Protesters Shut Down Convenience Store After Video Shows Owner Kicking Black Woman

What the hell??!!

Protesters in St. Louis gathered to shut down a convenience store and block the exits after a video emerged of the store’s owner and another employee attacking a woman, prompting people who viewed the assault on social media to actually do something about it.

Around 10 a.m. this morning, Shemika Russell recorded an employee of Gas Mart confronting a woman outside the store. As the woman and the man from the store argued, another man, alleged to be the owner of the gas station, came outside and kicked the woman to the ground.

After the first kicker goes back into the store, the other man, apparently jealous of his boss’ racist kung-fu, decides to join in on the treat-a-black-woman-worse-than-Putin-treats-Trump festivities and kicked the woman again.

“One of the workers, an Arab gentleman, kicked her in the stomach like she was a dog,” said Jermaine, one of the protesters and residents of the community. “So we’re here to shut it down. No more business for these people. They’re going to understand that we feed them. That they live off our community.”

That fucking Arab, wasn’t no gentleman and don’t even bother correcting my fucked up English. I’m public school taught and was lucky enough to not get caught up in the school-to-prison pipeline that was put in place just to send Black students into prison. But back to the subject at hand. It would seem that a Black woman was in a ‘heated’ discussion with one of those foreigners who come here to AmeriKKKa and who the United States gummint promptly hands money to to start up convenience stores, liquor stores and hair weave shops in Black neighborhoods for the express purpose of taking money from the poor Blacks who occupy said neighborhoods where the Arabs and cow-loving Indians and Pakistanis, Asians and the like set up shop, but who then take their ill-gotten gains at the end of the day and head to their neighborhoods or gated communities because just where the fuck do Arabs, those shits from India and Pakistan and the Asians live? Because they are certainly not rubbing shoulders with those whom they make their money off of.

And why aren’t those fucked up foreign shits sat smack down in ‘white’ neighborhoods? I have lived in ‘white’ neighborhoods and I can tell you, there wasn’t one single tinted skin motherfucker with a turban on ringing up a damn thing for white folks, not a bit of that shit was going down. But you go into ‘The Hood’ and that’s all the fuck you see. And all you hear is some deeply accented piece of foreign filth behind the counter, falsely smiling while overcharging Black folks for every damn thing in the store that has mostly gone bad because the prices are so damn high and I know this for a fact because a few such stores had to be shut down in Baltimore, MD for serving bad food to the people in the neighborhood who were ALL Black, down to the very last one.

In Baltimore, on every fucking corner, there is a liquor store and a Chinese take-out, not to mention a convenience store run by some Arab and make no mistake, they ALL hate the very people they make their livelihood off of. Lexington Market is filled with stall after stall of Korean shopkeepers and back in the mid 90s, those stalls were kept by Black folks, but whites decided that the Baltimore Inner Harbor pavilions were going to have shops in them owned by ‘whites’ and so they ran the Koreans to Lexington Market, increased the rents at Lexington Market which then ran the Black folks out. But whites have told those foreigners and in no uncertain terms just where they can set up shop because you see, the whites get their money from Black folks in the form of banks, white landlords, payday loans, furniture rental stores, title loans, supermarkets, department stores and car dealerships. So, the few dollars left to Black folks, those Arabs, Asians, Pakistanis and Hindus receive.

Black folks! Are you paying attention to this? They’ve got you handing your money to everyone else but to each other and though you have tried to keep your money in your community since we did indeed have a Black Wall Street, the whites burned that down. Where once we supported each other in our segregated neighborhoods, the whites came along and put an end to that and since desegregation and the introduction of HUD(Housing and Urban Development), how is Black America doing? It’s fucked up and by design!

So, this is why that Black woman got herself kicked about by some turban-headed piece of Middle Eastern garbage because that garbage from over there hates Black people just as much as whites do, but like I’ve stated, the whites have told them where they are going to set up shop and they have no choice but to do so or those damn visas will be ripped up and they will be sent back from whence they came. It is a setup and we are the losers, as always!

