Kanye Isn’t the Only Black Man Sucking up to White Supremacy

“If you had everything in the world to say about how evil Cosby is, how much he deserves to die after his prison term and how rape culture is such a big issue but you’re quiet as a mouse pissing on cotton when it comes to the scores of black men in prison who get raped repeatedly, year after year, only to have every politician on every level government not say a peep about it, I see NO difference between you and the man who sat in that chair in the oval office and disgraced every person who has stood up to white supremacy. “



Excellent post! This entire read is on point!

Speaking for myself, I have never listened to a damn thing Kanye West has ever had to say, rap or even mumble. Anything that could stoop low enough to ‘marry’ anyone of those nasty ass Kardashians has got to be worthless to begin with. And that coonhead sellout, Kanye West is most definitely worthless despite what his net worth may be. I don’t give a damn for that.

Never would I sit up and play the coon to the point that he did and for what? A pat on his fucking head by those who consider themselves to be ‘superior’ to Black people when in reality, they are nothing more than a pasty-assed parasite. Whites are without compassion, empathy and humanity. Those parasites are welcome to Kanye since he is most definitely a house slave. He has the mindset of one. Whites love to see him play the coon for them and give him enough rope to try and hang us all while those who are truly out in the trenches battling against those parasites are to be silenced since dissent they want to put in check. As long as I live, I will continue to put it out there just who our enemy is and that only by the complete annihilation of that enemy, will we thrive. As long as one pasty-faced parasite still slithers among us, we are not free and with every fiber of my being, I hope that one day, the white parasite no longer slithers on this planet. It is OUR home, not theirs! To hell with Kanye West and to hell with the parasites he slithers up to. I don’t make excuses for anyone or anything and that includes Kanye West and those pasty-faced parasites he so loves.

The Eye Wall

Before I begin delving into the topic at hand, firstly, Family, please allow me to address my disdain for the lazy assessment the majority that the black folks I’ve spoken with knee-jerkingly blurt out as the reasoning behind yeezy’s past and most current zany antics.  Black people, can we please, please, please stop chalking every gut-churning public display of low-life sellout-ism vilely propped up front-and-center, spewed out from the so-called “black” public figures we should’ve exiled from all conversation and thought engaged in amongst black people, to mental illness.

Because let me ask, what mental illness causes someone to so willingly become an outspoken advocate, directly to very the commander in thief himself, for the upholding of racist policies and/or inaction in the way of reversing unjust legislation that is directed towards the detriment of the very people from whom they descended?

As far as a know, there’re no known…

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6 thoughts on “Kanye Isn’t the Only Black Man Sucking up to White Supremacy

  1. Koonye pest is nothing but a soulless, white flesh loving, puppet. Who wants to remove amendment 13 the one that ended slavery, because he believes slavery is a choice our ancestors made, to be put in such dire conditions, of their own free will. I hope he dies the most painful death possible, and ends up in the worst of the worst parts of hell.

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    • Mary, I am in complete agreement with you. “Koonye pest” as you refer to him is just trolling for publicity and it is quite obvious that any publicity is better than none. Whites love to sit back and watch Black people play the fool. In fact, that is what many in Hollywood are paid for, to act the fool. And Kanye West is giving white audiences more than their money’s worth in playing the fool and this is why he was allowed to ramble on and on and on because he is the Black joke that just keeps on giving whites what they relish seeing.

      He is also dangerous given the current climate we Black folks find ourselves in, what with a blatant and outspoken proponent of ‘white supremacy’, racism, prejudice and bigotry holding court in the Oval Office, emboldening his fellow white sheet, hood sporting haters to new depths of depravity, West’s performance only adds fuel to the flames of torches held in the hands of those who have long sought our annihilation. The 13th Amendment is indeed, a tenuous one for it did not actually end slavery, it simply morphed slavery into what we see today, millions of Black men and women locked behind prison walls slaving away for the white man, continuously being raped, sodomized, brutalized and murdered, just like what our ancestors endured hundreds of years ago when the first slave boats came ashore.

      Whites have long since tried to obliterate the fact of slavery and have gone so far as to re-write history books to state that Africans immigrated to America alongside the Irish and other immigrants to work good paying jobs. McGraw-Hill textbook publishers actually published this and a mother who saw this in her child’s book raised such a hue and cry, McGraw-Hill had to recall all textbooks and remove that mess. In many textbooks, you will find no mention of slavery as though it never existed, as though our ancestors were never here and we just simply appeared out of nowhere. We are the most hated group of people in America and we are here through no fault of our own, but because whites are depraved, corrupt, criminal, blood thirsty, parasites, they seek to destroy us for something their depraved ancestors put in play for we would not be here if their ancestors had not been some of the most lazy ass, good for nothing barbarians to ever have slithered and crawled all across this planet, kidnapping, enslaving, torturing and murdering other peoples ALL while stealing their lands.

      The only thing a filthy, depraved white parasite can do for me is drop dead and Kanye West can do likewise.

      Mary, I thank you for that spot on comment.

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  2. Shelby,

    Thank you for getting the world out fam. He is, in no way, an anomaly. A lot of people who follow me on my social media sites don’t realize how dangerous people like him are. I just posted an article on my page about black people and other non-white people who are joining white supremacists groups and taking up arms alongside them (https://goo.gl/h1ZRWY). These are the type of individuals who’re of his same ilk.

    That is why we gotta cut folks like him, even friends and family, early. My line has been drawn in the sand when it comes to addressing and dealing with this system we live under.

    Thank you for bringing truth to power like you continuously do so on a regular basis.

    And, thank you to all who commented. I’m humbled.

    One Love,

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    • T.S.P., this is the least that I can do. I wish that I could do more and I am sure that those who come here wish the same. Too many of us have lost our minds if we think that by joining those groups, we are accepted into the ‘white supremacy’ fold. That is utter rot! And those folks who do so are going to die to regret it. There’s not enough gold or money on this planet to get me to deny the truth in that whites are our mortal enemy; each and every one of them for if not, they would have denounced the shit that their relatives do, but they don’t. They know who the racist kkkops are. They know who the racist COs are in prison hells all across this shithole. They know who makes up the Klan and by their deafening silence, they give complicit consent to what they do to us. And so that makes ALL of them guilty as hell! Not one is our friend and I refuse to pretend to believe that that’s not true. I know the score and every Black person on this planet should know it as well.

      T.S.P, I thank you for your comment and for ALL you do to continue to get the word out. Some of us are paying attention. I just wish ALL of us were.


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