Whites Call The KKKops On Black People ‘Just Because’ And You Say, “I’m Not Racist!” Really??!!


Into the Oval Office struts Donald J. Trump, dripping bigotry, racism and hatred towards anyone not of his ‘orange-white’ complexion and whites go bat shit nuts and head over heels in displaying outlandishly racist acts and with no apologies since they apparently, had to keep that shit in check until someone just like them descended to the presidency.

A white woman called police on two Black men who entered a Starbucks and who requested to used the restroom and when told they had to order something, they sat down and the barista proceeded to call 911  to state that two Black men were”sitting down while Black” and here comes the police who promptly arrested them. They were charged with, “sitting while Black,” but because of all the hoopla, they were released. You see it turns out that many ‘white’ people came forward to announce that they too, had strolled inside a Starbucks, failed to order something, used the restroom, sat down and never had the police called on them. Go figure!

A white female graduate student at Yale called the police on a Black student who fell asleep in the common area of a dorm, sparking a nationwide conversation about race after videos of the incident went viral. After the white woman called the police on the Black student, the police promptly arrive, questioned the Black student for over 15 minutes, asks to see her ID which states that she too, is a student at Yale. The 911 call in this instance was for being guilty of “Sleeping while Black.”

On April 29,  a white woman reportedly called police on a few black people who, she said, were using a charcoal grill in an area where it was banned, and the police promptly arrive for the case of guilty for “BBQing while Black.” Does anyone really believe that if the folks using a charcoal grill had been white, that the police would have been called? Or actually showed up?

White woman calls police on a Black real-estate investor who was taking pictures of a house he was interested in buying. The police promptly arrive for the 911 call of guilty for “Taking pictures while Black.”

White store employees at Nordstrom Rack called the police on Black teenagers after falsely accusing them of shoplifting. The police promptly arrive and conclude that no crime had been committed. Nordstrom Rack President Geevy Thomas met with the teenagers and their families on Tuesday, the company said in a statement.  This is the case of guilty of “Shopping while Black.”

Someone ‘white’ called the police last month on a black firefighter who was participating in a safety inspection in Oakland, California. Someone(white) else filmed him and asked him to produce identification. Kevin Moore was one of a number of firefighters carrying out legally mandated exterior inspections to determine if vegetation posed an extra risk to homes in the event of a wildfire, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Working in an upscale area of the Oakland hills, Moore was in uniform and carrying a clipboard and a radio, with his station’s fire truck parked nearby. Based on a ‘white’ resident’s call to 911, a dispatcher called Moore’s fire station to inquire as to whether or not he was indeed, a firefighter. This is the case of guilty for “Doing your job while Black.” And yet this man said that he does not look at race when he goes to a fire, he’ll rescue your white ass even if you’ve called the damn cops on him. Whites questioned this man, filmed him and called the cops on him for doing his goddamn job!

White woman dubbed, “Permit Patty” is alleged to have called the police on an 8-year old Black child for selling water without a ‘permit’. I wonder if she would have called  the police on little white children for selling lemonade without a ‘permit’. Actually, no I don’t because she wouldn’t have. “Permit Patty” now admits that she only bluff-called the police but if she had called the police, the police would have responded to the complaint of “Selling water while Black.”

There you have it Black folks. We cannot sit in Starbucks, that’s a crime. We cannot attend college, that’s a crime. We cannot barbecue, that’s a crime. We cannot go shopping, that’s a crime. We cannot take pictures of houses we’d like to buy, that’s a crime. We cannot do our job of inspecting for safety issues as it relates to fire hazards because, that’s a crime. We cannot sell water even while little white children sell lemonade all over the place because when we sell stuff, that’s a crime.

No wonder millions of Black people are locked up inside ‘For Profit Prisons’ since there’s not a goddamn thing we can do that won’t get us locked up. And let us not forget that Trayvon Martin was walking home from a convenience store and so since he was “Walking while Black, he was murdered. And just recently, Antwon Rose was “Running while Black” and he got himself shot in the back by the cops and now he is dead and buried. Never forget Freddie Gray, who was “Talking while Black” and that got him chased by the cops who then broke his spine. Tamir Rice was playing in a park and the police were called and he was shot dead for “Playing in a park while Black.” And we must never forget 7-year old Aiyana Stanley-Jones, who was shot while asleep in her home. This was the case of “Guilty for sleeping while Black.” This child was shot by a cop and charges were dropped against the ‘white’ cop who shot her dead. Our lives are meaningless to dead white filth. Never forget that! But then, maybe we have since the only thing we do about this is to continue to print protest signs and march down the street right up to the door of Klan headquarters because make no mistake, no matter what building you enter, be it a doctor’s office, a courthouse, a department store, a grocery store, a restaurant or a farmer’s market, you have entered Klan headquarters for if whites are not actively participating in Klan rallies, they know who are and they are kin to many of them, but do they denounce that shit? Hell no! And they won’t. They are just like them.

And now the Supreme Court has delivered another triumph to that bigot in the White House, a Muslim travel ban at the same time that Central and South American migrant children are being separated from their parents and the parents deported. However, those of us who are descendants of slaves, have no dog in that fight since not one of those groups has ever spoken up on our behalf. We go it alone and they must as well. Why any of them would want to come here completely mystifies me for they must not read the news.

