“Mr. Cosby languishes in jail, right next to “the kid who stole the Coca-Cola and pound cake”. The kid who stole the treats, and Mr. Cosby are now housed in the same facility, both with numbers to identify them rather than names, both equally victimized by the system of racism/white supremacy. Let this be a lesson to all who are classified as Black, who think that they have carved out a space as an “other” in the system of racism/white supremacy. There are no “others”. And although you may play a different role within your victimization than other Black people, you are still a victim nonetheless. The point has been made, and with the case, has yet again been driven home with force.”




Let this be a lesson to ALL descendants of slaves in AmeriKKKa. It matters not if you are the poorest person in ‘Da Hood’ or you have amassed a fortune as was the case with Bill Cosby, you can end up in the same criminal (IN)justice system because none of us has any power. That has been solely reserved for “The White Man!”

There have been multiple ‘white’ women who have come forward and accused multiple ‘white’ men of sexual abuse and rape and yet not one of them has been prosecuted and sent to prison. Why is Harvey Weinstein not in prison? Why is Donald Trump not in prison? Why is Roman Polanski, Brock Turner and a multitude of others not cooling their heels behind bars? Because they are WHITE! The laws they put on the books are to be used against us, not them.

So Black folks, keep thinking that just because the white man allows you to make a bit more money than you had before you made it out of the hood that they can’t or won’t smack your ass into a jail cell because Bill Cosby can tell you otherwise.

And if Bill Cosby had as much money as he is purported to have, the very least he could have done was transfer his wealth and haul ass to a country with no extradition treaty with the U.S. Hell! Others have done it. Some have even vanished without a trace, but Cosby must have been the ‘trust the white man to do the right thing’ type and look where it got him, inmate no. NN7687. That stands for ‘Next N****r7687’. Because to whites, that is ALL we will ever be! And do I feel sorry for him? Hell no! But at the same time, justice, the white man claims, is ‘blind’. Get real! You will find “Jus US” inside jails and prison hells all across this hellhole called, AmeriKKKa!

Great post Brother Osei 21CRM! A most excellent breakdown and a great read!

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