Ku Klux Klan Prison Guards Viciously Beat A Black Man To Death In An Illinois Prison


When I read this story, I damn near spontaneously combusted. Why I didn’t is a complete and utter mystery to me.

Illinois prison inmate death after run-in with staff ruled homicide

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The death of an inmate following an “altercation with correctional staff” at Western Illinois Correctional Center in May has been ruled a homicide, according to an autopsy report.

Larry Earvin died from blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen, the death certificate from Clinton County in southern Illinois said. The 65-year-old Earvin sustained 15 rib fractures and two dozen or more abrasions, hemorrhages and lacerations. Surgery to remove a portion of his bowel appears to have followed the injury, the report says.

At least four Western Illinois employees were placed on administrative leave with pay on May 22, according to documents provided under the Freedom of Information Act. Suspended for allegedly violating conduct standards were correctional Sgt. Willie Hedden, 40, of Mount Sterling; correctional Lts. Benjamin Burnett, 33, of Winchester, and Blake Haubrich, 30, of Quincy and correctional officer Alex Banta, 27, of Quincy.

Those vicious thugs who should have been behind bars themselves, beat that man, senseless. They beat him so bad, they caused the man’s colon to fuck up to the point where he had to have surgery and lie around with a colostomy bag covering the opening in his abdomen to allow for waste removal.  He was also suffering from Hepatitis C and Earvin had pneumonia, a tracheostomy tube and a chest tube to drain fluids, all associated with chest trauma, according to Norfleet’s findings. Under the heading “blunt abdominal trauma,” the report says that a portion of Earvin’s colon had been removed surgically and an ileostomy bag installed for waste removal.

Who the fuck could this man seek help from with brutal barbarians running the goddamn prison system? What avenue was at his disposal to have his grievances heard? Who could Larry Earvin have contacted to hear of his plight and actually do something about it? What happened to this man is outrageous, immoral and unconscionable.  Those skinhead motherfuckers are fucking Black men and women up to no end and there is no accountability because the judges, prosecutors and even the public defenders are in on it. So, who can they turn to when fucked up shit such as this happens? The FBI? Oh, yeah, they’re investigating and so now we can ALL rest assured that since the FBI is in on the investigation, those who look like what makes up the FBI is going to see the inside of a prison cell and if anybody believes that than believe this, pasty-faced is the definition of melanin skin.

And I don’t want to read no shit about how he shouldn’t have been in prison in the first goddamn place because whites make damn sure that they arrest Black people for ANY reason, SOME damn reason, made up and some more shit! We don’t have to DO a goddamn thing but fucking breathe and we are sitting somewhere getting choked, shot, spine severed, genitals burnt and the fucked up list is endless while the bastards who did the dirt are on paid vacation pending no criminal charges whatsofuckingever!

I have stated numerous times all over this goddamn blog that the entire INjustice system in Amerikkka is made up entirely of racist bigots who wouldn’t flinch at marching down the fucking street in sheets and hoods. Next they’ll get back to actually burning crosses in the yards of Black folks. Come MY motherfucking way, you godless, soulless fucks because I got just as many guns as you have. I’m fucking locked, loaded and ready for you worthless, no account, parasitic bastards!

The poor man in the above picture had so much goddamn shit wrong with him that it is a mystery to me that he lived as long as he did. The man’s aorta was severely narrowed and he had high blood pressure and  cirrhosis of the liver and yet those barbaric monsters didn’t think the man was suffering enough already. They had to go and make damn sure that he didn’t live to see another day and so got their jollies off on beating the man to a bloody pulp and most likely laughed all the while doing so. And Black folks have the unmitigated nerve to think that ‘white’s are human enough to lie down with? Fucking seriously??? Who the fuck does this type of shit to people who are as vulnerable as Black prison inmates are? No ‘human’ would do shit like that. Whatever species ‘whites’ are, it does not consist of one ounce of ‘humanity’ and that is for damn sure! Those monstrosities are our mortal enemy and should be treated as such. What the fuck do you think you’re cozying up to? Newsfuckingflash, it ain’t fucking human, of that you can be damned certain! But if you like fucking parasites, then full speed ahead, parasitefuckers, goddamn leechfuckers!

There are millions of Black people sitting in prisons just as vulnerable to this depraved shit as Larry Earvin was and they are getting exactly what he got. Many times, family members are not even notified when their loved one has been murdered in prison and if they are notified, then they are simply told that the prisoner died and the body cannot be released and so move the hell on. I know this shit for a fact.

This shit is why on a recent blog of mine, someone commented that Black inmates would rather fight wildfires since it would at least get them out of prison. Since they are treated like Larry Earvin was then I can certainly understand why, but it should be a sad ass shame that someone has to risk their life fighting a fire they’ve no business fighting since they don’t know what they are doing in order to escape vicious beatings at the hands of depraved deviants who torture Black inmates just for the fun of it.

