White female Dallas police officer enters wrong apartment, fatally shoots Black male immigrant from the West Indies


How many of you have forgotten where you live? Unless you’ve got dementia, senility or alzheimer’s disease, you haven’t and if you are a KKKop, you’ve no business being a KKKop if you have ANY of the aforementioned illnesses or diseases.

Well a white female Dallas cop is lying in claiming to have forgotten where she lived, AND on what floor she lived, entered the wrong apartment, thinking it was hers and shot the lawful occupant who was a Black male immigrant from St. Lucia. How do I know this bitch is ‘white’? Because they have yet to release a photo of her ass. If she were Black, her photo would have been released already. You know the fucking drill!

Dallas police officer enters wrong apartment, fatally shoots man

A Dallas man was killed late Thursday when a police officer returning home from her shift entered the wrong apartment in her building and eventually opened fire, authorities said. Details surrounding the death of Botham Shem Jean, a 26-year-old native of St. Lucia.

Dallas police in a statement said that preliminary information suggests the officer involved called for help, and told responding officers that “she entered the victim’s apartment believing that it was her own.”

So, what? There are no numbers on the apartment doors? You just do “eeny, meeny, miny, moe?” Who in hell has no idea where they live? This is just absolutely unbelievable, as usual! There is more to this story than meets the eye. And my guess would be that she was dating this man, he gave her the heave ho and she shot him knowing that she would ‘get off’ because how many cops are sitting behind bars for shooting Black people?

She knew what she was doing. She knew whose apartment she was in and she knew who she was shooting at because there is no way in hell that she would have entered the apartment and not seen that nothing looked familiar besides the Black man she had been fucking, who she then, shot. The deceased man’s mother is even incredulous that a ‘mistake’ of this magnitude could have been made.

“His mother, Allie Jean, said in a phone interview from her St. Lucia home that his family was stunned to learn of his death.” and that “He did no one any wrong,” she said. “Somebody has to be crazy not to realize that they walked into the wrong apartment,” Allie Jean said. “He’s a bachelor. Things are different inside.” “And if you try your key and it doesn’t work, that should make you realize you’re at the wrong apartment,” she added. “Every door for each apartment is also numbered.”

The apartments are in an upscale apartment complex south of downtown Dallas and the dead man, Botham Shem Jean, graduated from Harding University in Arkansas in 2016 and interned at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Dallas, where he worked in the risk assurance department. So, he was not some Black drug dealer, who the lame stream, racist media will claim, had a record 10 miles long and so therefore, deserved what he got. Botham Shem Jean was the son of a former permanent secretary of the St. Lucia island nation.

The mother of the deceased man is no fool because just as she said, “if you try your key and it doesn’t work, that should make you realize you’re at the wrong apartment. Every door for each apartment is also numbered,” and so how did this depraved bitch not know what she was doing? Either she was dating this man and he threw her over or she was pissed that a Black man was living in ‘her’ upscale apartment complex. It has got to be one or the other because nothing else will make sense.

And Botham Shem Jean, should have never left St. Lucia. I don’t care if he was dirt poor there, which by all accounts, he wasn’t, at least he would still be alive and that is better than getting shot dead by some racist with a badge and gun in AmeriKKKa. It is not as if he immigrated here 30 years ago. This man is a recent immigrant and since he was smart, I cannot figure out why he did not head on back to St. Lucia given the climate in AmeriKKKa, what with racists even more emboldened now thanks to a flaming, bigoted, racist, draft-dodging piece of putrid orange garbage sitting in the Oval Office or at the very least, he should have immigrated somewhere other than here. The Bahamas government warned its citizens against even vacationing in America. It seems to me that ALL other island nation’s people should have heeded the warnings of the Bahamas government.

