A Dead Child on Christmas Eve — Counter Information

By John Kiriakou December 28, 2018 “Information Clearing House” – An eight-year-old Guatemalan boy died in the custody of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) late Christmas Eve. His death came only two weeks after the death from dehydration of a seven-year-old Guatemalan girl also in the custody of CBP. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is demanding […]

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This is AmeriKKKa! What is happening in these concentration camps is happening in prisons all across this shithole as well!

ProPublica wrote recently, “Just five days after he reached the United States, a 15-year-old Honduran boy awoke in his Tucson, Arizona, immigrant shelter … to find a youth care worker in his room, tickling his chest and stomach. But he returned two more times, rubbing the teen’s penis through his clothing and then trying to reach under his boxers. ‘I know what you want. I can give you anything you need,’ said the worker, who was later convicted of molestation.”

 “In 2017, a 17-year-old from Honduras was recovering from surgery at the shelter when he woke up to find a male staff member standing by his bed. ‘You have it very big,’ the man said, referring to the teen’s penis. When the staff member approached him again, the boy locked himself in a bathroom.”

Even worse, just a few months ago, a youth care worker at one Arizona shelter was arrested for molesting eight boys over the course of a year. The employee, Levian Pacheco, pleaded guilty to 11 sex offenses and had been working without a full background check. During the course of the investigation, he also admitted to being HIV-positive and to having forced himself on the boys.

Yes indeed, this is Amerikkka, with Lady Liberty beckoning one and all? “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore   ….. – Emma Lazarus

Yes children, huddle in concentration camps while you get molested by male guards and other male staff members while congress and the president host a border wall showdown. Meanwhile, children are getting fucked, fucked up and are dying because this is the land of the “free and home of the brave,” isn’t it?

Millions of Black people are in prison, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of migrant children are huddled in concentration camps getting the same treatment Black prison inmates are subjected to and federal employees are sitting somewhere moaning and whining that they are not receiving their paychecks. Since you choose to head into work, knowing that there is no paycheck waiting for you, that is on you! I would refuse to go to work knowing that I am not going to get paid. When the ‘government’ is back up and running, they could then call my ass, but until then, no check, no work. It is as simple as that. No one expects to head to work and receive no paycheck for doing so. And for you stupid cowards to just comply like dead sheep, is just too ridiculous for words. You deserve everything you’re getting because apathy and complacency have never paid one goddamn bill and they won’t.

And those migrant children would probably be better off if those thugs overseeing the concentration camps did not show up for work. It would be a reprieve from getting molested, raped and infected with STDs. This shithole needs to collapse! With every fiber of my being, I hope like hell that the collapse is as soon as next fucking week!


4 thoughts on “A Dead Child on Christmas Eve — Counter Information

  1. The only thing these pigs are good it to molest under age kids and defenceless people and get away like nothing happened!
    Because we live in society where every thing under hypocrisy of white justice is OK!
    These shits it happened as well in Haiti,where the Haitian people are molesting and raping by UN soldiers and other so call Peacekeeping organisations,but this is another of so many cases of molestation and rape where of these Peacekeeping bullshit,they still carry on!
    Do you think who are in high,they really care about what is going on in all these concentration camps,all these humanitarian organisations ?
    Off course they know very well, because they are the first paedophiles and molesters,certainly that they give consent about this disgusting staff!
    Who can be behind of these concentration camps,only these demonic pig molesters,that in real life they can be easily catch in act,but because they are inside for them is more easy commit these disgusting crime,because they abuse of the situation of the victims and the environment!
    All these humanity organisations are the dens of the Satan,and they shouldn’t allow to exist!
    For me these kids they are better off but unfortunately,the demonic West countries will send in their countries everywhere in the world their molester pigs to save you! Disgusting indeed,I pray for these kids!
    Thank you for you post Shelby!

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    1. qnubian, thank you for your comment. It was spot on and oh so true!

      I posted this because I have said time and time again all over this blog that the white man is the very definition of homosexual deviant. He would never even stick his dick in a female except for the fact that by sticking it in a male, that does not produce his progeny. But he wants dick. That is why homosexuality is touted everywhere you turn. White males are nothing but sodomites and sexual deviants. They are trying to turn every other group just like they are because their tiny little worms don’t do it for them. White males have “Sexual Frustration Syndrome” brought on by ‘Vienna Sausage Syndrome’. They are always somewhere trying to look at some other groups junk and gasping in anticipation of getting it on with someone else’s junk.

