“There is a man who calls into several counter-racist “pro-Black” radio shows who has been dubbed by fellow listeners as “Extermination Man”. With every one of his calls, he takes the entire time to warn Black people that extermination is coming, and that Black people need to flee from America ASAP. While the “Extermination Man” gets on his soapbox, usually the hosts or other callers continuously either deride him, or at best patronize him, like a person who had had too much to drink or is perhaps mentally ill. “




The ‘white’ man has sought nothing but our total annihilation from day one and it continues to this day. But as dark as our days and nights are thanks to the ‘white’ man, and though it may seem as though he is undefeatable, don’t believe that for a minute. The ‘white’ man’s sense of superiority will be the cause of his demise for the one thing that he cannot withstand is the ray’s of the sun and through his arrogance and conceit, there is hardly any ozone layer left to protect his pasty ass from burning to a crisp. And that is why through TV ads, movies, and by virtue of magazines and every media outlet, the ‘white’ man is pairing Black women with them. Of course, this is nothing new since this was going on in the days when our ancestors were being dragged to Amerikkka to serve as slaves, but nevertheless, the white man is ramping that ‘swirl’ shit up to no end and sadly, many Black women are falling for it. Our Black men are already lost because they have been throwing themselves at white women for decades. So they are a given, but Black women were not so quick to follow in their footsteps and take a ‘white’ man to their bed. If you have not done so, now is not the time to start. If a ‘white’ man is coming towards you, don’t think he has your best interest at heart. He doesn’t have a heart! He has only your annihilation on his mind and you had better believe it!

And for the Black man who is with one of those pasty-faced whites of the so-called ‘female’ of their species, you have no idea what you are doing because if you even look cross-eyed at that pasty bitch, you’re going to jail and you should damn well know this! They hold the ‘trump’ card on your ass and they are completely aware of this. Mess with those dogs and getting fleas from them will be the least of your worries.


  1. For every Black man that dates, marries and love the daughters of the slavemaster and the daughters of those who benefitted from the slave institution and the laws and policies that came into being after the abolishment of slavery. The following question(s) should be asked as it pertain to the laws which allowed interracial contact(Blackmen/White women) to occurr without the imstant threat of castration or death to the Blackman who would participate in such acts. The question to white people should be : When did you stop lying and started telling the truth? Were you telling/acting on the truth when you murdered Emmitt Till for violating the sanctity of the white woman for suppositly whistling at her or the Blacktowns burned to ground on the word of the whitewoman. Today it is legal to walk down the street sweethearting with her without the eminent threat of death. However the question remains were they lying as relates to the whitewoman when they were castrating, jailing and straightout lymching the Blackman on the word of any white person(sounds familiar) or are they lying now by encouraging us the mate and create with same woman who had the power in her tongue to cause your ruin both financial and physical.

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    1. Excellent comment Yele66! The answers to your questions are, “They were lying!” They are still lying!”

      White women even now will call the kkkops on a Black man just because and his Black ass gets fucked up by the slave patrols who then take him straight to jail on some trumped up charges. But you see, I don’t feel sorry for them when this happens. In fact, I hope it continues because they are getting just what they deserve since there is no way in hell that whites have changed to any degree at all since our slave ancestors were forced to lie with them.

      That white bitch that accused Emmett Till of whistling at her or some such nonsense has since stated that SHE LIED! Yeah! I am SO fucking shocked and PLEASE note the sarcasm over being shocked. A white woman, lying? Hell! That’s all those parasitic she devils do and for Black people to take up with their sworn enemy whose sole lot in life is to amass a fortune and murder Black people is just too damn ludicrous for words. Whites can’t love. They have no comprehension of what that word even means. Those debased creatures don’t even ‘love’ their own kids since their definition of ‘love’ is to shower them with everything money can buy and then seem quite perplexed when they find their kids hanging from the fucking rafters.

      “It was the lynching that outraged African Americans, spurred the civil rights movement and etched the victim’s name in history: Emmett Till.

      The 14-year-old Chicagoan was visiting relatives in the cotton country of the Mississippi delta on 24 August 1955 when he allegedly wolf-whistled at a white woman.

      Three days later his body was found in the Tallahatchie river. Till had a bullet hole in the head, an eye gouged out and other wounds. The murderers had wrapped barbed wire around his neck and weighted him down with a cotton gin fan.

      It was a ghastly crime that changed the United States but the woman at the center of it, Carolyn Bryant, long remained an enigma.

      A few weeks after the murder, the then 21-year-old testified in court that Till had grabbed and verbally harassed her in a grocery store. “I was just scared to death,” she said.

      The all-white jury cleared her husband Roy Bryant and his half-brother JW Milam of the crime. They later publicly admitted their guilt, saying they wanted to warn other blacks. Carolyn Bryant disappeared from public view.