An innocent Black man is dead, who was in his own apartment, minding his own business and so I cannot wait for the ‘whites’ to tell us what HE did wrong that should have resulted in him getting murdered by a white female cop who is now “on vacation” since it has been stated that she is on ‘Administrative leave’ pending NO investigation. If only ALL of us could get away with shooting innocent people and get a paid vacation on top of it, that would be the ‘life’, wouldn’t it? Well, it is if you are a KKKOP!! “Whites’ and THEIR laws. They always seem to work out FOR them, but seeing as how they write the laws, enforce THEIR laws against us, why wouldn’t they?

Also, this is quite interesting!

Citing a relative of Jean, the St. Lucia Times reported that the officer lived in an apartment on another floor of the same apartment complex.

This bitch lived on an entirely different floor other than the one the dead man lived on and so how on earth did she not only get the apartment wrong, she got the floor she lived on wrong, as well? Oh hell naw! This shit ain’t making a goddamn bit of sense! And it also begs the question, “How could a relative of the dead man who lived in St. Lucia, know that the cop who shot this man, lived on another floor?” Something mighty fishy is most definitely going on here!

“Black-assed people from other nations, countries, small islands or even from a rock in the middle of the ocean, STAY THE FUCK OUT OF THIS RACIST SHITHOLE! Let what happened to this man be a lesson to you! Don’t fucking come here!”

Below is pictured the racist white bitch who murdered a man inside his own apartment!

This bitch(Amber Guyger) has only been on the force since November 2013 and was involved in a shooting LAST year and now, she has shot a man inside his own apartment the very next year! Which one of us is this racist, white bitch going to get away with killing NEXT year? Because this racist, white bitch is trigger happy and a pattern is forming!
Ugly ass pasty-faced bitch!

Below is pictured Botham Shem Jean’s apartment door.

How in hell can there be ANY mistake made in thinking that you are at the wrong apartment with an apartment door lit up with the number? You fucking can’t! That racist, white bitch knew where she was at!
Here is a picture of the red mat that Botham Shem Jean’s neighbor said was at his door? So, what? This racist, white bitch that killed him had the exact same goddamn mat, same color and all? Yeah, right! This is fucking making sense! And goddamn, I am lying!

Don’t come all up in here with any more excuses about what each state’s laws are as pertaining to charging cops with murder because this racist, white bitch was off-duty. I don’t give a damn if she was still in uniform, she should be treated like a regular citizen who murdered an innocent person in their own home. There is no way in hell that this bitch, with just what evidence I have managed to dig up, could have mistaken Botham Shem Jean’s apartment for her own! And so no more excuses will I allow all up in here! I am not buying this fucking truckload of bullshit! I called this shit before I had ever seen a picture of this racist, white bitch because I knew the bitch was white and I am right about what went down. She, with malice aforethought, sought this man out and murdered him and now that even the manslaughter charges have been dropped, knew that she could get away with murder, just as she got away with shooting another man last year for grabbing her taser. This bitch is a trigger-happy racist down to her very rotten core and she had no business on the police force in the first goddamn place, but since she is WHITE and in this racist shithole, that’s what the WHITES want; racist shit such as this making up police forces ALL across this corrupt, stolen shithole! Fuck every single one of you depraved white racist motherfuckers!

17 thoughts on “White female Dallas police officer enters wrong apartment, fatally shoots Black male immigrant from the West Indies

    1. It is my understanding that police have “master keys” to buildings and “pass keys” to apartments because when I lived in Minnesota, we had a small town weekly newspaper and there was always a police call to unlock someone’s apartment door who had, somehow, locked themselves out.

      And even though this was a ‘gated community’, I highly doubt the man had his door unlocked. That would be stupid and from all accounts, this man was not stupid in that regard, he was just naive in coming to this shithole, thinking that he could live his life without fear of being shot dead by racists in uniform.

      The only update I have read today does not reveal any pertinent information as to how this racist garbage entered this man’s apartment.

      Questions remain about shooting

      The fatal shooting occurred Thursday night at the South Side Flats, where both Jean and the police officer lived.

      Dallas police were in the process of obtaining a warrant on manslaughter charges against the unidentified police officer, who is described as a female Caucasian, police Chief Ulysha Renee Hall said Friday.

