We Can’t Make America Great Again — From Queen to Queens

Today has been difficult for me. Last night as I watched the midterm election results pour in, the hope and joy I felt of the possible restoration of America as I once knew it was quickly replaced by a deep sadness. I, like many people last night, expected a “blue wave” or the overwhelming election […]

via We Can’t Make America Great Again — From Queen to Queens


Every single word is right on point! I could not have said it better if I tried. Even though this stolen nation was never great, this young lady brings home her point.

And I will admit, I didn’t even bother voting. I had too much to do. I have not been blogging lately because I have been out in the trenches taking poor sick people to appointments, to grocery shop, to pick up their children from daycare and the list is endless because so many are living in ‘food deserts’ and public transportation is a joke that isn’t at all funny.

While those of you who were standing in line voting, hoping that whites would get their collective act together and disassociate themselves from who and what they are, there were those of us out there doing what we can with what we have because we know ‘whites’. We don’t want to, but we do. Those of us who are descendants of slaves have been on the receiving end of racism, bigotry, prejudice, hatred and violence since our ancestors were dragged here and only through the advent of technology has the world been made aware of our plight in Amerikkka, not that it’s done us any obvious good, nor will it. We have to help one another. No politician on the local, state or national level is going to do a damn thing about a damn thing besides line their pockets by continuing to sell us out since they are owned by corporations and we ALL know how corporations are treating their ‘workers’.

I have heard that women made inroads in the political field  and the LGBTQ community did likewise. Well now, ain’t that just something. Every other ‘group’ will always make headway but those of us who are descended from slaves, we best sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up because a white supremacist’s bullet has our name all over it and the murder of us by them is sanctioned by a government that will never truly be a representative government to us because if we have to be declared ‘citizens’ by amendments to the Constitution, then what does that tell you? I’ll give you a hint. Several prominent politicians and wannabe politicians have made statements in essence saying that “slavery was the best era in Amerikkkan history.” The sad fact of the matter is, what has changed? With three million Black men and women locked up in cages, slavery never went anywhere. It just morphed into the Prison Industrial Complex. Every person who is a descendant of slaves is on lockdown every goddamn day and don’t we ALL fucking know this. We’d better fucking make sure every goddamn light on our vehicles is in functioning order because if not, we are going to be pulled over and nine times out of ten, shot for “failing to comply with orders barked at us by a member of the Klan.”

Who the hell is going to do a damn thing about the school-to-prison pipeline? No member of congress is. We have got to go into our schools and mentor our children. Take those smartphones away from them and put a book into their hands. Who is going to open the prison doors and free our brothers and sisters? No member of congress is. We have got to become lawyers and defend our own in a system set up to send us straight to prison because many of us are too poor to afford a good attorney and so we end up with a public defender. Who in unholy hell thinks that a white parasite paid by the ‘state’ is going to do a damn thing to help a descendant of slaves stay out of jail over some bullshit ass charges? Are we even helping our elderly neighbor get to a doctor’s appointment or asking her if she needs to be taken to the grocery store or to run an errand? There is plenty that we can do. It does not have to be anything big. We don’t need a big, huge church building and a 501c exemption. Churches aren’t the answer. Religion isn’t the answer because if it was, would the shit that’s going down today, be going down if religion is the answer? Hell fucking no! The money that the Reverend, Bishop, Pastor, Rabbi and the like take from the blind, the stupid and the gullible all goes where? You see ANY evidence of church funds helping out the community? Oh, they’ll dole out some expired canned goods, but that’s about it. Why is homelessness so problematic when we have palaces of worship all across this godforsaken country doing fuck all about it? I wish to hell I thought I’d step foot inside one of those palaces of hypocrisy and sit up and listen to dog shit from a pedophile or another hypocrite who is preaching at me about sin and who is, after church service, fooling around on his wife with one or two of the ushers.

