Stupid Black Man Dies After Trying To Save Lying White Woman’s Cat During Ellicott City, MD Flood!

On the local news last night, there were reports that the body of a man had been found who had been holding a door of a building shut in Ellicott City, MD against raging flood waters, when a woman came up to him and asked him to find her missing cat.

On the National news, the story had changed. The report read: “Man who tried to save woman from drowning was washed away by flood waters in Ellicott City, Md.

Every single news story from all local stations were stating the first scenario until someone realized that this would not go over well with everyone once it was discovered that a Black man had lost his life over trying to save some white woman’s cat. Every single report had at first stated that National Guardsman, Eddison Hermond, was holding the doors of a local Ellicott City, MD business closed against flood waters when a woman approached him and asked him to please find and rescue her missing cat and that is when he went out into the storm and was swept away by the raging flood waters.

Now, the white woman who asked this man to save her fucking cat, has changed her story to this:

Kate Bowman, who owns Clipper’s Canine Cafe, said Hermond was trying to help her when he disappeared into the flood waters. Bowman said she had escaped from the window of her flooded shop with her cat. The water was above her waist when she saw Hermond across the Tiber tributary.

“I could barely see anything and I could barely hear anything” because the waters were so loud, the 41-year-old Bowman said through tears on Monday night. “He stepped over the ledge to try to get to me, and he was washed away.”

Earlier Monday, county Police Chief Gary Gardner said Hermond had gone missing while trying to help a woman find a missing cat. Bowman said the situation “had nothing to do with my cat.”

And if this video isn’t enough for you, watch the next one!

So, who the hell is lying? This pasty-faced white bitch who claims she only asked the Black man to rescue her and not her missing cat or the officials in each video who maintain that the woman asked the man to find her missing cat? And by the way, since she claims that she was escaping with the cat and only needed him to “help her over a ledge,” where is the goddamn cat?

This lying white bitch cost this man his life! She did not need him to save her, she wanted him to save her goddamn Fluffy, the cat, and apparently, he was struck with stupidity and actually ran from relative safety out into a raging flood and promptly drowned while this racist white bitch lives on to lie on him.

I wish this bitch had come up to me with that goddamn foolish ass nonsense, she would have gotten a fucking earful. Now, a son, a brother, possibly a father, uncle, and cousin is gone all because he was asked to help a fucking no good piece of shit white woman find her goddamn cat! Some Black people got shit for brains since they will risk their lives for whites or what they fucking own! Damn it if that’s me! So, don’t you white motherfuckers EVER ask me to even give you a sip of water in the fucking Sahara Desert, because you’d drop dead of thirst first and damn sure as hell don’t expect me to run out into a raging flood to try and save a fucking cat that you think more of than you’d ever think of my Black ass and for Black people to not even know the truth in this, is just too ludicrous for words!

Stop risking your lives for those pasty-faced bitches and bastards! Those goddamn demons ain’t fucking worth it! They frown on programs that help humans while their fucking pets are in ‘pet hotels’ wearing cashmere, eating Fancy Feast, and yet, they only call on you to save their goddamn pet and then lie and say they called on you to save their no-account ass! Somebody ought to slap that pasty-faced, lying bitch right in her motherfucking mouth! This shit is just beyond the end of enough! Yeah! Ask me to fucking help your white ass and see what you get for your efforts! You and your pet would be deader than dead can ever be dead! Now, come on up in here with some fucking bullshit! I fucking dare you!

2 thoughts on “Stupid Black Man Dies After Trying To Save Lying White Woman’s Cat During Ellicott City, MD Flood!

  1. I wonder if his family will recieve a medal or some other award posthumously for act of self sacrifice for the life of the cat ( if there was one ). If there was no cat did the woman cry wolf.


    1. Of course his family is not going to receive an award for trying to save the life of a cat. After all, the white woman, who by the way, is never seen with the supposed cat that she was carrying “over the ledge” is all safe and sound. This “Gone With The Wind” moment does not have a white “Rhett Butler” in it, but has Black-assed Eddison Hermond playing the lead role and since dead men tell no tales, there’s no one to speak the absolute truth on exactly what happened here.

      What I do know is that if that pasty-faced bitch had approached me with that foolishness, she and the cat would have been so dead, it ain’t even funny. Like I’m about to head out into raging flood waters to save a pasty-faced bitch that’s probably called Black people so many “niggers”, she’s fucking lost count. But will turn to a Black person and send him out to his death with no thought in her head about what she is doing. Whites do indeed think more of their pets than they ever will a Black person and that is a fact! Save their ass or their pet’s ass? Nothing fucking doing! No one would ever have to question whether or not someone would pin a medal on me for saving a white ass because the thought would never enter MY head! That’s for damn sure.

      Thanks for your comment.


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