Climate Change, Caused By Whites, Is Going To Affect Every Single American Or So Says The Federal Government Despite What Trump Says To The Contrary

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A report was just released by the federal government of the Unites States of America that is massive and dire regarding climate change.

 The report warns, repeatedly and directly, that climate change could soon imperil the American way of life, transforming every region of the country, imposing frustrating costs on the economy, and harming the health of virtually every citizen.

Now, the sea is lifting above its shore, the harvest is faltering, and the seasons arrive and depart in disorder.

The report tells this story, laying simple fact on simple fact so as to build a terrible edifice. Since 1901, the United States has warmed 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat waves now arrive earlier in the year and abate later than they did in the 1960s. Mountain snowpack in the West has shrunk dramatically in the last half-century. Sixteen of the warmest 17 years on record have occurred since 2000.

Unfortunately, this report came out on the worst possible day of the year because millions of Americans are out shopping and contributing to the cause of climate change by driving to Walmart, JC Penney, the twelve Sears and Kmart stores that are still open, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Toys R Us(which was said to have all closed but miraculously opened just in time for Black Friday), Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and for those who are extremely poor, they took the bus to Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Holla If You Only Got A Dollar and Dollar General. The intrepid souls who intend to build something are at Home Depot, Menards and Lowes. But everyone besides yours truly is out shopping for bargains that, apparently, are only available on Black Friday. And even though many are hoarders who need therapy, that will not stop them from continuing to amass a shitload of useless, plastic junk from China, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and elsewhere. They are clearly of the impression that climate change is not going to impact them at any time and so, drive, baby drive. Consume, baby consume and the piper shall never be paid. Oh, what fools!

The report goes on to state that unlike what Donald Trump would have us believe, the climate is not going to just “change back.” I wish I could state that I am so surprised he even uttered such nonsensical bullshit, but that would be a lie. Nonsensical bullshit is about all Donald Trump is capable of with his so obvious limited intellect. But nevertheless, even the feds can no longer deny that humans are wreaking havoc on this planet and that more plant and animal life will become extinct. Some are already extinct and where they went, so too shall ‘humans’ and the two-legged white parasites that set this all in motion. Unfortunately, the poor humans will suffer first, but eventually even those who have managed to amass a fortune will be impacted. Oh my bad, that has already started since I do believe that many ‘celebrities’ lost their homes in this most recent California wildfire season.

So, for those of you who just got back in from shopping, all that plastic can buy along with your ass is going to float away. In a few months, we shall be reading headline after headline detailing massive flooding, mudslides, wildfires out-of-control, again, earthquakes and thousands rendered homeless because of this.

This bears repeating.

“The report warns, repeatedly and directly, that climate change could soon imperil the American way of life, transforming every region of the country, imposing frustrating costs on the economy, and harming the health of virtually every citizen.”

So in essence this report is letting you know that despite your ‘American exceptionalism’, you are still going to be impacted by what you helped set in motion. No one is going to escape, unscathed. No one. That includes you, not just the homeless man, not just the Black man, not just the Indian man. This shit is coming for your ass as well. You are more than likely going to see your doctor’s house floating down the goddamn street along with his Bentley and his Maserati. Because make no mistake, the tents of the homeless will not be the only items floating away. And those who are in the trailer park are going to find plenty of company as we ALL try and find a big rock to hang our ass out to dry on. Your SUVs and GMC trailblazers and Jeeps are not going to make any difference when trying to drive through rising flood waters.

FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency) wants you ALL to know this, don’t even think about expecting them to assist you. That agency has stated that it is already assisting with more than 700 disaster incidents and is overwhelmed. They don’t even have the means to set you up in a trailer park. Ain’t that something? You can’t even become trailer park trash. And believe me, you will soon be fighting for that dubious distinction.

Google wants you to know that their personal assistant will be of no use to you, no matter how many times you request help from it. Alexa and Siri will be useless. Requesting an Uber or a Lyft? Don’t even bother.  No Airbnb is going to be available because someone else’s home will also be floating down the goddamn street. Your ‘smartphone’ is going to state, “out of network coverage range,” that is until it goes dead. But if you still remember how to write, then you can do just what the folks who are dealing with the wildfires in California are doing. They have gone back to using old fashioned, handwritten bulletin boards to advertise that they are looking for lost loved ones.

Enjoy this fool’s paradise while you can because ask those who had to actually and literally run for their lives  from “Paradise, CA” they’ll tell you, this shit ain’t fucking playing with your ass. You’ve still got the ability to drive to Walmart, but an end to that is coming. You’ve still got the ability to order some shit from Amazondotcom, but even Jeff Bezos has stated that Amazon is not going to be here for the long haul.

