“Happy” Indian Extermination Day!


Cut the bullshit! Call a spade, a spade. Quit dancing around the truth! The truth is that ignorant, stupid, greedy Americans celebrate a day that pays homage to some bullshit about how ‘murdering pilgrims colonizers and Indians celebrated their great relationship with a feast because the Indians were just so thankful that a group of pasty-asses crawled ashore, knowing fuck all about this land and yet, somehow, managed to overcome scurvy and syphilis, small pox and some more shit to feed the original inhabitants after having chased turkeys all over the goddamn place, caught some and then I guess, cooked them over an open fire and the contributions of the grateful Indians was to hand over some ‘Indian corn’ whereupon, everyone sat down and partook of an excellent meal. After the meal, the Indians were slaughtered as well and the confiscation of their land began. Immigration laws? What immigration laws? Who the hell needed a damn passport? “We is WHITE and so we is RIGHT to kill, steal and oh hell, we need some slaves! There ain’t enough Indians left and they’re all hiding in the hills, the few that’s not on reservations. Let’s crawl back into those ships and head back out. Goddamn! There they are! Look lively there! Haul ’em aboard, Black-assed motherfuckers, that they are! Get over here! Prime specimens. Great for breeding purposes and for fucking. We done hit the mother load! Hot damn!”

Ain’t that about it? Have I fucking lied? Hell no! Board that plane to see Aunt Jane and the rest of the “Klan” and enjoy a big ole turkey meal with all the trimmings. I hear tell that the turkeys this year are ‘hit and miss’, meaning that there’s some salmonella issues and Jennie-O Turkey just recalled 91,000 pounds of raw turkey meat thanks to salmonella. Apparently, tryptophan and salmonella just shouldn’t mix. Neither should pilgrim colonizers and Indians when one intends to exterminate the other, but that’s what happened and so dig in! I hope you greedy, gluttonous motherfuckers moan and whine and shit your pants on your way out the door for the ‘early bird’ specials thanks to salmonella induced diarrhea . It would serve you ignorant motherfuckers right!

Of course everyone has just simply forgotten or more likely, chose to ignore the fact that the oh so grateful Indians on those lovely Hallmark cards alongside those murdering pasty-faced colonizers never existed because the bullshit that you believe is an outrageous lie, but you love lies because then you don’t have to face the truth because it’s ugly and you don’t like ugly. That is why you prefer that the truth be ‘whitewashed’, sugarcoated and some mo shit! Yeah! Let’s put it out there that everyone got along just like we do today, is that it? Who the fuck is getting along? Oh, we are going to see some pictures of some long lines at airports because, once again, we’ve got to live the lie. We’ve got to pretend that everything is hunky dory and that we are just so grateful to spend time with family we secretly despise and detest, but since we are told that on Thanksgiving, we are to ‘pretend’ if need be that we are thankful for family and friends and big, groaning tables full of ‘cardiac arrest’, then we will, such dutiful, obedient sheep, are we. And the tree is already decorated over in the corner just waiting on those expensive presents, all beautifully gift wrapped to be placed underneath it and you’ve already got your shopping strategy mapped out. Plane lands, met by drunk Uncle Jack, who farts and belches his way back to Aunt Jane’s house where there’s a bunch of folks knocking back alcohol and you swear you see, out of the corner of your eye, Uncle Jack’s wife giving Uncle David, a ‘come hither’ look. Then it’s kiss and hug everyone time and insincere utterances of “how nice to see you and oh, don’t you look lovely in that sweater” which you secretly think is uglier than Aunt Jane’s face. Tomorrow, it’s take half an hour to ‘give thanks’ and out the door for the “Door buster sales” you go! And you will kick, beat and scratch your way all over the store for yet ANOTHER TV, smartphone and anything else to distract you from the truth!

Oh, we are so good at pretense and we are even better at doing what we have been programmed to do without thought. You are told to celebrate “Thanksgiving” on the fourth Thursday of every November and you do it. You are told what to eat on that day and you eat it even if it means a salmonella diagnosis with you shitting and puking at the same time. You are told to shop the next day or in some cases, just as soon as you clean your plate and you do it. You don’t see anything wrong with this picture, do you? Of course you don’t because thinking for yourself is a novelty; patently unheard of and you wouldn’t dare stand alone, conformist that you are. Buck the trend? Who you? NEVER! Those who write the script for you to follow can count on you and millions of others to do exactly as you are told, without question and you do it. And those who write the script have made damn sure that they keep the truth in check. Who needs to be continuously fed the truth in that “Thanksgiving” is a fucking lie, a travesty and a tragedy. I know one thing, your ass would never drive through an Indian reservation and see the devastation, hopelessness, despair and abject poverty. Hell! That’s not on the way to your shopping spree!

