Man Arrested in Horrific Stabbing Death of Nia Wilson; Bay Area Protesters Demand Justice


SIGH! Here we go AGAIN!!!

The man believed to have slit the throat of 18-year-old Nia Wilson at an Oakland BART station on Sunday night was arrested without incident Monday night.

Police apprehended 27-year-old John Lee Cowell, a paroled felon, on a BART train nearly 24 hours after he allegedly attacked sisters Nia and Letifah Wilson in a vicious stabbing at the MacArthur station in Oakland. An anonymous caller had tipped police that Cowell had boarded an Antioch-bound train, reports the San Francisco Gate.

This cowardly white bastard walked up to two Black sisters, who were waiting on a train and viciously stabbed them in the throat, killing one and injuring the other and he calmly wiped off the knife, left and then discarded his sweatshirt and backpack and boarded another train and now there are shouts that this is not a hate crime and that the man is just another mentally ill white male, who most likely needs some meds, a bit of counseling and he’ll be right as rain.

A beautiful young Black woman is dead, her sister is scarred for life, both physically and emotionally and there are debates over whether or not their assailant is mentally ill or a white nationalist. Seriously??!!! That white coward targeted two Black women and we have no idea why given the racial climate in this country today? Emboldened by Trump’s penchant for ‘white nationalists’, calling them ‘good people’, we are to believe that the individual who murdered one Black woman and who tried to murder a second one just came up to them out of the blue without a thought in his head for the color of their skin? Really??!!

I don’t need to sit down with that piece of filth and try and get into his head to see what he was thinking. What he was thinking is quite obvious since one Black woman is dead and the other is seriously wounded and we have a president that is complicit in this attack because of the support that he has shown for this type of individual. If Trump could get away with it, he would plant a medal on the chest of this depraved deviant who is just as racist as he is.

And if that is not bad enough,

Critics say the media makes innocent blacks look dangerous. Nia Wilson is their latest example.

One photo, aired by local TV station KTVU, has sparked backlash and reignited concerns about the biased portrayal of minorities, particularly African Americans, by news outlets.

During a noon broadcast on Monday, KTVU shared a picture of Wilson in which she is seen holding what appears to be a gun. The outcry was instant, with many pointing out that there were several other photos the station could have used.

After explaining that the station “took action” so the photo would never air again, Somerville said he was going “off-script.”

“We have a lot of really good people here at Channel 2,” he said. “People who care deeply about what they do. There’s no doubt that we made a mistake. It never should have happened, but we made the mistake and we are owning up to that mistake.”

He continued, “I also want to say that Nia was just a beautiful young woman. I can only hope right now that her family and their parents are watching so that they can see me and all of us here at Channel 2 saying that we are so sorry about what happened to your daughter and we are sorry about the mistake we made today.”

So, because Nia Wilson posted a picture on her Facebook page that had the suggestion of a ‘gun’, that is the picture of her that was chosen by a local TV station to report on her murder; the usual blaming of the Black victim. That is just low! White parents proudly display their underage children brandishing guns all the time and nothing is made of that but yet when a Black woman is brutally murdered by a white nationalist as she simply stood waiting for a train to arrive to take her to her destination, the picture that is selected to accompany the story of her murder depicts her holding what appears to be a ‘gun’ to show that Black people are so scary, is it any wonder she was murdered by this piece of shit???!!

Cowardly piece of white filthy shit!

And the protesters have arrived! Glory be! They are going to make ALL the difference in  the world. Don’t they always? The protests are going to set this shit to rights. They have been doing a helluva job thus far. Isn’t that the reason people are still wearing out the soles of their shoes? I wish that I had gotten in on the shoe making business or in paper because those two industries are making a killing off killing. Shoes and signs ’cause it’s marching time! Hearts can’t mend, there’s another funeral to attend. Don’t put away that black dress because we’ve got sympathy to express since the killings won’t end and on more shoes and signs, our money, we will spend.

Hell no! I’m not marching no mo! What good did it do Nia Wilson and her sister? One dead and the other, scarred for life. Another beautiful Black woman being laid to rest in a shithole her ancestors were dragged to, killed by a racist piece of filth emboldened to do so by an orange-coated racist draft-dodging bigot who was voted into the highest office of the land by those who are just like them and the only thing to do against that shit is to march???!!! Go right ahead! And call “BlackLivesMatter” and the NAACP, the Southern Poverty Law Center and The Urban League, I am quite sure that between the four of them, something will be done about this shit! Just don’t hold your fucking breath! You’ll be just as dead as Nia Wilson!