Black folks, despair is for those who have no hope. As long as there is someone in need in the ‘Black community’, there is someone who could come to their assistance. Why can’t that ‘someone’ be you? To sit somewhere and moan about the outcome of an election is foolish. You should have known that whatever the outcome, the same problems that existed before the election would continue to exist. Politicians don’t care about us. And you can see that whites are so damn stupid and filled with hatred that even after voting, they have no home to go back to or if they do, they don’t even have dental coverage or adequate health insurance, but that’s fine because according to those fools, ‘white supremacy’ is going to take care of ALL of their issues. Just ask those white folks down in Florida who are still reeling from Hurricane Michael. Many of them are homeless, fucked up and would still vote for Trump if only they could have gotten to a polling place because hate TRUMPS everything, including sickness, homelessness, joblessness and hunger.

So, Black folks, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and realize that if we don’t get our act together, we will never thrive. We should never look to a politician of ANY stripe to help us because since when have they ever??!!! Get real! What you need to do, you won’t do and if you continue down this path, expect despair, hopelessness and death. It need not be this way, but until we understand that looking out for one another is our only hope,  we will continue to be disappointed on ‘Election Day’ and every day thereafter.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a little poem I wrote for Election Day 2016. I titled it:

I Voted!

I voted……..in my sleep.
 Stood in line with the other sheep
as we were prodded, one by one.
Oh I voted, but I voted for none.
Yes, into that voting booth, I went,
made my mind up to some extent.
I threw my ballot on the dirty floor,
said I’d never vote for a war whore.
 And that no bigot would get my vote,
I’d rather drown in a goddamn moat.
The security guards escorted me out,
told me I was crazy, without a doubt.
 But that’s okay because I had my say
on the 6th of November; election day!
Don’t do as I did and vote in your sleep,
head out the door like good little sheep.
Cast your vote for your favorite clown,
and I’ll sit back and watch as you drown
in piles of shit that they fling your way,
because you voted on election day!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

So now you can say that you voted FOR the pile of shit that those politicians will heap on your plate. Not me, never that. Not again. I learned my lesson.


6 thoughts on “We Can’t Make America Great Again — From Queen to Queens

  1. Being a beacon that shines a beam on scurrying cockroaches is better than casting a ballot and thinking you are casting a magic spell. The act of “civil” disobedience authored by wiping the floor with a blank ballot holds more significance than popping it into an electronic device that is easily hacked: for sale to the highest lowlife bidder. The Voting Rights Law is shot through with assault rifle holes. The poll tax has never been higher, they may as well change the name of the country to The United States of Confederacy. We already have a Confederate POTUS. Replace the Statue of Liberty with a Statue of Jim Crow holding an assault rifle.

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    1. Bill, I had to highlight your comment, it was SO on point. And I apologize for the lateness in responding, but I do believe WordPress did not appreciate your comment because it was consigned to my ‘trash’ bin. Go figure! Dissent is to be kept in check even by those who claim that ‘free speech’ should always be the law of the land. Well, we know that ain’t true! Anyone who disagrees with Orange Turd aka Donald Trump either gets fired or gets insulted via Twitter.

      And you are right again! The Statue of Liberty should have been dismantled and returned to France eons ago for it means nothing. No one wants the “tired, poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Hell! Who is breathing anything but filthy air and drinking polluted water while eating toxin filled foods in the land of the stupid, the brain dead and the deranged?

      This shithole should have been aptly named, as you say, “The United States of Confederacy” from point A since it’s been ALL that and more. The only thing Donald Trump has done is lay bare the actual reality of what this shithole has ALWAYS been about; slavery, theft, brutality, corruption, war, vice, barbarity, racism, bigotry, prejudice, hatred and death. This stolen nation has never been a democratic republic in which thrived ALL men AND women who “were created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I’m just paraphrasing here, but there are only a certain group of ‘white’ men who have made sure that they benefitted from ALL that was stolen from the Indians and built upon the backs of Black slaves whose children to this very day still bear a burden that’s too heavy to bear and yet, we get up each day and bear it.

