do and you simply cannot. That feminst movement left the black community in shatters.

Now, black women run the daddy of their child off and away because you’re a STRONG black woman right?

You may even put the man on child support KNOWING DAMN WELL…that he can’t afford it.

Now, you’re raising your son or daughter alone without their father.

You’re raising your SON… and you turn him into

an emotional beta male who…
cant make decisions
hes indecisive
he’s feminine
he’s completely pussy-fied
hes soft as cotton

Wait a goddamn minute! It takes two to tango and without a man involved, no woman, Black, white or blue could make a baby all by their lonesome. You give the Black man a free pass when you know why a Black woman is raising a son all by her lonesome. It is because Black men lie down with a woman long enough to implant his seed and then he is on to the next. How in hell is that on Black women? Black men are not stepping up to the goddamn plate and you know this. You are not blind as to what is going down today. No Black woman in her right mind should put up with that shit! And if a Black woman has a son by a Black man and he leaves her and goes on about his business, how is it her fault if the boy grows up and states that he’s gay? Black women don’t have to push Black men away. Black men are walking away from any type of Black family relationship because that is what some of them want to do because they act like dogs in heat; sniffing after every skirt within grabbing distance.

And if a Black man cannot afford to pay child support, then he should have thought about that BEFORE he pulled his dick out and inserted it into a vagina and sent his sperm up into it. If a Black man is too broke to afford a box of condoms, who is that on? And so once again, contraception must be all about the female and the male gets a goddamn free pass? Oh hell no! Not on my watch! You damn right, I’m putting his sorry ass up for child support and he can just figure it out because he had a hand in the making of that baby and so why should he get off just because you say that Black men can’t afford to pay child support? Tell those motherfuckers that! Why the fuck are you getting mad at Black women over something that a Black man also had a hand in? Are you saying that Black men are so damn stupid that they don’t understand what it means to insert unprotected dick inside vagina? You’re saying that they just did not believe in a million years, that by doing so, a baby could come from a Black man inserting dick inside vagina? You’re not giving Black men much credit either, are you? If a Black man is that goddamn stupid, then he is no man! And if he won’t ‘man up’ and take care of his own child, how is that the fault of the Black woman when she has to take it up with the court system in order to get him to pay what he knows he should be paying but because he is so damn selfish, he cares only for his pleasure and not about what he may have left behind?

Black women, it has been stated, are having abortions at record numbers and so they are in fact, attempting not to raise a child they conceive in poverty by their lonesome. And what’s been aborted certainly will not be receiving support. I know for a fact that Black men are indeed, stupid because my own nephew would rather pay for abortions than pay for condoms. He has about six girlfriends and every single one of them has been pregnant and was given money by my nephew to pay for abortions. And some of them have had more than one. But I guess, he gets a free goddamn pass because he is a ‘Black MAN’ in YOUR fucked up book!

I have a female family member who had a baby by a Black man who’d already had four other children by different women and so like I stated, these Black men are impregnating women and then going on to the next, but it is the Black woman’s fault? Only if she is too stupid for words and will put up with that shit! And yes, this family member did indeed, put this Black man up for child support and because her child was the last one conceived by that dickhead, she gets a grand total of one goddamn penny in child support each month. So, yeah! She is most definitely causing that Black motherfucker much grief! That sperm donor was already living with his aunt when he impregnated my family member and he is still living with his aunt. So how did my family member ruin his life? He ruined his own damn life because he couldn’t keep it in his pants and when he whipped it out, he refused to put a wrapper on that damn thing! But that’s the woman’s fault, ain’t it? She should have told him to be a man and act like one. Well, again…it takes two to make a baby and when both are stupid and refuse to use protection, then we have what we have; a slew of Black women raising sons all by themselves. And newsflash, white women are doing the same thing. Feminism, my ass! This scenario has got not a goddamn thing to do with feminism and everything to do with personal responsibility and stepping up to the plate when you make a mistake or have a lapse in judgment. But both are at fault, not just the Black woman, you Black woman hating asswipe! You’re just pissed that some Black woman had to put your worthless ass up for child support and you’re probably living with your aunt. That ain’t on the Black woman! That shit’s on YOU! “Man up!” motherfucker!

14 thoughts on “So, You’re Pissed Because Black Women Are Raising Sons On Their Own? Whose Fault Is That?

  1. Shelby,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to compose this, sista. Word.

    I see this topic come up a lot–about who needs to step up the plate to end this division between black men and black women. It’s an ongoing debate that is the cause of a lot of frustration and in-fighting amongst AADOS.

    I think the best solution to this is to realize, it is both the job of the men and the women to rectify this innate divide we have for one another. And, we need to realize it has been set up like that on purpose.

