How the Police Shooting of Botham Jean Disrupted Dallas’ Reputation for Reform

The article states:

“Jean’s shooting served as another example of police escalating a simple mistake into a deadly confrontation.”

I have to disagree with that. This wasn’t just a “simple mistake.” You don’t park on the wrong parking deck AND then proceed to go into the wrong apartment. I don’t want any excuse about how tired this cop was or about her racist ass tugging shit with her to the point where she didn’t know where she was or that she had only lived in the building for a short time. I’m not buying ANY of that. If you are that damned confused, then you make damn sure that you figure it out BEFORE you pull a gun and shoot it. And there ain’t that much damn confusion, cluelessness and ineptness in the world to get everything wrong when you are supposed to be trained to OBSERVE!

16 thoughts on “How the Police Shooting of Botham Jean Disrupted Dallas’ Reputation for Reform

    • Moorbey, when the story first broke, I posted a blog that essentially said the same thing. They knew each other. I said that either they were in a relationship or she was pissed that this Black man could afford to live in her building. It was one or the other.

      Here is an excerpt from a blog that I posted on September 7th.

      “And my guess would be that she was dating this man, he gave her the heave ho and she shot him knowing that she would ‘get off’ because how many cops are sitting behind bars for shooting Black people?”

      “She knew what she was doing. She knew whose apartment she was in and she knew who she was shooting at because there is no way in hell that she would have entered the apartment and not seen that nothing looked familiar besides the Black man she had been fucking, who she then, shot.”

      And why has there been no mention of either’s phone records since there would be evidence in the form of text messages and phone calls? But the cops are focusing on anything and everything else but the elephant in the fucking room.

      Also, the family of Botham Shem Jean has gone out of their way to state that the two did NOT know each other. As many apartments as I have lived in, I always knew who lived beside me, underneath me and over top of me. You can’t help but know, living in apartments. So the family vehemently denying the two knew each other was really too ludicrous for words. What they didn’t want to get out was the fact that the two were doing more than just passing each other as they entered and exited the building. Botham Shem Jean, it is quite apparent, surrounded himself with those of the no-melanin persuasion and so it is not a stretch by any means to suggest that the two were involved and were doing the horizontal tango and the Dallas cops are trying to cover that shit up. He threw her ass over, she didn’t like it and knowing that she could get away with killing a Black man because the majority of cops have, she shot and killed the man.

      Even the neighbors stated that she was knocking on the door, repeatedly while yelling, “Let me in!” And the claim is that the last words of Jean’s was, “Oh my God, why did you do that?” This suggests to me that he was incredulous that she would shoot him simply because he had ended their affair. That does not sound like the words of a person to someone they don’t know. But I don’t think we will ever get the real story because the white KKKops don’t want this information known.

      Thank you for posting the video. Dude’s wife was probably correct because I came to the same conclusion. Women ALWAYS know! We can ‘sniff out’ an affair from miles away!

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  1. She has all the classic signs of alcohol fetal syndrome in her features. That’s the classic look it’s undeniable. That’s the type of people the police want brain damaged, retarded, compliment zombies (racist a bonus) to do their bidding!!

    In this case it’s doesn’t matter how the spin it she’s bang to rights. If she gets a slap on the wrist god help us all.

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    • ribrabss, I thought something was wrong with her when I first saw her mugshot. I’m like, this bitch looks like she’s an addict or something. She looks like she’s been arrested BY the police and not arrested AS the police. I wouldn’t hire that drug addicted looking skank to slop pigs; pigs of the ‘other’ kind.

      And you are also right in that the cops want that type because why else do they promptly hire soldiers on the force who have been in war zones? It is because they have the ‘killing fever’ and that is what they want out on the streets of Amerikkka, killing everyone they come into contact with. They know those murderers are going to kill and that is what whites have been doing since the beginning of their existence. And they will continue until they are wiped out and that is why they have now begun to encourage whites to date Black women in order to continue in some way their species. Because those half breeds take after the whites and there ain’t nothing ‘good’ coming out of that.

      Commercials over here and TV programs are loaded down to bursting point with Black women and white men and those half breed children. There are so many, it makes me sick to my stomach. And the Black women seem to be falling for that nonsense and it is being drummed into us that that shit is glorious because they’ve never ceased and desisted with showing us that Meghan Markle with that inbred ape she married over your way. What’s that got to do with us? Not a goddamn thing, but it is shoved in our faces every damn day.

      And Black men who fool around with those white devils are absolutely insane because they don’t offer them a damn thing besides trouble and death and that is what many receive. My own son refuses to leave those pasty-faced cows alone and they have caused him to be jailed multiple times and yet, he always goes back for more. He has produced two of those half-breeds and I am not speaking to him or them. In fact, I haven’t seen one at all and the other, I’ve only seen twice and the last time was in 2011. Believe me, there is no love lost between us, including my son because I disowned him. We never introduced him to that mess and we never had whites in our home and so where he got that shit from, I don’t know. But I won’t stand for it. And just look at what happens when those cows can’t take no for an answer, the Black man ends up fucked up by the police, shot dead, or imprisoned and no one is held accountable. But there is no getting through to them and I have long since stopped trying.

      ribrabss, I thank you for yet another spot on comment!

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  2. Wow, I think Ribrass is spot on here. She does have the classic look of FAS. If Americans were serious about ending gun violence, they would start by disarming the police. It’s illegal in both the UK and New Zealand for patrol officers to carry guns. There are specialized armed defender squads trained to deal with perps who misuse guns. I personally would go further – by outlawing police and setting up neighborhood protection collectives run by grandmothers.