      “Right now there are more questions than answers,” Hall said.

      The uniformed officer returned to what she thought was her apartment after her shift and encountered Jean, Hall said. At some point she opened fire. It’s unclear what, if anything, was said before Jean was shot.

      Now, why hasn’t this racist, white bitch been charged with murder? Fuck manslaughter. She could get off with out serving any time on a manslaughter charge. The Somali cop who shot Australian immigrant, Justine Damond is being charged with murder and this man certainly did nothing to warrant this white bitch killing him in his own apartment which they claim she mistook for her own! I’m not buying that bullshit! That is an out and out outrageous lie! And before they had even given us a description of this filthy white, racist bitch, I knew the bitch was WHITE! And this story is on the VERY LAST PAGE of my MSN screen. Yeah! Go fucking figure! How they are going to spin the hell out of this shit, I don’t know, but they are already trying to claim that she was under the influence because yesterday, the police chief stated that they were giving her a toxicology test to test for drugs and intoxicants.

      So, now I guess the narrative will be that the bitch got off from her shift, drank at the local KKKop watering hole, staggered to her vehicle, drove erratically through the streets until making it to her ‘gated community’ where she drunkenly stumbled up the wrong flight of stairs, took out her pass key, entered an apartment where she was then startled by the ‘BIG SCARY BLACK MAN’ and promptly shot him dead whereas, dazed though she was, she looked around and discovered that she was not only on the wrong floor, but also in the wrong apartment, called her fellow KKKops and informed them of this and now, we are to be spoon fed, lies, lies and damn lies! And I am not falling for any of them!

      But yele66, regardless of whether this man had his door open or not, there was no reason whatsoever to shoot him since he was in his own apartment. This was an INTENTIONAL SHOOTING; a MURDER!

      Thank you for your comment.

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  1. Manslaughter charge is the standard M. O. When a cop kills a black(foreign or domestic) which is then withered down a misdemeanor or a non felony eg. Negligent homocide or no charges what so ever. The constitution that brands us as 3/5th does not include nationality, however the common people ie potential jurors will see the victims color 1st nationality afterwards. Foreign blacks risk becoming defacto negroes when encountered by average cop who does not make the distinction between foreign and domestic before the shooting. (However in this case i am leaning toward the cop knowing the victim prior to the killing).

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    1. “Manslaughter charge is the standard M. O.”

      Well then, please explain this.

      Officer charged with murder in shooting death of unarmed woman in Minneapolis alley

      The Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot an Australian woman last summer has been charged with murder and manslaughter in the shooting, which caused international outrage and forced out the city’s veteran police chief.

      Mohamed Noor is charged with third-degree murder for “perpetrating an eminently dangerous act and evincing depraved mind” and second-degree manslaughter for “culpable negligence creating unreasonable risk,” according to charging documents unsealed Tuesday afternoon.

      Even though Mohamed Noor is being charged with third-degree murder, at least he is being charged with murder AND manslaughter which if he is convicted, would most likely cost him a few years of his freedom. That would not be the case with this unlawful, unjustified killing getting downgraded to manslaughter.

      And I have already stated in this post that I believe that the two knew each other. Taken from my post.

      “And my guess would be that she was dating this man, he gave her the heave ho and she shot him knowing that she would ‘get off’ because how many cops are sitting behind bars for shooting Black people?”

      “She knew what she was doing. She knew whose apartment she was in and she knew who she was shooting at because there is no way in hell that she would have entered the apartment and not seen that nothing looked familiar besides the Black man she had been fucking, who she then, shot.”

      I don’t think anyone can be in any doubt that the two knew each other because no one, even if they are drunk out of their minds, don’t know where the hell they live and I should know because I have staggered home many a night from the neighborhood bar and I never tried to get into the wrong apartment and once having gotten inside, I promptly passed out. So, if they want to suggest that this bitch was too drunk to know what she was doing, they are going to need a better explanation for this murder than that.