Look at this video! The woman in the video finally gets it. It takes her awhile, but she eventually gets what needs to be done. Run those foreigners out of there and open your own shops even if it has to first start with selling a few peaches on the sidewalk. Let ‘Permit Patty’ call the cops on you. But don’t let that stop you from continuing with what you need to do. Start in a flea market setting if you have to. That is actually quite easy to do. But stop handing your money over to foreigners who hate your guts, have nothing but contempt for you and who are trying to kick your ass while at the same time, robbing you blind while selling you overpriced, outdated garbage and who then send their kids to exclusive schools and colleges on your dime while your children are dumbed down in order to send them directly to prison.

Merely protesting events such as this one will do you no good. Something lasting and concrete has to come out of this. Just because you live in this community and you don’t have a vehicle, if you all act as though you live in the same community, those with cars should be giving those who don’t have cars, rides to grocery stores where their neighbors will not have to deal with this shit! We have done this before. Educate yourselves on what can be done that will work. Remember the Montgomery Bus Boycott and why that was so successful. If it worked for buses, it can work for anything. Try it! At least you can then say that you tried something other than useless protesting. And you just might find that helping each other is catching and is just what is needed to run those foreigners out of your neighborhoods. Come together and run them the hell out!


8 thoughts on “Protesters Shut Down Convenience Store After Video Shows Owner Kicking Black Woman

    1. I think they’ve no choice with the amount of serious shit going down. I just put up a post about a Black man accused of setting fires in California and it was a tribute to him if he did. It would seem to me that ‘whites’ indeed want a race war and dude felt that there was more than one way to skin a cat. Also the people in the video are stating that they intend to shut that convenience store down. I can only hope they will because the thing to do is to not patronize it. Those damn rag heads come here and are given money by our government to open those stores in our neighborhoods knowing that they hate us too. And the contempt shown to us by them should have long since gotten us to take action so as not to have to patronize those damn places.

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  1. This show how these people despise us,and then still we shop to them!
    I remembered that Chinese man who assaulted that BW in a beauty salon,they were arguing about the nail prices and than he physically attacked her.
    These men always attack BW when BM aren’t around,because they know very well they will have their shit beat out!
    Everything MASSA command or say all these white kiss ass dead brain they will do for them,
    it doesn’t matter how much wp hate them,for the love of white pig skin they will do!

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    1. Those filthy ass, funky mouth Chinese motherfuckers are not even good enough for me to spit on. Same with the Koreans. Why Black people purchase anything from those walking parasites, I’ll never know. If people knew what they eat over in China and South Korea, they wouldn’t even sit down next to one of those skank ass, disease dripping monstrosities, much less purchase a goddamn thing from them. Walk past one of those motherfuckers and the smell of them will send you running. Their asses bathe in fucking garlic and some mo shit to the point that it is seeping out of their goddamn pores.

      And they had better do what MASSA commands or their goddamn asses are on a flight back to China or South Korea, same as with those raghead Arabs and Indian motherfuckers because many come over here on those H-1B visas and actually overstay the date on the visa and the U.S. government simply overlooks that shit. Let some Haitian come here, overstay their welcome and they’d be getting deported before they could fucking blink. The laws of immigration are not applied across the board because some are welcome to come here and stay as long as they like and no one bothers them, but others are given the heave-ho whenever it suits the U.S. government. That’s why the Arabs and Asians have taken over in America. But you don’t hear of the government going after those dogs, they’re just hellbent on sending the Mexicans back across the border.

      Silenced workers who lost jobs to H-1B visa abuse (quietly) speak out

      “The Senate Judiciary Committee recently held a hearing into abuses of the H-1B skilled guest worker visa program. Lawmakers heard experts describe how the use of foreign workers has come to dominate the IT industry, with many tech giants using the program to fire well-paid current workers and replace them with workers from abroad at significantly lower pay.”

      This is a damn shame as is this!

      Indians got 86% of the H1B visas for tech firms issued by the US in 2014

      Chinese nationals comprised only 5%, in comparison.
      New data reveals that 86% of the total H1B visas issued in 2014 for technology firms was used to hire IT professionals from India.
      The data accessed by Computerworld through Right of Information Act, reveals that a lion share of visas issued for computer jobs are claimed by Indians.
      On the other hand, China, which accounts for the third largest immigrant group in the US, behind Mexico and India, has used only 5% of H-1B visas for computer professionals.

