Retaliation and resistance behind bars

“The Attica uprising ended with a massacre carried out by the forces of the state on September 13, 1971 — 50 years ago today. Law enforcement fired thousands of rounds of ammunition into clouds of tear gas, killing 39 prisoners and wounding hundreds. State officials’ opposition to the prisoners’ demands for basic human rights and dignity was so determined that they were willing to sacrifice 10 prison guards by ordering the crackdown.”

We are ALL on lockdown; inside prisons or on the outside, we are ALL on lockdown. Dissent is to be put in check for why else are laws heading for the books to ban public protests? Martial law, anyone?

2 thoughts on “Retaliation and resistance behind bars

  1. You raise the question of martial law, Shelby – I wonder if that’s even possible since the US military can’t recruit enough troops to cover all the overt and covert wars they are fighting around the world. Even now when they are recruiting psychotic and suicidal people on psychotropic drugs. I would say now is our moment – if enough people rebel in enough locations they can’t put all the rebellions done. They don’t have enough forces.

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    • I may have been a bit premature in speaking of Martial Law, but seeing as they have curfews in place in many cities, that is what I was going by. But you are correct in that the U.S. military ain’t about shit since it can’t even win a war against some camel herders in Afghanistan and wants to go back to the table with North Korea and I do not believe that Russia is going to stand for the U.S. toppling Assad in Syria.

      That is also true that the U.S. military is SO desperate, it issued waivers for people who are into self-mutilating, who have bi-polar disorder, who are alcoholics and drug addicts. The waiver, of course, gives them the ability to ‘serve’ in the U.S. military even with severe diagnoses. So, in essence, the U.S. military is quite willing to accept the blind, the crippled, the crazy, the heroin addict, the alcoholic and anybody else with serious addiction issues or mental disorders and this reeks of desperation and I am sure the rest of the world is aware of that. The U.S. is the laughing stock of the entire world and for more reasons than one.

      Dr. Bramhall, I sincerely thank you for your comment.


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