6 thoughts on “Man Arrested in Horrific Stabbing Death of Nia Wilson; Bay Area Protesters Demand Justice

  1. These demons are everywhere have you heard the recent news from florida the filthy beast Nathan Johnson and his family beating to death black Robert banks and sodomizing him with a torch then strangling him and setting him alight because their whore mother said the man raped her which has been proven to be a bare faced lie. They just wanted to torture and murder a black man like the ‘good ol days’!!!!! The good thing is the youngest is 17 so he’ll be getting more than a flashlight up his pasty rear for the next 75 years because he is literal fresh meat . Beasts. Poor fella he didn’t deserve his last moments to be surrounded by wild hogs violating him , laughing and jeering.

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    1. Thank you for your comment ribrabss and no, I had not heard of that one. It would seem that so much of this is going down everywhere in this shithole, it is hard to keep up. Sometimes, it can be quite overwhelming. However, I did find some information about this and will post it for my readers.

      I do thank you for bringing this to my attention. Am I surprised this horrible shit happened? Not in the least. I only wish I were.

      Florida teen sentenced to 75 years for participating in fatal beating

      “They were lying in wait inside the house,” said Assistant State Attorney Mark Levine. “When confronted about the baseless accusation of the sexual battery of their mother, Banks said he absolutely did not touch her.”

      However, Johnson and his brothers continued to beat Banks up.

      According to Levine, Johnson and his friends would run across the room to kick him as hard as they could in the face and in the head, shattering his face in the process. A co-defendant then grabbed a pipe and split his head open.

      Prosecutors said Johnson, his older brothers and their friend then sexually assaulted Banks with a flashlight, before strangling him with an electrical cord. They, along with Johnson’s father, took the body into the woods and set it on fire in January 2016.

      This was a most heinous crime and I cannot state that enough. I just don’t know why Black men will get involved with white women when they know that many times, hideous shit such as this goes down. My own son has been jailed numerous times because he insists on involving himself with dirty white trash cows who call the cops on him and get him arrested for ‘trespassing’. I received a call from a family member telling me that my son had been jailed for over 45 days on a ‘trespassing’ charge merely because the white cow he was involved with had gotten mad with him and called the cops on him and reported him as ‘trespassing’ and since he is in the south, although it probably matters not where he might have been, the racist cops promptly arrested him and that is not the last time this happened. He still hasn’t learned his lesson and I don’t know what it will take for him to learn it. I just hope it won’t take what happened to the Black man in this article.

      Again, I thank you for sharing this with us if only it can awaken some Black men to the fact of what may be in store for them for getting involved with white trash!

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      1. Wow!! Sorry to here about your son maybe in time he will come to realise these women will only bring him grief and an early grave. I’m born and bred in the UK and even though things ain’t perfect over here we looking accross the pond and it’s just insanity over there!!! I feel for you all this satanic world we living in never fails to astound me . The depths people can go to shows no limits. Over here in he uk we are currently having systematic problems with young black youth mostly male . We have gone passed New York for murders already his year. Oh the bullshit factories are out. The usual whit and Jews spouting the same crap about why all these black males keep killing eachother. Well il tell you bloody what it ain’t poverty, drugs, gangs, absent fathers, schooling, education etc etc like they say oh yes those elements are the result of heir demonic policies purposely designed for young black men to fail but I’ve been shouting this for years they are putting in cryptos to stir up gang hatred with these young lads. They doing this. Oh my days hey even saying it’s uk drill music causing it now lol ffs. They murdering us here also hun this is epidemic hey destroying the black male here and starting young. It’s getting ridiculous now every day a murder black on black. Something strange happening. Stop and search over here is aracist policy too


      2. Thank you for your sympathy over my son, but he’ll just have to learn the hard way, it would seem.

        I am not at all surprised at what is going on in the UK because the shit that slithered and crawled here, came from there. The same with the shit that slithered and crawled to Australia and look at what was done and is still being done to the Aborigines, there and we must never forget that the Indians, Indigenous to this land mass has been all but wiped out of existence because of those blood thirsty, demonic shits from who the hell knows where.

        But the shit is hitting the fan in a big ass way and not a one of those white-assed motherfuckers is going to escape the reckoning that is in store for their ass. And they deserve everything that is coming their way!

        Again, I thank you for your comment.


  2. What a beautiful angel she was,God bless her soul and her family!
    She didn’t deserve to die in that horrible way!
    We are living side by side with the most vile dangerous creatures who ever never walk on Earth, when our people will realize that these people ain’t human?

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    1. No, she did not deserve to die like that! Only demonic, depraved filthy would do something like that and that is the very definition of whites; demonic, depraved filthy ass shits! I cannot state that enough.

      Their time is here, but unfortunately, they will take many of us out before they are wiped out. But the time of reckoning is here. Make no mistake! This planet, from one end of the other, is shaking, rattling, rolling and burning them and their shit the hell up out of here! Signs are everywhere! Whites are NOT human and they have no business on this planet and this planet is doing its damned best to relieve us of the blight of the white; fucking parasites that they are.

      Thank you for another thoughtful and right on point comment qnubian528.

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