Bruce Jenner’s Home Just Burned To The Ground! Koonye West’s And Kim Kartrashcan’s Is Next On The List To Burn To The Ground! HAHAHAHAHA!


I am SO fucking glad, I can hardly contain myself! Rich white folks shit is on fire in California! Praise be! Thank the Lawd! And Koonye West thinks he’s ‘white’ and so tough shit!

Caitlyn Jenner’s home burned down in Southern California wildfire

Caitlyn Bruce Jenner’s house, which was prominently featured on her reality TV show “I am Cait,” is a total loss after it burned down in the Southern California wildfires.

The home, which sat on top of a ridge overlooking the Malibu beach, went up in flames Friday, a casualty of what’s known as the Woolsey fire, TMZ reported.

The house was gorgeous, boasting four bedrooms and 3,500 square feet. Last year, the home saw significant damage from a windstorm.

Caitlyn has lived in the home since 2015. Shortly after the purchase, the home was featured on an episode of “Celebrity Homes.”

Well, it ain’t gorgeous now. It’s a pile of smoldering ruins and all his dresses have been burned the fuck up! Now he can go out and buy some more dresses to parade around in while he calls himself a “fucking lady.” This is rich! Three thousand, five hundred square feet of charred wood sits atop a ridge overlooking the Malibu beach. Bruce Jenner can now don a bikini and go look at the beach from where his former gorgeous home once sat, looking stupid as hell! While he jet sets all around the world doing fuck all, this planet is burning up, erupting, churning up massive hurricanes and windstorms, flooding areas never before flooded and those who thought they were immune to this shit are finding their arrogance rewarded with burnt shells of what was once, multi-million dollar homes along with all their expensive shit inside.

I just posted a blog about a poor Bangladeshi girl, fourteen years old, who has had to take up prostitution because her family’s home was flooded thanks to climate change put in place by arrogant ass white parasites who sit back and consign others to a miserable fate while they live lavishly and unconcerned about what they set in motion. Well, not anymore. Now, you see that your shit is just as vulnerable as our modest shit! Burn, baby burn! His shit don’t need no water! Let the motherfucker burn! Burn motherfucker, burn! Fuck their shit!

Thus far, the Woolsey fire has burned 14,000 acres, and all of Malibu is under mandatory evacuation.

Homes owned by Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian in the Hidden Hills area are all in danger, too, and the women were evacuated on Thursday night. On Friday, TMZ reported that flames reached the estate of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and they were forced to evacuated their entire security team.

Those whores and sluts were evacuated? What for? They’d be no loss. All they fucking do is parade around in next to nothing being as useless as a teaspoon full of water on the fire headed for their goddamn homes. There is indeed a GOD! Thank You! Thank You! I had lost faith! But my faith has been restored! The sluttyish shit ever to parade around is running for their worthless lives because Mother Nature doesn’t give a goddamn for money, fame and gender change. She doesn’t recognize ‘white privilege’. Her destruction doesn’t discriminate. If it’s in her way, she burns it the fuck down, shakes it up, floods it or covers it in igneous rock. Yeah! Keep thinking that the shit you do is not going to come back and bite you on your worthless ass. And fucking rebuild because I want to see it ALL burn down AGAIN!

I hope the goddamn fire heads to Beverly Hills and burns all through Rodeo Drive and keeps going. There are three fires burning now and there are already reports out that Paradise has been destroyed as well.

They Fled Paradise on Foot as Apocalyptic Fire Engulfs NorCal Town


A raging forest fire in Northern California nearly “destroyed” a town in its path on Thursday—prompting some terrified residents to flee on foot amid the rapidly spreading flames, according to reports.

Sprawling flames laid waste to “several thousand” structures and as residents fled for their lives, roads became “tunnels of fire as thick smoke darkened the daytime sky” near Paradise, which is located some 180 miles from San Francisco.

Well that does it, “Paradise Lost.” I am literally laughing my ass off! “Paradise Lost,” indeed! They’re calling this fire, “APOCALYPTIC!” Where you gonna run? Whites are so conceited that they will name a city, ‘Paradise’ and then sit back and expect to enjoy it. And it only took a few hours to send those parasites running from “Paradise.” Mother Nature dictates, you white parasites don’t. You think you do, but who is in charge TODAY? Newsfuckingflash, it ain’t you worthless white assed parasites. I hope the news out of California continues in this vein so that you too can experience what the rest of the world is experiencing thanks to your greed, selfishness, corruption, evil, hatred, racism and theft of the lands of others. That land once belonged to Indians, who have been mostly killed off and now it has been reported that there is loss of life thanks to these fires. You’ve got much to answer for and you’ve not even begun to answer for it yet, but you will! So fucking keep stealing and enslaving entire continents of humans and the shit that you do WILL catch up with your ass AND how! Just you ask Bruce Jenner and those nasty ass Kartrashcans.

