Still Dreaming of Racial Justice in St Louis’ Black Neighborhoods

“Still Dreaming of Racial Justice in St Louis’ Black Neighborhoods”

Hell if we are! We don’t have time to dream! We are at war! And the guy in the video speaks truth throughout the entire video. We are not stupid. We are just Black in a country we were dragged to by racists who are just like their ancestors. How fucked up is that? Watch the video and you’ll get a clue!

The Most Revolutionary Act

Black Lives: Struggle, Still Dreaming of Racial Justice in St Louis’ Black Neighborhoods

RT (2018)

Film Review

This RT documentary provides a brief glimpse into the lives of Ferguson residents since the murder of Michael Brown in 2015. It highlights the extreme poverty, homelessness, absence of services or jobs (in contrast to white St Louis) and the staggering number of abandoned homes. Reportedly St Louis has the highest proportion of abandoned homes of any US city.

The documentary also highlights a half dozen activists who are organizing to improve conditions in the African American community. Some have begun arming themselves in self-defense. In addition to harassment and arbitrary shootings by St Louis cops, a growing number of African American men (activists especially) are being targeted by the KKK and other white supremacist groups. Few of these homicides are investigated or prosecuted by police, resulting in a mounting number of unsolved…

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2 thoughts on “Still Dreaming of Racial Justice in St Louis’ Black Neighborhoods

  1. I’m really honored that you reblogged this post, Shelby. One thing i really liked about this documentary is the way they allowed residents to present their own analysis instead of using a narrator. I found it really ironic to contrast the people interviewed here to Trump supporters – especially in their ability to understand and coherently articulate what’s really happening in the US. The filmmakers state this is just the first film in a series. I’ve been searching for the others but can’t find them. Either they haven’t been produced yet or not released to YouTube for copyright reasons. I hate to think they might have been censored.

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    1. Dr. Bramhall, I am so sorry to be so late in responding to your comment, however, WordPress at it again! Your comment was consigned to the “trash bin.” I am so fucking tired of WordPress’s shit!

      The honor was ALL mine and I sincerely hope that the other videos have not been censored, but they damn sure may have been what with the current political climate in this shithole And you are so right in that the people interviewed weren’t on some “stupid ass time.” They know what’s what. Black people can articulate extremely well just what the fuck our plight is. I’m Black and I articulate extremely well on this blog just what our plight is, but the sad fact of the matter is that those redneck, racist Klan members are the only ones who get on national news screaming and yelling about “white power!” and some more stupid ass shit. Don’t no whites want to hear from us because we are the victims of racist, nasty, filthy, vile and depraved parasitic white asses. That is why we are fucking segregated from them because they cannot stand the fact that we are testament to the fact that they are the most vile motherfuckers to ever slither across this planet since they know why we are here and yet want to blame us for their ancestors having dragged ours here.

      I am fucking tired of their fucked up ass ways and that is why this blog has gotten more to the point and fuck those motherfuckers than I ever was when I started it. And I shall continue in this vein.

      I thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall and for posting the video on your site. It was hard to look at because I see this going down every single goddamn day.


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