      This should be eye-opening to many Black women!

      Why Do Koreans Own The Black Beauty Supply Business?

      Today, there are over 9,000 Korean-owned beauty supply stores serving a billion dollar market for Black hair. Between manufacturing, distributing and selling these hair care products, Korean entrepreneurs appear to control all major components. Ranen was inspired to make his documentary because of what he saw as the injustice of unfair business practices.

      “It’s really about allowing black manufacturers to get inside the distribution channel,” he said. “‘I mean, if you ask me, ‘what is your vision for the future?’” Well, right away, it’s a 100 black-owned stores opening up right next to Korean stores – a boycott until the Korean stores accept at least 20% black-owned manufactured products. Then we are talking about money in the community.”

      But if you read the immigration laws of many other countries, they state that no person applying for permanent residency can take a job from a local. But that is not the case in AmeriKKKa. Jobs are being taken from American citizens and that shit is being done by design. It is way past time to send those parasites back to their countries so that American citizens can work those jobs and Americans are not working at those jobs because they don’t want them, they are being locked-out of those jobs because it is more convenient and less costly for corporations to hire foreigners and the U.S. government turns a blind eye because this shithole is run by fucking crooks who are indebted to corporations for all the kickbacks and bribes they take from them.

      qnubian528, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. You’re right, Shelby, protesting isn’t enough. Mass immigration can be extremely disruptive to communities and despite everything Trump and his supporters say, the corporate elite are promoting immigration for their own economic benefit. The only way out of this situation is for communities to pool their limited resources so they’re not dependent on immigrants who disrespect them to get their basic needs met.

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    1. Hear! Hear! I highlighted your comment Dr. Bramhall because it is right on point! Trump has immigrants working for paltry wages at his many ‘establishments’ and don’t we ALL fucking know this. Immigrants are welcome here so long as they take a reduction in pay and they are then trained by their American counterparts and then are sat down in the chair vacated by the American worker who just trained a goddamn parasite from India or Asia. And there is a long list of search engine results that ask the question, “Why are ALL the gas stations owned by Arabs?” Yes indeed, that is the $64,000 question.

      How are ALL those fucking Arabs able to come here and promptly hand someone hundreds of thousands of dollars to own and operate a convenience store? The government is behind that shit. The Koreans just magically have enough money to obtain liquor licenses and open up liquor stores on every corner in cities like Baltimore, MD. Yeah! I’m buying that shit and if anybody believes that I am, once again, I’ve got some beachfront property for sale in the middle of the desert. It’s beautiful!

      And it is so true that protesting gets absolutely not a goddamn thing done. Those people need to do as I suggest and initiate carpools, start with a veggie stand on side the road and go from there, sell items in flea markets and go from there, but start somewhere doing something other than merely protesting because if protesting did a goddamn thing, who the fuck would still be out protesting? No one! But they’re still at it and so we ALL know what that means. Protesting won’t solve shit!

      Community involvement, community involvement, community involvement, I cannot stress that enough! If only people would recognize what used to work and start at it again, they’d get somewhere because that is what it is going to take.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for that most excellent comment!


    1. That is SO very true Carlos, hence the reason why whites can overlook homeless people while driving by them in their SUVs with their pets in them heading for a posh hotel to put their pets in while they go on a cruise. Or they insist that their pet’s diet must be better than the diet of many Black children who go to bed hungry at night because their parents are working low wage jobs and with wages stagnant, Black people ‘earn’ the lowest wages of any group and of course, this is done by design. And with rents skyrocketing and home ownership out of reach for so many, Black people always draw the short straw.

      And the U.S. government is complicit in what is going down with regards to those foreigners setting up shop in Black communities, making a mint off them while disrespecting them at the same time. It makes no sense that those groups just ‘magically’ have enough money to open gas station convenience stores, own the Beauty Supply system, outright and can obtain liquor licenses, which are costly and open up liquor stores on every corner in ALL Black neighborhoods. They are not operating out of white neighborhoods and that is a fact.

      Carlos, I thank you for your comment.


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