Are Investigators Implying That Man Killed His Wife And Two Daughters Because He Was Plagued With Financial Issues?


Chris Watts is an alleged multiple murderer and the implication seems to be that because three years ago, he and his wife filed for bankruptcy thanks to owing over $70,000 in mostly credit card debt, this man snapped and killed his family.

Financial issues plagued Chris and Shanann Watts 3 years before alleged killings

Three years before Weld County investigators believe Chris Watts killed his wife and their two children, the Watts family filed for bankruptcy with less than $10 left in their savings accounts, according to federal court documents reviewed by 9Wants to Know.

Chris and Shanann Watts jointly sought Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in June 2015 after amassing more than $70,000 of debt for unpaid credit cards, medical bills and student loans.

In a June 5, 2015 filing with the United States Bankruptcy Court in Denver, Shanann and Chris Watts reported their two savings accounts contained just $3.51 and $6.00, respectively. At the same time, their checking account contained a little more than $860.

Most of their debt stemmed from credit card purchases from such retailers as Furniture Row, Sears, Macy’s, American Furniture and Toys R Us.

The couple met via Facebook and were together for about 10 years. They had two daughters and Shanann was several weeks pregnant at the time of her murder. Now, I do understand that it seems to be quite well known that ‘white’ folks just cannot handle being broke, but with that having been stated, is that an excuse to go on a killing spree and not stop until every single member of the family lies dead? Are there no other options short of murder?

One thing that seems to be crystal clear about ‘whites’ is that they just cannot come to terms with being ‘poor’. That is just not something that ‘whites’ handle very well at all, especially if they have become accustomed to a certain way of life; the McMansion, the two or three car garage with a couple of SUVs at the ready and a Better Homes and Garden style patio complete with an in ground pool, the whole nine yards. And when something happens that could cause all of that to be taken away from them, well now, what to do, what to do? Because folks who live like that are not about to apply for public housing and food stamps and Medicaid. What would the relatives, co-workers and friends think? Their things are a status symbol and without them, they are nothing, or so they believe.

This bears repeating.

Most of their debt stemmed from credit card purchases from such retailers as Furniture Row, Sears, Macy’s, American Furniture and Toys R Us.

Credit cards; the American way. If you don’t have cash, swipe that card, take your package and go and the more you charge the better which leads me to this. I took a look at Furniture Row and here is what was written about that company.

“Shop entertainment, tables, sofas, leather sofas & chairs. Style your home with designer-inspired living room pieces.”

No bargain basement discounts going on there. No blue light special will you find, just top of the line leather sofas & chairs, designer-inspired. Shopping at this store can have you spending beyond your means real quick which obviously helped the Watts reach a debt load of over $70,000. Now we all know that Macy’s isn’t so cheap and Sears was probably used to purchase home appliances and then there was American Furniture, “Looking for stylish, high-quality furniture at amazing prices? Turn to the American Home Furniture.” And of course, the kids needed plenty of toys and so Toys R Us to the rescue. Debt, debt and more debt, but a beautiful home is the result as well as a need to find a way to pay down that debt while still paying for the day-to-day living expenses for a wife and two children. Gotta maintain that lifestyle, no matter the cost.

Now, I am not suggesting or implying that poverty caused this man to kill his family. I am only stating that Americans are encouraged to place themselves in debt hell and to continue to spend money they don’t have and don’t worry about a thing until the credit card bills arrive. Pay the minimum and continue shopping. But when they look up, the bills are piling up, the credit card bills are numerous, the lights must remain on, the mortgage must be paid, the car notes are due, insurance for house and vehicles is due. The kids need new clothes. Food prices are skyrocketing and the cost of gas is rising. All of a sudden, the sky is falling.

When did people lose sight of the premise, “Live within your means?” Poverty is damn near every Black person’s middle name. We live and breathe poverty and most of us would not even think of blowing away family members because we have to keep up with the ‘Joneses’.  The fact that many ‘white’ people have never known what abject poverty is like could almost be considered, a character flaw because believe me, having experienced poverty leads to character development. When you are at rock bottom with an empty fridge and a thin jacket to wear during a cold winter, it builds character. When you have to eat one meal a day because that is all you can afford, it builds character. When you have to walk miles to work because you cannot afford bus fare, it builds character. When you have to pay someone a few dollars to help you drag a kitchen table from a thrift store to your apartment, it builds character. And believe me, I have experienced all of this. What character, I must have.

To know poverty is to know how to live through it, survive and become all the more stronger because of having lived through it. If you are never to know struggle, poverty, hunger and humility, you will never learn how to get through the tough times because believe me, no one stays on top forever. What goes up, must come down.