    White supremacy’s intent is to divide the black man and the black woman. Its intention is for us to loathe one another, with the purpose of keeping us pitted against each other so that we won’t both, as a unit, go against it. I would say we collectively AADOS men and women must realize this is all one big set up–to keep us attacking and expending our energy on blaming each other instead of dealing with this system of injustice.

    Black men, to a degree, are, through the entertainment, pathologically conditioned to be sexually deviant and to bang as many women as possible. That was set up that way on purpose. This is the case for pretty much all males in America, but black men are targeted more than anyone. That was set up like that on purpose to break up the family unit. Prime example, General Electric has shares in both the music industry and private prisons. The promote illegal behavior through the music and then profit off incarceration.

    Ignorance and deviancy gets pushed to black men more than anyone to popularize activity that gets black men locked up and shot by cops (thuggin) and black women are taught to think that type of stuff is “manly.” I did a podcast talking about this very topic (

    It is the equal job for both black men and black women to step their game up, so that we can effectively challenge this thing called white supremacy.

    Thank you for writing this, ma’am, and thank you for the hard work you put in to bring the truth to The People.

    One Love,
    The Stormy Poet

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    1. I absolutely love your comment because it is spot on! You are just as right as I am in that both parties are involved and had a hand in what is going down with respect to this serious issue. And what I also took exception to is the fact that this SOB wanted to pretend that his post was all about ‘feminism’ when he was just out to blast Black women over a perceived wrong that he thinks they are doing to Black men by putting them up for child support and insisting that since they had a hand in a child’s conception, that they share in the responsibility for bringing up said child.

      Black men should share in the financial and physical care for a child they helped to conceive. No one is demanding more from them than they should already be prepared to do as in take care of their own children. And men such as the one who posted this bullshit should know better than to come out blaming Black women for something that is not solely their fault. He berates so-called ‘strong Black women’ who have had to be the sole provider and parent of any child that she helped to conceive and according to this asswipe, she should just let the man get off scot-free because he is just too broke to take care of his financial responsibilities for a child he helped bring into this world. That is just beyond the end of enough! Condoms are sold all day and all night! He can sit on a corner and beg enough in two hours to reach his goal for condom money.

      And of course it is white supremacy’s intent that we should be divided and we seem hell bent on aiding those motherfuckers into dividing us even though we should know what’s what by now. When we take a look at the rap music of today, it is totally different from what rap was about in my day. I only listened to groups like Heavy D and the Boyz and The Sugar Hill Gang, but the shit that’s out now, what they’re saying is exactly the message that the white man wants to drum into our heads and the sad part is, many are fucking picking that shit up and running with it. More’s the goddamn pity! If only we had the sense God gave a goat, we would have something to work with, but we actually aid the white man in fucking us up and just blame each other. Who the hell else does shit like that? And this is why I always say, “I despair OF us!” I no longer despair FOR us! That ship has sailed. But I could not let this SOB get away with what he said and that is why I called him out on that shit.

      Black people, it would seem, are the most easily manipulated people on this planet. We continue to fall for the okie doke and we don’t even question a goddamn thing. We just pick it up and run with it because if the white man puts it down, why it’s got to be good for us! Fuck if it is, but we pick it up every single damn time!

      And yes, both Black men and Black women need to step up their game and recognize that the white man is hell bent on us hating on each other, blaming each other for our problems when we should have each others back since it is quite obvious that no one else does.

      As I have stated before, I hardly blog anymore, but when something gets my goat up, I come out smokin’ hot and this, I could not let slide!

      I sincerely thank you for your comment and I will certainly check out your podcast.

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    1. Not a bit of it Kelley! As you can see, I’ll call a motherfucker out when their shit is foul as hell! And this SOB’s shit was indeed, foul as hell! Pretending that it’s about feminism when all he did was blast Black women for doing exactly what should be done when a man aids in the conception of a child, make him pay his fair share since we ALL know that the baby is going to be taken care of by the Black female while the Black male or any male, for that matter, has gone on to the next. AND, he wants to blame Black women for turning their sons, gay! That is the straw that broke the camel’s back. The Black woman cannot hold a Black man hostage and make him remain in the home and do his fatherly duties if he is not willing. What the hell is she supposed to do? Make him stay at gun point? He was all bent out of shape over what he calls, ‘STRONG’ Black women being independent and some mo shit when they have to be. Who the hell else is there to step up to the plate when the Black man has gone on to the next, dropping his seed where he will? I was not about to let this shit slide! Oh hell no! I’m still smokin’ hot over this one! Claiming that Black women are turning their sons ‘gay’? That’s a new fucking low even for a goddamn low life of an asshole Black man!

      And I SO like your comment! “No more passes for these dumbasses.” It’s got quite the poetic ring of truth to it. Indeed it does. Thank you Kelley!

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      1. Sounds like a major case of projecting his own shortcomings onto women that are actually present and trying. We can’t win with these types.


