A Tale of Two Sexual Assault Cases

Both accused of sexual assault. One received “a pass” which was a “Do NOT go to jail” card for pleading guilty to second-degree felony assault. The other one is in jail. Can you guess which one is in jail?


I just read a story about a judge in Alaska who “gave a pass” to a white man who sexually assaulted an Alaskan native woman.

Judge Gives ‘Pass’ For Man Who Sexually Assaulted Woman

A judge in Alaska is facing backlash after he released a man with no jail time after he pleaded guilty to assaulting a woman. Justin Schneider, from Anchorage, was accused of kidnapping the Alaskan Native woman on August 15, 2017.

The victim said she could not fight him off, he was too heavy and had her down being choked to death,” Sarber wrote. “[The victim] said she lost consciousness, thinking she was going to die.”

Schneider reportedly strangled her until she was unconscious and then masturbated on her, according to court documents. When the victim woke up, he told her that he was not going to kill her, but needed her to believe she would die “so that he could be sexually fulfilled.”

Schneider was charged with four felonies, however a plea deal resulted in no jail time and credit for time served and probation. The prosecutor stated that “he would like the gentleman to be on notice that this is his one pass.”

Not only did this criminal sexually assault his victim, he also kidnapped her since the victim got in Schneider’s vehicle thinking he was going to take her where he said he would, only to be driven to a different location whereas she was choked half to death and sexually assaulted. But the ‘good ole white boyz’ club to the rescue, every time!

Justin Schneider pled guilty to second-degree felony assault and yet, he gets a pass because the woman whom he victimized wasn’t white, she was just like one of the Indians, indigenous to this land and so therefore, is of no account. And now we come to this!

Bill Cosby Going To Prison For More Than Three Years For 2004 Sexual Assault

Black-assed Bill Cosby was on trial for having allegedly sexually assaulted Andrea Constand, a white woman, in 2004. And today, after having been designated a violent sexual predator, Bill Cosby has been sentenced anywhere from 3 to 10 years in prison, by Judge Steven O’Neill in a Norris, PA courthouse. Although his attorneys argued that Cosby is elderly and with multiple health issues, Judge O’Neill dismissed those allegations as “hogwash!” He instead insisted that Cosby was elderly when he committed the offenses and therefore, that is of no consequence.

“No one is above the law,” said Judge O’Neill, “no matter their wealth, fame, celebrity status or even philanthropy. No probation, no limited confinement such as home arrest. This is a court of law and I plan to sentence you under the law.”

Now, let me get this straight. Justin Schneider pled guilty to second-degree felony sexual assault and was given no jail time and was in fact, told by the prosecutor that he was a “gentleman” who was to receive “a pass” for the kidnap and sexual assault of a Native Alaskan woman while Bill Cosby is considered to be a “violent sexual predator” who is NOT ABOVE THE LAW and who will serve 3 to 10 in prison beginning today. There we go! The “violent Black male sexual predator” label AGAIN, whereas Black men are just violently raping white women, here, there and everywhere! They just cannot be contained. They are out-of-control. And so they must be reined in by the most vicious and depraved slugs to ever slither across this planet. Cosby’s white judge did not need to hear any evidence because in his mind as soon as that “violent Black male sexual predator” by the name of Bill Cosby sat before him, he was deemed, guilty as hell of any and all charges as they pertain to being a “violent Black male sexual predator.” “Lock him the fuck up now so that he won’t rape any more of our sweet, innocent, virginal white women who should not have to rub shoulders much less get their ‘hymen’ broken, which they never had in the first damn place, whores, every goddamn one of them, by a vicious, out-of-control, violent, Black male sexual predator! Meanwhile, another judge and prosecutor in Alaska refers to a white man who pled guilty to second-degree felony sexual assault, as a “gentleman!” I just cannot make this shit up. How the hell could Schneider ever be perceived as a “gentleman” since he pled guilty to felonious sexual assault?” Only in the eyes of other depraved, sociopathic deviants, would that be within the realm of human comprehension.

