Dallas cops conclude that Botham Shem Jean had marijuana in his apartment and his killer, Amber Guyger, apparently, wanted it


Civil rights attorney, Lee Merritt, for the deceased, Botham Shem Jean, whose funeral service was Thursday, September 13, is slamming Dallas cops for ‘victim blaming’. Does he not understand that every single time a white cop kills a Black person, the cops leave no stone un-turned in trying to prove that the victim deserved to be murdered? This is done every time!

Lawyer for Dallas man shot in home by police slams attempt to ‘smear’ victim

An attorney for the family of a man shot at his home by an off-duty Dallas police officer said he believes authorities are trying to damage the victim’s reputation by searching his home for drugs and other illegal items.

Investigators said in a search warrant of the apartment of Botham Jean, 26, that they were looking for “any contraband, such as narcotics, and other items that may have been used in criminal offenses.” Investigators later said in a court document that they found 10.4 grams of marijuana during Saturday’s search.

Oh Lawd, have mercy! Get out the warrant book and arrest the deceased for having 10.4 grams of marijuana in his apartment! Stop the plane! Remove his coffin and bring it in to the Dallas police station so that this deceased criminal can be charged with having in his possession 10.4 grams of marijuana that was planted in his apartment by the Dallas police. Hell! I’ve never smoked a joint in my life but if I was murdered in my home by one of those thugs in uniform, I guarantee you they would find .4 grams in the crack of my ass! Oh, and some crack too!

I seriously doubt that any drugs were found in Botham Shem Jean’s apartment. The cops are famous for planting evidence against Black victims and in this case, they would not hesitate to do so and they did not hesitate in doing so. They need something on Botham Shem Jean because, so far, the man was a ‘choir boy’, FOR REAL, and the cops just cannot have that. There must be something ‘bad’ that Botham Shem Jean has done so that whatever it is can exempt the white cop from being charged with murder. So, for now, the story is most likely that Botham Shem Jean was seen purchasing marijuana from his dealer and unnoticed by him, Amber Guyger witnessed the transaction and upon completing her shift, went to Jean’s apartment to confront him about what she had witnessed and when he refused to give her any of his stash, she shot him.

Oh, wait! That won’t work because the racist bitch stated that his door was ajar and it was dark inside and she saw a big, black shadowy figure, barked some orders at it and then commenced to firing her weapon at the big, black shadowy figure.

That is not going to work either because once the cops stated that they were going to enter Botham Shem Jean’s apartment to search for “any contraband, such as narcotics, and other items that may have been used in criminal offenses,” Amber Guyger changed her story from “His door was open,” to “she was attempting to enter apartment number 1478, with a set of keys.” You see, the apartment doors automatically close. They do not remain open after you enter the apartment and so this filthy, depraved, lying racist, bitch had to change her story to “She had a set of keys,” and yet they are seriously looking into the victim’s background? What about what’s in HER apartment? And what about the fact that she has already told lies? Riiiight! That is of no consequence because she is white! Next this bitch will be saying that Botham Shem Jean was at her damn door knocking and she opened it and he grabbed her gun and committed suicide. Or maybe, her story will change to Jean opened the door, threw 10 grams of marijuana at her and by reflex action, she pulled the trigger and shot him. I’ve got to think on which lie I’d buy.

Merritt, the attorney hired by Botham Shem Jean’s family stated that, “the officer’s home has not been searched.” Why not? Cops commit crimes even though they are not punished for them, but, AGAIN…the laws in this shithole are made by whites to protect other murdering whites and so Botham Shem Jean, in some way, caused himself to get murdered by a depraved piece of racist garbage.

According to the Dallas police department, Jean is a horrible, horrible thug because the police planted 10 grams of marijuana in his apartment and so that right there is grounds for him to have been executed by filth in blue. If he had not forced Amber Guyger to shoot him by merely minding his own business in his own apartment, no one would have had to plant evidence to be used against him to taint his character because as we all know, DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES!

This bitch is making shit up as she goes along with the help of the Dallas police department, that’s busy telling everyone who will listen that there is nothing but transparency going on here. It is quite apparent that no one in AmeriKKKa understands what transparency means because the family has been kept ‘in the dark’ from day one and has had to put up with being spoon fed lie upon lie upon lie. So much for transparency and truth. But hell! Where is TRUTH these days? We certainly cannot expect truth to come out of ANY police department in AmeriKKKa.

