Fake Ass Black Woman Charged With Welfare Fraud!

I just cannot make this shit up!

Rachel Dolezal, former NAACP leader who posed as a black woman, accused of welfare fraud

Rachel Dolezal, the former Washington state NAACP president thrust into the spotlight after media revealed she was a white woman posing as black, is facing welfare fraud charges.

Dolezal, who legally changed her name to Nkechi Diallo in 2016, could face up to 15 years in prison after authorities say she received thousands of dollars in public assistance. She’s accused of welfare fraud, perjury and false verification for public assistance.

Bank records indicated she had deposited about $83,924 into her bank account in several monthly installments between August 2015 and September 2017, without reporting the income to the DSHS, according to court documents.

The bravery displayed by this woman who got herself up in Black face and curly-permed hair in an attempt to redefine Blackness should be heralded as a hero especially since everyone knows that Ronald Reagan said, “Only Black women are lazy, Cadillac driving, free-loading, welfare queens who can’t keep their legs closed and who misuse and abuse taxpayer money by sitting all up on the dole,” and so Rachel Dolezal aka Nkechi Diallo, should not have been charged with welfare fraud because she is, fortunately for her, actually, WHITE! Now, throw away those charging documents because Ms. Dolezal’s parents will be down at the courthouse in no time flat to produce their daughter’s birth certificate which will not state that she is “colored,”, “Negro,” “African-American,” or just plain, “Black!,” because thanks to Ronald “hope he is roasting in hell” Reagan, everyone knows only Black women are ‘welfare queens’.

What is this world coming to when we have posers who are being charged for doing nothing more than engaging in FEE(Fraudulent Ethnic Exchange)? Why can’t she exchange her ‘white privilege’ for an ethnicity that’s been on the receiving end of slavery, lynchings, Jim Crow, police brutality, mass incarceration, mass homelessness, income inequality, low wage jobs, ‘The War on Drugs’, and gentrification? What is wrong with folks who cannot understand that ‘white privilege just comes with too many strings attached. The appearance of affluence must be kept at all cost. I mean, how else could Ms. Dolezal have found a way to feed her hungry children even as she collected $83, 924 since we all know that it is extremely expensive raising children these days, without resorting to making use of welfare? Welfare is to take up the slack when there is a need and everyone must eat, even those who have engaged in FEE(Fraudulent Ethnic Exchange).

Why…I don’t blame her one bit! She had every right to public assistance because it should be nobody’s business what is in her bank account. If she said she needed welfare, then by gawd, I am quite sure that she did. This woman knew that she would be frowned upon when she went, with cap in hand, to the local welfare office, just a begging and a pleading for some food stamps especially since she only received $8,747 in food assistance and $100 in childcare assistance from August 2015 through November 2017. Who would deny her ‘Fraudulent Ethnic Exchange kids’, food assistance? I tell you, only the most heartless folks alive!

Let me tell you, when Ms. Dolezal applied for public assistance, she had to take a class that included watching a video featuring Ronald Reagan as he indefatigably droned on and on about what a horrible Black woman she was for not pulling herself up by the bootstraps her slave ancestors bequeathed her from their death bed among fields of cotton and rows of vegetables. Ms. Dolezal was also told that she must seek a job at McDonald’s or amass a shitload of student loan debt to get her into school or her assistance would be cut off without further notice and her ‘Fraudulent Ethnic Exchange’ kids would starve. Even though it is has been stated that Ms. Dolezal declared that it was wrong to punish her children for her fraudulent claims of reporting herself as Black, the court charging documents insist that she could have claimed ‘white privilege’ and saved herself from having these charges brought against her and that if she will only retract her confessions of belonging to the ‘Black Sisterhood of Free-loading, Cadillac-driving, Welfare Queens’ Club of AmeriKKKa, her legal issues would vanish. Ms. Dolezal declined. Charges are pending.

So, let this be a lesson to ‘whites’ who dare try and defraud the government by declaring yourselves, ‘Black’, and who accept public assistance. You will be treated as a Black and you will be made to pay for your crimes of having been dragged to AmeriKKKa by getting your ass kicked by the KKKops because your public education was worth less than the price of a candy bar and only paved the way for your burger flipping job at McDonald’s that paid you $7.25 an hour, 20 hours a week, thereby sending you through the doors of a welfare office near you. That ain’t Dolezal! But hell! She states that she can change herself into a Black person and so who am I to deny her a day in court over her choices? Whites who engage in (FEE)’Fraudulent Ethnic Exchange’, the new welfare queens! Somebody! Anybody! Dig Reagan’s ass up and give him the news!

7 thoughts on “Fake Ass Black Woman Charged With Welfare Fraud!

  1. Thanks for your vibrant and accurate account, Shelby. Dolezal’s 2017 memoir, “In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World”, is quite apt. I think “Shiftless Race-Shifter” might be apter.

