Lee Daniels new film….PIMP(Interracial Lesbian Propaganda) — Kushite Kingdom

“The film is coming out November 9,2018.  Be sure to NOT support this film!  Do not give these sick bastards one red cent! Let me know your thoughts on propaganda films of this nature.” – Kushite Prince

Looks like Director Lee Daniels is at it again. Hollywood’s favorite black homosexual director is back with a new film. The man who made black servitude look good(The Butler) and made black degeneracy look artsy(Precious,Empire). He also has a show called Star on FOX. A show that promotes homosexuals,interracial sex, transgenders and cross-dressers. I’ve watched […]

via Lee Daniels new film….PIMP(Interracial Lesbian Propaganda) — Kushite Kingdom


MY take!

Okay, so let me get this straight, it was ALL good when millions of Black people got up in dashikis and African head wraps and went to see a movie about some fictional kingdom in Africa where dwelled The Black Panther. It was “Wakanda Forever” and deemed a great movie because it had an almost all Black cast, came out in February and eclipsed ALL the true Black heroes who had fought against white supremacy their entire lives and who are either dead or behind bars. But now that some gay/lesbian/transgender shit is hitting the big screen in November, we are to boycott that mess. Selective boycotting, anyone?

Well, I was calling for a boycott back when “Wakanda Forever” starring the Black Panther was about to head to theaters everywhere and I was shouted down because the only descendant of African slaves was portrayed as the most heinous shit walking and so how was that beneficial to see what supposedly represented us get murdered for being ‘allegedly’ too vile to live? Killmonger, or whatever his name, was the only one portrayed as a descendant of slaves and look how vile they made his character out to be. I admit, I did not see the movie. I’ve only read about it to the point where I may as well have watched it because you could not escape everyone and his mother writing reviews of that movie.

But now that sweet little Keke Palmer, all grown up now, who I believe got her start in a Tyler Perry movie has turned gangsta ghetto lesbo pimp queen, we are now to boycott. If we are to make a difference, we need to continuously boycott and not just when something makes an individual pissed off because of a certain content. We cannot sustain a movement and bring about change if we are just going to pick and choose what we boycott. That is not how it works. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Either we boycott ALL the shit or we pay our money and watch ALL the shit.

I have never paid a dime to see any of this lame shit’s films. Why would I pay good money to watch Forest Whittaker ask white men if he can remove their damn jacket in “The Butler?” I have never tuned into “Empire” and I hear that’s loaded with homosexuals carrying on with that sickening behavior and I’m damn sure as hell not watching “Star” which I’m sure Queen Latifah has no problem starring in since she finally admitted what everyone already knew in that she is as lesbian as a summer’s day is long. All those Hollywood shits are down with that gay mess. They know what time it is. Either get with the program or get out. And I bet people watch shit with Wanda Sykes in it and she’s married to some white French woman and they have a baby. How is that even possible since two women cannot a baby make?

And quite obviously, Black folks are not sick and tired of seeing this gay shit because if they were, these types of shows showcasing that gay mess would not continuously be in our face! As long as Black folks are willing to sell their soul to the white devil for riches and fame, there will be those who have no problem starring in movies and TV shows that embrace homosexuality in all its forms. They ALL need to be boycotted, but we won’t do it. Apparently, too many like what they see. But you had damn well better believe that that ain’t me.

4 thoughts on “Lee Daniels new film….PIMP(Interracial Lesbian Propaganda) — Kushite Kingdom

  1. Oh hell, I thought we were done with Lee Daniels but I guess as long as you’re willing to take part in the agenda of pushing homosexuality and black disfunctionality, then the fake Jews in Hollywood will make sure you have ample work.

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    1. Cory, your comment is right on time! Also, welcome and thank you! Black people were never as down with homosexuality as whites have ALWAYS been. Hell! Those debased creatures wrote the book on abominations performed in the bedroom or in the barn or stable. They’d lie down with a whale if it’d have them. I don’t know what’s wrong with Black folks these days, attempting to emulate the ways of the most depraved parasites to ever slither and crawl all across this godforsaken planet that they have damn near destroyed for ALL of us. The last shits I’d ever emulate are those pasty-assed diseased reptilian beasts. Those leeches are by definition loathsome, corrupt, criminal, vile, despicable, inhuman and demonic. So what’s there to appreciate about that? Not a damn thing and for Black folks to lie down with the likes of those monstrosities is beyond the end of enough when ALL they seek is our annihilation. And you’d never find me heading to Hollywood because I know what I’d have to do to make it and I’d rather die broke than lose all sense of self-respect and decency. It ain’t fucking worth it!

      Cory, again, I thank you for your comment. It is most appreciated.


      1. No problem. I will continue to come to your page as long as you keep writing this fire! At this point we all know that the white man is the devil that the Bible speaks of. But my people disappoint me because we have no code. Under the Obama administration, gay became the new black. Literally, black people became the face for homosexuality and other sexual deviance. Even if we didn’t agree with it, if massa offered up some butter biscuits then we were quick to jump on the “coon train” and sell out the integrity of ourselves and our people.

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      2. Your comment should be on a billboard. It should be in Times Square. It should be on every movie screen BEFORE and AFTER every movie because it is so true, it ain’t even funny! Obama was an evil the Black man/woman did NOT need. And because he had a dark complexion, Black people continuously gave him the benefit of the doubt even as he threw us under the bus while parading the gay agenda to the front and center as he even lighted the White House up in ‘gay pride’ colors. Those gays have made me even hate to see a rainbow because they have co-opted the rainbow colors for their own. Black people will jump on ANY bandwagon because we are the ONLY group of people who will accept our enemy with arms opened wide. Whites refuse to even speak to their relatives who lie down with Black people and produce half breeds. But we welcome that mess right into the fold. And they hate us. My own son has two half breeds and the oldest will not even acknowledge her Black relatives. Those demonic monsters side with their ‘white’ half. They don’t even want to be considered ‘Black’.

        And you are SO right, many Black people have “sold out their integrity’ for ’30 pieces of silver’. They have no self-respect and play the coon all day and all night so long as they can continue to earn more “pieces of silver” from racist white shits!

        Again, I thank you for another spot on comment!


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