Living on the Street in Los Angeles

While you were out busting heads for deep discounts, there were those who are homeless through no fault of their own getting arrested because they cannot loiter. Women were getting raped simply because they were homeless and unprotected. Men were getting thrown into jail for being homeless as well as women.

But what is a sad ass fact is that many homeless people have more heart and soul and giving and caring natures than the shits who were trampling and shooting each other at the few remaining open malls.

The accompanying video is extremely hard to watch, but I managed to get through it and it sickened me that even though this is still the richest country on the planet, people have to live like this while others settle down in mansions and drive huge SUVs next door to the goddamn store. You shameless shits! Spend a fucking night outside and not just because you are camping out waiting on Apple to send the latest iPhone down the goddamn pike! Go to a homeless shelter where you’ll find real humans and not just automatons which is what most of you are!

A homeless man told the goddamn truth when he said,

“It’s not what you got, it’s what’s inside and how you use it.”

What the hell do YOU have inside???

The Most Revolutionary Act

On the Streets – Los Angeles

Los Angeles Times (2016)

Film Review

This is one of the better documentaries I’ve seen on homelessness. Based on a 2016 LA Times survey, it mainly focuses on high functioning homeless people, many of whom hold full time jobs.

According to the survey, in 2016 there were 44,000 homeless people in LA county. The survey mapped their location and whether they were living rough or in tents, camper vans or cars. The number of homeless living in vehicles doubled between 2015 and 2016.

It’s common for women in tents to cluster in “family” groups for security. The filmmakers interview a Skid Row cop who monitors the welfare of homeless people on his beat. He talks about a big increase in rapes, robbery, assaults and sex trafficking – due to criminals who prey on the homeless.

For me, the most interesting part of the film…

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2 thoughts on “Living on the Street in Los Angeles

  1. Thank you so much for reposting this, Shelby. There is a significant effort by the powers that be to demonize the homeless – and to essentially blame them for a problem that stems from the greed and indifference of the people that run the US government. More blame the victim bullshit in my mind. Although this documentary significantly minimizes homeless numbers in LA, it does go some way towards portraying them as likeable human beings.

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    1. I never met a homeless person I didn’t like. They are the most humble souls and people think they’re stupid but they have intelligence that would rival a college professor’s. And what they have that that college professor most likely lacks is a heart.

      And just as you said on your blog, cities criminalize homelessness so that they can lock them up and bust up their camps because the homeless who were portrayed in this video were attempting to pull together and unite to start an agency to help them. They were truly into self-help and not just trying to rely on a system that was set up to relocate them over and over again up the street, down the street and inside a jail cell. They are human beings and the way they are treated is disgusting! The U.S. has much to answer for.

      Dr. Bramhall, it was an honor and a privilege for me to reblog this. It is I who thank YOU!


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