US prisoners’ strike is reminder how commonplace inmate labor is – and that it may run afoul of the law — Moorbey’z Blog

California inmates take a break from their ‘jobs’ fighting fires to play some chess. Reuters Prisoners in 17 U.S. states went on strike on Aug. 21 by refusing to eat or work to call attention to a number of troubling issues, including dilapidated facilities, harsh sentences and other aspects of mass incarceration in America. As we approach Labor […]

via US prisoners’ strike is reminder how commonplace inmate labor is – and that it may run afoul of the law — Moorbey’z Blog

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about inmate firefighters fighting the wildfires in California and this post strikes a chord with that one.

No one really thinks of all the prisoners who are forced into dangerous jobs where they are paid $1 a day to fight fires alongside seasoned firefighters who have been properly trained whereas we all know prison inmate firefighters have not received the same training and have died while trying to protect the property of whites.

We have seen example after example of whites who have called the cops on Black people for sitting inside a Starbucks, for selling water, for having a barbecue, for swimming in a pool at a complex they are paying rent at, for sleeping in a college common area of which they are a paying student, for doing their job of firefighting, for taking pictures of a house they intended to purchase and the list is endless. And so why would it be a stretch of the imagination to believe that many descendants of slaves are sitting up in prison on bullshit charges and who are innocent of any crimes? We have all seen case after case whereas a Black man has been released from prison and even death row on new evidence that exonerated him. So, why is it that we can just overlook the fact that America makes up only 5% of the world’s population but has a prison population rate of over 25%? Something is seriously wrong with this! And America’s prisoners have to initiate nationwide strikes to garner attention to their deplorable conditions, inhumane treatment, lack of mental health care since many inmates were locked up simply because they were mentally ill and there were no slots available in the community to house individuals with mental illness and so, lock them up.

Those of us who can know ALL of this and simply not be bothered to concern ourselves with this serious issue are morally bankrupt. How would you feel if you were incarcerated on some bullshit or your family member was incarcerated simply because he or she is mentally ill and died in prison as a result of being brutalized by thug prison guards? Do you have any idea of the amount of our tax dollars that have gone to pay for lawsuits against prison personnel for their role in causing the death of inmates by torturing and brutalizing them?

What about the many women who are sexually abused by prison guards and who are impregnated by them? This goes on ALL the time at prisons all across this country and male prisoners are experiencing sexual abuse by guards and other inmates as well. Do you seriously think that when these men and women leave prison, they are the better for these experiences? And what happens to the children conceived by female inmates by prison guards? Who pays for their upbringing seeing as how when a person has a record, it is quite difficult to get a job, not to mention, a well paying one once released from prison? And that foolishness we hear from prison officials about how these jobs are to give prisoners a means to support themselves once released is just more bullshit because when employers see that the applicant has checked, “yes,” next to the box asking whether or not the prospective employee has ever served time in prison, they are quickly shown the door. There are not many employers who are sympathetic to ex-inmates or who will give them a chance once they have, as the state likes to claim, “paid their debt to society,” because if that were the case, then former prisoners could vote in every state, but that is not the case.

Regardless of what you may think of people who are incarcerated, no one deserves to be constantly sexually assaulted, brutalized and raped by prison guards whose job it is to see that inmates simply do their time and then are released upon completion of their prison sentence. How would you feel if you, as a female, was taking a shower and some man you didn’t know was standing in your bathroom watching you take a shower and who then forced you to have sex with him? If he allowed you to live, you’d be calling the cops as soon as you were able. However, this is an everyday occurrence in prison and male prisoners suffer the same fate.

So men, you would have no problem with another man watching you as you take a shower in your bathroom at home? So, why should a man in prison have to put up with that? Everyone deserves some privacy when they are cleaning themselves. It is human nature to expect such. Would any of you like to use the toilet in front of dozens of people? No, you would not. This is an everyday occurrence in jails and prisons. A sad fact is, these people have been dehumanized. We don’t even think of them as human once they are incarcerated. They are out of sight, out of mind because it has been drummed into us that they do not deserve any consideration for being human. They are just a number and should be treated as such. We are indeed, without empathy, compassion, morals, decency and humanity.

