America’s 1.4 Million Homeless Veterans

I just finished watching the video and I must say, it was extremely sad and it also made me extremely angry because the U.S. government and the U.S. military are both vile, disgusting and should be on trial for war crimes, crimes against humanity which should include ALL U.S. citizens and citizens of this planet. They have taken healthy individuals and turned them into broken, chronic drug addicted, mentally ill drunks and then left them to fend for themselves.

They have turned people into killing machines and one man in the video said exactly what I have been stating for years, “there is no ‘out’ training. How are we supposed to flip that switch, it doesn’t happen.”

That is exactly what I have said. It is not as if they worked at the post office and came home at the end of their shift and was the same person who went to the post office in the morning and came home in the early evening. Those people were put through boot camp which basically dehumanizes every living being on this planet. Everyone is to be looked at as the enemy and so go kill, kill, kill. How then are they supposed to come back from that and resume any semblance of normality which should include exhibiting behavior that is humane, compassionate, empathetic and loving? And this is why many military marriages end in divorce because the only thing the media and the government want us to see are pictures of military spouses returning from deployment, kissing and hugging their family members at the airport. What they don’t show us is that the display of emotion we are ‘shown’ is a mirage. Those people want to remain aloof. They are psychologically damaged, permanently, and that is why many continue to sign up because that is ALL they know; kill, kill and kill. And if the military refuses to accept them, they turn to self-medicating and when that no longer works, the next step is either murder/suicide or suicide.

What I cannot understand about the women who sign up for the military is why don’t they expect that sexual assault is going to come with the territory? Those men have been trained to look at everyone as something to be violated and that is what they do. There is not enough money on this entire planet to induce me to join the military because I am not stupid. I know what would be in store for me.

And what was also extremely telling was what Jason Henry, a VRC (Veterans Resource Center) Regional Director said. He said, “I don’t care about the average person out there, but I really care about the vets.” If he has a wife and children, if I were them, I’d run for the hills.

For women who want to join the military, remember this, you are more than likely going to be a victim of what those in the U.S. military have termed, (MST)”Military Sexual Trauma.”

And lastly, the guy at the end was asked, if he could snap his fingers and make one thing happen, what would it be. He answered, “Let’s not have another goddamn war!”

Anybody listening?

The Most Revolutionary Act

Shelter: America’s Homeless Veterans

Al Jazeeera (Barbara Koppel) 2017

Film Review

This heartbreaking documentary is about the  1.4 million US veterans who are either homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness, due to poverty, mental illness, alcoholism and/or drug addiction. An American vet commits suicide every 61 seconds.

With the demise of nearly all Veterans Administration programs (eg GI Bill of Rights) that helped World War II vets reintegrate into society, veterans of America’s permanent War on Terror are mostly left to their own devices.

Owing to an extreme shortage of female shelter beds, homeless female veterans are the most underserved. Many homeless female vets were raped while serving, some multiple times. Those who report their sexual assault to superior officers are frequently kicked out of the military.

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11 thoughts on “America’s 1.4 Million Homeless Veterans

  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing. I’m saddened but not surprised about the statistics, as well as what women in the military experience.

    You might also be interested to read my blog post on the topic of caring for troops:

    You cover the topic of support of troops (or a lack thereof) in a somewhat different way from what I do in the post I shared, but since you’re passionate about REALLY supporting our troops, you might be interested to read my post.


    1. Brendan, thank you for your comment, however, I am not “passionate about REALLY supporting (your) troops.” I have numerous blog posts condemning those who join the military because there is an “all volunteer” military and so not one military whore needs to sit somewhere with cap in hand, trembling and shaking from PTSD and some more shit because those ‘wars’ in Afghanistan and Iraq were fought by those who willingly signed on the dotted line. They were not drafted. I only cut a bit of slack for those who got themselves drafted because many refused to even be drafted. They consigned themselves to a jail cell or even flew the coop. And what about the rich? Even during the draft, they managed to seek and obtain deferment after deferment and that is the reason we have a draft dodger as Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. military he did everything possible to remain out of. How any Amerikkkan can hold their head up when we have a Draft-Dodger-In-Chief in command of the military, is a complete and utter mystery to me. That doesn’t even make any sense. Not to mention, that that draft dodging piece of shit wanted a military parade costing untold millions simply because he was impressed by a military parade in France. Too bad he wasn’t impressed by the military back when there was a draft, but now he’s bitten by the “I’m all about the military” bug? Trump’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.