    Nixon’s “War on Crime” was a White Supremacist lead-in to Ronald Reagan’s “War on Drugs.” Each serves to keep Jim Crow alive. Trump follows with a candor that earlier racist POTUS’ in the Oval Office racist apologists have kept on stoking — one of them framed on the wall behind Trump (the portraited fellow still gazing at us from the top half of a $20 bill).

    Here is an homage to Reagan that I read just yesterday:

    “If you are referring to Reagan as ‘rubbish’ then:- you were not alive during his term- you do not remember 21% home mortage interest rates which he got down to single digits- you do not remember 13% inflation rates he reduced by more than half – you do not remember 10% unemployment rates he cut in half – you do not remember the prior President (Carter) blaming US – the citizens – for the economy being bad… we were suffering from a ‘national malaise’ as he called it

    There are countries in Eastern Europe where Reagan is and will always be revered for helping them get out from under the yoke of Leftists (communists). He and the Pope together helped free many millions of people from communism without a shot fired.

    Under Ronald Reagan we were at last once again proud to be Americans. Stop getting your information from Leftist pamphlets. If you think Reagan was ‘rubbish’ you’re an idiot.”

    Very proud to be an idiot 🙂

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  2. Thank you for that glowing comment Bill. Dolezal actually refers to herself as “transracial.” What the hell? Her interpretation of that word is not even close to the concocted versions, but people just make shit up as they go along and hope it sticks, outrageously incredible as it may be.

    Hopefully, both Nixon and Reagan are roasting on spits side by side over a fiery pit in hell just a stinking up the place with an odor even the devil has never previously caught a whiff of. Those depraved bastards made sure that descendants of slaves knew where they stood. In fact, ALL presidents have from day one. Nothing has changed. Descendants of slaves are even blamed by them for being descendants of slaves. Yeah! It’s our fault we’re over here!

    And racists everywhere are forever lauding Reagan as if he were some sort of “god,” with his ‘trickle down economics’ bullshit even as the wealth was stuck up at the top of this pyramid scheme and ain’t a damn thing trickled down yet.

    Not to mention, that racist son of a bitch, Andrew Jackson was never even worth $20. And now, that dubious distinction is about to be given to Harriet Tubman; what a slap in the face to her! The evil shits that run this hellhole have no damn shame at all! There is no way in hell that Harriet Tubman would have wanted her face on money that to this very day, still buys people as though they are slaves.

    And like you, I am proud to be an idiot. But the fact of the matter is, the author of that piece is most definitely off his meds! Somebody, find him a straight jacket quick!

    Bill, again, I thank you for your comment.

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  3. To be honest with you Shelby I don’t feel bother instead I just want they do this things,because this show you how desperate and weak they are!
    They said we are jealous about them,but you guess who are always so desperate to risk their life just to look like us? Because for them this is the easy way to do this masquerade or sleep with BM,instead to face us in open field!
    They understood that black is beautiful that’s why we see them behave with full self-hatred!
    They hate what they see in the mirror and they wish to change what they are!
    WW don’t want only change what they are but they want to be replace us, but DNA will never lies!
    I like how they behave in public and how they exhibit their black boyfriend like they won the lottery,you can clear see their aggressive sexuality!
    They think when we see them with BM,we BW,we should feel angry and frustrate!
    In reality,they are the one,who should feel angry, they are with BM because no WM wanted them!
    I really don’t care how many BBC they are taking down their filth bodies,they can take all of them if they want it! Sorry Shelby for my language!
    This is show how depraved they are,and this prove that BW have been always innocent!
    The myth of “innocent WW” for me it has been always an excuse to hide their depravity!
    Long time ago I decided to cut off any kind relationship with these filth creatures,because their jealous is so toxic that contaminate your soul!
    As all BW who had once in their life friendship with these filth deprave creatures,they ask you 1000 stupid questions about the “size,shape,sexual performance,sexy chocolate skin,myth about BM,teach them how to dance,how to do box braid ecc”
    What I understood about them,WW see themselves as prostitutes because the context of the society in which they grew up,sell themselves it’s the only way they can reach on top!
    The most important thing they forgot is BM had always treated BW as queen,leader and over everyone else! In history WW were always the last wheel of the cart!
    Maybe you heard about this filth clown German woman who turned herself completely in BW,that’s what she claimed! This prof how they need for attention!
    I don’t know how many black people,they killed for inject her body of melanin! One day I hope she will get a skin cancer!


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    1. qnubian528q, I’m not too sure those pictures are actually real what with all the photo shop that’s being done nowadays. As far as I know, the whites haven’t found a way to inject our melanin in their skin, hence the reason they are still filling up Dermatology Departments, everywhere seeking treatment for melanoma after having burned themselves to pieces trying to obtain a tan to take the place of their pastyness. Those pasty-face motherfuckers are always trying to find ways to emulate the Black people; from lip injections to butt enhancements to tanning beds to lying out in the sun for days. They’ve even stuck butt pillows back there to give their flat ass some plump all while telling Black women how terribly fat they look while they are trying to achieve the look. Their intent is to make Black women hate themselves even as they try to acquire what the Black woman was born with.