      Now, 62 years later, it has emerged that she fabricated her testimony about Till making physical and verbal advances.

      “That part’s not true,” Bryant told Timothy Tyson, the author of a new book, The Blood of Emmett Till.”

      So , as you can see, that filthy, depraved, parasitic, white bitch lied on that poor Black child that resulted in him being brutalized and murdered in one of the most horrifying ways possible and those parasites that did that to him never saw a day in jail even after they admitted to committing the crime. And yet Black people can lie down with vicious, depraved, soulless filth like that and claim that it “loves them?” Like fucking hell! Northing that evil can ever be synonymous with love. It is just not possible, AT ALL!

      And so what went down in the past is still going down today and those Black men who lie down with those dogs are going to get more than they bargained for and none of it is going to be good! The same applies to Black women who lie down with white men and I have lost Black ‘followers’ who are married to that putrid, parasitic filth and they didn’t appreciate what I say about their ‘other half’. To hell with them! They think they’ve got something because a filthy white assed parasite is cozying up to them at night depositing all kinds of sludge inside them and they hate me for saying so? Again, fuck ’em; the no good sell-outs!

      Yele66, I thank you for that spot on comment!

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  2. Shelby, it’s my personal view that the so-called white race has the lowest odds of survival of them all – mainly because the bald white men who rule the planet are so damned self-destructive. I must admit that the survival of people who look like me is of absolutely no importance to me. I think it would be nice if some vestige of humanity survived the coming cataclysm but I honestly can’t see that it makes any difference what they look like. And from what I see, brown people have better survival instincts.

    My main objection to genocide is that the process causes immense human suffering on the personal level – something the powers that be seem oblivious to.

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    1. Wow! Another excellent comment. Dr. Bramhall, I long for the total destruction of whites on this planet. It is my deepest desire that this planet burns the shit out of whites to the point where they are little crisps on the sidewalk that I can crunch underneath my feet. I long for this to happen with every fiber of my being because if not for whites, this planet would not be in the dire shape that it is in. Entire species of human, animal and plant life have been wiped out of existence and this was caused by the white ‘man’ who is a creature so debased, he should not have been allowed to live. Parasites are to be annihilated, not given free reign over ALL of earth’s peoples, plants and animals and this is why what is going down is going down.

      And those demonic shits know that there is no heavenly paradise awaiting their vicious, depraved asses. They know that this is IT for them and that is why they are making damn sure that they enjoy the ‘good’ life here while also making sure that people and animals suffer because that is how they get their jollies off. Because if riches and power meant anything to them, you’d think they’d be content, but they are not. They get more satisfaction from seeing others suffer and die than any amount of riches bring them. How fucked up is that? It’s more fucked up than even I can imagine. You are right, so many people are suffering at the hands of these depraved lunatics and I can only hope that something can stop them before ALL is lost.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for a most excellent comment.


  3. Here in the UK the IR marriage is on high rate,people here are just breeding out EXISTENCE so fast that they don’t want realise or have knowledge that is only an agenda against to us!
    Is better you don’t come here,because you will feel sick in the stomach,the way black people are engage with wp is so sad!
    The reason because people are falling in this trap so easy without thinking about the consequence it’s because the the Europeans the cousins of the Americans,they are less see racist than their Yankees racist brothers and also people here don’t feel so oppressive!
    It’s funny because the English were the first of so many who engaged in trade slaves and the so-called British empire what hell it was?
    I don’t want to understand anymore black people who engage in this mass suicide act,because is their personal choice and decision,I do believe that when you follow that path you can’t go back and fix the things!
    Mulattoes have been the prof that they have been the first cause of the destruction of all black civilisation,
    wp have always used them as weapon against to the original people!
    Because when I see the products of these unions how confuse,insane,and deep self-hatred they are,
    I just want to stay as much I can far away from them,I don’t want to get involve it!
    The history repeat again always and always but people just don’t want to understand and learn!
    Great post Shelby!

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    1. Thank you for the compliment on this one qnubian and you make an excellent point also in that once those Black people lie down with those dogs, there is no getting back up and continuing as though nothing fucked up has happened. And usually, the results of interracial mixing; the mutts, that is, they side with the whites, if the whites will have them. They don’t like to even identify as Black if they don’t have to. That suits me just fine because I would not trust them far as I could throw them.

      And there have been many of us who have established the fact that there is nowhere to go to get away from those debased creatures that are pasty-assed because they are every damn where. They have managed to slither and crawl all across this planet leaving their mark and it is always fucked up. The people are fucked up by them. The land the people had is taken away from them and the damage that is done to the environment is causing the demise of us ALL. And it was ALL put into play by the most dangerous motherfuckers to ever exist and they cannot be wiped out soon enough to suit me and they need to be wiped out if the rest of us are to survive. Their death would benefit this world. Their death would most definitely not be a minus for all humans on this planet because ‘whites’ are not human. They are the parasites that feed on a host and we have been that host. They exploit us and give nothing in return. They have got to go!

      qnubian, once again, I thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated!