      But no, I don’t support, nor will I ever support the troops because the troops can just kiss my ass. And for women to join the military is just too ridiculous for words when we are the ones who bring life into this world and then turn right around and sign on the dotted line to kill some other woman’s child? That is insanity. These worthless shits over here have the killing fever and then when they get fucked up to the point that even the U.S. military refuses to accept them for yet another deployment, they then have no choice but to sit their ass down and moan and whine about not having the ability to go into warzones and use those weapons they have now become so fond of.

      And women quite actually pretend that they have no idea that when they sign up for the U.S. military that consists of mostly MALE generals and other MALE higher ups that they will not be taken seriously when they report sexual assault? Again, that doesn’t even make a damn bit of sense. A shaved head is not going to deter a man from assaulting a woman since he knows what’s underneath that bulky ass uniform. And what MALE general is going to do a damn thing about another MALE assaulting some female that knew what she was asking for when she signed up? Hell! Men have complained about getting sexually assaulted. Do people really think that those in the Navy, out for months at sea, are just sitting somewhere thinking about their wives back on the mainland? Give me a break! The atmosphere is like being in prison with men fucking men all over the place for want of anything else to fuck, not to mention those who make up the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” crew.

      The only reason I reblogged this is to show those who think that the military is ALL that and a slice of pie just what they can expect upon completion of their stint in the U.S. military. If those who have ‘served’, are sitting somewhere fucked up and some more shit, then maybe, just maybe, they’ll think twice before signing up for that shit.

      I thank you for your comment.


      1. So I’m going to try and address the points you made here as best as I can…

        I’m going to start with where I think we agree. I think we both agree that it would be a big mistake for anyone to sign up for the military. Especially if you don’t graduate from college, you will find yourself earning poverty wages, being cannon fodder, maybe earning food stamps, getting PTSD, and getting little support from a government that complains to “support its troops.” People are better off for avoiding that trouble. Additionally, I absolutely hate the idea of war.

        However, before really going much further with my comment, let me ask this: What, to you, does it mean to “support our troops” (which is an idea which I can tell you don’t support)? I feel like it’s such a buzz term that gets thrown around all the time, so I am interested to hear what supporting the troops looks like for you. To me it means making sure that troops get taken care for PTSD when they get home, get paid adequate wages, and don’t end up homeless/food-stressed. You might have a different take, though.


      2. Brendan, I clicked on the link you posted and several folks who commented did not want more of their tax dollars thrown at those who have ‘served’ in the military and one anonymous person was clearly upset at the very thought of more ‘support’ to those who have ‘served’ in the U.S. military because in anonymous’s own words, “We have the highest paid armed forces in the world, the most extensive family housing and services and the greatest array of veteran services.”

        I agree. Even though enlisted grunts qualify for food stamps, their housing is free and so is their medical coverage. They get a ‘housing allowance’ which pays for any ‘rent’ they owe. ” Soldiers and their families receive comprehensive health care, life insurance and generous vacation time. –

        What else do they want? Those are my tax dollars and every other Americans tax dollars that are going to support people whose job it is to kill people. And so there is no way that I support that financially or with inane utterances of “thank you for your service” which means, like I’ve already stated, thanking them for killing people. If they want to go out and get PTSD and a multitude of other mental illness diagnoses because they CHOSE to sign on the dotted line and turn themselves into ‘killing machines’, then why should my tax dollars support them into perpetuity? If I lose my job because I become mentally ill, my job is not going to pay me if I can’t make it to work. Only if I take out some sort of Disability Insurance will I get any income if I become unable to work because of some sort of disability that I incurred while working.

        I refuse to beat the drum and call attention to the plight of those who CHOSE to don a uniform, take a gun and shoot folks who’ve done no personal harm to them. If I can figure out that this is wrong, then so can others. It is not a hard concept to figure out. Don’t sign up to kill people and you won’t have to worry about who is going to support you if and when you get fucked up in the head or become too physically fucked up to do your job anymore of killing people. Label me insensitive, call me uncaring, it matters not to me because just like anonymous stated, we pay dearly for a military that we shouldn’t even have because we are the aggressors. No other country has tried to fuck this one up in recent memory and yet, troops are stationed on over 700 military bases all across this planet, doing what? Wasting our tax dollars, that’s what. And fucking people up for no reason at all. I will never support that, nor will I ever call to support that in ANY way, monetarily or in any otherwise. Those people are declared ‘healthy’ by the U.S. military before they are allowed into boot camp and so I don’t want to hear any excuses about how they were mentally ill and had no idea what would happen if someone put a gun into their hands and told them to get to shooting. It was a choice they made and so just as all of us who make bad choices and suffer the consequences, soldiers just have to deal with the choices they made. That’s on them. No one is coming to my rescue forever just because I made a bad decision and decided that I wanted to be a stunt woman, got fucked up and now I want someone to pay me, forever, because every bone in my body is broken and I’m sitting in a wheelchair. Unless I took out some disability insurance coverage to help me out just in case something fucked up happened, then I’d be up shit creek.