Jeff Bezos to employees: ‘One day, Amazon will fail’ but our job is to delay it as long as possible

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told employees, in response to a question at an all-hands meeting last week, that the company is not “too big to fail.”

Amazon, along with Jeff Bezos’ ass is going to fail along with everything else and it’s got not a goddamn thing to do with Amazon not being too big to fail, but has everything to do with the fact that Amazon’s warehouses are costing cities more than they think. When it rains, there is nowhere for water to go except into homes, businesses, schools and any other building standing when concrete has been poured in massive amounts in order to build warehouses. When whites decided that build, baby build was a good thing and when whites decided that more highway lanes would help with gridlock, whites put paid to living in harmony with this planet. 

You see, there is no use in dancing around the fact of who is to blame for climate change. We ALL know who. The Indians were living as one with this planet. The Maoris in New Zealand were living as one with this planet. The Aborigines in Australia were living as one with this planet. The Africans were living as one with this planet. And who came along and decided that living as one with this planet was the most fucked up thing to do? Enter whitey pasty ass! Whitey pasty ass has done not a one of us innocents, a fucking favor. Their mantra is “Capitalism is the word of today, tomorrow and waaaaay into the future!” Those arrogant parasites have doomed us all and yet, they are the ones who are still building more warehouses, building more upscale condos and gated communities, driving huge pickup trucks and SUVs and whose homes will be lit the fuck up enough for the lights on the McMansions to be seen from space. Yep, their Christmas decorations have got to outdo their neighbors.

But the day is going to come when you and your Christmas lights and your McMansions and Hemi-powered pickup trucks and SUVs are floating down the goddamn street. Your arrogance will be rewarded when you are reduced to trying to find some damp ground on which to erect a tent and since you love camping, you should feel right at ‘home’ until the next flood, that is. And there will be a next one. You’ve seen to that!

Yes indeed, the U.S. government is still trying to hide the fact of climate change from the ignorant, stupid Amerikkkans by posting the report on Black Friday where it was sure to be missed. But what won’t be missed is the fact that the shit you buy is soon going to be just as waterlogged as your ass. Think on that while you wrap shit that’s just as doomed to a watery grave as you are or to an inferno caused by your own damn arrogance in thinking that you have all the answers when whites are just about the dumbest shits to ever slither all across this godforsaken planet that they have managed to destroy. Keep listening to that buffoon in the Oval Office and when your ass is asking him for some damn help, what do you suppose he is going to do? Throw you some goddamn paper towels like he did to the people of Puerto Rico and to those who were impacted by the California wildfires, his solution to their problems is to give them some rakes. “Rake that fire on outta your way,” so says Donald Trump. Who the hell needs Allstate when you’re obviously “in good hands” with Donald Trump?

Oh, and one more thing. Since I’m ever the helpful one, shortly after the Christmas holiday season, you will begin getting other reports stating that your credit/debit card was hacked. The hacking never stops, but you don’t really care and so, never mind, full speed ahead which also can be said for climate change.

9 thoughts on “Climate Change, Caused By Whites, Is Going To Affect Every Single American Or So Says The Federal Government Despite What Trump Says To The Contrary

  1. Great post, Shelby, that brings climate change down to the reality level for people. I think people are really tired of climate change news that focuses on scientific models. They’re getting really tired of the repeated message “Trust Us, We’re Scientists” – especially as the vast majority of scientists represent the privileged class.

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    1. Dr. Bramhall, it just doesn’t get anymore real than this. We’ve run out of time and it is time to pay the piper and the piper is going to get paid. We can ignore the shit that’s coming until it impacts us on a personal level, but the truth of the matter is, we are ALL going to be impacted on a personal level. It is just as matter of time. No one has to believe in science or federal reports, but they’ll believe it when their ass is on fire or when they’re climbing up to the roof of their homes because the flood waters have risen to the second story. They’ll believe it when they’re running for their lives from wildfires that are nipping at their heels just as it did those in Paradise, CA and elsewhere. Officials only found a few bone fragments left of people who were in their cars trying to get out of the fire’s path when they were overtaken by flames. There is hardly enough left of some to even make for proper identification.

      Amerikkkans don’t do reality very well, not unless it’s a ‘show’ on TV. They’d rather see some woman fucking another woman’s husband and what is she going to do about it than face their own reality in that we are ALL fucked, big time! There is no need for fear mongering because all anyone need do is take a look around, last summer was so hot, it was miserable just to open the damn door and feel the heat blast. The meteorologists were telling everyone to stay in and to check on the elderly and there were months of this, not just days. The situation is getting so bad that even the ‘white’ folks doing the news were hoping for winter. Now, that’s saying something when pasty asses don’t want to go outside and roast. This is happening everywhere. Ellicott City, Maryland had just recovered from a ‘thousand year’s flood’ last year when it was inundated with yet another ‘thousand year’s flood’ THIS year. Houston was impacted, many areas in Alabama and Mississippi were flooded out, the same in Indiana and Florida. Madison, WI was flooded. It makes no difference; east, west, north or south, there is going to be nowhere to run. And ALL that materialistic shit that people just bought will have been bought for naught because it is ALL going to be washed away or burnt to cinders.

