White Cop Punches White Woman In Her Head On The Beach! Gotta See This!

As long as cops were manhandling Black people, it was okay, but I wonder what the fallout will be over this!

We’re off to a great start for the Memorial Day Weekend, folks! It does not get much better than this; a cop beating a woman in the head for underage drinking.

Emily Weinman 20, of Philadelphia, was on a beach in Wildwood, NJ, celebrating Memorial Day when cops, who apparently, through ESP, sensed that she was underage and had alcohol in close proximity to her, pounced on her and ordered her to take a breathalyzer test, which she passed, but for some reason, the incident escalated to what we see in the video; a white cop beating the shit out of a white female on a beach.

How ironic. When I first started drinking, the age to consume wine and beer was 19 in my state(hard liquor, 21) and believe me, I had jugs of red wine stashed in my closet awaiting my pleasure. I guess the laws are different in different states but at 20, it seems to  me that a person should be able to drink if they are so inclined because after all, the recruitment age for the military is 18.

The federal law that can be manipulated in a case by case basis states that the minimum age for enlistment in the United States military is 17 (with parental consent) and 18 (without parental consent).

In a few hours, it will be Memorial Day, a day we honor those who were killed in service to this country and I am pretty sure that there were those who died at age 18. Why is it that we can die for this country at 18, but we cannot drink until age 21? Americans can be carried home in body bags after having been blown to bits in war and never see age 20, much less 21 and we have no problem with that, but a woman must get her head bashed because she is suspected of drinking on a beach at age 20. Something is really wrong with this just as something is really wrong with nearly everything about this country that we call, America, where young people, as young as 18, are sent off every day to foreign lands to either shoot someone or get shot at and that is perfectly fine, but they’d better not drink on a beach at age 20 because they risk getting exactly what Emily Weinman got, fists pounded into their head and arrested.

If you cannot understand that we have no rights, then something is wrong with you. If you can suit up and protect such as this, is it really worth it? Because when you suit up in that camouflage outfit given to you by the U.S. military, you are aiding and abetting the ‘elites’ who control this country and this world. You, along with cops all across America are making sure that Americans and the rest of the world stay in their place. America’s cops make sure that we don’t get any ideas that we are free in this stolen land just as the U.S. military grunts make sure that the world knows that it is not free from American hegemony.

We are about to celebrate the deaths of so many who died in vain. They died to protect a dying empire that should have died already but because they fill you with patriotic bullshit, you gladly give your lives up for something that doesn’t even exist and never did. America was founded on the blood of dead Indians, built up on the backs of Africa’s people and on Memorial Day, we are to celebrate the continuation of spilled blood, stolen land, terrorism, capitalism, police brutality, war crimes, corruption, lies, depravity, racism and murder. And they have made you ignore all of that by touting patriotism. Patriotism should be displayed for a country that stands for human rights, justice, liberty and freedom for ALL her citizens and that is not America, never America!

America’s flag is drenched in blood, her national anthem honors slavery and her people are castrated, indebted slaves to corporations and subject to brutality at a whim. Tell me, where is the honor in dying for this? There is none!

Millions of people have been murdered because of the color of their skin. Millions are imprisoned because of the color of their skin. Millions are hated because of the color of their skin. Is all of this because America’s founding fathers believed in liberty, justice and freedom for all? All would have included every shade of color from darkest Black to palest pink. But those of the darkest hue were never included in America’s founding documents; The U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights. No matter that you can overlook a country so mired in evil and find something to be patriotic about, you are lying to yourself when it comes to the truth about this nation. Wave that flag of hypocrisy. Sing that anthem of slavery and boast about our military’s might, but there are those of us who will look on and think how foolish you are in your willful blindness because we know the truth of what this nation really stands for.

And finally, 20-year old Emily Weinstein, according to America’s laws, had no right to drink an alcoholic beverage on a beach, and the cops were well within their right to try and beat her head in for that, but if she were 18, she would have every right to join the U.S. Military and die in a foreign land. Which is worse? Drinking an alcoholic beverage on a beach at 20 or dying in a foreign land at age 18 because you joined the U.S. Military to protect the mistreatment and murder of millions of people?

4 thoughts on “White Cop Punches White Woman In Her Head On The Beach! Gotta See This!

  1. Great post, Shelby. Americans have no rights. And because white people didn’t stand up against police brutality of black people, it’s happening to them and theirs. In New Zealand, young people can legally drink at 18 – leaving police free to enforce more important crimes.

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    1. Thank you Dr. Bramhall! I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that this government can hand you a gun at age 18 and train you to kill, but it is a crime to drink a damn beer at age 20. What kind of goddamn sense does that make? Not a gnat’s ass worth! And what is wrong with the American people when they will sit still for this? Oh, I know my Black life don’t fucking matter to America’s whites, but even whites are getting fucked up over some bullshit just like we’ve ALWAYS been getting fucked up and still, they lie down and take it. They are the ones who make the rules and now those rules are being used to bash their heads in. Apparently, whites like this shit since they keep sitting still for it.

      I tried in so many ways, years ago, to get whites to understand that this shit was going to start happening to them, but they thought that ‘white privilege’ would keep that shit at bay. Not hardly! Ask Emily Weinman. Ask Justine Damond and there are plenty others. This is just the beginning.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for that spot on comment!

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  2. My dear Shelby, like always you still a light in the middle of a dark desert. With your permition I will reproduce some of your words in the page of my brother, i do the edition, he loves your words as much as I do. ” Wave that flag of hypocrisy. Sing that anthem of slavery and boast about our military’s might, but there are those of us who will look on and think how foolish you are in your willful blindness because we know the truth of what this nation really stands for.” aA big hug: carlos zayas

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    1. Carlos, I would consider it an honor if you reproduced anything you see on this blog. I just call it like it is. And I never hold back and I never will. The truth ain’t pretty and cannot be prettied up. Americans are fed patriotic bullshit every single day and they lap that shit up and go prancing around as though they have something to be proud of when they should ALL be hanging their heads in mortal shame as they trod on the graves of the innocent who were killed for this land, as they trod on the graves of innocents who slaved away on this land and who one day, will be avenged. This ’empire’ called America will die and it is my belief that the dying has started.

      Carlos, I thank you most humbly for the wonderful compliment you gave me on my writings. It is very much appreciated!


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