Yet we hear from the ‘whites’ all the time that we are being purposefully divided by ‘their elites’. ‘Their elites’ look just like them and so who the hell is doing the dividing? Take a look in the mirror because as a Black person, if I call the cops on you, what is going to happen? Nothing or if they do come out, they’d probably arrest me for wasting their time on a bullshit 911 call. Black people are busy getting arrested for just breathing and so when do we have time to fight for some screaming migrant children who are separated from their parents or for some Muslims who, despite all hell, want to come to this fucked up shithole? We are too busy answering questions from the police as to why we are sitting up in Starbucks. We are too busy answering questions from the police as to why we are having a barbecue. We are too busy answering questions from the police as to why we are exhausted and taking a nap in a common area of a college dorm we’re paying tuition at. We are too busy getting falsely accused of shoplifting and being confronted by the police only to be told that there was no reason for the police to be called in the first place. We are too busy getting shot dead for running. We are too busy getting shot dead while sleeping. And ‘whites’ are the reason why, even if we did have the desire to help out another group, whites refuse to get up off our ass long enough for us to help anyone else because if we are not answering questions barked at us by racist cops, we are attending funerals for those who were shot dead by racist cops.

So save that ‘divided’  talk nonsense and go eat shit! You’ll find plenty of it because this here country is nothing but a shithole from one end to the other!




2 thoughts on “Whites Call The KKKops On Black People ‘Just Because’ And You Say, “I’m Not Racist!” Really??!!

  1. Shelby,

    I appreciate you writing this.

    One thing I feel that black people need to collectively understand is, these folks who keep calling the cops know exactly the situation they’re trying to set up. They get off our children and us being harmed.

    This lady who called the cops–to set up a little girl to get murdered–is nothing short of demonic, and we as Native Americans of African Descent DOS must stop imploring them for any kind of empathy or understanding about what our experience is here in America.

    Even when someone comes up to me proclaiming they want to understand more about what it’s like to be black, I give them books and resources to review on their own, and I send them on their merry way. It’s like, if you really want to help fight this thing, you can’t have a conversation with me until you review and study historical context, data, and firsthand accounts.

    However, with white supremacists like her, there is no reasoning or trying to be logical with them. Their spirit is warped and only by the grace of The Almighty, should he see it fit to do so on a personal level, effectively influence them to change their heart.

    We are in a military state, and we must treat it like one. In no way, do our kids need to be out by themselves, we need to just assume that someone is going to call the cops on us and to be emotionally and mentally prepared for those types situations, and we need to be armed and trained in some type of basic combat. It is that real for us out here at this point.

    I appreciate your bluntness as always, Shelby.

    One Love,

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    1. You are right in what you say and I should have included in this post; the fact the whites are calling the police on Black people in hopes that we will get shot dead. That is the only reason they are calling the cops on us because they know that the cops are nothing more than skinheads whose sole purpose is to kill descendants of slaves on sight. No questions asked, no guilty verdicts. The cops only receive vacation time. What white cop wouldn’t want to get rewarded for shooting and killing who he’s been told to shoot to kill and that for compensation, he will get time off with pay? So, sit back, kick your heels up and enjoy the show of more protests over what will continue?

      We as Black people, or DOS, are stupid because we continue with the same, lame ass protests every single time yet another one of us is murdered. And even the few times that charges have been brought against those racist skinheads, they are NEVER found guilty. And we just go home and put down the protest sign until the next murder of us by cops and then the cycle just keeps repeating itself. Cop kills Black unarmed person, gets a vacation, protests erupt, person is buried, cop found not guilty. All is calm and quiet until the next time and there is ALWAYS a next time.

      If I had it to do all over again, I would never have had a child because why should we continue to bring innocent children into a world that is run by depraved, murdering, sadistic, psychopathic pasty-faced demons? We don’t stand a chance against the most filthy, vile and inhumane savages ever to have slithered and crawled across this planet. No other group has managed to do so much evil other than that one group. They don’t belong here and why they are here, I don’t know. Because all other groups would have been better off if we’d never set sights on those loathsome, parasitic monsters!

      Of course we are in a military state, complete with military weaponry from war zones. If they’re not murdering descendants of slaves over here, then they’re off to some other country to bring the same murdering shit to someone else just because they can. And though they point the finger at others and call out what others may do, those ‘others’ manage to remain mostly within the bounds of their own country and don’t fly or sail all around the world bringing with them what ‘whites’ do.

      If they’re not killing animals or people who they don’t think of as people, then those miserable rejects from hell aren’t satisfied. But what I would like to know is what kind of ‘human’ can have truckloads of money and still not be satisfied? A person could have every pleasure that is available on this planet and yet those nasty fucks only get off on destruction, chaos, war and death. How sick and twisted is that? And yet, that is what we are dealing with; inhuman filth! And you can’t reason with their kind. They function solely on hate, but are so hypocritical, they sit in judgment on others! That is an abomination. And as far as I am concerned, none are any good because they know who make up the police force, they know who is in the military killing people just for the pleasure of it, they know who is marching down the street during Klan rallies. They are their relatives and yet, they don’t denounce that shit. But they will tell you how much they love their dog and cat. They will tell you that it is a sin and a shame to eat animal products. Oh, they are truly selective in who they bestow their hypocritical stance of fake assed ‘humanity’ on. They won’t eat a steak, but will gun down a 12-year old child just because he is Black. Yeah! I’m buying their ‘humanity’ bullshit alright! Fuck em! Fuck them ALL!

      The Stormy Poet, I much appreciate your comment. It took me awhile to get back with you on it because I had to think about what I would write and I wanted to keep the comment short, but still failed. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

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