      When Black men are pulled over by white kkkops, they feel all down in their pants and claim they are looking for drugs, but many Black men have filed lawsuits claiming that white kkkops have fondled their genitals to pieces. White Corrections Officers are always somewhere in prison making Black inmates disrobe and stand before them butt ass naked so they can view what they don’t have, fuck those Black men and then fuck them up because who can they call for help? Ghostbusters? No one!

      So no, I am not surprised that this is going down in those concentration camps that whites call ‘detention’ centers because that word sounds better. Call a spade, a spade and be done with it, but like I’ve said, those deviants like to whitewash their shit because they know it’s funky as hell! They go all around the world dragging with them the foul ass shit they are and then commence to dishing it out to ALL other peoples, worldwide. Sadly, those children are fleeing shit that is a direct result of what white parasites have let loose in their countries. They are trying to escape some shit that was started by these very same shits they are running to for help. Of course the children don’t know this, but their parents should.

      And that UN ‘peacekeeping’ shit is just a front for paedophilia rings and since whites are so depraved, they have even branded that as a mental disorder. So, whites are saying that wanting to have sex with minors is a mental illness and so treat it with what? Anti-depressants? Anti-psychotics? That shit doesn’t even make a goddamn bit of sense, but AGAIN, whites will ALWAYS find a way to whitewash and cover up the vile, foul ass shit they do and lock up innocent people so that they can force their deviant nature onto others.

      This world would be so much better if the sun would just burn their white asses to a crisp and be done with it! This world does not need the likes of those debased creatures and where they came from, I don’t know, but wherever they came from, it is quite obvious that they’re not wanted back and they’re not wanted here!

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. Preach Shelby I agree 100% with your statement!
    Ever notice that when it happens cases of molestation on under age kids,helpless people and women,they never see nothing wrong about it!
    They always justice the sick behavior of their own people,instead they always blame the victims!
    They would do anything to make pedophilia legal that’s some of them,they are waiting it happens!
    If they will have the nerve to do so,finally the world,we will see them for what really they are “demonic vile parassite pigs who shouldn’t allow to exist!”
    Their own existence is an insult for humanity, I wonder what in hell they are still doing here? They never ever contribute anything good for humanity,
    but only their sick depraved behavior,this what they have gave to us!
    Their female counterpart aren’t so innocent how they want show to everyone,she likes as well to sleep with under age boys and some cases even girls!
    They know very well what us melanin people what we think about every single of them,that’s why they feel uncomfortable to look us in our eyes,because we know the truth about them!
    As long we melanin people we are still living,we will always show the truth!
    The molastation and rape on BM isn’t new,WM have always raped and molested BM during history but they have covered up,because too much shameful for them to expose what they have done!
    I wish more BM know what these demonic pigs have done to their great great grandfather and today as well,finally they will understand that chase after Becky is an insult because she is daughter of molesters!

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    1. I have also stated all over this here blog that white males and white females are two sides of the same coin. Both are depraved, debased, parasitic creatures; leeches. They give nothing. They only take. And this world has been their exclusive playground to do with it and the world’s people as they saw fit. And they have fucked up every group on this planet and like I stated in a previous comment, wherever the hell these monstrosities slithered from, they’re not welcome back. But the thing is, we don’t want them here. I call them ALL parasites because that is what they are; blood sucking leeches that will suck the host bone fucking dry and give no nutrients or anything of real value whatsoever in return. But then how can something so valueless as a pasty-assed white piece of shit, give any thing of value? It can’t.

      And they slither around from one land mass to another stealing, raping, pillaging, enslaving and waging war against the true humans of this planet because make no mistake, whites are not human. Those vile rejects aren’t fit to feed the beasts of hell. In fact, they are so wicked, the gates of hell would refuse to open to let that foul ass vile shit in, funkying up the place. Talk about the ‘foulest stench being in the air’, that’d be them.

      You are also right again, they are an ‘insult to humanity’ and why they are still here is complete mystery to me because I just wish the sun would hurry up and toast their pallid asses. They are nothing more than deviant filth and I hope they are made to answer for the vicious shit they have done and continue to do to the innocent on this planet.

      qnubian528, I thank you for yet another wonderful comment.

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