Sexual assault is sexual assault and to blatantly hold one person accountable for their misdeeds while giving “a pass” to another is not dispensing equal justice under the law. That is by definition, hypocrisy in that preferential treatment is distributed to those who look like the judges and prosecutors in courtrooms all across this racist shithole while those who do not look like the majority of judges and prosecutors get the book thrown at them. And to call a kidnapper who pled guilty to sexual assault, a “gentleman” is just too ludicrous for words. Even the governor of Alaska was outraged over this and there have been calls to vote Judge Michael Corey out of office for releasing Schneider from jail.

Judge Michael Corey accepted the plea deal citing the possibility of rehabilitation. “This can never happen again,” Corey reportedly told the defendant.

The judge’s decision, as well as Grannik’s remarks, were criticized as unfair and “obscene.” The sentencing also earned the attention of Alaska’s governor, Bill Walker.

“This gesture by the DA and the judge is absolutely obscene,” Keeley Olson, executive director of Standing Together Against Rape (STAR), told the Anchorage Daily News.

The color of ones skin does indeed, determine what sentence will be handed down and though I couldn’t give a rat’s ass for Bill Cosby, the facts speak for themselves. Whites write the laws to enforce them against those who do not look like them as was the case with Bill Cosby, but was not the case with pasty-assed Justin Schneider. I cannot comprehend that Justin Schneider pled guilty to sexual assault and the prosecutor and judge both decided to give him “a pass” while his victim is traumatized a million times over. She is already a victim of trauma since she has been rated a third class citizen in her own homeland which was stolen from her and her people by the very ones who are still to this very day claiming “No harm, no foul!” over the continued rape and pillage of her and her peoples’ land by the most depraved sloths to ever crawl across this planet.

Bill Cosby, on the other hand, gets no “pass” because he can’t pass for white. And he is alleged to have sexually assaulted a “white” woman, even as most white women throw themselves at men, especially Black men and though white men don’t give a damn for white women because they are too busy trying to fuck men up the ass, those whores still, somehow manage to produce their progeny which is all they need them for. Bill Cosby got himself into this mess by messing around with loathsome whites. He was their favorite comedian; the spokesman for Jello and now his ass is thrown under the bus by them and judged to be a, “a violent sexual predator” by those who are the very last on this planet who should be handing down judgment against anyone!

When judgment day comes for whites, nothing you depraved parasites have handed down to others not of your pasty complexion, will compare to what you will receive and you deserve everything that you are going to get!

9 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Sexual Assault Cases

  1. Double standard is how it works. That’s how it’s always been in Amerikkka culture. It amazes me that so many people still deny this fact. Like the old saying…it’s not justice it’s Just US! Great post Shelby! 👍🏿

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    1. Prince, I don’t know how Black people are to ever receive ‘justice’ when we are being judged by depraved monsters, who are without compassion, empathy and who are not even human. And the Black bitch prosecutor was looking up in the face of Cosby’s accuser as if she was a brick of gold. That coonhead bitch went all the way to Canada to seek out that ugly ass Constand bitch in order to prosecute Cosby so that she could get in good with some prestigious law firm and make a name for herself. I see she hasn’t contacted Harvey Weinstein’s so-called ‘victims’ and vowed to bring his pasty ass to justice.

      I will continue to call out this blatant ‘in our face’ double standard bullshit whenever I see it! Like I said, I don’t give a good goddamn for Bill Cosby because he’d already thrown us under the bus, but the facts are facts and whites are ABOVE the law, while we are locked behind prison walls because we don’t write the laws or enforce them and those bastards will always use their laws against us with extreme prejudice, the contemptible motherfuckers!

      Bill Cosby vs. his Canadian accuser: Whose story will a jury believe?

      One evening, early in 2004, Andrea Constand sipped wine and took pills offered by Bill Cosby in the entertainer’s suburban Philadelphia mansion.

