I just had to reblog this because those who put together a documentary film labeled, “Race War” cannot themselves figure out what to do about the plight of descendants of slaves who are on the receiving end of a system of ‘white supremacy’.

“It also attempts to speak on solutions and strategies that Black people can employ in order to survive and win the war being waged upon us, as well as the long-term outlook for Black people. This section in my view illustrates how much trouble Black people are in, as there was almost no uniformity amongst the suggestions that the Black contributors offered, which indicates a lack of a focused agenda and a code under which Black people can coalesce. All in all, I thought this was an excellent documentary, and well worth the time and energy to watch.”



MY take!

I am struck by “there was almost no uniformity amongst the suggestions that Black contributors offered,” when speaking of “solutions and strategies that Black people can employ in order to survive and win the war being waged upon us, as well as the long-term outlook for Black people.” That is what we NEED, solutions and strategies because what has been done thus far, has not worked, at ALL! All the marching, protesting, hands raised in the air, screaming, ranting and raving against ‘white supremacy’ has done us no good. All who we laud throughout history in their fight against the system in place to maintain the status quo of ‘white supremacy’ are either dead and buried or inside ‘For Profit Prisons’ getting sick and themselves dying. And on the so-called ‘outside’, we sit and wonder what the hell to do because nothing that we do produces even a chink of light against the dark ‘system of white supremacy’ used to keep descendants of slaves down and out.

If those who put together a documentary and who are ‘insiders’ to what is going down and are themselves unable to offer solutions and strategies, that does not bode well for us since we are rudderless in the face of ‘The Perfect Storm of white supremacy’ maintained by our mortal enemy. Whites read this and see that we are powerless in the face of a system they control and we simply navigate as best we can, while always ending up the worse for wear. If there is only talk amongst us and no solutions or strategies, then what is the point of watching a documentary that tells us what we already know without giving us any hope of accomplishing a strategic breakthrough? An army without a great general with a strategy against his enemy is a dead general and an equally dead army. We are just dead men “and women” walking.



On the evening of Thursday, October 18, 2018, I attended the Philadelphia screening for the new documentary film Race War, directed by Jason Black a.k.a. “The Black Authority”.  Jason Black is the host of the BlackChannel.net radio program, where he consistently provides very insightful, no-nonsense commentary on current events and strategy from a Black liberation minded or as he says, “Black first”  perspective.  He is also the director of two other documentaries, 2015’s 7AM, which focuses on Black economic oppression, and 2017’s Gentrified: Ethnic Cleansing American Style, which focuses on the ongoing systematic location displacement of Black people from urban cities throughout America. The new film Race War extensively covers the powerful resurgence and mainstreaming of open, militant so-called “white nationalism” and the efforts to ramp up the oppression of Black people among those who practice, promote and maintain white supremacy.  These efforts are multi-pronged and…

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  1. Although I haven’t seen the film, it seems a great pity no solutions or strategies were offered. I have really low tolerance for “ain’t it awful” documentaries that offer no positive solutions. From an outsider’s perspective, I don’t feel it’s necessary to come up with one single strategy – history suggests all successful rebellions/revolutions seem to rely on a number of differing strategies operative in concert.

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    • ” I have really low tolerance for “ain’t it awful” documentaries that offer no positive solutions.”

      I absolutely adore that sentence right there and it made me laugh, I’m sorry to say because it was so on point, it was actually funny. “Yes, ain’t it awful that we have put together a documentary to tell you folks that you are SO fucked, it ain’t even funny and yet, we have NO solutions. None whatsoever. SO watch the film, enjoy it and give us a ‘thumbs’ up because we is ALL on it!” That is the way I read this shit and that is what it is, shit. I would not pay one thin dime to sit and listen to a bunch of over sized ego shits talking amongst themselves simply because they love the sound of their own voices.

      We know we’re fucked. It’s not necessary to reinforce that on us. We need strategies and solutions to beat back against why we are SO fucked and apparently, that ain’t coming down the pike; not from THAT group anyway. Hell! Who am I kidding? The fat lady done sung and exited the stage. We just ain’t up to any type of sustained movement of any kind; no rebellions, no revolutions, just lying down and taking it is all we are ‘up’ for.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for yet another SPOT ON comment.


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