Burn, baby burn!

6 thoughts on “Bruce Jenner’s Home Just Burned To The Ground! Koonye West’s And Kim Kartrashcan’s Is Next On The List To Burn To The Ground! HAHAHAHAHA!

    1. Prince, they’re going to hell before they go to hell! I’m loving it! I gots to go find that song, “FIIIIIIIRRRRREEE!”

      How appropriate for this shit! “Burn baby burn, indeed! Thanks Prince! I’m still laughing my ass off!!! In fact, I’m actually rolling around on the floor, laughing my ass off! For real!!

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      1. That may be, but I know who is to blame; those goddamn white-assed parasites! Those parasitic leeches have driven those of us who make up humanity, insane for who can stay sane in a world destroyed by those pasty faced parasitic monsters?

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  1. There was a point in time where rich white people wouldn’t dare parade their wealth and extravagant lifestyles in public or risk being stoned or having their estates burned. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, mas revolts by peasants who were mistreated were commonplace. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there weren’t a light touch of arson going around in California. It’s a common weapon of the dispossessed.

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    1. Well, whatever the reason their shit is on fire, I’m SO fucking glad, I can barely contain myself. I just read that Alyssa Milano has had to flee her home as well as some other ‘celebrities’ and I also read that “The Bachelor Mansion” is all set to go up in flames next. The fire crews are exhausted and the winds were so bad, they couldn’t get the choppers up to spread the flame retardant. The newly elected governor has had to ask Trump for some federal funds and of course, Trump in his usual manner is blaming the fires on California’s lack of foresight in dealing with their forestland even though it has been stated that one of the fires did not start in the forest. Of course Trump doesn’t care for the truth, he just likes to insult, rant, rave and blame.

      It is too bad that people have been cowed into sitting still for the “In our face and what are we going to do about it” from the rich who blatantly shove their ill gotten gains in our face, daily. No one who is playing a pretend role on a TV set should be ‘earning’ millions. That is ludicrous, but when stupid people, worldwide laud some characters on a screen, then I guess this is what we get. There will be no mass revolts from the peasants because the peasants are entertained by the whores of Hollywood and by Donald Trump’s latest antics and voting and for what? I don’t know. You know the shit we have to work with today, Dr. Bramhall. We got nothing, but hopefully Mother Nature will continue to show us how it’s done, bless Mother Nature!

      Dr. Bramhall, thank you for that spot on comment although as usual, it will fall on blind eyes.

      ‘The Bachelor’ Mansion Burning Amid California Wildfires

      The Agoura Hills home is located in an active area in the path of the fast-moving Woolsey wildfire. The back patio is burning and the flames are moving towards the house, sources told The Hollywood Reporter on Friday afternoon. The lower house, which is often used as production headquarters, has been destroyed.

      Franchise creator Mike Fleiss and ABC reality chief Rob Mills had taken to Twitter earlier in the day to say that the house was in “grave danger” as the wildfires forced evacuations in Malibu.

      And I also came across this!

      Woolsey fire explodes to 70,000 acres overnight; 2 deaths reported amid fight to save hillside communities

      The fire spread in several directions, burning homes in Malibu, Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks while threatening parts of Simi Valley, West Hills and numerous Ventura County communities. The fire has doubled in size since Friday afternoon.

      Firefighters staged a furious battle overnight to save Pepperdine University in Malibu, where hundreds of students and staff were sheltering in place.

      Weary firefighters also struggled with a shortage of equipment. Some of the crews, trucks and other gear that would normally come to Southern California to join the firefight were tied up at the Camp fire in Butte County, Osby said.

      “We still have outstanding orders of hundreds of vehicles,” he said.

      The Woolsey fire and the nearby Hill fire, which burned about 6,000 acres in the Santa Rosa Valley area, prompted Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom to declare a state of emergency on behalf of Gov. Jerry Brown, who was traveling out of state.

      Newsom also sent a request to federal officials and President Trump for assistance to support communities affected by the fire.

      And so it continues……


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