White People Are Cowards


Everyone knew that slavery was evil. Everyone knew that Jim Crow was evil. Everyone knew that lynching was evil. Everyone knows that any kind of injustice or inequality is evil. These things persist because most white people don’t actively fight to eradicate them.

And most white people don’t actively fight to eradicate inequality and injustice because they usually benefit in some small way. The Southern economy was built on evil slavery. Jim Crow laws maintained a national order with white people firmly planted atop the social hierarchy. Systematic injustice keeps black people in their place, but it also comforts white people to know that the big black bogeymen are being kept behind bars.

Inequality and racism exist not because of evil but because the unaffected majority put their interests above all others, and their inaction allows inequality to flourish. That is why I believe that silence in the presence of injustice is as bad as injustice itself. White people who are quiet about racism might not plant the seed, but their silence is sunlight.

Many of those people don’t speak out because they fear alienation more than they hate racism.

A CBS survey revealed that most Americans disagree with Trump’s “both sides” equivocation regarding the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., last year. According to a CNN/ORC poll, a majority of Americans opposed the white-nationalist-inspired travel ban. Two-thirds of Americans say that separating children from their parents at the border is unacceptable, according to a CBS poll.

Still, most white people won’t do shit.

The crisis at the border is the latest addition to a long list of instances when white people have chosen silence over what is right. Most of the white people who supported civil and voting rights still did not march, boycott or sit in. The white people who shed tears over police videos won’t attend a Black Lives Matter meeting.

Cowards. All of them. Read more here!


“Cowards. All of them!” That is exactly what you are! Cowards! Yet you will drone on and on about the rights of animals to not to be slaughtered for human consumption. You will drone on and on about the need for legalization of weed. You will drone on and on about the horrors of opioid addiction. You will drone on and on about the need for stiffer gun control laws. You will drone on and on about suicide prevention after some famous rich white asshole like Anthony Bourdain kills himself. You will drone on and on about how the mental health field has failed white mass murdering males, but when it comes to systemic racism, mass incarceration of mostly Black people, a school-to-prison pipeline made up of Black children, gentrification, mass homelessness, income inequality and the list is endless, there is nothing but the sound of crickets chirping. You don’t do a goddamn thing about what is front and center and what has been front and center since Africans were rowed to the shores of this shithole because you are ALL cowards; down to the very last one of you!

You don’t say a goddamn thing when those who look like you sit somewhere swilling alcohol and who gets started on “niggers this and niggers that.” You don’t say a damn word against that shit. You simply smile and either continue listening or move along. But you don’t call that shit out! You’re too much of a goddamn coward to do so! And yet, you will state how you are not racist and how you are not like ‘those’ people who march down the street in white sheets and hoods. What makes you better than they are? What the fuck have you done about  them? You know who they are! You are kin to them! You are friends with them. You know who the racist cops are. You sit at barbecues with them; at parties. But do you do anything about the fact that you know they are racist? Do you do anything about the fact that you know they have told you that they intend to “kill them a nigger just because they know they can get away with it?” Hell no! And you won’t because you are a coward!

And yet, you wonder why Black people are still subjected to this shit in the year 2018. Fuck if you do wonder. You know why. Nothing has changed. What the fuck has changed? Not a goddamn thing! Just because you are not marching in a hood and a white sheet, just because you have not shot a Black person to death, just because you did not call a Black person, “a nigger,” just because you merely stood by and watched a Black person being followed around in a store because of their skin color, doesn’t make you any better than the one who marched in a hood, shot a Black person to death, called a Black person, “a nigger,” and followed a Black person around in the store just for being Black. You stood by and ALLOWED all of those things to happen because you are a goddamn coward! Scared too shitless to do a damn thing because the perception of you by other ‘whites’ would be changed and oh how horrible that would be. I guess, to you, it would be more horrible than killing a person because of their skin color, calling the cops on a person because of their skin color, denying a person a loan because of their skin color and the list is endless. Coward that you are, you’ve got to look out for number one and that’s your own cowardly hide because ‘white privilege’ allows you to take the coward’s way out! White privilege allows you to pretend to remain blind to what is going down because what can you do if your nephew is a cop and has told you that he intends to kill the next ‘nigger’ he pulls over, no matter what. You may not pull the trigger, but you are just as guilty as he is. Don’t delude yourself. You’re no better than he is. Your silence helped to pull that trigger and you are complicit in murder and no amount of “Hail Marys” is going to absolve you of that. No check you write to charity is going to right that wrong, you fucking coward! Black people cannot beat back this shit alone and you know that because you write the rules. You enforce the rules you write and that is why we are getting our asses kicked and you know this. But somehow, you think, that if we march down the goddamn street enough times, we will make a difference. Hell if we will because we have your silence to thank for the fact that we are still marching thanks to the fact of your being a fucking coward! Good people have died because of your reluctance to stand up to what you know is wrong. I can’t make you do it! And I know you won’t but at the same time, I want you to know that I know what a goddamn coward you are and will always be!