      Thank you for your comment.

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    1. Exactly, Dr. Bramhall! I am not even an investigator but I already know this bitch is lying and the only information we have heard today is about how this Black man was basically, a ‘choir boy’. No other information has been forthcoming about the events that transpired that ended this man’s life. And in fact, this man was a ‘choir boy’! It has been stated that he was into singing hymns in the church he attended and was devoutly religious, had a good education, had a great paying job, lived in a gated community and yet was shot dead, by a white female cop who claims to have gotten off her shift, knew where home was because she drove home and then suddenly forgot where she lived??!!! That is beyond ludicrous! This bitch should have been charged with 2nd degree murder, at the very least! But of course, since the man, although he is from an island nation, is still Black, “well now, let’s not be too hasty in charging this racist with murder. Downgrade that shit to manslaughter even as we tell the public that we don’t have all the information yet.” That is how they are playing it. Fucking seriously??!!

      Anyone with more than two brain cells connected and working should be able to see through this bullshit! And I am not going to buy the lies that they are, even now, drudging up to tell. But lies, they will be.

      Dr. Bramhall, thank you for that most excellent comment. You hit the nail on the head, as usual!


  2. As previously stated when the victim is black the manslaughter charge is used instead of the murder charge. I am waiting for rhe victim’s family response to this tragedy. The media will push for a cause the brings empathy to the shooter and either protray the victim as being all inclusive ( portraits of him and his peers( mostly white). This shooting the media will portray as an unfortunate event without cause.


    1. Likewise, Kelley, I hope that his family gives them hell because that is probably why that Somali cop in Minnesota was charged with murder AND manslaughter because the Australian government and the victim’s family carried on something awful. Unfortunately, this man’s family is of the dark persuasion and that will likely have an impact on what that racist bitch will be charged with. We will most likely be bombarded with all types of excuses for why she was too distraught to realize where she was and that she had even shot someone.

      She managed NOT to shoot a white man; she managed THAT much! Now, I am not trying to cast aspersions on Black folks, but how many Black men do you think resided in that gated community? And she had to find one of the few who did and promptly shoot him dead? The odds of that happening should be tremendous. It should have been like finding a needle in a haystack. But this white, racist bitch marched right up to that Black man’s door, opened it and shot him and then is claiming that she thought it was her apartment which is not even on the same floor? And I just read this!

      “Alyssa Kinsey, Jean’s next-door neighbor, said she could see from her patio that the lights were turned on in Jean’s apartment. She said she heard more footsteps outside her apartment, a woman’s voice and a commotion.”

      “The apartment doors at the complex are all similar, Kinsey said, but Jean’s doorstep had a bright red mat.”

      I don’t give a fucking goddamn about how similar apartment doors are. I could never mistake an apartment I lived in for someone else’s and I damn sure as hell wouldn’t go in shooting especially after I’d taken a look around and saw nothing familiar. And so they state that the apartment doors are all similar and so, confusion abounds? Then why don’t we have multiple shootouts over people attempting to open someone else’s apartment door? The damn excuses are already starting. And the neighbor stated that the dead man’s apartment had a bright, red mat at the door and so the racist bitch cop, I am sure, did not have the very same bright, red mat as the man she shot! None of this shit is making any goddamn sense and why is it that every single time they make an announcement, a Black cop is doing the announcing? As many white cops as there are in Dallas and they can’t find one to give news updates? Oh, so now that a white female cop has shot a Black man in his own apartment, bring out the Black cops to appease the community. Seriously? I am not fucking appeased, not at all! And I hope to gawd that neither are the dead man’s relatives.

      Kelley, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. You’re so right, Shelby. I keep thinking if Jean had had a gun and shot her because she was intruding, how this would be so different. Even if he’d just shot and not even killed her he would probably still be dead.

        Protect and serve my butt cheek! More like protect and swerve all accountability! They continuously remind us of why cops exist and how whites feel about Black people.

