Whites Made Homeless In Hawaii Thanks To Kilauea Volcano Eruption! How Does It Feel? Ask Those Indigenous To Hawaii. They Already Know!


On January 31st of this year, I re-blogged a post from a fellow blogger regarding the fact that Hawaii’s indigenous population has been made homeless thanks to the Europeans moseying on over there and taking control of every piece of Hawaii, from Hawaii’s infrastructure to political representation thus rendering the voice of the true islanders, null and void.

Homeless in Hawaii

Pu’uhonua O’ Wai’anae village is Hawaii’s oldest and largest homeless community. Most people who live there are Native Hawaiian. The unofficial mayor of this community, Twinkle Borge, had this to say, “How is it that the Hawaiians are struggling? You came here and took our land from us and we are struggling.”

A third of Hawaii’s homeless population are Native Hawaiian. And the white folks who went to Hawaii and apparently made it big off the tourist trade now own multi-million dollar homes and are demanding that local and state politicians continue to enact laws that make it illegal to be homeless in Hawaii and yet another law was enacted making it illegal to ‘sit or lie’ down on the sidewalk.

What was done to these people is worse than a disgrace and those of you who are of European descent have much to answer for, too damn much and yet, you are immune to the suffering that to this very day, you are the cause. How can you even think that you can call yourselves, “human?” Because it is quite obvious that the majority of you have no conscience to bother you at all.

The average house in Hawaii costs $700,000 and it has been stated that most people have to work two jobs just to pay for somewhere to live. And yet while the native islanders are homeless, in this video there were tourists who were having wedding photos taken at the same time that people whose land this was originally are trying to find water and who have no electricity in their homeless encampment.

These are the times when I am so very glad that I am not ‘white’ or otherwise of European descent because when the time of reckoning comes, I won’t have to worry, you will! And how! And hell would be too good for the likes of you!

The Most Revolutionary Act

Now fast forward to today and the news out of Hawaii is most gratifying.

Hawaii volcano’s 3 weeks of hot lava and toxic air — with no end in sight

Gov. David Ige said the volcanic eruption and its aftermath have spread fear and uncertainty. Volcanic vents, or fissures, have cracked open across the area and gobbled up dozens of homes and vehicles.

Several fissures, or cracks in the ground, are pumping out lava that’s threatening a local geothermal plant. If lava gets in the wells at the plant, it can release hydrogen sulfide, a dangerous gas.

Yes indeed, let’s come up with a brilliant idea to build a geothermal plant on an active volcano and expect the best possible outcome. What ‘brilliance’ was behind that decision? Now, the geothermal plant workers are supposedly working furiously to cap the wells so that no other gasses are mixed with the poisonous gasses released from the volcano that is costing Hawaii’s pasty-faced population millions in tourism dollars while the mainstream media would have us believe that now is the best time to visit ‘paradise’.

While Native Hawaiians have been suffering mightily since the Americans arrived, all the focus has been on what a toll this volcanic eruption has taken on those who have no business there in the first place. At least if the island had been left to the Native Hawaiians, there would be no need for worry over a geothermal plant meeting up with flowing lava.

The arrogance of whites will result in the destruction of us all while everyone else is expected to bemoan their fate from what they put into play. Those whites in Hawaii who have been impacted by Kilauea erupting can just cry me a river because I will save my anguish for those who are their innocent victims like Twinkle Borge, who is working tirelessly to aid the indigenous population to deal with homelessness that they were experiencing long before this latest volcanic eruption. And what she said about what the Americans have done to her and her people bears repeating.

“How is it that the Hawaiians are struggling? You came here and took our land from us and we are struggling.” – Twinkle Borge

Yeah! How is it that her people are struggling while you pasty-faced devils stole those peoples’ land right from underneath them, but yet, you are the very ones who are now wailing and moaning because lava is now covering your houses and you’re sitting somewhere in a Red Cross shelter expecting pity and talking about how bored you are. Fuck you! I sincerely hope that every single dwelling that houses an American pasty-faced piece of shit from the mainland manages to come into contact with hot ass lava flows and is incinerated. Then sit your nasty ass down somewhere with a tent over your head and find out how it feels to live like Twinkle Borge and thousands of other Native Hawaiians.  You’ll get no damn sympathy and pity from me because as far as I am concerned, you don’t have a plight. You’re about to come into contact with red hot karma and ain’t she a bitch??!!! Now, bitch and moan about that! And then take your pasty ass on over to the Virgin Islands and deal with the ongoing devastation of those islands thanks to last year’s hurricanes. And remember, hurricane season starts June 1st. You’re just in time for a relaxing time on yet another island ‘paradise’. Running out of ‘paradises’ are you? Well too fucking bad! Because this planet ain’t done with you pasty-faced shits yet!

Kilauea, fucking burn their shit up over there for the next ten goddamn years!!! You nasty white bastards never think that you’ll ever get your due, but when the innocents of this planet are not able to beat your pasty-ass back, this planet can, will and is! Throw your money and credit cards at Kilauea and see how much of a difference it makes to Kilauea if you’re pasty-assed and rich!




9 thoughts on “Whites Made Homeless In Hawaii Thanks To Kilauea Volcano Eruption! How Does It Feel? Ask Those Indigenous To Hawaii. They Already Know!

  1. The fact that they’re getting a taste of their own poison brings me nothing but joy. Also, were you following the fact that white south africans are getting their lands stripped away from them..

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    1. I am absolutely loving this volcanic eruption! I cannot tell you how much! Every single time I see some white face on the news just a moaning and some mo shit about their fucking lava covered house, it fills me with joyful glee! Let them fucking sit somewhere in a tent and this time, it ain’t about camping and see how they like how millions of people HAVE to live thanks to their depraved pasty-asses! I don’t give a damn about them and what they lose. They have caused ALL indigenous peoples all across this planet to lose every damn thing including their lives and those heartless, soulless demons never gave them another thought and they’ll get no thoughts and prayers from me. I hope Kilauea burns their shit from here to kingdom come.