        And lastly, I didn’t promise ‘the troops’ a goddamn thing when they signed on the dotted line. The U.S. military and other government officials did that and so if they renege on a promise they made to those in the U.S. military, then that’s on them, but it is not incumbent upon me to hold their feet to the fire if they fail to keep their promises. There are ‘Wounded Warrior’ agencies out there as well as other agencies that have been established to help those who have been fucked up thanks to the choices they made. Let ’em get help from them, but no donations would I ever make to those agencies. Absolutely not! And I hope this answers your question.


      3. Okay…I will address your main issues ern as best as I can…

        First of all, yes, you answered my question.

        I will start with where I agree with you. I agree that it’s absolutely horrid that we have taxpayer dollars going to killing people. And I do not think it is a sound decision, in any way, to join the military—not values-wise, not for mental health, not in any way.

        However, I think that your ire should be directed in a different direction. Your ire should be directed towards the elected officials who put these people in a position to be killed, not the soldiers themselves. Don’t vote for war-mongering candidates or elected officials. Be part of the chorus that makes it so deeply unpopular to go to war that we don’t go to war. That would save lots of taxpayer dollars—fewer people at war as well as fewer people with physical and mental health issues that need to be handled somehow.

        I understand your not wanting to support former vets whose job it was to kill people. That being said, if you don’t like killing people, I don’t think the solution is to give them no governmental services for physical/mental health so that they are at an even greater risk for things like suicide. The wounded warrior organizations are doing their best but it’s just not enough (because if it were enough, then I wouldn’t see so many vets in NYC who are homeless and disabled). Government needs to step in and care for its veterans.


      4. “Your ire should be directed towards the elected officials who put these people in a position to be killed, not the soldiers themselves. Don’t vote for war-mongering candidates or elected officials. Be part of the chorus that makes it so deeply unpopular to go to war that we don’t go to war. That would save lots of taxpayer dollars—fewer people at war as well as fewer people with physical and mental health issues that need to be handled somehow.”

        Brendan, have you ever thought about this, what if they gave a war and nobody came? Just because politicians beat the war drums, does not mean that I have to answer them. If those who want wars had to fight them, do you honestly think there’d be all those calls for war? Hell no! But as long as they’ve got dumb fucks to sign on the dotted line to do their dirty work, then there will be calls for war. You want to lay the blame squarely on the politicians while leaving those who actually make it possible for politicians to ‘declare war’, completely out of the mix. They are just as much to blame as the warmongers. Just as I previously stated in another comment, Donald Trump and many like him refused to even get drafted, much less would they sign up while there is AN ALL VOLUNTEER ARMY to go and fight wars, but there are people who sign up who don’t even need to sign up to fight wars. That’s on them. Just because some politician is yelling and shouting that we need troops to go to Afghanistan and fuck those people up, doesn’t mean that it actually has to happen. The only reason it happens is because Americans don’t know anything, beyond stealing, enslaving and murdering people. This country was founded on that, not on some bullshit about “All men are created equal,” yada, yada, yada! That is why Americans will suit up and go kill. It has nothing whatsoever to do with some politician beating the war drums because they could beat them to the cows come home, but if no one had signed up for the military, who then would there be to go to war? The politicians? Yeah, right. That’ll be the day.

        On this topic, we will just have to agree to disagree because like I’ve said over and over, no one is forcing people to sign on the dotted line to go and fight wars. They do so willingly. If they did not, an end to war, there would be. Simple as that.


      5. No, I haven’t thought about that possibility. Here’s why: it never has happened and will likely never happen. I’m not being pessimistic or optimistic, just realistic.

        But even if that were to happen, the government can institute the draft. It would not be popular in today’s political climate, but it can be used and has been used when the country doesn’t have enough people who voluntarily enlisted.

        Yes, we will have to agree to disagree on some matters. We are both anti-war but channel the anti-war ideology in different ways.


      6. “But even if that were to happen, the government can institute the draft. It would not be popular in today’s political climate, but it can be used and has been used when the country doesn’t have enough people who voluntarily enlisted.”