      This cesspool of corruption, vice and war will never mean a goddamn thing to me. A gnat couldn’t wipe its ass on the amount of ‘good’ feeling I have for this fucked up country because I have none. I long for this diseased whore called, “Amerikkka” to die already. The only problem with it doing so is that those of us who are innocent will go first and that is exactly what is happening. I am sick to pieces of the shit here. Politicians spend millions to continue to fuck us up and we stand in line and actually think that we are ‘voting’ to do some ‘good’. Amerikkkans are too stupid for words and though I repeat myself often, it bears repeating. Amerikkkans are just too stupid for words! And the sad fact is, that ain’t never going to change as witnessed by this most recent election as well as the previous one. What fools they ALL are!

      Bill, I cannot thank you enough for that spot on comment. It is right as rain!

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      1. Hi Shelby! I am grateful for your kind words, please know that they spring from my heart.
        You are quite correct, as soon as Columbus returned with news of riches every imperial power in Europe lost no time crawling over each other to gain access to resources, slaves and vast land areas to carve up — it’s what Europeans did when they were not fighting each other: imposing the values of Western Civilization, such as missionaries. They imprisoned indigenous people and attacked them with vastly superior weaponry until genocide was complete and the remnants of the indigenous were relegated to reservations. Each of the familiar 50 States was “settled” by courageous indomitable pioneers. Rugged-cut individuals who would honor the original intent of White God-fearing individuals who made America so very very “Great.” Nothing grates my heart more. A spin of the globe reveals just how many borders were drawn by European Colonialists: just about every single one.
        I now envision an updated Colossus on Ellis Island, one inspired by a first visitor to 45’s very WHITE house: a Ted Nugent-esque statue, aiming an AR-15 at refugees from “shithole” countries freshly bombed to scorched earth by F-16 “fighter” (bully) jets.
        Here’s a link to a counter poet, Thomas Baily Aldrich, who also disliked Emma Lazarus’ words and came up with a version of his own:


      2. Bill, what pains me the most is when I hear whites screaming and yelling that CAPITALISM is what’s wrong and that that is what is destroying the whole world. Why don’t they cut the bullshit and get to the heart of the matter? Some shits have to put capitalism in play and the shits who did so are WHITE. Every white person seems to want to disassociate themselves from the fact that it is those who look like them that’s why this world is in the shape it is in. Whites are by definition, parasites and what do parasites do? Why they habitually rely on or exploit others and give nothing in return. It is an organism that feeds on its host and everywhere a white foot has stepped, it has fed on others. This planet has been all but destroyed by white parasites; leeches. And entire species of plant, animal and human life has been rendered, extinct by these bloodsucking parasitical leeches who then turn around and decide who lives and who dies, who can immigrate and who cannot even as indigenous populations never asked for one white foot to descend on them or their land. How many millions of people have been killed by whites, we shall never truly know for history is written by filthy white parasites who sugar coat the shit they do to the innocent. There is no greater threat to this planet than that of the white parasite. And the world’s people are at the ‘mercy’ of the most deranged, barbaric and brutal filth that was ever allowed to slither and crawl amongst us.

        I clicked on the link and read about how white parasites decided to block entrance to certain types due to ‘nativism’ of which this poet you speak of was all for. One distinct difference between descendants of slaves and immigrants is the fact that immigrants WANTED to come here, descendants of slaves are here because our ancestors were dragged here. If Trump wants to start a ‘birthright’ fight, that’s fine with me seeing as how we don’t fit the definition of “here by virtue of immigration.” I’d love to see how they spin the hell out of including us in that “birthright” bullshit. And what about the Indians? No one even considers what their views are especially since no white parasite should have ANY authority over who is here since the Indians never gave them, a welcome. The sheer arrogance and conceit of the white parasite is just beyond comprehension. They answer to no one and have no conscience, but then parasites don’t think, they just feed. Hell! I’ve almost turned this comment into a blog itself. But my goat is got up now and there ain’t no denying it. However, I do thank you for taking the time to post another comment and again, it was right on point, as always!

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    1. Thank you Dr. Bramhall. That we do. But it’s the thing we don’t do and that is going to be our downfall. Looking for help in the halls of congress or even in the White House is futile. Neighbors have got to realize that we are ALL in this mess together and together is the only way we can get through these hard times that are actually caused by the politicians we stand in line and ‘vote’ for.


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