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      1. You know Shelby I can understand 100% your anger about the Black “followers” who don’t follower you anymore or they think you are crazy,and you are talking with no sense just because you are a conscious BW and who speak with the true,you know very well how this racist system is working against to us!
        Most of us don’t want to face the reality,ignore the harsh true because they don’t to deal with racism and racist people but they are in the bed with them!
        A friend of mine,I don’t know if we are still friend or not,me and her we are completely different people who think and believe in different way!
        I don’t like her personal choice and especially the type of man she decided to have family and kids,her partner is an Italian man,one the most racist people on this Planet that I had the misfortune to meet them in my life!
        My friend she has been adopted by one Italian couple and I believe that reason she did all this stuff because she is white identity!
        I had conversation with her,I always told her what I think about wp and their sick behaviour they have to us,the fact we didn’t do anything wrong in our life to deserve all this hatred, just because we are only guilty to be born with dark or brown skin!
        When my friend was pregnant with her son,she told me that one day her 4 years old daughter when she came back from nursery school,she told her mother “Mommy,I don’t want to have a black brother!”.
        I wasn’t surprise or shock,I can expect when you are the only coloured kid among all white kids what you can expect?
        Also she told me how when she was at the market with her daughter,she had touched a WW with her buggy,and this Italian WW she used the N-word against to her!
        She doesn’t realise the dangerous situation her children they are,she doesn’t realise how coon she is?
        Why some of us think we have power to change wp? Why they don’t realise that no more than 60 years ago IR marriage was still illegal? In the books IR marriage still illegal why we don’t think about it?
        They were killing people who were dare to be IR,and they killed innocent BM just because of false case of She thinks that I am crazy,and I am talking with no sense! For her no all of them are racist,she said that there are some good wp,and her in-laws,despite she is a BW they love her!
        She refuses to understand that for wp if you are coon,self-hatred,you don’t have no any self conscious and respect for yourself,and you like their culture,they don’t have any issue with that because they don’t fear a coons and you are under their shoes!
        They are master of deceive and confusion


      2. I despise Black people who enter into relationships with whites. I am not even speaking to my own son because he will have nothing to do with ANY Black woman and they should have nothing to do with him because his feet smell so bad, my own mother makes him take his shoes AND socks off at her BACK door before setting foot inside her house, his mouth is a disaster area and he walks around looking homeless and the only THINGS that will look at him twice and lay up with him are pasty-faced white cows. Those parasitic creatures would lie down with a snake if it had some damn money to buy them another Whopper or buy them some smokes and some beer. All my son has to do is take those pasty-faced cows out to McDonald’s and he gets some nasty action with those whores to the point where he has not one, but two of those mixed race mutts crawling around. I have not seen one and I am not speaking to the other one. They are no kin to me.

        Someone who did research on our family tree said that we had Italians in our family and unfortunately, my great grandfather looks like he could have been Italian. I don’t know but I do know that Italians are racist. And I’d never go to Italy for a goddamn thing. What’s that shit over there got to do with me? Not a goddamn thing!

        And the sad fact of the matter is that whites have Black folks hating on themselves because of how whites treat Blacks. I am not self-hating. They will never have me doing that, but unfortunately, far too many Black people are doing just that. Some are even attempting to lighten their skin using skin bleaching creams and lotions. That is beyond absurd! When on the other hand, whites are somewhere burning themselves to a crisp and into a melanoma diagnosis to ‘darken’ their skin. But would they want OUR kind of dark? Hell no! They only want the kind that you can spray on, lie on the beach and get or slide into a tanning bed to receive.

        But hopefully, there’ll be far less of them for us to worry about because over here in Amerikkka, the hurricanes and floods are destroying whites and their property. And also wildfires are so prevalent, that much of their shit has burned to the ground in multiple states. I just read that in Mexico Beach, Florida, home to really nice WHITE OWNED homes, they are gone, gone, gone along with their boats AND the fucking dock where sat their fucking boats. GOOD, FUCKING GOOD! And the shit is going to continue to get GONE, GONE, GONE! Good riddance to them and their shit! And I am going outside and perform yet another HURRICANE dance to see if I can’t help drum up another hurricane to remove even more of their pasty-asses and their shit and sweep their asses along with their shit out to sea, hopefully never to be seen or heard from again! I am SO fucking glad their shit is fucked up and floating, you have no idea!

        qnubian, thanks for another great comment!

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