And finally, this man was weak. This man had no strong character. This man was selfish. He could not look his wife in the eyes and tell her that they simply had to live within their means and that it did not matter what anyone thought of how they lived, it was their life to live and they had to live it as they saw fit. He could not do that and so he took another option; murder! Chris Watts allegedly murdered his two young daughters and his pregnant wife, now how selfish and depraved is that? It takes someone so weak and lacking in character and humility to commit such a horrible crime. Unfortunately, it will not end with this family because there are many more Chris Watts out there; weak, devoid of character, selfish and who will opt for murder as a way out.

17 thoughts on “Are Investigators Implying That Man Killed His Wife And Two Daughters Because He Was Plagued With Financial Issues?

  1. You are right, maintaining your dignity while being poor does build character, unfortunately America is built on the accumulation of things character is/was a secondary thought.

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    1. Thank you for your comment Yele66. Americans are the most in need of character building because most are morally bankrupt and monetarily as well thanks to a lack of character and a penchant for “spend, baby spend. Let that credit card do it’s thing!”

      Americans are too stupid for words because they have bought the bullshit, hook, line and sinker about how it is best to use credit cards and not save for what you want. Instant gratification is what it’s ALL about. “I don’t have to wait for anything because as long as I got that plastic card, I can take what I want with me now. Why should I save for anything? Why do I even need a savings when so long as the credit cards are not maxed out, I’m good?” That is how Americans roll.

      And I have been down so many times, I’ve lost count and yet, I had more dignity than this killer could ever try to buy even when I was pushing, pulling, tugging and towing a beat up dining table from a thrift store with someone whom I had paid a few dollars to help me do so. But it never dawned on me to kill myself because I was going through rough times because what has really surprised me is that usually ‘white’ folks in these circumstances will kill their family members and then turn the gun on themselves. But this killer couldn’t even kill his own worthless hide for some reason. Why? I don’t know because he is as worthless as an empty canteen in the middle of a desert.

      No one ‘likes’ poverty, but at least many Black people can deal with it with dignity whereas ‘whites’ just go for their guns, usually and get to shooting their family members to death or maybe he strangled them. We will soon find out.

      Yele66, again, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. Like DL Huey said “if your poor /broke and white you’ve wasted your whiteness!!. You can’t be four hundred years ahead and still fucking broke” lol so so true. When you have no substance materialistic bullshit is all you can cling to I suppose.

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    1. So true! And we ALL know what group is lacking in substance. That is why they try and make up for it with material things; possessions. Everything that is on this planet must be possessed by them; people, property, things. Hell! They want the whole damn planet to themselves and the rest of us are to just drop dead, already. But it seems Mother Nature has other plans and that is why their shit is burning down from British Columbia to Seattle, Washington to California and beyond. Honolulu Hawaii will soon be nothing more than volcanic rock…AGAIN! And there are reports that a caldera near Yellowstone is now active and earthquakes have been reported there and in California. The East Coast, in many places is underwater, add to that massive sinkholes, bridges collapsing and roads buckling and things aren’t looking so good for ‘white’ America especially since they have had to see their McMansions burn and their SUVs either burn or float on by.

      And now that the massive credit card debt that most Americans are in is rearing its ugly head, expect more of what Chris Watts did. Not to mention, the article also stated that they had student loan debt and that is another bubble that’s about to burst. This is just the beginning. I’m already at rock bottom and so if they don’t want to pull up a chair beside me, then they will just continue to take their usual route out; murder and murder/suicide.

      ribrabss, I thank you for your comment.

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    1. This is their agenda!!!! I tell people to always have raw cash saved somewhere. They make it so difficult though jobs won’t pay in hand anymore and utilities etc making it increasingly difficult to pay with cash no. Sick bastards want us hanging on that fake debt of theirs. And we know who they are.!chained to them like dogs or goyim as they would say

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      1. Hear! Hear! Ribrabss is absolutely right! That is their agenda. You see, cash is not so easily traced as credit/debit cards are. With credit/debit cards, they know where you shop, when you shop, what you buy, how much it cost and probably what is left in your account or even how much credit you have left. But go somewhere with cash and they can’t tell a damn thing about you unless you sign up for some store discount card where you have to give them personal information about you and they can find out your shopping habits that way as well. It is all part of the surveillance system that has been put in place to monitor our every move. You see, those who have set this all in motion know that they are few and we are many and that is why they are attempting to know our every move. That way they can counter dissent before it grows. If they tell you that carrying cash around is dangerous, but will not tell you that your credit/debit card has been hacked, multiple times until the hack has affected millions of people, what does that tell you? They don’t give a shit for how our lives are impacted by identity theft, bad credit scores thanks to wrong information on our credit reports; the whole nine yards because they will make even more money off us with increased interest rates, double and triple security deposits, higher down payments and the poor Black people are usually impacted by this more so than ‘whites’ are.

        People carried around cash decades ago before there were credit/debit cards and it wasn’t as problematic as carrying around plastic that when stolen, you’ve got to notify everyone and his cousin about the fact and your identity has been compromised and then some.