        The government is not going to ‘institute the draft’ because for one, this is not the Vietnam era and people are not going to fall for the bullshit that only poor Black people and poor whites who are considered ‘trash’ by other whites are going to continue to fight rich white men’s wars while they seek and receive deferment after deferment. People are clued in today like they were never clued in back in the Vietnam era and so I do believe that there would indeed, be a war fought between the citizens of this country against the government if the government decided to institute another draft. People are simply not going to go for that because the enlisted grunts that we have today, serving in the U.S. military are already those who would be eligible for the draft and the U.S. military does not have enough of them to do their dirty work for them and that is why they are now opening the military up to those who are blind, crippled, crazy and drunk.

        If You Are Mentally Ill, A Drunk Or A Drug Addict, The Army Wants YOU!

        Army Now Accepting Recruits With Serious Mental Illness!

        WASHINGTON – People with a history of “self-mutilation,” bipolar disorder, depression and drug and alcohol abuse can now seek waivers to join the Army under an unannounced policy enacted in August, according to documents obtained by USA TODAY.

        The decision to open Army recruiting to those with mental health conditions comes as the service faces the challenging goal of recruiting 80,000 new soldiers through September 2018. To meet last year’s goal of 69,000, the Army accepted more recruits who fared poorly on aptitude tests, increased the number of waivers granted for marijuana use and offered hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses.

        “But according to the Veterans Administration, 20 veterans commit suicide a day. In 2014, the latest year available, more than 7,400 veterans took their own lives, accounting for 18 percent of all suicides in America and this occurred BEFORE this new ban was lifted and so this will add to those who take their own lives since they’ll already be mentally ill or be vulnerable to mental illness and suicide BEFORE they’re ever sent through basic training.

        The whole world should be laughing at US because what most of us have been saying all along has now been proven; the fact that we have a military that is so useless, it is laughable. No wonder every military action undertaken by the U.S. has failed in recent decades and continues to this very day. The U.S. military couldn’t effectively round up ants at an ant farm because the U.S. military is filled with an inept bunch of drug-addicted, mentally ill, suicidal rejects from grade school and the situation is about to get worse AND how!

        There is no way in hell that I would join the military and expect some self-mutilating, depressed and/or bi-polar, drug addicted alcoholic to watch my back. I’d be more concerned with what was going on behind me in the ranks of my so-called fellow soldiers than I’d be concerned with a ‘foreign’ enemy I was facing. If I said that I was appalled, I would be lying because this does not surprise me; not in the least. I have been saying for quite some time and in no uncertain terms that our military is as ill-prepared to fight and win a war as new born babies are.”

        The above is an excerpt from my blog post, “If You Are Mentally Ill, A Drunk Or A Drug Addict, The Army Wants YOU!” And with millions of Americans too obese to even fit inside a cockpit, you seriously think a draft would solve our problems? And if you put their fat asses inside a Navy ship, it’d probably lean to one side and end up looking like the Titanic when it was hit by an iceberg and then sank. Who is there to draft? The uneducated, stupid millenials who are on their smartphones so much, they’ve developed a new medical diagnosis called, TEXT NECK? Yeah, like that lot is fit for duty in the U.S. military and what’s before it is no better. They’re equally stupid, obese and high and so the U.S. might as well wave the goddamn white flag of surrender because the U.S. military ain’t got shit to work with. The very last thing anyone should be concerned about is a goddamn useless ass draft and those in the halls of congress and in the White House are fully aware that the majority of Americans would be absolutely useless in a warzone. They’re useless now when some camel herders in Afghanistan is holding their own against the priciest military on the face of this planet of which we are not getting our money’s worth from and now enter the “self-mutilator,” the “recovering alcoholic,” and some more “mentally Ill folks,” and you’ve got even more of a recipe for disaster. Yeah, good luck with that lot. Let ’em draft that! I wish they would because what would happen would serve US all just right!


      7. I guess you can say that in certain ways, you’re more optimistic than I am. I want to think that the draft won’t be instituted again because people “won’t fall for that bullshit.” But we have fallen for Trump. If our country can fall even for someone like Trump, we can fall for just about anything, sadly. (including the draft)


    1. It was the least I could do in an effort to dissuade others from obviously making the mistake of their lives. Why would anyone watch the video and then sign on the dotted line to kill people and then come back and step right into homelessness while having mental illness thanks to having been turned into a ‘killing machine’ that doesn’t have an ‘off’ switch?

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall.


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