      They have beautiful dark-skinned Black women hating their skin tone to the point where they will go out and purchase skin bleaching cremes and lotions in an attempt to lighten their beautiful, dark complexion. This is just beyond exasperating!

      The other day, I was with my cousin as he was at a doctor appointment and in walks these two white women and they had shorts on. I gasped because the pasty ugliness of their complexion was just abhorrent to me. I looked down at my beautiful dark legs and arms and then looked back at them and I must tell you, they are ugliness DEFINED! If I were them, I’d be out in the sun burning the fuck up too in order not to look that indecently pasty-assed. It was disgusting to look at. Yuck!

      And white women are not to be trusted. They are also evil, personified! I had read about the way they treated the slave women in AmeriKKKa just because their men were always raping slave women. How was it the fault of the slave woman when she had no say over her own body when that pasty-faced bastard was forcing himself on her? But white women took their frustrations out on the female slaves since they saw that their husbands preferred slave women over them and quite actually white women preferred slave men over their white men.

      Any Black person that could look at a pasty-assed white person and see beauty is insane and I include my own son in that because he now has two babies by two pasty-faced cows. They look like the hind end of a white cow! I am disgusted with him and we are not speaking and I am not even speaking to those half-breeds he produced. They have yet to receive a goddamn dime from me and they never will receive anything from me, especially love. There is no way in hell that I am going to love dead white filth and that is what I see when I’ve seen the one. I’ve not even laid eyes on his latest whelp because it’s only a year old and I don’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl and I don’t care!

      Stay away from those depraved monsters because they are most definitely NOT to be trusted. History has proven that, time and time again. They are NOT a Black person’s friend!

      qnubian528q, I thank you for a great, insightful comment.

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  4. I’d sure like to see her resume. I now wonder if she also worked as a police/intelligence informant at some point and assumed a black identity to spy on the NAACP. The details of the welfare fraud make the whole thing sound like a classic intelligence dodge.

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    1. Your comment is very interesting, Dr. Bramhall because it should be considered. After all, white folks have always infiltrated Black institutions, organizations and whatnot in order to find out what we were up to and then report back to whitey pale ass!

      Those Black folks over at the Seattle Chapter of the NAACP must be stupid as hell because I could tell that was a white cow at first glance. That piece of shit, Dolezal, should not have been able to fool a blind man that’s been planted and yet, she steps right in and fools everyone in sight and becomes the HEAD of the NAACP. Beyond ridiculous! While REAL descendants of slaves were passed over for the position, this cow sprays on a tan, perms her hair and voila! She’s fucking Black! People got shit for brains these days, that’s for sure!

      And this Dolezal slut should get the book thrown at her. She is the epitome of ‘white privilege’. Who else but a white person could get away with pretending to be Black, become the head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, write a memoir and receive thousands of dollars for it while collecting food stamps and still maintain that she is Black when even her parents came out and shared childhood pictures of this filth to prove that she has no business running around shouting to all and sundry that she identifies as a Black woman? She will never know what it truly means to be a Black woman in this world. When the shit gets too hot to handle, this bitch can shed the curly perm, throw away the spray tan bottle and assume her ‘white privilege’ stance while I can’t do that. When the KKKops roll up on my ass for no reason, I’m a sitting duck. I don’t have the privilege of calling my ‘white’ parents to come down to the jail and tell those racist motherfuckers that I ain’t Black. I’ve got to hope that I get out of jail still standing on my feet and not by way of a tag on my toe, headed to the fucking morgue because I was hanged, as in what happened to Sandra Bland. That Dolezal bitch should be drawn and quartered for the shit she’s done!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


  5. Shelby you are 100% correct about it is photo shop! I am not 100% sure sometimes because Yurugu,they know more than the devil,and they are always so busy how to destroy us!
    What this filth German woman,she did it,I believe she used some very strong tan to cover up her disgusting skin!
    They only want our beauty but they don’t want have anything to do with our struggle being BW!
    They will never survive what BW every dam days of our life we face!
    Racism,sexism,misogynist,discrimination these are the many struggle we BW face,Becky are too weak to fight all these things!
    What about your story Shelby,I knew it long time ago what happened between you and your son!
    You spook with KP about it and I know I am not yet a mother but,you believe me or not I am truly sorry what happened to you!0
    Being mother and see your son who disrespectful his mother for some nasty ass Becky it is really shameful!
    Your son,he has chosen the easy way to give up instead to fight!
    I know that one of his Becky she was a trailer park drug cracker addicted woman,than she died, she succumbed to her addition!
    Your son will never understand about his big mistake instead he appreciates your love, surely he is blaming you for it!
    Shelby you don’t have any fault, I’m sure you’re a good mother, and you’ve done everything to teach him the good values!
    One day he will repent but it will be too late!
    I completely agree with your feelings,you have all my respect!
    Most these black people believe that give up to Yurugu it’s their freedom from white supremacy!
    But history had always proof that IR doesn’t help our people instead we will still stuck in this shit situation!


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