You’re all cowards who won’t do shit! Fuck you!



9 thoughts on “White People Are Cowards

    1. I have as well Kelley. Every single time a ‘white’ motherfucker opens their piehole, out comes a lie, especially if they are saying how they’re not racist or they didn’t think that racism was a problem or “Who fucking knew?” They ALL know and what’s more, they are ALL the same! Not one ‘white’ racist asshole is any different from another. They are complicit in that shit by their deafening silence!

      Kelley, I thank you for your comment.

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  1. Shelby, I can understand your rage. Our white brothers and sisters indeed lack the courage to bring about meaningful change across the racial divide but for much deeper reasons.

    I’m currently reading WHAT TRUTH SOUNDS LIKE by Michael Eric Dyson which presents an in-depth understanding of the unfinished conversation about race in America that began with the 1963 meeting between then Attorney General Robert Kennedy and a group of black artists, activists and intellectuals led by James Baldwin. Dyson notes:

    “When Baldwin and his friends confronted Bobby Kennedy, Kennedy got mad, but then anger gave way to honest reflection and sincere self-criticism. Bobby had to reckon with the invisibility of black humanity, even to his own liberal eyes, especially his own privileged eyes.”

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    1. Thank you for that Rosaliene! And I just read that a ‘white’ man was shot and killed for standing up for a friend of his who was called a “nigger.”

      A new father was fatally shot after confronting a man who hurled the n-word at his friend, police say

      It happened just moments after the alleged shooter, James Saylor, hurled racial slurs and the n-word at Merrill’s friend inside the Red Rose Restaurant and Lounge, according to a probable cause affidavit.

      And now police say Merrill may have been trying to “right the wrong” when he confronted Saylor in the parking lot in defense of his African American friend, according to the York Daily Record.

      What in the world is the matter with us? Such hatred we have in our hearts to the point where guns are used and people are still getting killed in the year 2018 because we refuse to look past the color of ones skin and just see a ‘human’ as opposed to a different skin tone. I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t know if there is one because quite frankly, it appears to me as though things are just not on par to get any better. And though some blame Donald Trump, and I admit that he is not making things any better, we were not at a ‘good’ place before he came on the scene as president. What has to happen to make us look at one another with something other than antagonism, I sincerely don’t know. I wish I could wave a magic wand and change so much. But alas, my wish is in vain.

      Rosaliene, I thank you again for your most thoughtful comment.

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    1. That is SO very true Rosaliene. And I for one, am SO very glad that it is now on display…AND HOW!! This ’empire’ is collapsing and my only regret is that the most unfortunate among us will feel the effects first!

      Thank you for another spot on comment!

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    1. Charish, welcome and thank you for your comment.

      I know exactly where you are coming from. Whites care more for their damn pets than they will ever care for descendants of slaves or anyone who is not pink-assed. Fido and Fluffy are sitting up somewhere in a posh pet hotel being fed the fanciest and choicest ingredients and pampered to the nines while people who would not be over here if not for whites having rowed their ancestors to this shithole, are getting unholy hell knocked out of them, hourly.

      The status quo of whites believing in the fallacy of their ‘supremacy’ is just beyond the end of enough when how in hell can a group that is so vilely evil ever come anywhere near ‘supremacy’? That doesn’t even make any sense. The whole world is on fire, literally because of whites who have arrogance and conceit beyond belief. I have long since given up on expecting anything from them but what we are seeing and I don’t care if they like it or not. We don’t like the shit they are doing to us just because they fucking can. So, if they think I’m going to step lightly on their ass when they come here to read my posts, they can just get to stepping. Because there will be no ‘feel good’ shit about them going on all up in here. And the thing about whites is that they cannot stand the truth of themselves all up in their depraved faces, hence why history books are always written to make every shitty thing they ever did, look as if it was a benefit to whomever they were shitting on at the time. Those vile snakes should all just slither back from whence they came and do us all a favor! If stealing, raping, enslaving, impoverishing and exploiting the world’s people is by definition, ‘supremacy’, then I want no parts of that shit!

      Charish, again, I thank you for your comment. It is sincerely appreciated. And those of us who are still in the states are going through what can only be described as something worse than hell on earth. I also want to thank you for the follow and as soon as I can clear somethings up here, I intend to leave the states, however, I am still trying to educate myself first on where to go to get some sort of peace which I will never get here.

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