And you pasty-assed parasites, don’t think for a goddamn minute that you are not going to be made to answer for this. The white man won’t see to it, that you do but there are things going on that are even beyond the control of he who thinks he is in charge. You may be in charge of us because you depraved, pieces of filthy garbage are soulless cowards when you’ve got backup, but that won’t do your pasty-ass any good when your shit is burning down, flooded out or covered in igneous rock. You can’t fucking beat a fire to death. You can’t take a club and beat back flood waters. You can’t stop a lava flow by beating the hell out of it and believe me, your fucking day is coming. There is nothing that I can do to stop you, but I don’t have to. Something is coming for your ass. Depend upon it, you pasty-assed, savage, rotten, sadistic, murdering demons!


4 thoughts on “Ku Klux Klan Prison Guards Viciously Beat A Black Man To Death In An Illinois Prison

  1. I think we have to close the prisons, Shelby, period. Prisons just give sick white fucks license to act out their sadistic racist fantasies. I don’t think prisons can be reformed – they need to be closed. If the economy crashes again, states will have to close their prisons. And a crash in the near future in the US looks highly likely – based on extremely high levels of household debt. Once household debt reaches a certain critical point, people can’t borrow any more money and they quit buying shit. An Australian economist named Steve Keen predicted the 2008 crash based on this formula.

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    1. Dr. Bramhall, I hope you are right! Prisons do need to be closed because they are as bad as the slave pens my ancestors were locked in and sold out of. How in unholy hell can ANYBODY claim that there has been an evolution? Evolving denotes that something has ascended to a higher plane and that is a bald face, bold faced, outrageous lie! There ain’t a goddamn thing that points to ‘ascension’ among so called ‘humans’ from the days of cave dwelling. What the fuck’s changed? That there is a McMansion those sick fucks are slithering out of instead of a cave? There has been no evolution and forget about that Adam and Eve bullshit because that’s not any fucking better. We’re ALL damned to hell because Adam ate a goddamn apple that Eve tempted him with after she was tempted to eat it thanks to a snake tempting her? People actually sit around and believe this absolute nonsense?!!

      But AGAIN, I hope like hell that Australian economist is right and that folks go belly up in debt and can’t get anymore credit and the states start a wailing and a moaning that they’ve got no revenue and the prisons fucking close. Fuck! They’d cease ALL necessary services before doing that, doncha think. I think! And so I can’t depend on that, but it was wishful thinking. What needs to happen is that this hellhole needs to burn completely from one end to the other or floods from one end to the other. Why oh why can’t fucking Yellowstone blow the fuck up???!!! That’d be too much like right! And that demented motherfucker in the White House, who just finished visiting those folks in California can’t even figure out where the hell he is. While touring “Paradise”, he called it “Pleasure.” That sad sack of shit is the very last thing in ‘presidential’ material.

      Trump calls the fire-ravaged town of Paradise ‘Pleasure’

      Dr. Bramhall, I don’t know if you know how fucked we are here, but the shit’s getting deeper by the nanosecond and the reason why is such as what this post is all about. These sick, white fucks think that the shit they do is not going to come home and roost all up their ass, but it is and it will. I just hope it ramps up into overdrive!

      Dr. Bramhall, thank you for your comment! Keep hope alive, eh??!!!!


  2. It’s sad that I’m becoming desensitized by stuff like this, I can’t help but think it’s another day in America, whenever I hear a mass shooting has happened, or if I hear of another police brutality incident. Also I’ve been watching the stocks lately it seems we’ll hit another great depression, Well it will be worse than the other great depression, that will happen late next year or early 2020 by my estimate. So I hope you’ll stock up on grains, rice, beans and other legumes, water, and maybe a multivitamin. That’s what I’m doing, and I’m also getting a passport next month, in case things get really, really bad, and I can easily bail out the country if need be. I hope you stay healthy, safe.


    1. I know this shit happening is frequent as hell and yet every single damn time I read such as this, it brings me to boiling point just when I think I cannot be phased by anything else, I find that I can. Even though there is not a goddamn concrete thing I can do against this shit, the one thing I can do is not become immune to the suffering of others for in my opinion, that is when our ‘humanity’ gives up the ghost. And I refuse to become an automaton, existing in a vacuum or a fog because I just let it all go over my head.

      And one thing I can assure you that I am NOT stacking up on and that is useless, materialistic shit bought on Amazondotcom. I’ve already got my passport. I’m trying to get my cousin’s record expunged so that I can get his because I am responsible for him and he has to come with me. But if I can’t get that, then believe me, I am not going to just sit here and go down with this Titanic. There are always ‘other’ ways to achieve my goal of getting the hell outta Dodge and I will leave no stone unturned in an effort to make it the fuck outta here.

      Likewise, I sincerely hope you ‘stay healthy, safe and hopefully I can also wish you, bon voyage!

      I thank you for your comment.


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