Once Again, “Mental Illness” Kills! Black People Gunned Down By “Mental Illness” At A Kroger Store



All over the internet, all I see is story after story about what occurred when a white man entered a synagogue and opened fire and yet I have to hunt for the story about how a “mentally ill” white man gunned down two descendants of slaves in Kentucky. One was gunned down inside a Kroger store and the other one was gunned down in the parking lot. “Mental illness” murdered two Black people and “Mental Illness” was known to have uttered racist statements prior to murdering two Black people inside a Kroger and in the parking lot of Kroger. But today is the first day that I have read that this crime is now being considered, a ‘hate crime’. Previously that distinction had already been given to the mass murder in a Jewish synagogue.

Police chief: Race was a factor in Kentucky grocery slayings
                                                         1 hr ago

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A police chief has acknowledged that the killings of two black people at a Kroger grocery store were racially motivated, days after the FBI announced that it is investigating the shootings as a potential federal hate crime.
The Courier Journal reports Jeffersontown Police Chief Sam Rogers told the congregation at First Baptist Church on Sunday that racism is “the elephant in the room” of this case.

So, they have finally changed the story from “Mental Illness” killed two descendants of slaves to a racist white terrorist killed two descendants of slaves. They were real quick to come to the conclusion that the Jewish synagogue mass shooting was a hate crime, but when it comes to descendants of slaves getting shot dead by racists, well, now, let’s not be too hasty in our rush to judgment. Let’s look at ALL the facts before we label this, a ‘hate crime’.

When the shooting took place, everyone inside and outside of that Kroger store knew that it was a ‘hate crime’. Racist terrorist, Gregory Alan Bush, had tried to get into a predominantly Black church, only the church doors were locked against his banging in an attempt to gain entrance. I guess he set out to be another Dylann Roof and when that wouldn’t do, went to a Kroger where he was sure to find some descendants of slaves shopping and so the killing began.

He shot a 69-year old grandfather in the back of his head as he shopped for items for a school project for his grandson, who was in the store with him. He then shot the man over and over as he lay on the floor, already dead.

An arrest report says Bush walked into the Kroger, pulled a gun from his waist and shot a man in the back of the head, then kept shooting him multiple times “as he was down on the floor.” The report says Bush then reholstered his gun, walked outside and killed a woman in the parking lot. Each victim died of multiple gunshot wounds, Rogers said.

Outside in the parking lot, Gregory Alan Bush told a ‘white’ man, “Don’t shoot me. I won’t shoot you. Whites don’t shoot whites.” Of course FBI statistics disprove this but white privilege disagrees. However, in this case, apparently whites don’t shoot whites since  gunfire was exchanged between Bush and the white man and though bullets flew, none hit their ‘intended’ target.

Meanwhile, 69-year old Maurice Stallard and 67-year old Vicki Lee Jones are lying on a coroner’s slab in the morgue awaiting autopsies to prove that they were shot multiple times by “Mental Illness“, no, strike that, by a racist terrorist while Mr. Stallard’s grandson will suffer trauma for the rest of his life after having seen his grandfather shot dead for no reason other than that this racist shithole is on fire from one end to the other with racists who have become even more emboldened thanks to Donald Trump’s bigoted rhetoric. I am not saying that there has not always been a serious and insidious problem of racists gunning down descendants of slaves throughout history in this stolen shithole because that would be a lie, but Donald Trump is partly responsible for why we are seeing such a deluge of almost hysterical hatred, prejudice, bigotry, racism and gun violence towards people Trump has cast in the role of ‘enemies of Amerikkka’. Anyone who is not white is fair ‘game’ to be hunted down and killed and Trump has the blood of Maurice Stallard and Vicki Lee Jones on his hands. With his “Make America ‘Great Again” slogan which we ALL know means “Make America WHITE Again,” he started this snowball rolling and now it is out-of-control.  And what does he do? He promptly tweets about the World Series.

Trump Scorned For Tweeting About World Series Hours After Synagogue Massacre

The president took time to question the tactics of L.A. Dodgers in his late night tweet.

Donald J. Trump


Watching the Dodgers/Red Sox final innings. It is amazing how a manager takes out a pitcher who is loose & dominating through almost 7 innings, Rich Hill of Dodgers, and brings in nervous reliever(s) who get shellacked. 4 run lead gone. Managers do it all the time, big mistake!