      Nido, I mis-read your comment and thought that the white south Africans were throwing the Black South Africans off their land. I am so very glad that I took another look at your comment and came to my senses, you have no idea! Well, that is extremely good news! “About damn time,!” I say. Those Africans sure took enough time to figure out that there shouldn’t even be such a thing as a ‘white South African’. Those pasty-faced shits got no business whatsoever over in Africa owning a goddamn thing! As filled with Black bodies as Africa is, there is no way in hell that I would stand for some pasty-faced shits telling me what the fuck they gonna own. They’d fucking get to stepping quick or face consequences to the point where they’ll be glad to stop arguing about it and get out!

      Anywhere in any part of Africa that there’s a white foot, it needs to get ta stepping. Get the goddamn Chinese out as well as the French, the AmeriKKKans, the British and every damn body else!

      Nido, I thank you for that spot on comment! It is right as rain!

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  2. I agree. Let Kilauea speak some justice! And yes, the natives’ land was stolen right from underneath them. Same here on the mainland of Amerikkka, as you like to call it. Exactly why I refuse to ever own a home or buy into the white shit idea of private property. What a dream! People who “own” stolen land can never say they believe in human rights.

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    1. Gospel Isosceles, you are SO right! And just like you, I don’t own any ‘private property’ because I would feel that it never belonged to me anyway. I leave that up to those who are so damned arrogant, they truly believe that just because they hold a deed, they own the land. That land was already owned, but not by them. They stole it! And you are right again, anyone who owns stolen land most definitely does not believe in ‘human rights’. I am not that type of person.

      I don’t even care about credit reports or credit scores. I will move when I damn well please and damn the consequences. The made up rules and regulations that we are supposed to adhere to don’t concern me in the least. They can take that shit and shove it up their ass because I believe in being a free spirit that comes and goes as I please. And I refuse to believe that the land I stand on belongs to those who say it belongs to them when I know better. I have nothing but contempt for the arrogance displayed by people who will care nothing for the people who they know rightly belong on the land that they have stolen and have no problem seeing those people homeless, but when a disaster occurs that renders them ‘homeless’, they want pity. Well, they can just get stuffed because they’ll get no pity from me!

      I thank you so much for that spot on comment! It is much appreciated!

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    1. Indeed, it is, Dr. Bramhall. Indeed, it is! Soon we’ll be hearing that those pasty-faced devils are attempting to leave Hawaii for greener pastures. Fuck if that’ll be the case because thanks to the whites’ gods’ which are money and capitalism, they’ve destroyed this entire goddamn planet. I hear tell that this hurricane season is expected to be even worse than last year’s. So, they are most definitely running out of ‘paradises’ to fly off to.

      Yeah! I fucking wish they would fly their pasty asses on over to the Caribbean and get their asses kicked out over there by the next 12 hurricanes that’s going to be headed that way. Somebody told me the other day that they were checking out property on the U.S. Virgin Islands and that many of the properties are now being sold ‘As IS’ thanks to last year’s hurricanes. So, they can just go on over there and fix up some ‘As Is’ fucked up property and wait for Hurricane Felix or Oscar to flatten that shit like a cardboard box. “Paradises Lost’, indeed!

      Whites have fucking destroyed this planet for us all and now even their money and credit cards don’t matter because this planet don’t give a shit for money or credit cards. Their fucking ass is grass and I am SO loving it, it is unreal! I hope Mother Earth continues to show those pasty-faced motherfuckers that they ain’t the fucking boss of her! She ain’t impressed by a goddamn Titanium credit card! What’s a credit card doing to stop Kilauea’s lava flow from covering their fucking houses and SUVs? Not a goddamn thing!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment!


      1. I honestly think your comment is prophetic, Shelby. In a decade or so, they will be setting up refugee camps for pasty faced devils. They are a global minority – with the rapid decline of the US-Europe power block, the world will have no choice but to confront this reality.


      2. Dr. Bramhall, I am hoping that you are right and that my comment is prophetic. I wish it so with all my heart! It is way past time that those bastards get what’s coming to them. It’s been a long time coming and I was never one for patience, but this planet has had enough of white folk’s shit! No other group on this planet has managed to fuck it up as much as whites have and yet every indigenous group has had their land stolen and were not even allowed to have political representation or any say over what happened to what was once theirs.

        The Native Hawaiians are going to have to suffer because whites are so damn arrogant, they believe that they can put a geothermal plant on a live volcano and expect nothing adverse to happen and I hear tell that they are preparing helicopters for evacuations. Guess who’ll be evacuated and who will have to remain to suffer or die from what whites set in motion. Why..the Native Hawaiians, of course! When the shit gets too hot to handle, that they fucking started, the whites then bail and leave others to pick up the pieces left from shit they set in motion as best they can. And soon, I hope they’ll have nowhere to run and when that happens, those whom they’ve fucked with and fucked up will be waiting for their ass. They best hope that some corporation has a plan for their ass to colonize Mars because like I said, when the shit hits the fan, their ass is grass. Their money and credit cards won’t save them and that’s for damn sure!

        Dr. Bramhall, again, I sincerely thank you for your comment!


  3. This is happen when a soulless,filth,greedy,selfish,murder creatures who don’t know the meany of happiness destroyed everything and everyone,it doesn’t matter how much cost and loss it will be,they will get their goal in any case!
    Happiness for them it sees someone else who are crying for justice,poor,see their rights as human beings violated! This was their welfare and they still keep it,I am not surprise that they are the only one on Earth who are afraid of death!

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