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And it is just getting started. The shit that you claim as yours, you white devils, shall be re-claimed by (Her-ricane). Those fantastic, multi-million dollar beachfront homes will be swept away. Those resorts? The exact same. Your shit; your possessions, even landlocked as they may be will be just as sinkable as the Titanic which you claimed “was unsinkable.” And your pasty asses will soon follow where your homes and resorts went and you will deserve everything that’s coming to you!

Your grafts and charts about flooding will do you no good. Just ask this dude out of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin’s Floods Are Catastrophic—and Only Getting Worse

“But there’s more to it than that. Decades of development have also paved over land that used to soak up rainwater.”

“Madison, home to the state’s flagship university, has seen the brunt of the flooding so far. The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s center that specializes in studying lakes is itself flooded. “This is what climate change looks like,” Adam Hinterthuer, the center’s spokesperson, wrote.”

“For Eric Booth, a climate scientist at the university, the whole thing is almost too much to comprehend. His research project on small stream water temperatures was washed away by the flooding.”

The whites who are recording the developments as they pertain to flooding are being flooded out of their workplaces and their stats and graphs and charts to explain this shit to you are floating down the goddamn street. And you’re next!

From one end of this planet to the other, and especially in AmeriKKKa, your shit is being burned up, shook, rattled and rolled and flooded. And this is only the beginning. Where you gonna run? Because the evil that you sling is coming right back around to you. It’s called, “The Boomerang Effect.”


‘Herricane’ after ‘herricane’ and each one more devastating than the last is what you can expect. Some of us may lose our lives, but so many of our ancestors lost theirs at your vile hands as you stole people to build your nations, foul with your seed, profit from their labor while denying that they were due one thin dime from ALL that you gained at the cost of their lives.

You buy up the choicest land, build upon land that once flowed with the blood of those whom you trod over and killed in order to do so and you thought that the shit you do would never come home to roost all up your ass? Of course you did not. Because you are the definition of arrogance and conceit, evil and depravity. Generations of Indians were wiped out. Slaves were shipped here in shackles, chained together, beaten whipped, raped and tortured in order to toil for free for the most depraved parasites to ever slither and crawl across the globe and yet you think you are any different from your slave-owning sires when you still profit from what they did to my people. You still reap the rewards of their back breaking labor. You still enslave us just as you did our ancestors and you think you are going to continue to ‘enjoy’ your ill-gotten gains? That just shows the extent of your arrogance, conceit and depravity.

You believe that your fake ass god is going to save you when he is just as fake-assed as you are because you are nothing without that which you think you own. You cannot own that which you have stolen and everything you think you own will be taken away from you just as what is happening now in every corner of the globe. Your weapons are powerless against the forces of nature. You cannot bomb a ‘herricane’ away. You cannot drone strike an earthquake to silence. You cannot effectively douse a wildfire before it has destroyed hundreds of your homes and businesses. So, rebuild and rebuild and they will be destroyed as well.

Your very ass is being destroyed by that which blesses mine because I see the multitudes of you sitting up in Dermatology clinics, nationwide showing another pasty-faced asshole, a suspicious mole since you hate the paleness of your own flimsy flesh to the point where you will kill yourselves to look like me. And yet you want me to hate that which you seek. You use your magazines and your modeling agencies to tell me what beauty is supposed to look like while you make fun of my looks which you secretly crave for why else do you plump your lips and your flat ass? There is nothing ‘beautiful’ about you because you are the manifestation of evil and there is nothing beautiful that could come from an evil so depraved, it should have never been allowed on this planet.

You drip disease and death wherever you go because you are a parasite, you suck the life out of everyone and everything you touch and it is way past time that you got what’s coming to you. And believe me, you will!

String of Fires in Northern California May Worsen Poverty for Years to Come

And it gets better!

Mudslides, Wildfires, and Drought—California’s Deadly Weather Explained



And even better!


Washington has already had nearly 900 wildfires in 2018

And even better than that!


Thousands Lose Power As Hurricane Florence Winds Whip East Coast


And regardless of whether or not this hurricane becomes as devastating as it was predicted, more will follow and if this one turns out to be ‘not so bad’, then the next one to spin its way here, folks will not pay heed to any warnings and will just ‘sit tight’ and ride it out. But you won’t know when the really big one is going to hit and by that time, you will most likely assume that the meteorologists are just “crying wolf AGAIN!” It does not matter, you are going to wash out to sea with the remnants of your homes, boats and other ‘possessions’. It is just a matter of time. One thing to remember, Mother Nature does not recognize “white privilege” or what you consider, your “white supremacy.”


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    1. Thank you for the comment Prince. I re-blogged this again using a different method because I wanted to include some pertinent information and so I pasted your comment from the other post here.

