While We Are Being Distracted By British Inbred ‘Royal’ Pomp And Foolishness, Millions Of Americans Don’t Earn Enough To Pay For Basic Expenses!

Originally posted on © blogfactory: More than 50 million households in the United States don’t earn enough to pay for basic expenses, including housing, food, health care, transportation and a mobile phone, according to a new study. Combined, these 50.8 million households make up 43 percent of America’s 119 million households, according to the data released…

via Over 50 million US families can’t afford basics like rent and food — The Most Revolutionary Act


This article brings home the fact that there are over 50 million households in the United States that are having a time making ends meet enough to keep a roof over their family’s head while the mainstream media ‘feeds’ us bullshit about an already divorced half breed and her dysfunctional trailer trash family marrying into inbred ‘royals’ in England.

When will we get a clue that there is real suffering here in the States instead of pursuing entertainment that is meant as a distraction from what is really going down? With the Trump Administration proposing cuts to social programs left and right, the impact will be felt by America’s children. His entitled brat won’t ever have to worry about heading to his elite private school on an empty stomach, but millions of America’s children do just that!

I understand that Americans are ever ones for distractions, but there must come a time when we take off our rose-colored glasses and take a really good look around at what is happening and realize that all of us are headed in the direction of those who are already there; in deep, unrelenting poverty. How many of us can put together $500 for an emergency? A thousand? Why not? Because millions of Americans are working low wage jobs and with rents skyrocketing, how the hell can anyone save a dime? Millions more will soon be joining the ranks of those who have bottomed out.

And quite frankly, 50 million is not even close to what the true numbers are because the homeless were not included in this estimation, nor were squatters who live in abandoned, derelict buildings, nor were the people who live out of their cars or who live in RVs. Count them and the numbers are even more astounding!

But meanwhile, we’re somewhere looking teary-eyed at Meghan Markle’s stupid meaningless marriage ceremony since she’d already taken vows to love, honor and yada, yada, yada til death do her part with her first husband. If we are not distracted by fake African kingdoms, dumb ass amusement parks like Disney World, we are distracted by what inbred, redundant ‘monarchs’ are doing across the pond. Find some way to get tunnel vision so that you can focus on what will soon be impacting you!


11 thoughts on “While We Are Being Distracted By British Inbred ‘Royal’ Pomp And Foolishness, Millions Of Americans Don’t Earn Enough To Pay For Basic Expenses!

    1. Dr. Bramhall, as I always say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” And somehow, I always find a way to get a point across, sneakily if I have to, but I get it done, just the same. The pleasure in reposting this was ALL mine!

      I thank you kindly for your comment Dr. Bramhall!


  1. I saw the Royal Wedding, they had it plastered across all of the tvs at work and the way my coworkers got google eyed over the whole affair was kind of disheartening. Even more disheartening was the fact that when Ariana Austin married the ethiopian prince, it was largely unknown. Now that was a Royal wedding I would love to see.

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    1. Ain’t a goddamn thing to get ‘google eyed’ over because those damn flaming, foaming at the mouth, inbred, raving lunatics are redundant as hell and even the British have gotten tired of their tax dollars being used to pay for these meaningless wedding ceremonies that most of the time end in divorce.

      And Black people need to get a fucking clue! Meghan Markle does not think of herself as Black and for Black people to look at her as some sort of representation of them is just beyond stupidity. Black people always need some sort of validation from ANYWHERE and ANYONE! It makes no sense. They will claim a goat, if it’s Black and being fucked by a white goat, they are that damn desperate for validation. I am going to announce, and in no uncertain terms, that I am NO LONGER BLACK because I’ll be damned if I want to continue to be grouped in with THAT lot! I’ll fucking be the opposite of Rachel Dolezal. She fucking claims to be Black AND she got away with it. So, I’m fucking claiming to be Polish, Irish, Nordic, Russian,Burmese and Latvian. Hell! My birth certificate is so generic, I could lay claim to any of those.
      I am sick to piss of this shit!

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  2. I’m SO over this disgusting distraction, Shelby. This wedding is not a win for the Black family, but it seems like we will celebrate whatever we’re told to. Sadly that’s never on unity or progression.

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    1. Kelley, you are SO right! It is not a “win for the Black family” because when Markle’s mother decided to lie down with dead, white filth, that put paid to any pretense she ever had that she was all about her Blackness. She became a white man’s bed wench. At one point in time, we had to lie down with those vile ass animals because we were their slaves, but when we choose to do so, that shit’s on us. And I have nothing but contempt for Black people who lie down with what has always been and will always be our mortal enemy.

      Markle is nothing more than Harry’s concubine. She is to be touted out when deemed appropriate and other than that, she can just sit her stupid ass down and pretend to like it. And what I have heard that Black people have been doing to ‘celebrate’ this nonsense is just beyond words. Once again, I no longer despair FOR us. I despair OF us because we are just clueless, stupid, pitiful and pathetic when we look to some piece of trailer trash like Markle and hold that thing up as some shining example of ‘Black womanhood’ when that twice married slut is anything but!

      Kelley, I thank you most sincerely for your comment!

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      1. Exactly. Choosing to lay down with the enemy and white-out strong, beautiful, Black genes sounds like a win for whites, not us.
        I live for the day we wake up and see that.

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      2. Sadly Kelley, both you and I will have turned into dust and still, there will not be an awakening. These fools are going backwards in time. They are not even trying to advance out of stupidity and an apparent, hypnotic state that makes them gaze longingly on dead white filth with ‘loving eyes’. These days, I am just too damn through with clueless ass Black folks who refuse to open their eyes and actually SEE with them. For the love of !!!!!

        Thanks Kelley!

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  3. They didn’t want to talk about how her brother in law,he is so focus how to destroy the African population? It was on news,this family are evils!
    They are so obsessed that Africa population will raise over and over in number that they are having nightmare right now! Yurugu didn’t never stop to think about to conquer Africa,they always wanted Africa for themselves! It us that sometime we forget how this people are so obsessed in our number!
    How did they test Ebola in some African countries because this piece of garbage,they don’t like to test their shit fu@@ing countries? How did they spread AIDS in South Africa and than went to contaminate other neighbourhood countries? What about Kenya where Kenyan women have been sterile because tetanus vaccine without they didn’t know it? These are only few news we can know, because down there we don’t know what it is going on! We don’t have right to have free speech but these hypocrite they have right to spread their disease in Africa and all over the globe!
    If any black person wants to talk about it, I will put ear plugs because I don’t like hear garbage, they can say what they want to say frankly I don’t give shit about this crap buffoonery!

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    1. qnubian528, I agree with your comment 100% The people of Africa have long been exploited as has the continent. Every group has gone over to Africa and taken away Africa’s people and her riches while Africans are too poor to piss straight.

      There is a saying, “Beware of ‘whites’ bearing gifts. Truer words were never spoken because as the Indians say, “White man speak with forked tongue.” And they should know. Bill and Melinda Gates have been running over to Africa, ostensibly to help with vaccines, but I don’t think that is their agenda. The Red Cross is over there as well, for nefarious purposes. Africans are too trusting. Just because someone says that they have something that is good for you, does not mean that it is true. Question everything, don’t just accept it.

      And like you, I don’t give a shit for this so-called ‘royal’ buffoonery either. That shit about a ‘royal’ wedding is still plastered all across my homepage and I am damned tired of it, believe me.

      I thank you for your comment.

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