Of course, everyone’s panties and boxers are in a bunch because Trump displayed what he always displays, a complete and utter disregard for anyone else even those who were murdered a mere few hours before he tweeted about the World Series, never mention, the lack of attention the murder of two descendants of slaves received. The focus will always be on any group except for those of us with melanin in our skin. Once those Jews were murdered, no one even remembered that two descendants of slaves had been gunned down inside a Kroger and in the parking lot. That was put on the backburner so fast my head was spinning.

I don’t feel the need to write about what happened in that synagogue because that’s got enough coverage from the lamestream media as it is and the coverage continues, but there was hardly a footnote to point out that the murder of the two descendants of slaves has been upgraded to a hate crime. Am I shocked? Why should I be? This is just business as usual in this stolen shithole!

And all that has been pointed out about Gregory Alan Bush is that he was so severely mentally ill that he was not allowed to have guns, his parents were afraid of him because he had assaulted them before and was not on his meds. He had assaulted a deputy and yet, hardly ever saw a day in jail behind his alleged extensive criminal history. It has also been stated that his ex-wife had to take out a restraining order against him because he threatened her and called her all kinds of “nigger bitches.” Go figure!

We have to have eyes in the back of our heads even as we go grocery shopping. We have to die because we are the scapegoats for shits like Donald Trump. We have to die because our ancestors were dragged here. We have to die because we would not be here if whites were not the most depraved, sloths to ever slither and crawl all across this planet stealing, raping, pillaging and murdering. We have to die because hate is in control, has always been in control and will always be in control despite what we say or do to the contrary.

The utter disregard for human life that whites have is just beyond comprehending. The abject hatred they display is off the scales. The contempt they have for those not of their complexion is just overwhelming. Why they exist, I am at a loss to explain because whites have no value whatsoever. Their sole purpose is to seek out and destroy; wage war and kill. Invent weapons for mass destruction. Why ‘whites’ were put on this planet, I don’t fucking know because they are the mortal enemy of every blade of grass, every animal, every mammal, every being. What the hell did we do to deserve the likes of you? Where the fuck did you come from and why don’t you go back? We don’t fucking want you here!

And if Gregory Alan Bush did indeed, marry a Black woman, what the fuck is wrong with you? You not only married your mortal foe, you actually laid down with him and produced something that is not even entirely human for nothing born of whites is any good. Whatever Black woman took this racist for a husband and father to her ‘child’ needs her head examined. She is the one who is mentally ill. Gregory Alan Bush was not mentally ill when he murdered Maurice Stallard. He was not mentally ill when he murdered Vicki Lee Jones. He was a racist terrorist just like all the other racist terrorists who have been murdering descendants of slaves and Africans for hundreds of years. I don’t give a damn if Gregory Alan Bush stopped taking his antipsychotics. He knew what he was doing. He knew who he was shooting. And his statement to the white man out in the parking lot is not that of a confused, mentally ill psychotic. That was the statement of a racist terrorist who knew exactly what he was doing. “Don’t shoot me. I won’t shoot you. Whites don’t shoot whites.” What remained unspoken but is the ‘elephant in the room is, “because Donald Trump says so!”

Black folks, all over this blog, I have told you that you cannot receive love from hate. Hate is synonymous with “whites.” They are incapable of love. How in hell can you lie down with what has been killing those who look like you for years too numerous to count and who are still at it to this day. Some woman, who Bush called a “nigger bitch,” married and laid down with a piece of filth that went on to murder two innocent Black people at a Kroger store and you sat somewhere smiling at that THING and believed IT loved you??!!! Seriously??!!! You cozy up to those pasty parasites and drone on and on about how ‘love is blind’ and how “you don’t see color.” You’d better see those bullets and guns they love more than life itself since they are incapable of feeling affection for anything that has a beating heart. All whites care about is what they can steal from others who they then murder. What happened to the Indians was not a lesson to you? What happened to your ancestors was not a lesson to you? What they are doing to you is not even a lesson to you? When are you going to get the message? When are you ever going to learn? You cannot trust ‘whites’. You cannot turn your back on them. They don’t “love!” They don’t “feel!” They don’t “care.” They are soulless, heartless, parasitical monstrosities. And they prove that to you every single day. Why do you remain willfully stupid about whites? Why do you seek to emulate depravity, barbarity, inhumanity, heartlessness, corruption and deviance? Why do you aid them in the continuation of their species? For what does it gain you? Whites only take and take and take and then kill! That is their sole objective. That is their mission. That is their plan. That is ALL they do! They are diseased riddled parasites and parasites kill their host. You are willing to host one of those parasites in your body and then it will kill you. It is killing you and you are too stupid to realize the role you are playing in their grand scheme.