      Why was that pasty-faced bitch in Cosby’s mansion? Was she there to hang wallpaper? Was she there as his cook? Was she there to run errands for him? Was she there as his physical therapist? Hell no! That bitch was there to have a relationship with Cosby for why else was she accepting wine and pills? But now, she didn’t want the wine or the pills. That bitch saw payday and Black men fall for white women’s bullshit every time and so that’s what he gets but I will not sit by while white women pretend that this has everything to do with victims of sexual abuse when it has everything to do with sticking it to a Black man and profiting from it. How those bitches can cry rape, I don’t know because they freely give it up for why else is Donald Trump the president of this shithole after stating that he can “Grab those nasty whores by the pussy any time he wants because of his status?” That’s exactly why this Constand bitch threw herself at Cosby, because of his status and money.

      Prince, thank you for your comment.

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      1. So very true! And the white women were hideous! Some look like men. Cosby could’ve done better than that if you’re going to be with another race. But I feel what you’re saying. I don’t think justice can be found under this current system. It’s blatantly obvious to anyone with eyes. It’s a racist corrupt,hypocritical system! From top to bottom!

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      2. “And the white women were hideous! Some look like men. Cosby could’ve done better than that if you’re going to be with another race.”

        LMAO! That is SO fucking true, it shouldn’t be funny, but it is. I took one look at that Constandt bitch and I was like, “Really Cosby, that was the best that you could do?” He would have been better off masturbating to a porn video. I was trying to see if the bitch had an Adam’s apple, it’s so damn ugly! Hell! Cosby is as bad as my son. But my son likes his pasty-faced bitches to resemble actual cows in size. When they fucking walk, the earth trembles. I think some Black men need to have their heads examined because they are clearly on some “I’m retarded time.”

        And no, we will NEVER receive ‘justice’ for how can we with the shit that’s ‘The Law’? We cannot. And so when Black men fuck with that white shit, they are going to eventually get just what Cosby and my son have both gotten; locked up. Those pasty-faced cows that my son slithers up to gets him arrested for just looking cross-eyed at them and when he gets out, for ‘trespassing’, he promptly goes back for more. Well, Cosby can see if one of his white female CO’s will cozy up to him in prison. If he’s now blind, it won’t matter what the thing looks like, although that has obviously never been a problem for him before.

        Prince, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. That’s the only better thing that WM are able to do,harass and sexual assault women of colour!
    I am not surprise at all,they did this shit in the past and they are still doing today,it didn’t change anything the same shit and depraved mindset!
    There is this WM in my workplace,yesterday he was keeping give the pats on my back,I know this man he is drag addict and alcoholic what they can do the best,be depraved and molesters!
    I am happy that the finally I will leave this job,because one day I will punch this man!
    I don’t understand who give to WM the credit to touch and harass BW bodies?
    Yeah of course,because We are the Jezebel,who can’t control our sexual appetite that what
    they said and say about us!
    When I see some these BW who are in relationship with these molester beasts WM,I don’t have respect for these women,they are the reason and cause why these WM think to have title on our bodies!
    I do believe that they don’t even realise how depraved and deviants they are,because they never have self conscious!
    For me WM are bunch of coward pussy who can’t control their depravity!


    1. Well qnubian, there have been so many white men who have been accused of sexually assaulting women, I can’t even keep up and yet, the first man to get thrown into prison is a Black man. Go figure! Every white whore in Hollywood has crawled out of the woodwork accusing practically every man they’ve ever starred in a movie or a television show with and even the producers, directors and the fucking ‘sound’ guy of sexually assaulting them. But in this world where whites are the minority but for some strange ass reason, write and enforce the rules against the majority, those of us in that majority will always come out the worst for wear.

      I am so glad to hear that you will shortly be leaving that job because it seems to be a very nasty situation you find yourself in. And what is also most unfortunate for you is the fact that since he is white, if you were to turn his ass in for molesting you, you’d most likely not be believed for the very reasons you’ve pointed out.

      Take care of yourself nubian and thank you for your comment.

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