Carr fire in Redding moved faster than evacuation orders, leaving a deadly toll. To Me, This Is Reminiscent Of Hurricane Katrina


Can you remember back to the days when Black people who lived in New Orleans and who could not escape the flood waters when Hurricane Katrina hit were ridiculed for not being able to jump into their fully gassed up SUVs and flee the city?

Organizer Says Black Residents Were ‘Left To Die’ After Hurricane Katrina

“This country showed us how they feel about black people and people of color.”

Comments on every major news site comment section were filled with contempt for those who were too poor to make it out of New Orleans before becoming trapped and of course, whites were the ones with the most vile comments aimed at those poor Black people. Now, fast forward to what is going down in California and I have not seen one comment that is ridiculing or expressing contempt for those whites who absolutely refuse to leave their homes even though many of them could actually see the flames from where they were standing and at the last minute, attempted to leave resulting in the deaths of some. It has been estimated that at least 41 people have lost their lives as a result of the California wildfires.

Carr fire in Redding moved faster than evacuation orders, leaving a deadly toll

REDDING, Calif. – The Carr fire swept into the edge of this city without mercy, leveling two neighborhoods on either side of the Sacramento River.

Officials said the system they used for evacuating neighbors in the path of the fire July 26 simply didn’t account for the rapid change in its speed and behavior, which was marked by dramatic “fire tornadoes” that pushed the flames at more than 160 mph.

The blaze’s speed overwhelmed firefighters and the county’s ability to alert people ahead of it when it jumped a 90-degree bend in the Sacramento River. It also comes less than a year after fires in the state’s wine country went into neighborhoods with little official warning and killed more than 40 people in the middle of the night. Many folks here said they suspect the Carr fire would have been just as deadly had it come through at a similar hour.

The chaos surrounding the fire’s surge into Redding – thousands of people fleeing as firefighters and police rushed to the scene – has forced public officials to reassess their response to adapt to an age of increasingly fast and destructive blazes.

For months, there has been headline after headline about the California wildfires and the fact that there is no end in sight to them and that phenomena never before seen has been recorded such as “firenadoes,” which have been described as a rapidly rotating column of flames above an intense fire, caused when air, dust, etc. is drawn into the fire from the surroundings and rises, creating a vortex much like what occurred in Hawaii with the eruption of Kilauea when what was described as lavanadoes occurred when intense heat from the volcano causes the air to rise rapidly and stretch out into a column, under the right wind conditions, this column of air can begin to rotate, creating a twister made of fire, smoke, ash, and even lava if it can stay suspended in the air.

Even a private hire bulldozer operator was killed when a fast-moving fire approached him while he was trying to save someone’s house. Now, he is dead, the house was not saved and so what was the point?

So, even when told to leave, some whites simply refuse because their possessions are just too important to them and not only will they risk their lives but they also have no problem with someone else risking their life in an attempt to save their possessions.

And only one person that has been interviewed or photographed is Black. Go figure! Black people could not get out of New Orleans because they did not want to. They could not get out of New Orleans because they did not have the means. Meanwhile, the mostly white folks who are being impacted by these California wildfires have the means to escape, they just refuse to leave their precious possessions and so are willing to die with them or hire someone else to protect their possessions and die in the process and that is what they are doing because there is no way that they can fail to see the flames in the distance heading their way when I have seen news reports that state that the smoke from the California wildfires has made its way to the East Coast.

Report: Smoke from the California wildfires has reached the East Coast

Air pollution from wildfires has made its way across the U.S.

Why in the world are you people insisting on risking the lives of others who are trying to go door to door to get you to leave your possessions? What is wrong with you? Your possessions are more important to you than life itself? Apparently!

And as if that is not bad enough, it has been stated that inmate firefighters are ‘earning’ $1 an hour battling these blazes.

California is paying inmates $1 an hour to fight wildfires

There are roughly 14,000 firefighters on duty battling fires across the region. Among them are more than 2,000 inmates.

The inmates are part of a volunteer firefighting program run by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). They’re paid $2 a day, and $1 an hour when fighting an active fire. They also earn time off their sentences.

CA Corrections


Today, more than 2,000 volunteer inmate firefighters, including 58 youth offenders, are battling wildfire flames throughout CA. Inmate firefighters serve a vital role, clearing thick brush down to bare soil to stop the fire’s spread.


Youth offenders? Youth offenders are fighting these wildfires and we don’t have a problem with that, do we? Of course not! Because they are protecting THE PROPERTY OF WHITES! Underage children are out there battling blazes that have killed seasoned firefighters! What the hell is wrong with U.S.? Will we ever draw the line at anything or just continue to stop at nothing?

This is why your shit is burning down! This is why what is going down is going down and will continue because you don’t give a damn about people, you only give a damn about buildings and other possessions. Someone’s child is out there battling a blaze to save your goddamn house and vehicle and you say absolutely NOTHING! You find not a goddamn thing wrong with that because you are morally and spiritually bankrupt and that is why your shit is burning to the ground! May it damn well continue, you pack of filthy savages!

6 thoughts on “Carr fire in Redding moved faster than evacuation orders, leaving a deadly toll. To Me, This Is Reminiscent Of Hurricane Katrina

    1. That is in fact, THE question, Kelley! And the answer? Not a goddamn thing! And that is why this hole is on fire on one coast, flooded out in the Midwest and the East Coast and Honolulu is being covered in igneous rock and they are on pins and needles over there hoping that the volcanic activity continues to decrease. I don’t. I am on my knees, nightly, praying that it ramps up again. I have no sympathy for any of this shit! They’ve none for us and I damn well will not be a hypocrite and wish them ‘happy fucking endings’ when they’ve castigated the poor Blacks in New Orleans for not having the ability to leave. Not that I give a damn about Puerto Ricans, but look at what they allowed to happen there while Florida always receives help when hurricanes hit. And those nasty white bastards down there are moaning and whining because algae is taking over their pristine coastline. GOOD! It looks like shit down there! And smells worse!

      Yes indeed, have a permanent tan of some sort and your ass is grass when a disaster comes roaring through, but they will use inmates to save some white man’s fucking pool, even children. Fuck em!

      Kelley, I thank you for your comment!

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      1. So true! We’re always blamed when we’re actual victims but always expected to sympathize when it’s others going through the same things?! Some people will never understand how idiotic that expectation is.

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      2. I don’t think any white motherfucker thinks that they are going to receive some sympathy from me! I know they know better by now because when they come all up in here, they already know what they are going to find and if they don’t like it, they know what to do about it.

        The ‘love some white folks and their shit’ blog is a million miles away and to the right. It ain’t nowhere near this here blog, that is for damn sure!

        They don’t need any damn sympathy. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune to come in to contact with those depraved monstrous slugs need the damn sympathy, but THAT lot? Never!

        Thanks again, Kelley!

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    1. Not a goddamn thing is right with US! And nothing ever will be, but the fact of the matter is this entire shithole is about to descend into hell thanks to Mother Nature. What the Black people could not do and what the Indians could not do, Mother Nature is going to do it for us and she is and may she continue burning down everything in sight; every white man’s possession, she is burning it down, covering it in igneous rock, flooding it out, collapsing bridges, shaking shit up from end of this cesspool to the other and with no end in sight. I am SO damn glad!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall.


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