Two innocent Black people are dead. The lamestream media has moved on from their deaths because who the fuck cares? The focus is now on what happened at a Jewish synagogue. Those people came here willingly. The two Black people who were murdered by white filth did not.  They were given no choice since their ancestors were dragged here and were considered to be only three-fifths human by those who can lay no claim to having one ounce of humanity. Parasites are not human. Blood sucking leeches are not human and they are the closest things I can think of to liken whites to.

The only reason we are not reading about a mass murder inside a predominantly Black church is because church service was over for the day and so the doors were locked and only about 10 people were still inside the church. Someone was sitting in a car in the parking lot of the church and witnessed Gregory Alan Bush banging on the church door, seeking admittance. The church security cameras did indeed, corroborate that Gregory Alan Bush tried to gain entrance to the church to shoot it up. What kind of monster goes to a church in order to shoot people? No ‘human’ could do something like that. And yet, we never learn. A white racist parasite bombed a church in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963 in which four little Black girls were killed and many others seriously wounded and then another white racist parasite went into a church and gunned down nine Black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina and the only reason Gregory Alan Bush did not get the chance to do the same at the First Baptist Church is because he was too late for church service. When will you learn??!!! What must it take???!!! Sadly, willful blindness and the belief that ‘whites’ are good will be our downfall!

“Maurice Stallard and Vicki Lee Jones, the already forgotten victims of white supremacy, I wish you bon voyage!”

4 thoughts on “Once Again, “Mental Illness” Kills! Black People Gunned Down By “Mental Illness” At A Kroger Store

  1. You know that I am sick and tired about them,that every time wp committed a murder or go around to kill innocent people,they always use mental illness as excuse!
    I am honest with you,I am feel offence because I am a BW who suffered with mental illness and I am still struggling to cope with my mental illness!
    I had mental illness but doesn’t make me a psychopath person or killer,this doesn’t make me a weak BW because unfortunately in our community,black people don’t want to knowledge that we as people we can have mental issue!
    That’s why I see a some of us go around acting crazy because we think all these matters belong to wp no to us, we don’t receive help,we refuse to knowledge that we can be mental illness people!
    I am mental illness no because I wanted to be,but it’s because of this racist society and people who made it,who gave to me all these sickness and contaminate my soul!
    I don’t go round kill innocent people or commit a massacre,most of the time,people like me who struggle with mental illness,in my case I like to be alone or in quite place,I don’t like to be surrounded by disgusting people who have negative and racist aura,because it’s these type people who make me feel sick!
    It’s people who give to you mental illness,bad experiences,family problem and so on,isn’t nothing to do with killing people!
    Wp are simple psychopath,and I don’t understand why they always use mental illness as excuse to justify their sick and twist mind!
    These people like kill,torture,like to see the blood flowing and they feel good when they kill someone,from the very young age these people start to kill animal than their stage of mentally psychopath bring them to kill people,things completely different from mental illness people!
    They just want to justify their misbehaviour so people see them with compassionate eyes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • qnubian528, I agree with you 100% The only reason this is titled what it is is due to the fact that ‘whites’ ALWAYS claim that white mass murderers are mentally ill. That is supposed to ‘absolve’ them of their actions of murdering innocent people by labeling them as mentally ill, ALWAYS! All they have done is tout this murderer’s mental illness. We ALL know mental illness did not murder those two innocent Black people. A white parasitic, terrorist monster did that.