You think ALL Indians are living the good life thanks to casino gambling and so what the fuck do you have to consider their plight for? Let me clear one thing up right now. The majority of Indians get no revenue from gaming; only a select few. The majority spend their short lives living in poverty and many are homeless since reservation life is beyond intolerable. They are still just as addicted to ‘firewater’ today as they were when the first pasty-faced shits gave them that, supposedly, in exchange for their land. And I am so naïve as to believe that the land your house sits own, you bartered for it with the bank. You gave the bank manager cases of liquor and he gave you the deed to your house. I mean, what was good enough for the Indians should be good enough for that pasty-faced bank manager, shouldn’t it? Fuck no! Yeah! Take a case of liquor to a bank and state that you intend to exchange that for a nice, prime piece of land on which to build you a home. That’s going to go over real well.

So no, it’s not “Happy Thanksgiving!” It’s “Happy” Indian Extermination Day! That’s the goddamn truth because Indians are still dying because they are homeless to this very day. Go ahead and wish Pamela Rivera, a “Happy Thanksgiving!” She can’t hear you because she just died in a homeless tent city in Minnesota while waiting on some affordable housing to open up. But I am sure that when she was alive, she was eternally grateful when “Thanksgiving” came around each and every November.

Fox 9 Investigators: A death in tent city

“My name is Pamela Rivera and we are at a homeless camp,” she can be heard saying in a video that was posted on Facebook. “We just call it tent town for natives.”

Puke your fucking guts out after eating a goddamn heaping helping of salmonella. Shit until your asshole burns and crap yourself ALL the fucking way to Walmart, why doncha!

The plight of her people was consigned to the garbage while we celebrate lies, lies and damned lies! But remember this, what comes around, goes around. There are many who are still homeless down in Florida thanks to Hurricane Michael and the same is going down in California thanks to those wildfires that are still raging. I hear tell that many will be spending “Thanksgiving” in a tent city in a Walmart parking lot. Oh wait! They are being moved to some fairgrounds due to inclement weather. I remember seeing pictures of tents set up in parking lots of shopping centers awaiting store openings. Well, this year, some of those tents will contain those whose homes have burned to the ground. Karma is a bitch, ain’t it?

Dude in the above picture is just beyond perplexed at his situation here in America.

“I never thought I’d live in a tent city,” said Mr. Winter, 39, a Marine Corps veteran and software developer who had recently emerged from a stretch of homelessness, only to lose everything he owned in the devastating Camp Fire, the deadliest California wildfire on record. “I mean, this is America; we’re not supposed to live this way. But here we are, man, the new normal.”


“I am WHITE! What the fuck am I doing living out of a tent in a field at Walmart? I am a WHITE Marine Corps vet, who you should be bending over backwards thanking for my service killing people that I didn’t even know….AND…..I am a software developer and even though I was homeless before becoming homeless AGAIN, this shit ain’t supposed to happen to ME! I’m WHITE! What about that can you people not understand? I am WHITE, goddamn it! And fucking hey! I voted for Donald “Make America Great Again!” Trump but this bullshit ain’t fucking great! Get me some help and get me some help now! Fuck this shit man, I AM WHITE!”

Jarrad Winter, welcome to Pamela Rivera’s world! Oh, and “Happy Indian Extermination Day!” Ain’t karma, a bitch??!!!




11 thoughts on ““Happy” Indian Extermination Day!

    1. Now Prince, you know I ALWAYS aim to please and appease! I just gave the stupid, brain dead, ignorant as hell Amerikkkans something to feel thankful about. They can be so thankful to eat a shit load of salmonella along with the usual ‘cardiac arrest’ on their Thanksgiving dinner table. At least this year, they will be shitting ALL of that tryptophan out just as soon as the salmonella hits their bowels. I wouldn’t go Black Friday shopping if I were you because you just may need to use the restroom and the noxious fumes will probably knock you the fuck out, thereby causing you to hit your head and be trampled to death. We wouldn’t want that to happen, now would we? No, indeed not. So, you just wait until Cyber Monday to do your holiday shopping.

      These dumb fucks over here have not a single thought of their own in their useless ass heads. If someone does not tell them what to do, when to do it, when to celebrate and how…well now…they just stand idly by waiting until someone does. And you are so right, I am such a party POOPER because hey! Salmonella induced diarrhea is going to do just that, cause some major POOPING! Glory hallelujah! Amen! Ain’t a goddamn turkey in my oven. In fact, my oven looks like it is up for sale. The stove top contains not one pot or pan and it won’t. There is no tree up or coming up and not one fucking gift am I buying any goddamn body and what’s more, don’t nobody expect a goddamn thing from me because unlike these useless shits that can’t think for themselves, I do!

      And so “Happy” Indian Extermination Day Prince! Be well and stay safe! I thank you for your comment.

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  1. Shelby, I’m willing to wager that 99.9% of the poor white folks who find themselves suddenly homeless in northern California voted for Trump. What do you reckon? What really has me curious is whether their current experience with how the system really works will erode their support for Trump, ie whether they are capable of learning from experience.

    On another note, I have been following with interest the growing movement to end US occupation of Hawaii, which has a population of 33% Native Hawaiians and only 23% non-Hispanic whites. I predict this will be the true test of whether indigenous people can form working coalitions with non-whites of other backgrounds.