      So, once again, I want to thank you and Moorbey for blogging and re-blogging this. I found this via Moorbeyz blog and realized that I had not seen it on yours. So I went back to where it originated on your, oh so excellent blog and re-blogged it from there. Sorry for the confusion. I had to really, really run with this one!

      Thanks again!

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  1. At least 1 dead in multiple fires, gas explosions in Massachusetts

    “Massachusetts State Police said there were 70 responses to fires, explosions and investigations of gas odor, with CBS Boston reporting there were 35 fires in Andover alone. All of those fires have been extinguished, but at peak, 18 fires were burning at the same time.”

    Andover Fire-Rescue sent a 10-alarm response, the highest level.

    “It looked like Armageddon, it really did,” Andover Fire Chief Michael Mansfield said. “There were billows of smoke coming from Lawrence behind me, I could see plumes of smoke in front of me, within the town of Andover, it looked like an absolute war zone.”

    Some homes were destroyed by fire, while others exploded.

    Joseph Solomon, the police chief in nearby Methuen, responded to Lawrence to help and said there are so many fires burning that “you can’t even see the sky.”

    Ha! What a fool! He speaks of Armageddon. He hasn’t seen shit yet!


  2. Another terrible incident is happening currently at n Boston . In the poor black neighbourhoods I may add. Already dead black people being reported it’s all over uk news.
    What do you think currently about the many fires burning in Boston? 70 explosions simultaneously starting over 70 fires all in the predominantly black, poorer areas!

    Maybe a large scale cremation of care/cleansing ritual? I don’t for one second believe it’s a terrible gas leak explosion causing it all like they say !! Yeah right!! These people are obsessed with rituals and killing black people. They’ve evacuated major parts of City all gas and lights have been turned off. They telling everyone to leave those poor people don’t ha e funds or means in many cases to leave

    What’s saying when they finally do cleanse those areas blown up of black folk In the name of a bullshit gas leak story that area of Boston will become gentrified and a white only go arena in the next couple years


    1. ribrabss, I don’t know where you got your information, but North Andover, MA where some of these homes exploded is an area that is 84% white with a median household income of $102,008 and that is most definitely NOT a Black neighborhood.

      Andover, MA has a median household income of $133,397 with 41.1% of the population holding a Bachelor’s degree and that is, again, NOT a Black neighborhood.

      And as for Lawrence, MA, there are only 5,788 Black people who make up just 7% of Lawrence’s population count. And I highly doubt those 7% had their houses blown up.
      Race Population % of Total
      Total Population 76,377 100
      Hispanic or Latino 56,363 73
      White 32,704 42
      Some Other Race 30,018 39
      Black or African American 5,788 7

      Those affected in Lawrence, MA who have appeared on the news have been Hispanic. I have not seen one Black person impacted by this event. And if you look at an aerial view of the homes, those homes are huge and, as much as I hate to say this, out of the price range for many Black folks. Not to mention that in the entire state of Massachusetts, you’d be hard pressed to find many Black folks.

      Race Population % of Total
      Total Population 6,547,629 100
      White 5,265,236 80
      Hispanic or Latino 627,654 9
      Black or African American 434,398 6
      Asian 349,768 5
      Some Other Race 305,151 4

      So, again, from the chart above, as you can see, with only about 434,398 Black people who make up only 6% of the population for the entire state of Massachusetts, it is highly unlikely that what went down affected the 6% of Massachusetts’s population which happens to be Black.

      Whites and Hispanics were mostly impacted by those explosions.

      Thank you for your comment.

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      1. Wow this is why I take the papers with a pinch of salt it was the uk papers reporting the daily mail and such . Fear mongering by sounds .

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      2. That is why I dig deep and do research before I post anything because I like to ‘get it right’.

        They are still talking about the explosions today and are even telling those who live in Lawrence, MA not to worry, if they are illegals, they will not be deported if they “come out into the light.”

        The three communities house more than 146,000 residents about 26 miles (40 kilometers) north of Boston, near the New Hampshire border. Lawrence, the largest of them, is a majority Latino city with a population of about 80,000.

        Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera reassured immigrants who might not be living in his city legally that they had nothing to fear.
        “Do not be afraid. Stay in the light. We will support you and your family,” Rivera said at a news conference Friday, speaking in English and Spanish. “Lawrence is one community.”

        So, as you can see, it was mostly white parasites and illegal Mexican Guacamoleans who were affected, THIS time because there have been many gas line explosions in recent years that have occurred in East Harlem, New York, Silver Spring, MD, Allentown, Pennsylvania and San Bruno, California and these all occurred within the last eight years. But if I were one of those illegal Mexican taco crunchers, I would not believe a word that Mayor Re-fried Beans said and remain in “the dark” because just as soon as they figure out what caused these explosions, ICE(Immigration And Customs Enforcement) officials will be all over their ass like guacamole on a tortilla chip.

        ribrabss, I thank you for your comment.


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