And now, Botham Shem Jean’s remains are returning to St. Lucia while the character assassination of him will continue. Even his brother, Brandt told a reporter that Botham Shem Jean had stated that, “in AmeriKKKa, Black men should never walk around with their hands in their pockets because of racial profiling,” and so that right there should have spoke volumes to him and told him to get his university degree and then get the hell out! If he had, he would still be alive today. There will be no justice for this man just as there has been no justice for the millions of Black people who have been killed in AmeriKKKa due to slavery, the slave patrols and now cops. The day Black people in AmeriKKKa get some damn justice is when every parasite of European descent drops dead! And this cannot happen soon enough to suit me. I don’t give a damn for any of you and I am quite sure that you all know this by now because I have made myself extremely clear on this. Don’t come up all in here expecting to read some ‘feel good shit’ and some ‘kumbaya’ shit because if you hold your breath waiting for that to happen, I will indeed, get my wish for you filthy, diseased, white parasites to collectively drop dead!

A man has been most brutally murdered who was in his own home, minding his own business and the cop that murdered him is on vacation while her co-workers in the same police department she works out of, plant evidence on the man she had no justification in the world to murder, but yet, she did. And here we sit, waiting for some ALL WHITE grand jury to convene and do nothing! And you white parasites think that I have some ‘luv’ for your vile asses? Fucking get real!

2 thoughts on “Dallas cops conclude that Botham Shem Jean had marijuana in his apartment and his killer, Amber Guyger, apparently, wanted it

  1. He could of had a Siberian snow leopard, a meth lab, the stolen Crown Jewels, a couple Chinese massage workers , an arsenal of soviet weapons and the linden berg baby in is damn flat that has fuck all to do with the case!! It was his personal space , he was commuting no crime and no crime was reported. So this public assassination to blame the victim to portray him has some druggy thug is typical white behaviour to protect heir own. The good old they must of been up to something because hey were black defence!!!!! The laughable thing is even bough the likes of fox trying to portray the poor fella has a degenerate even their own base of degenerate readers and followers are calling them out and baying for her blood. Lol idiots. Also I here he dated white women and moved in their circles that was risky behaviour right there. And the media pointing out he was reading a Gucci mane auto biography insinuating he was some gangster rap livin , gun toting , pimping , weed selling hoodlem from the ‘ghetto” is hilarious. I mean the propaganda is real!!! They do three exact same thing over here too when a young black male is murdered illegally by he state they always show the pics of them doing “gun fingers” or “aggressive poses” wtf they never show them receiving their bachelorette or them at the office working hard , doing work in community or pics of them at their families happy gathering etc heypic out the most dubious pics dated from like 14 years back when they were little kids messing about. They did the same with mark duggan he lad murdered by police which caused the uk riots the famous picture is the finger pointing 1 harder they say. That pic was cropped it was him visiting his baby daughters grave pointing to her name they did the same with Stephen Lawrence showed him doing a fist salute hats the only pic they ever used but the family released many pics years later of him just a young baby face 19 year old smiling laughing the media always try to portray black males as aggressive thugs even when they’re are the dead victims it’s sick

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  2. “He could of had a Siberian snow leopard, a meth lab, the stolen Crown Jewels, a couple Chinese massage workers , an arsenal of soviet weapons and the linden berg baby in is damn flat that has fuck all to do with the case!! It was his personal space , he was commuting no crime and no crime was reported.”

    ribrabss, that right there was PURE gold! And I love ya for posting it. And so fucking true! What that man had in his apartment has not a goddamn thing to do with the fact that he was murdered by a cop who entered his apartment illegally and murdered him on some pretense that she was confused and thought it was her own. That is absolute bullshit! These filthy, depraved racists over here will stop at nothing to besmirch the character of the Black people they murder. It happens every single time those thugs in blue murder one of us and it will continue because all we do is march down the goddamn street for a day and then all is right with the fucking world. The whites know the playbook and they know that we know that if we fuck their shit up, they are going to fuck us up even more than they are already.

    Botham Shem Jean should have gotten his degree and took the first plane back to St. Lucia, but no, he believed that if he sang in the church, hung out with white folks and lived in an upscale building that that would insulate him from what other Black folks receive. That suggests to me that he was just too naive for words. You can do everything right and still get shot dead in your own home and they will somehow, find a way to blame the person shot dead by the cops for getting shot dead. Whites NEVER admit when they are wrong and they damn sure as hell hate to have the vile ass shit they do pointed out to them. They cannot stand the truth and that is why they will re-write history to minimize the shit they’ve done to other groups on this planet.

    You will never find me hanging out with those low life parasites because I know better. Trust a white parasite? Never fucking ever! And that was Botham Shem Jean’s mistake, thinking that he could trust those filthy white parasites because he figured that he had a degree, had a great job, lived in an upscale area and was in church 6 days a week and was hanging out with the whites, but that didn’t help him out, did it? Hell no! No matter what he did, he would have still ended up the same way, dead, because that and incarcerated is the only two things Black people can do for these depraved white parasites.

    And I am not surprised that the same is going down over where you live because what slithered and crawled over here is from there, so I expect no different. You’re at ground zero because that’s where this shit originated.

    ribrabss, I thank you for yet another, spot on comment. It is much appreciated.

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