      If a Black man commits a crime, he is automatically labeled, a thug. If someone who is a Muslim commits a crime, he is automatically labeled, a terrorist. But when depraved white males go around on killing sprees, whites ALWAYS parade their ‘mental illness’ around to excuse their fucked up mentality. And they are not mentally ill in the sense that Black people who are victims of horrendous oppression are mentally ill. No, whites are deranged psychopaths who have no concept of love, compassion, empathy, decency, morality; not any of those things. Parasitic monsters, which is what whites are, are incapable of displaying anything other than hatred, depravity, barbarity, brutality, cruelty and have a predilection for murder. However, they write the fucking script and so the script they have written, AGAIN, for this crime is that this piece of garbage was mentally ill and so excuse his actions. There is no excuse for his actions because he knew what he was doing. And if you read this entire post, I state just that. This bastard doesn’t get a pat on his head from me. Never that! I know the score. I was just attempting to state the obvious that once again, we are going to hear about how this bastard was mentally ill and so that right there is the cause of why he did what he did. No, it is not! He is a white piece of filth who has no business even slithering around on this planet, but because whites are just what he is, they will make up every excuse for this depraved worm.

      You can best believe that I don’t give a damn for ANY whites. And I make that fact extremely plain whenever I post on this blog. No one is under any illusions or even delusions in that I think whites are the shit. They are beneath shit. Maggots are on a higher plain than whites will ever be!

      I thank you for your comment, qnubian528. And I hope I cleared up any confusion.

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  2. I never doubt about your statement Shelby,I always agree what you say and I always appreciate,I know very well how you feel about them because we have the same feeling!
    I just got offence because these vile always come out with excuses about mental illness not matter what they always want to justify their mental problems!
    They ain’t mental illness people,they are simple psychopath!
    How you said they don’t have no any human empathy,they are beyond human comprehension!
    They don’t regret anything,they don’t regret to insult,discriminate,oppress,kill us all,use racist slur against to us,because they feel good,they enjoy!
    They have always the nerves to complain how us,we look at them with hostility,we ain’t friendly,we don’t want have nothing to do with them!
    Do you know that when I was a teenager,I was on the bus to go home,I have been harassed by a group of white teenagers,that time I had box braids and they wanted to burn my head? Yes,they really wanted to burn my head with fire!
    Yeah,for them burn your head or put a lasso around your neck is just joke or another way to have fun,because for them we are just plane shit,we are their favourite pastime, with which they can give free rein to their depravity!
    This thing it happened in Italy,(Europe) because a lot people think that it’s always America but outside everything is OK!
    Of course they wanted to protect that vile monster who murdered that two innocent black couples because our life “not matter”,the different between us and them that when we are depressed or mental illness we don’t go murder innocent people around us!
    When the state of their mentality doesn’t work anymore,or they argued with someone, they had a bad grade at school or whatever, their motto is “yes let’s go to murder someone today!”,and they enter in cinema,restaurant,school any place,than “fire” to everyone!
    Yeah,after they have accomplished their dissatisfaction,let’s go to eat a burger
    in McDonald’s,have dinner or party with friend,yeah because they are mental illness!
    What at a joke,seriously me either I don’t feel sorry for them at all,I just feel sorry for those who will have the the misfortune of being at the moment and in the wrong place, when these lunatics still strike again!
    Thank you Shelby!


  3. So many things that I could say about this but I want to focus on one particular thing. I see that none of these Zionist are being asked to forgive the shooter nor have they come out to forgive the shooter.

    Black people are the only people in the world that get the shit kicked out of them and are expected to forgive everybody. Then we are too put our oppression on the back burner and fight for other people’s struggle that do not give a damn about us.

    Black people are so quick to forgive people in the name of Jesus, hoping that’s our ticket into heaven when we die. Yet everyone else is building their heaven on Earth and taking advantage of our hell. At some point we must get on code and realize that we don’t have any friends. The Zionist are not our friends. The caravan of immigrants don’t care. The East Indians don’t care. The Asians don’t care. Let’s keep it real. Africans and Black people in the Caribbean don’t care about the struggle of so called Black Americans.

    I could bang on these satanic Zionist. I could bang on the system of racism white supremacy. But I need for my people to wake up and recapture our warrior spirit. Forgiving everybody is not saving us. Cooning for butter biscuits is not saving us. Let’s get rid of the coons and get on code.


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