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    • She has the “classic look” of something alright. But the last thing that thing should be is a KKKop. If I was looking at her mugshot for the first time and did not already know the story behind it, I would have thought that she was a washed out hooker with an addictions problem. I would never have thought that nasty looking skank was a kkkop. Apparently, standards are REAL low in police departments all across this fucked up country and in fact, that IS the case.

      ribrabss is usually spot on! And he is up on his game on this one too. If I was responsible for hiring police officers, there is no way in hell that Guyger would have made the force. The only thing she would be good for is going undercover as a prostitute in search of drugs to feed her habit because that is exactly what she looks like. FAS may be responsible for THAT look and even if it is, she does not appear to be fit for duty as a kkkop with a lethal weapon.

      And of course you know that what you suggest in so far as disarming cops is concerned, will never happen because they are protecting their bosses, ‘the elites’ from getting fucked up. They are protecting ‘their’ property. We think we have property, but we don’t. All we have is a mortgage payment to make every month or a rent payment to make. We don’t really own a damn thing because if we don’t pay taxes on that property, it is taken from us, but that is never the case with investor or bank-owned property. And back in the day, grandmothers did indeed, ‘police’ the neighborhoods and there was no need for cops because we were dealt with by the grandmothers and then again by our mothers. So, that nipped a lot in the bud before things got out of hand. Nowadays, that is not the case and therefore, things are out of hand.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for a great comment, as well.

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    • That is just TOO ridiculous for words!

      From the article:

      “They were given orders to disperse and not block the roadway and failed to comply,” Cook said”


      “Massa said to get the fuck outta here all y’all n—– and n—– lovers….NOW! And when I tell you to do something, you do it yesterday or your ass is grass! And you’ll get out when we say you get out! Who the fuck do you think you are?”

      That’s how that shit goes down. Our lives are meaningless to dead white filth and white folks who are not of the 1% better recognize that they are viewed as only half a notch above us because when the shit goes down, all of us are going to get fucked up.

      Another fact is that this shithole has stopped any pretense that it ever cared about justice and freedom and liberty and all that bullshit. Not that we’ve ever seen a bit of that shit at any time, but now the world is seeing that Amerikkka ain’t about shit when it comes to “walking the walk” about justice and freedom. That was just some damn talk that meant nothing. One thing about it though is that the shit over here is imploding and the only thing that’s holding it up is the smoke and mirrors that is Wall Street and low wage jobs. But wildfires and hurricanes and flooding is also going to take its toll and with all the other shit that’s going down, the kkkops are eventually not going to be able to handle the shit hitting the fan. It’s coming because there are too many people fucked up beyond hope and that is one reason why you are seeing all of these mass shootings and other fucked up shit. It is going to continue and get worse.

      Moorbey, thanks for posting the link.

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      • No problem. Our panther elders had been telling everyone for 50 years what was going to happen and all cared about that their white privilege was gonna save that ass and the pigs started whipping and killing everybody now the shit is outta control.

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      • Also now the word is that pipe-line protesters will be treated as terrorists. Now that is like trying to call the kettle black.
        This government does not surprise me with anything they do, they have failed to realize they are not that big bad bully any longer

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      • But as you know, when the Klan marches down the street in an attempt to instill fear in Black people, that is not perceived as terrorism. That’s just ‘good ole boys having fun’. When Black people, rightfully and peacefully, protest the murder of one of their own, that’s terrorism when in reality, this entire shithole has gone to the dogs and people are going the fuck off all over this country. Every other day, there is someone taking a gun and shooting up the damn place; 4 here, 10 there, 32 somewhere else. And it is going to continue.

        And no they are “not that big bad bully any longer” because that ship has sailed and no one in the world is taking this shit over here seriously. Amerikkka has already been replaced as ‘top dog’, and other countries are writing this shithole out of existence by demanding that the U.S. military leave their country, by ignoring threats of sanctions and this damn hole has thrown the ‘sanctions’ book at damn near every country, so who is left to even worry about sanctions? This shithole has not much leverage to speak of and is in fact, throwing the sanctions book at China and the Chinese holds over a trillion dollars of U.S. debt. Now, if that isn’t stupidity, I don’t know what is.

        Not to forget, that before too long, what is going to even be left of this shithole since on one coast, there is wildfire after wildfire to the point where the smog is worse than in Beijing and in the Midwest, there is flooding so bad that even those who study charts, graphs and statistics on flooding have had to evacuate due to flooding and their assorted charts and shit went floating down the damn street? And we all know what has been occurring on the East Coast, what with the recent hurricane that’s still causing catastrophic flooding. And there will be more to follow.

        Amerikkka is about to reap what she has sown and the whites don’t like to get better than they give, but that is what is going to happen and it will not happen to a more deserving bunch of depraved sociopaths.

        Moorbey, thank you for your comment.

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      • amerikkka is going to finally get the payback that they so fondly have dished out over the years and i will sit back and laugh for i learned early in my life that is place could and would never be my home.

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      • Moorbey, your comment speaks volumes. Any descendant of slaves in this shithole should feel the same way. This is NOT our home. We were stolen and brought here and no, I will never salute a goddamn thing about this shithole. I will never acknowledge an allegiance to its fucked up flag. I will never stand for its fucked up, racist ass national anthem and like Frederick Douglass, I will not celebrate its so-called ‘Independence’ from Great Britain. Fuck Amerikkka and fuck Great Britain and to hell with ALL the pasty-faced sociopaths who slither and crawl and spread their vileness all across this planet that THEY fucked up!

        I thank you for your comment.

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      • Thanks fam. You are so right this not our home and can never be. listen to the drum beat and it calls us home even tho many say the were born here in amerikkka’s. We are still nothing more than 21st century field N****. Oh yeah i dont use the term nor do like it for i love my Blackness way to much.
        I am a child of Mama Afrika and i don’t care who knows it.


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