And as for descendants of slaves in AmeriKKKa, we need only look cross-eyed and we end up in prisons which are just the new slave pens, hence the reason there are over 2 million Black men and women sitting up in prison. Many are there because they were crack addicts since Black crack addicts received prison sentences for their addiction whereas white addicts receive understanding, sympathy and rehab. That is by definition, hypocrisy. But we seem to be absolutely fine with the status quo. Go figure! The only ones who are not fine with the status quo are the prisoners who have to go on a nationwide strike to bring attention to the horrors inflicted on their bodies each and every single day by those who are supposed to be there to see to it that they serve their time free from abuse, but who are the very ones abusing them and who get away with it, day after day after day!

6 thoughts on “US prisoners’ strike is reminder how commonplace inmate labor is – and that it may run afoul of the law — Moorbey’z Blog

  1. Thanks for reposting this extremely important article, Shelby. I’m really disappointed that no one else has commented. The UN should be taking the US to the International Criminal Court for the way they run their prisons – in my mind it’s far worse than any so-called “human rights” problem in any country the US points their finger (and their military prowess at). At the same time, this issue is totally invisible to the vast majority of Americans. Out of sight, out of mind.

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    1. Well now Dr. Bramhall, as you have seen for yourself, let me re-blog a post about some relationship issues as it pertains to racism and open the ‘comment floodgates’ already, but this here post that also has to do with racism receives not a goddamn peep or even a, “Go fuck yourself!” comment from the peanut gallery.

      I just fucking cannot figure people out! Talk about some goddamn dating nonsense and you’ll get more comments than you can shake a stick at, but post something about the millions of mostly BLACK people who are incarcerated and I get goddamn CRICKETS CHIRPING! Go fucking figure!

      So, it would appear to be, just as you say, “Out of sight, out of mind.” And yet I have the nerve to wonder why the people of AmeriKKKa are in deep shit and seemingly loving it. It is because they fucking do and so they expect everyone else to love their “in deep shit” plight, as well.

      This entire goddamn shithole full of assholes should be on lockdown for US being so damn stupid and for having such a callous disregard for the well being of our fellow man/woman. We should ALL be under arrest by the ICC because we are all war criminals because by our very deafening silence, we indicate our passive complicity in crimes against humanity and genocide, goddamn it!

      As you can see, Dr. Bramhall, I am completely off the rails by now and foaming at the mouth, while hopping up and down, I am THAT fucking mad! We don’t give a damn about anyone beyond our own worthless fucking hide! And who don’t know that by now, is blind and has been planted.

      However, I do thank you for coming all up in here and taking the time to comment on an issue that should be of some importance to us all since it would seem that many of us are going to find ourselves inside a FOR PROFIT PRISON, though we don’t think so. Just you watch! Thanks again, Dr. Bramhall, but it would seem I got nothing to work with and you know how that is!

      Additionally, Moorbeyz blog, which is ALL about prisoners and the abuse they sustain at the hands of prison guards and wardens and the fact of their horrendous living conditions inside those hells we call ‘prisons’, gets the same lack of comments as well. I have noted that on many occasion and yet Moorbeyz blog continues on, thankfully.

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      1. It’s he story as old as time black people are nothing but surplus to requirements to these demons!! Inside and outside prison. Also if they can kill innocents or blacks in a fire it’s a cleansing ritual to these satanic freaks. Like a modern day public sacrifice like many civilisations have practised before them. So it’s a win win for these hell beasts. Also to add the story the disregard for those people’s life remind me of Alize Smith and Jarrod Moreland case which is not being shown in news and is being forgotten. What those bell beasts did to them young black men is a freaking delisgrace but I’m not surprised . You can only see it on some personal blogs . Can’t have the masses seeing a white family torturing and dismembering two young black men in the main stream news. That would go against their agenda

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      2. Those vile ‘white’ beasts are the devil’s own! Whatever deposited their filthy asses on this planet was something so evil, so depraved that I sometimes cannot seem to find fitting words to describe ‘whites’.

        Black people are on some stupid time if they will turn their backs on their fellow sisters and brothers who are incarcerated on what we ALL know are bullshit ass charges and worry about who is dating some filthy ass white motherfucker when not a one of us should be mingling with that shit or calling it a friend. How the hell can Black people have ‘white’ friends, much less ‘white’ spouses when those deranged monsters are kicking our asses all day and all night long inside prisons and outside prisons. It makes no fucking sense to me, and if it starts to make sense, then I am going to cut my own goddamn head off.