        They hope you can’t keep track and many people don’t. Many don’t even look at their store receipts because they are either in a hurry or their kids are screaming to high heaven or they are distracted for another reason and they end up getting burned. I check ALL my receipts and I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve had to point out to a cashier that I was double charged or over charged for something. It happens far more than you think.

        Stay vigilant. They get enough from us as it is. We don’t need to ‘gift’ them any more!

        Thanks Leslie!

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    2. “There’s such an effort to get rid of cash and promotion to use plastic. It’s like they want us to get into debt.”

      Leslie, that is SO true! And sadly, many are buying the bullshit sandwich the ‘elites’ are selling. Decades ago, people did indeed, save their money. They would then take their saved cash in hand and go buy what they needed. But that wasn’t good enough for those who wanted more and more profits while knowingly causing people to become slaves to debt. We then had to start getting credit shoved at us and then there came credit scores, FICO now determines how much interest we pay on credit cards and whether or not we are a good credit risk to get more credit to buy a home, rent a home, buy a car, rent a car and do everything. And then there are the ‘finance’ companies for people who have ‘bad credit’, and they charge the very devil in interest. And of course, don’t forget the furniture rental stores and the title loan companies that will lend you money based on the value of your vehicle and if you cannot pay them back, they get to take your vehicle. It is ALL a setup and millions fell for it.

      I only got one vehicle in my life that I had to make payments on, the rest, I saved up and bought them outright. The two I own now, are owned outright by me. I don’t owe payments because I save for what I need, but unfortunately, that is a novel concept these days. I go without until I can take cash in hand and pay for what I want. And even then, I am made to sign a statement saying that “I am not a terrorist.” When I purchased my vehicle in Minnesota, the dealership made me actually sign a statement saying that “I was not a terrorist.” Before that, when I had gone to the bank to get the money out to pay for the car, the bank did not even want to give me MY money. They were calling security on me just because I was asking to withdraw my money, but they wanted to give me a cashier’s check instead and not even for the amount I needed. I had to tape them and told them that they were going to be a YouTube sensation and then and only then, was I allowed to take MY OWN MONEY OUT OF THE BANK! Now, how crazy is that shit! Fuck banks! And fuck credit card companies!

      People need to opt out of that shit and use cash instead. I cannot express this enough!

      Leslie, I thank you SO much for your comment. It is spot on!

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      1. Spot on!! And I hunk eh same goes for babies we need to encourage people not to get our kids registered but that even makes life difficult , they know what they’re doing . If your not registered your basically not entitled to jack!! But maybe that’s what we need to do start to teach the new generation about self preservation and self economy and learning to growl ur own food medicinal herbs and fend for ourselves not be slave babies to the state.


      2. ribrabss, I just read an update about this man who killed his family.

        Some victims may have been strangled

        Documents filed Friday in Chris Watts’ arrest reveal some of the victims may have been strangled, along with other grim details.

        And I did state in a previous comment that if he did not shoot them, he most likely ‘strangled’ them.

        No one ‘likes’ poverty, but at least many Black people can deal with it with dignity whereas ‘whites’ just go for their guns, usually and get to shooting their family members to death or maybe he strangled them. We will soon find out.

        With his bare hands, he strangled his pregnant wife and their two little girls. That takes a special kind of depravity.

        But you are right, those who are having children now need to not even get them registered. It should be more easy these days since no one is frowning on ‘home schooling’ and if those Mormons can have their communes and 45 wives and the Amish don’t have the government in their business, the rest of us should take a page from their book and do likewise. And if we don’t soon learn how to grow our own food, we are going to be up shit creek without a paddle in sight because the shit is getting deep!

        And as always, I thank you for that great comment ribrabss!


  3. Great post, Shelby. We need to do more to get the message out there – especially as the US (and linked economies) are crashing, people need to pay off their debts and live within their means.

    I simply can’t fathom going into debt – for furniture? Have you seen the price of new furniture? Why put yourselves through that when secondhand furniture looks better and lasts longer?

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    1. Wonderful comment Dr. Bramhall. Why indeed? I have purchased so much furniture from second hand stores and have been told how lovely it is. I’ve bought paintings that could rival Museum pieces and I got them for a few dollars, at thrift stores. I refuse to buy anything new if I don’t have to. Decades ago, flea markets were all the rage and where I live now, we’ve got a pretty good one. We also have multiple stores that are completely outfitted with furniture from estate sales and the furniture is beautiful. You should see my sisters house, it is a showpiece and not one piece of furniture is brand spanking new. They are all antiques. My mother has all antiques in her house and she has a stereo system that is out of this world. If she ever played it, you could hear it where you are and it includes an 8-track tape player complete with 8-track tapes to go with it. It also has a record player and an AM/FM radio and the thing is so long, it extends wall-to-wall and she has one of those big, huge houses that the south is famous for.

      As you can see, I am trying to put it out there, hence why I posted this. It is up to others to pick up what we are putting down. I sincerely hope they do!

      And as always, I thank you for your comment.

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