    1. Well Dr. Bramhall, ever the eternal optimist, you are. I wager that 100% “of the poor white folks who find themselves suddenly homeless in northern California voted for Trump.” Haven’t you seen the latest headlines? There are pictures floating about that even school boys have been seen in formation giving the Nazi comrade greeting with only one exception and even though there was one Black boy among the crowd, the white boys laughed about how they even managed to get his stupid ass to fling his arm out. I do believe they stopped just short of shouting “Heil Trump!

      Photographer Who Took Wisconsin High School Nazi Salute Pic Claims Students Were Waving

      The photographer who took a picture of a group of Wisconsin high school students raising their arms in what appeared to be a Nazi salute said they were actually waving goodbye.

      The picture showed about 60 students from Baraboo High School at a junior prom event making the gesture.

      If you look at the picture, you can plainly see that those boys are not waving. I have never ‘waved’ at anyone like that and so the photographer, is of course, telling a bald faced lie which is what Amerikkkans suffer from; Vicious Chronic Habitual Lying Syndrome, otherwise known as (VCHLS) and there is no known cure. And since this incident occurred in Wisconsin, you had damn well better believe that he is lying because they are some of the most racist fucks in Amerikkka; those racist shits from Wisconsin. Ask those Black folks who live in Milwaukee, WI. And go look up what goes down in Janesville, WI. And housed in the prison system there as well as in Minnesota is almost entirely Black, Hispanic and Indian people. Because you see, apparently, when you get to the Midwest, whitey pasty asses don’t commit crimes. Oh, but I digress. As to whether or not the situation those homeless whites in California are finding themselves in will open their fucking eyes? Uh…that would be a resounding “NO!” You see, racism, bigotry, white supremacy, prejudice and hatred will always TRUMP truth, reality and even horrifying experiences of homelessness. This won’t learn those racists a thing. This shit over here is too far gone.

      As for what is going down in Hawaii, with many native Hawaiians, homeless and the fact that the majority of land is owned by whitey pasty ass, that does not bode well for the true Hawaiians to move to end U.S. occupation. Why, who would keep the natives from retaking what is theirs from the colonizers? Whitey pasty ass is not going to sit still for that. Come on now, you know that as well as I do. Hell! Look at what a time the Africans are having in South Africa in attempting to get whitey pasty ass off their land. The U.S. government is over there aiding and abetting the white so-called South Africans to be able to keep the land stolen from the true Africans and so as you can see, no group ANYWHERE that has a permanent tan is making any headway in getting whitey pasty asses out of their face. You would think that Hawaii was originally composed of pasty asses as was South Africa as was Amerikkka as was New Zealand as was Australia as was….need I go on since I am quite sure that you know where I am going with this? Whitey pasty ass considers ALL those places, conquered territories and so therefore, are theirs to do with what they please. Nothing has changed.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. That was a heavy load of truth over there. I randomly found out at work (the Tv was on in the break room) the other day about this one show on the Science channel of all things. It talked about after multiple Native Americans were killed, the colonizers were dying in the winter with no food, so they resorted to cannibalism which whittled the population of Jamestown at that time from 500 to 60. When I heard that, I said out loud “Who were the REAL savages?”. Even the white people in the room agreed with me when they were within earshot.

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    1. And that is all that they are going to do, ‘agree’.. because whites only DO things that will benefit them, talk is cheap. Just ask the Indians about how “yellow eyes speak with forked tongue.” Remember ALL of those broken treaties? I’m sure the Indians do, “yellow eyes,?” Not at all.

      I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Yeah, they couldn’t argue with me about that issue. I certainly know about a bunch of those broken treaties. I’ve read some of Winona LaDuke’s (she’s a Native American writer) stuff and there were ways they were mistreated that I wasn’t even aware about.

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      2. I posted a blog, https://shelbycourtland.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/suffering-around-the-worldthe-plight-of-the-indigenous-peoples/ and what was done to the Indians and to the Aborigines in Australia was beyond reprehensible and the sad fact is that the Indians are faring no better today. And have you noticed that NO politician EVER says anything about trying “to go after the Indian vote?” It is because there is not enough of them left for them to even bother with.

        And the United Nations had sent James Anaya, The Special Rapporteur, to look into the plight of the Indians over here and when he tried to present his report on his findings to congress, they refused to even grant him a hearing. This shits over here claim that they are not responsible for what their forefathers put into play, but indeed they are because they are continuing that same vile ass shit today! And then people have the nerve to wonder why I am often so enraged, smoke is bellowing from my ears. This is why!

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      3. Thanks and I’ll check out that post. That is certainly true about what happen to so many indigenous people across the world. I never thought about it, but that’s right about how they never get votes from that community.

        I didn’t know about that, but I’m not surprised. America doesn’t know how to take responsibility for its original sins. They also have no reason to be moral police around the world. I’m also enraged about so many things, but I internalize a lot of it. Blogging has helped a lot in expressing myself.


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