        Thank you for at least caring enough about the plight of the incarcerated, who are mostly Black, to post a comment ribrabss! It is much appreciated!

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  2. And don’t get me started on the Dexter Harrison case a black male murdered by his white wife because she said he kicked her cat. The insane thing is the jury will take more pity on her because a kicked cat and will feel sorry for her because to hem black people are a sub species. To them the crime of kicking the cat is more heinous than the planned murder of a black male. I don’t condone cat kicking but come on she knows that defence will work because she knows animals are in a higher pecking order than blacks to these hellbeasts so she’ll garner lots of sympathy pah!!

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    1. And don’t get me started on the stupid Black man who is now pushing up daisies because some filthy white bitch ran up to him during a horrid storm that produced raging flood waters and asked him to rush out into the raging flood waters to save her goddamn cat, which he promptly did and drowned. What Black person ALIVE should do a goddamn favor for some filthy white assed motherfucker? None! And to think that I would risk MY life to save some white woman’s cat during a severe storm that’s caused cars to float down the goddamn street is to think again! Then, the bitch later lied on the dead man and claimed that she asked him to save her ass. Why would she need saving when she is right beside a man who was in relative safety because he was holding the doors of a business closed against raging flood waters? So, what? He was holding the doors closed against the raging flood waters and as her pasty-ass floated by, she called out to him to come join her in the raging flood waters to save her ass? It makes no fucking sense. She asked him to find and rescue her lost fucking cat and dumb ass as he was, he went out into that shit and was promptly swept away and now she lives to lie on Black people yet another day.

      Stupid Black Man Dies After Trying To Save Lying White Woman’s Cat During Ellicott City, MD Flood!

      On the local news last night, there were reports that the body of a man had been found who had been holding a door of a building shut in Ellicott City, MD against raging flood waters, when a woman came up to him and asked him to find her missing cat.

      On the National news, the story had changed. The report read: “Man who tried to save woman from drowning was washed away by flood waters in Ellicott City, Md.

      Every single news story from all local stations were stating the first scenario until someone realized that this would not go over well with everyone once it was discovered that a Black man had lost his life over trying to save some white woman’s cat. Every single report had at first stated that National Guardsman, Eddison Hermond, was holding the doors of a local Ellicott City, MD business closed against flood waters when a woman approached him and asked him to please find and rescue her missing cat and that is when he went out into the storm and was swept away by the raging flood waters.

      Now, the white woman who asked this man to save her fucking cat, has changed her story.

      Even the fucking headline on one of the videos clearly states:


      So yeah, who is lying? This pasty-faced bitch who sent a Black man to his death because of a missing cat is lying like ALL whites do.

      And Dexter Harrison should have known just what he was getting himself in for when he took a pasty-faced bitch for a wife. He knew that if she ever called the cops on his ass, they would be on him like white on rice and throw the fucking book at him. Whites have been making up shit on Black people since our ancestors were dragged here and so why we give them even more ammunition to use against us, I’ll never know because even if a Black woman marries a white man, calls the cops and says he beat the shit out of her, what do you think is going to happen to the white man? The cops are going to shake their head at him for marrying a Black woman and they are going to leave him to the business of killing her ass, come to his senses and then re-marry but the next time, to a white woman.

      I am not feeling sorry for Dexter Harrison because he chose to go down that road and the only thing down that road is DEATH because whites are pure dead white filth and kill every living being around them for why else have their major deadly ‘contributions’ to this world have all been shit that would destroy it? Bombs, drones, missiles, guns, GMO, radiation, chemo. Everything they have done to the peoples and animals and plants of this planet has caused them to die out. Entire species have been and are being wiped out and we have the vile, filthy ass, depraved, demonic whites to thank for that shit! But get with that shit, lie down with that shit? Not ever! And that is how Dexter Harrison should have been. If he had, he’d still be alive today.

      Fucking Fluffy and Fifi will always take precedence over any Black-assed person because remember we’re just three-fifths human or so those rejects from hell say! Fuck them ALL!

      ribrabss, again, I thank you for your comment!

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