POISONED MEAT – You may want to read this BEFORE dinner! — The Most Revolutionary Act

Originally posted on National Addiction News: STORY AT-A-GLANCE Salmonella Newport is strongly linked to dairy cows, which are routinely sold for meat when their milk production wanes. One reason for declining milk production, besides age, is subclinical Salmonella infection, especially S. Newport infection October 4, 2018, the world’s largest meatpacker, JBS Tolleson, recalled more than…

via POISONED MEAT – You may want to read this BEFORE dinner! — The Most Revolutionary Act


Chances are, you have eaten parts of that cow, shit and all and likely smacked your lips afterwards. But keep looking at the picture. That filet mignon and Porterhouse and T-bone steak is really worth it, isn’t it? Does this cow look THAT good to you because that cow is why there is a steak on your plate. That cow is why there is hamburger between a bun in your hands. You can disregard some things because you are not at the slaughterhouse to see what happens to your ‘meat’ before it reaches the supermarket. But judging from the above picture, can you really believe that the meat you consume is as safe as it can be? And the cow in the above picture was a ‘dairy cow’ before it was too old or too sick to produce milk and so was then slated to be slaughtered and placed on your dinner plate.

The USDA or United States Department of Agriculture has had its budget cut to the bare bones and so no one is inspecting the meat that you are eating and if you think so, call the USDA and tell them that you would like a tour when they are inspecting meat for human consumption, you will be talking to yourself because they will have hung up the phone. And if they were actually inspecting the meat that you eat, why would there be recall after recall making headlines daily? Ground beef is ALWAYS in the news for recalls and many of you probably wonder why you feel ill after having eaten a medium rare steak. It is because no one is inspecting the meat and they expect that you should understand to cook the meat until it is well done in order to destroy any bacteria that your steak may contain. But since you are not doing this, you are getting sick. Have you not realized yet that no one gives a damn about the state of your health? No corporation is concerned if you are sickened by their product because what are you going to do? Sue them? Yeah, good luck with that. And with only about 4 or 5 companies that mass produce our foods, you are out of choices. Either try and buy local or deal with being sick.

We should all have known where we were headed when our food became slated for mass production. Now, we are all walking toxin factories about to drop dead thanks in part to a system that was put in place to allow for convenience, greed, corruption and the destruction of healthy bodies to feed to Big Pharma. Go and ask a ‘chemo therapy’ patient all about their experiences after a treatment. You’ll turn green and this time, it won’t be because you’ve eaten a medium rare steak, What a great setup they’ve got and we are their victims.

“Bon Appétit!”

4 thoughts on “POISONED MEAT – You may want to read this BEFORE dinner! — The Most Revolutionary Act

  1. This is a great post and echoes some of the same things that I have been saying. About 13 years ago I worked at Butterball, so I know how lazy and slack the USDA is when inspecting the food. The best thing that I did was become a vegan. Like Dick Gregory told us, “The meat doesn’t eat meat, so why should you”. The last numbers that I saw shows that the milk and cattle industry are slowly losing money because people are finally started to wake up. But the reality is that not everyone is going to wake up. The masses are asses. No matter how many people they see die from eating this garbage food they still won’t change the way that they eat. All we can do is reach those that will listen and say to tell with the rest.

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    • Cory, I do what I can. And though I am only one blogger in an obscure corner of the ‘world wide web’, I do realize that I am making no difference at all. And in reality, the only people I seem to be able to connect with are those who are already awakened. Go figure! Those who need to see such as what you write and others who are awakened are happily distracted, hypnotized or already brain dead and so therefore, don’t even want to know. I gave up meat decades ago. The only thing I need is a refrigerator. There is nothing in my freezer. It looks like it is up for sale. I don’t understand how people can even eat meat because in my hometown, we used to smell the odors coming from the slaughterhouse since I’m from the south and it was SO sickening, everyone should have been throwing up just smelling that gawd awful odor.

      My uncle used to raise hogs and my daddy bought one from him and they killed it and cut it up down in our basement and after that I never touched meat again and like I stated, that was decades ago. I think something has to happen on a personal level to get people to realize what they are doing and until that happens, they will continue in their ways.

      Cory, I thank you for yet another spot on comment.

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  2. Thank you so much for reblogging this Shelby – and for your great commentary. It’s really sad how many people still assume that government care about them and is interested in protecting their health. In the face of so much evidence to the contrary, this continuing belief is frankly delusional.

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    • Yes, add delusional into the mix and there you have it. Millions of people actually think that the government would do them no harm. That is just unbelievable! The only thing government is doing to U.S. is much harm and all we do is continue to vote for politicians who continuously introduce legislation to reduce the funding for safety net programs and programs that would protect the environment which includes our water, air and food while we are somewhere screaming that the Democrats are the problem or screaming that the republicans are the problem when they ALL are the problem.

      Dr. Bramhall, I felt it my duty to reblog this because I do what I can. And I thank you for your comment.


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