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      2. And Kelley, this racist, white bitch is lying just like I said she would because Betham Shem Jean’s next door neighbor said that the lights were on in his apartment and yet, the statement from the white, racist bitch who killed him states that “she entered a DARK apartment, became aware of an intruder and proceeded to shoot him. So, she is most definitely lying and should be charged with murder, but as usual, whites protect their own and they will continue to protect this depraved, racist, filthy piece of shit! Why would the man’s lights be off when his mother has said that he calls her every night at 10:00pm? That man’s lights were on. The bitch is lying her fucking ass off!

        ““Alyssa Kinsey, Jean’s next-door neighbor, said she could see from her patio that the lights were turned on in Jean’s apartment.”

        Kelley, thank you for your comment

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      3. Riiiiiiight. I’m thinking it didn’t add up at first at all and now the story is altogether different because they put out a story before they even interviewed her. Of course they will cover for her! A white “lady” cop?! Sounds like an angel on Earth!

        I am not surprised by much they do these days, but I am disgusted that WE still think there are good ones to weed out, befriend, date and impregnate.

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      4. Not to mention we think that there is such a thing as a ‘good’ white that we will allow those parasites to ‘pretend’ to protest the death of one our own by one of THEIR kind. When I saw the Black protesters outside Dallas police headquarters, protesting alongside whites, I was too through. I’m like, how the fuck are you not in jail for trying to bust that white shit upside the goddamn head for having the fucking nerve to show up at a protest of a Black man getting murdered inside his own home by a depraved piece of dog shit that looks just the white fucking ass that’s standing beside me pretending that they are upset that this happened when they ALL are the reason this shit keeps happening.

        Black folks are dumb as hell since we allow the fucking enemy to stand with us AGAINST the very same, which means they are ALL our enemies. This makes no goddamn fucking sense at all!

        Kelley, thank you for your comment, but as you can see, I am quite off the rails over all of this! It is just TOO damn disturbing!

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  3. There’s an update on Dallas News. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/crime/2018/09/08/will-find-exactly-happened-dallas-mayor-vows-answers-after-duty-cop-kills-man-apartment

    Regarding the charge of manslaughter, each state has its own laws for homicide, and each level of homicide has its requirements to prove. That is why we do not see consistent charges. Manslaughter charges are the easiest for state prosecutors to prove because it doesn’t require proving there was any intent or malice. Texas does not distinguish between involuntary and voluntary manslaughter, while some other states do.


    1. I don’t give a damn about each state’s laws! Murder is murder and that racist, white bitch committed murder with malice aforethought! I clicked on the link and each apartment number is clearly displayed in brilliant light where there can be NO mistaking one apartment for another. This bitch sought that man out and she murdered him and I don’t give a goddamn for ANY and ALL excuses they’ve come up with so far to mitigate what this racist white bitch did. And the excuses from the fucking whites continue.

      The white, racist bitch was on the WRONG FLOOR and at the WRONG APARTMENT! How in hell does she remember how to drive to where she lives, but upon exiting her vehicle, once she arrives at her complex, she conveniently forgets which floor she lives on and what her apartment number is? That is NEVER going to make any goddamn sense. I don’t care how they spin this shit and as usual, the white talking heads are stating, “She deserves the benefit of the doubt. Let’s not make any hasty judgments. Let’s look at facts with cool and level heads, yada, yada, yada.”

      DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES! So this racist white bitch who killed that man and the other racists white bitches and bastards side with her fucking ass because they are just like her and meanwhile, a man who was next to a saint, lies dead while his parents have to travel to this shithole to attend his funeral. But we are to give this ‘officer’ all the support and hand-wringing she needs? Fuck that!


      1. Shelby, I don’t disagree with you about the excuses and such and in fact, I’ll go a step further. She was off-duty. No consideration should be given to her as a law enforcement officer but her defenders are painting her as making an on-duty decision.

        About each state having its own laws, it is the main hindrance to those of us wanting justice and police reform. It’s going to take a state by state effort.


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