We The People Are the Real Problem Yet WE NEVER ADMIT IT — The Most Revolutionary Act

Originally posted on Highly Likely News: Happy people buying online everything under the sun. We may be lacking money, earning a crust, even got a few dollars yet all the time day and night we feed one man’s pockets with our hard earned income. We give it away without, most times, asking a question. Perhaps…

via We The People Are the Real Problem Yet WE NEVER ADMIT IT — The Most

Revolutionary Act


Yes indeed, WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE PROBLEM and so sit your fat, lazy ass down and shut the fuck up about how we need to stop corporations like Amazon and Apple in their tracks by doing fuck all about it because YOU are the problem. If you have bought ANY goddamn thing from Amazon, then you need to shut the fuck up already because don’t nobody need to hear from a goddamn hypocrite who says one thing and does another. And I don’t give a damn who is guilty of this because nine times out of ten, everyone reading this has bought something from Jeff Bezos and so contributed to the exploitation of his worker drones who are pissing in containers to get your plastic shit to your doorstep, quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry so that you can do what with it? Get even more fat, lazy and stupid because you’ve got Alexa to turn your lights on and off, to open your goddamn door, to turn on your TV and do everything for your stupid ass besides put your kids to bed and depending on how rich you are, some other poor schmuck is even doing that. I, on the other hand can speak loudly against YOU and this fucked up shit because Bezos and that fucked up ass Amazon of his has gotten not a goddamn plug nickel out of me and they won’t. I would rather walk around butt ass naked, and I probably will, before I would ever order a goddamn thing from Amazon because unlike most, I practice what I preach. I don’t even have a flip phone, much less a ‘smartphone’ and just what the hell is that? Because your brain is what you should be using to tell you that something called a ‘smartphone’ is not a good thing. And then you sit somewhere moaning because Facebook has sold your data or there’s been a breach when you paid for something via your smartphone when you have only yourselves to blame for that shit!

People have shit for brains these days when they can turn over every aspect of their lives to technology and then wonder why there is no clean water, no clean air and no decent food to eat. Look up from those goddamn phones and see where we are headed! But in all actuality, this is too little, too late because we have already passed the point of no return. In a few years, Bezos will have replaced his “pissing in container worker bees” with robots and robotic cars will be delivering your toxic plastic shit to your door or to your tent because even though most of us will be located in a tent city by then, we will still be somewhere looking for a Wi-Fi signal so that we can cuss somebody out on Facebook and order another ear bud set from Amazon with some Government Temporary Assistance For Needy Dumbasses Funds that’s going to soon run out because after that orange-colored asshole that’s in the Oval Office vacates it, another one just as bad will take his fucking place. You clueless shits cannot even see what’s coming 5 years down the road because you live for today and think that tomorrow will take care of itself. Yeah! Good fucking luck with that!

2 thoughts on “We The People Are the Real Problem Yet WE NEVER ADMIT IT — The Most Revolutionary Act

    1. Ever the optimistic one you are Dr. Bramhall. I posted it because these days, I have an unholy rage that needs an outlet. This is it!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall, but we cannot change the mindless, hypnotized drones that willingly were assimilated and became part of “The Collective.” We have no more free thinkers or ‘non-conformists’, just conformists.


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