      Virginia and New York are all set to be the next ‘recipients’ of an Amazon Warehouse which means the cutting down of more trees and the removal of more dirt which would have allowed for more ground water soakage, but since that won’t be the case, when it rains, where is the water going to go? Directly into homes, businesses, schools and any other buildings. And since there is now more of a prevalence of horrific hurricanes and tornadoes, that does not help matters.

      Amazon facility in Southeast Baltimore remains closed following tornado

      One of the warehouses in Southeast Baltimore that was damaged by a tornado this month remains closed indefinitely and its workers are being reassigned.

      The employees of the Amazon Prime sortation center have been idled — and fully paid — since the Nov. 2 incident that ripped apart a portion of the warehouse at 2010 Broening Highway killing Espana Argote, 37, a contract employee at the facility, and Andrew Lindsey, 54, a maintenance worker for JLL.

      Rachael Lighty, a Maryland spokeswoman for Amazon, said Monday the 100 workers at the facility were being moved to other jobs at Amazon while repairs to the warehouse continue.

      “This has already started while we work toward a long-term solution for the building and those employees,” Lighty said.

      So, as you can see, Dr. Bramhall, the fat lady done sung. They’re going to fix this Amazon PRIME location and put workers back in there so that more workers will lose their lives. Is that not the definition of crazy? Doing the same thing over again and expecting different results? Well, there you have it.

      I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Wow Dr. Bramhall! I am honored, to be sure! As for a headline, since I tend to lean towards the savage end of the spectrum, please feel free to come up with one. It won’t hurt my feelings none since I’m at a loss. I’ve scrapped several because they are just too vulgar especially seeing as how I am mad as hell that cities actually fought for yet ANOTHER Amazon warehouse when no city should have wanted one. Those jobs are temporary when given what is going down, climate wise and since there are massive numbers of people, homeless in both Virginia and New York, all incentives used to urge Amazon to open a new warehouse in those locations, should have gone to lift people out of homelessness. Amazon certainly will do nothing of the sort. You know Amazon is a pet peeve of mine as I despise, detest and hate Amazon and anything associated with Amazon to no end. In my opinion, Amazon is a climate change instigator.

        Dr. Bramhall, again, I sincerely thank you for your comment and for the thumbs up on this one!

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      2. All they’re talking about is jobs and not the environment. Jobs come and go but the effects of deforestation can last forever. How do I know this with a degree in fashion design yet we have city planners and CEOs digging away at every empty lot?!


  2. Sadly, I am hoping my one credit card’s info gets hacked so I can get PAID hehe! I’m reporting ALL the charges! But really, I looked up a map of how Earth will look soon with the ocean rising and, like you said, it’ll affect everyone. I’m eager to see how this plays out.

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    1. I destroyed my credit cards. Hell! I even take cash when I buy a car even though I have to record the bank transactions and I also have to sign a form at the dealership stating that I am NOT a terrorist. I actually did have to do that. Black folks ain’t supposed to have two fucking plug nickels to rub together. I am pretty goddamn sure that pasty-assed parasites don’t have to go through THAT shit! But this is AmeriKKKa and they make damn sure we don’t forget it.

      I have actually been a victim of identity theft. When I first moved to Minnesota and my credit card company was monitoring my credit information, I was sent an alert. Someone had mixed me up with some serious shit. According to my credit report, I owed some man over $6,000.00 who had sued me in Hennepin County District Court in 1999 and I didn’t even make it to Minnesota until 2002. So there was no way in hell that shit was me. Also, the report had me married to someone I never even heard of and had me living in three different apartments at the same time while also late on a mortgage payment.. And a whole lot of other serious shit. I try to keep my shit as simple as possible.

      And yes indeed, it ain’t gonna be pretty when climate change kicks into overdrive. There’s not going to be enough ‘high’ ground for everyone and since water covers most of this planet, water is going to eventually cover almost ALL landmasses and we are losing land mass every nanosecond. The only thing I do know is that this is not going to play out very well, for anyone.

      Kelley, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Kelley, it would more than likely cause an epidemic of suicides, it would be so depressing. Many people don’t have a sense of humor, but it’s a damn good thing I do because it is the only thing that keeps me going. There is one job that I could never do and that is to ‘man the suicide hotline’. Can you just imagine? They call in about their problems and I’d start in on mine and before I know it, I’m talking to ‘dead’ air, literally.

        Thanks for your comment Kelley.

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