Jury orders Monsanto to pay $290M in Roundup trial

About time! Dr. Bramhall, this one is for YOU! I know how much you loathe Monsanto and their products, you loathe them as much as I do!

A San Francisco jury has found in favor of a school groundskeeper dying of cancer whose lawyers argued that a weed killer made by the agribusiness giant Monsanto likely caused his disease.

Dewayne Johnson was awarded nearly $290 million in punitive damages and another $39 million in compensatory damages.

Johnson’s lawsuit against Monsanto was the first case to go to trial in a string of legal complaints alleging the glyphosate-based Roundup herbicide caused non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

I just hope this Mr. Johnson lives long enough to enjoy at least some of his millions because from the looks of him, he is not doing so well. Not long ago, I wrote a piece when this case was first coming to trial.

Monsanto Squares Off With Man Dying of Cancer in Roundup Trial

This poor man’s doctors did not even think he would live long enough to testify in court as to what caused his illness.

Lee Johnson’s doctors didn’t think he’d live long enough to testify in court that exposure to Monsanto Co.’s Roundup weed killer caused his deadly cancer.

But the 46-year-old is now first in line to go to trial against the agrochemical giant among thousands of people across the U.S. who blame its herbicide for their disease.

As groundskeeper for the school district in Benicia, California, about 40 miles east of San Francisco, Johnson mixed and sprayed hundreds of gallons of Roundup. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, and in July, after chemotherapy and other treatment, his oncologist gave him six months to live.

Monsanto is the same company that developed Agent Orange used in Vietnam to destroy forest cover and crops and since the U.S. Government initially denied the fact that Agent Orange caused health problems in U.S. Servicemen in Vietnam, why would Monsanto acknowledge that Roundup, which is also an herbicide, would cause health problems in human, animal and plant life?

Monsanto’s lying slew of paid whores would say that glyphosate is safe. Does anybody believe that Monsanto would hire people to state that a product they are trying to sell is detrimental to human life? Monsanto claims that it has done extensive research on Roundup and that there are no indications that Roundup is harmful to humans. Bullshit! Let my Black ass go work at Monsanto, do some research on Roundup and speak with my supervisor about some findings that are contrary to other ‘scientists’ at Monsanto who have categorically denied any allegations that Roundup causes serious health issues in humans and I would be fired and escorted out so fast, I’d not be able to collect my personal belongings from my desk.

And if Roundup is compatible with humans, why has it been banned in Germany, France and Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Columbia, El Salvador, Russia, The Netherlands, Mexico and several other countries due to its toxic impact? It has been banned because it is deadly to humans.

“Monsanto, pay those poor sick ass people that you caused to sicken in the first damn place! Americans, grow some damn balls and at the very least, place calls to your no-good politicians to do what other countries who care about their citizens have done; banned Monsanto products!”

Lastly, I am just so thankful that the jury saw through Monsanto’s lies and awarded this man $290 million. May the lawsuits and the awards against Monsanto, continue!

May you live long enough to spend every single dime of the money Monsanto owes you for killing you!

9 thoughts on “Jury orders Monsanto to pay $290M in Roundup trial

    1. Indeed it is Leslie! And it is a goddamn shame that this fucked up government won’t do what other governments have done all across the globe and that is to ban Monsanto’s products. But they can’t because Monsanto has paid off our political whores who don’t give a damn for the lives of any Americans. My sincere hope is that this man gets to somehow, enjoy some of the money he is due from those that killed him because he so obviously looks just like a ‘dead man walking’.

      Leslie, thank you for your comment!

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      1. I am, as well Leslie! At least he has lived to see a jury know the truth in that Monsanto is the cause of his terminal illness. It is just a shame that this man has to go through something so horrific! I would not wish that on anyone!

        Thank you for your comment!

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    1. Thank you Dr. Bramhall! When I saw the article, I could not believe that things happened so fast because I only posted the previous article on 6/19/2018 stating that the trial was just getting started and yesterday this poor man has been awarded a $290 million dollar payout from Monsanto. I am so very glad that this case was not allowed to drag on into infinity because it is quite obvious that this man just could not wait for some long drawn out trial.

      My sincere hope is that ALL other lawsuits against Monsanto will be just as productive as this man’s is and that it bankrupts those bastards and that company because I hear tell that Bayer is trying to buy out Monsanto and change the name; getting a bad rep, I see. Whatever they change the name to, I’ll still be posting it along with the name “Monsanto” just so people will not be confused into thinking Monsanto has been shuttered.

      Dr. Bramhall, this is indeed, good news for ALL those who are now waiting for their lawsuits to proceed. May they, again, bankrupt that goddamn company!

      I thank you for your comment.


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