  2. This in an important post, Shelby. As an outside observer I can state this war between black men and black women has been going on a long, long time. I observed it splitting up some powerful grassroots organizations when I was in Seattle. I met one woman, employed by COINTELPRO, who deliberately split up the African American Heritage Museum support committee. I was told she was one of many who had split up 2 or 3 very strong grassroots organizations. It was extremely disheartening to see how readily both men and women bought into their poison and to see how the white media and developers seized on the disharmony to crow that black people didn’t deserve a program to combat drug problems by teaching black youths about their heritage and providing them social and recreational opportunities.

    At the time, we had no way to fight it. I seriously doubt, even with our years of wisdom, we would be able to fight it today.

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    1. “At the time, we had no way to fight it. I seriously doubt, even with our years of wisdom, we would be able to fight it today.”

      Dr. Bramhall, no we cannot fight it today because as you can see, we are still against each other. We are blaming the other for what both have contributed to. And the sheer hatred for one another is absolutely off the fucking charts as to be quite palpable and can be witnessed in the quote in this post. That son of a bitch all but called Black women, no good bitches’ for insisting that the man who impregnated her, pay his fair share of the cost of bringing up a child and also actually believes that Black women are intentionally, and with malice aforethought, turning their sons as gay as shit is funky! AND…according to him, STRONG Black women are to blame for ALL of the aforementioned and should be ashamed of themselves for stepping up to the plate AFTER having run their Black man off with their fucking STRONG ass ways.

      No one is running anyone anywhere. Black men are walking away from their responsibilities because they can. They are like dogs in heat; forever chasing another skirt to flip up and get busy with. The other day, I saw a young Black girl with 5 children; all stepping stones and you can bet that the father(s) of those children have paid not one thin dime in support for any of them. That is reality. And why these young girls have not yet figured out that their lives are ruined, I don’t know. Because in youth, which is so fleeting, the last albatross I’d want hanging around my neck is 5 children to somehow clothe, feed and house and I don’t even know where one of the father’s to any of the children has got off to.

      “I met one woman, employed by COINTELPRO, who deliberately split up the African American Heritage Museum support committee. I was told she was one of many who had split up 2 or 3 very strong grassroots organizations. It was extremely disheartening to see how readily both men and women bought into their poison and to see how the white media and developers seized on the disharmony to crow that black people didn’t deserve a program to combat drug problems by teaching black youths about their heritage and providing them social and recreational opportunities.”

      This happens in every Black organization. That is why I don’t even bother seeking help from any so-called Black organization because there is always ‘in-fighting’, cliques, snitches, informants and the like. Look at what Al Sharpton did. Was an informant for the FBI. Look at how Malcolm X died. Shot 21 times by another member of The Nation of Islam, who quite probably, was paid to do it by the CIA, FBI; but whichever governmental agency was behind his assassination, it was given the go ahead by the federal government because they can always find Black folks who will turn on their own kind. This leads right back to the days of slavery when the house motherfuckers would find out when the field motherfuckers were about to rise up and inform on them to Massa. This same shit is being played out today and so if nothing has changed in hundreds of years, nothing will!

      I sincerely thank you for that spot on comment. It most definitely fits in with this post and quite actually highlights my points!


  3. Great write up.

    I think we should focus on what sort of programs we can support to make things better.

    But I do think men and women need to practice greater sexual discretion. There are way too many deadbeats–male and female–for people to not be circumspect with whom they lay.

    There will be bad among us–our job is to not form unions with them.

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    1. Onitaset, welcome and thank you for your comment. As to what programs are out there to help with this situation, I am at a loss. The only programs that I can think of at the moment are programs aimed at helping children such as mentoring programs and Big Brothers And Sisters. Now, for programs that could nip unplanned pregnancies in the bud before they happen, I don’t know about recommending Planned Parenthood because that program is aimed solely at the female as though the male has no responsibility in the creation of a child.

      All birth control that’s come down the pike is all about women especially since I never hear of men running inside a doctor’s office to receive a vasectomy. No one must snip anywhere near that appendage that is so dear to them.

      And I don’t think there will ever be a program that could turn assholes into responsible adults and you are right in that we should “not form unions with them,” and yet many go right ahead and ‘form unions with them’ and then wonder why it all sours and falls apart. It would also seem to me that “sexual discretion” flew out the window aeons ago because when I look around, all I see is the exact opposite and no sign of any let up in sight. This situation certainly will take some serious brainstorming in an attempt to come up with any solutions.

      Onitaset, I thank you for your thought provoking comment.

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      1. Onitaset, I can but try! And I do so damn near every day, everywhere I go. I attempt to get people talking because with everyone getting all their information from a smartphone, it is extremely hard to get anyone’s attention. But thankfully, I don’t mind getting loud and I quite often do. And what I cannot get done in ‘real’ time, I try and write about it here as well as blog content from others who are attempting to brainstorm to come up with solutions.

        Again, I thank you for your comment!


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