Federal Workers Are Now Starting To Feel The Pinch – The Shit Is About To Hit The Fan

Trash piling up right outside the White House gates. But how appropriate, because that is exactly what is inside the White House, trash!


This is just going to tug at your heartstrings, it is.

“We spent money on Christmas and all that thinking that we were going to have a paycheck on the first, and now we were told today that it’s official, we’re not getting one,” said Britaini Armitage, 30, whose husband is a gunner’s mate in the Coast Guard and is deployed in the Middle East.

With a ‘do nothing’ congress and a megalomaniac in the White House insisting on a border wall, who was clueless as to the potential for what is occurring? Obviously, millions of shopaholic Americans who were intent and damned determined to make sure that corporations made out like bandits for this season of “good tidings and great joy!”

I knew it was bad when I was in the store the other day, in a RICHER part of town and I was standing, talking with someone in front of the champagne aisle and we turned as two white women bent down and picked up two bottles of Andre Cold Duck and said, “This will have to do!”

Now, I don’t know how many people are familiar with champagne, but Andre is about as low as you can go. You might as well be drinking fermented piss, it’s that bad. And then today, I read this headline.

A Week Into Government Shutdown, Ire Turns to Fear for Federal Workers

Again, it is quite apparent that no one took me seriously when I posted the blog titled, “No Merry Christmas For Laid-Off Sears Workers, But A $25 Million Dollar Stocking Stuffer Bonus For Sears Execs Who Are Helping To Cause The Collapse Of Sears Holdings (Sears, Kmart)” because in that post I stated:

You sit somewhere, chewing on your lip, wondering what you are going to do about Christmas this year. To hell with Christmas! You’ve got much more important things to worry about than some stupid day that comes around once a year preceded by much pomp and circumstance in the form of those same corporations that don’t give a shit about you, touting deep discounts and so come and get your shopping fix. With what? Your unemployment check?

And lo and behold, add to that mix, the employees of the federal government who are having to work without pay until the so-called ‘government shutdown’ ends. Federal workers are now whining that they spent money on Christmas and now need that money to keep a roof over their heads, food in their children’s bellies and to keep the utilities on.

When ‘Candidate Trump’ promised you a ‘border wall’ and you said, “Bring it on!” is this what you meant? I didn’t think so! You didn’t mean that a border wall should disrupt your ability to pay your mortgage/rent and certainly not have you wringing your hands in anguish over the great Christmas gifts your children are playing with right about now, is that it? Oh, the moaning and wailing is starting up something fierce!

“We’re sort of being held hostage in the middle, and we have families and obligations,” said Ms. Ivey, a single mother. “I don’t know if I’m going to be able to make rent.” She added: “I’m basically living on credit now.”

And this dude!

Charles Aitken, who works in inventory management for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is continuing to report to work in Virginia. But he is not being paid and just informed his ex-wife that he may be late with child support payments.

So, it would seem that some federal workers are already facing possible homelessness while others are facing possible jail time over non-payment of child support. Talk about a ‘ripple effect’, this is going to go into overdrive and right after Christmas too? Were those ‘deep discounts’ worth it? I bet that thinking on all the money that you wasted on gifts, food and airline tickets has got you down right about now, hasn’t it? Just when you need it the most since you’re heading to work and there’s no paycheck coming and you have no idea how long the border wall showdown is going to continue.

I have read time and time again that Americans will just never get with the program and SAVE! Instant gratification will be your downfall. You have got to have it now. You have got to do as you are told by corporations, by the mainstream media and who or whatever else is telling you to shop, shop, shop, be it a magazine, a newspaper or even a radio talk show. But those who have stated time and time again that millions of Americans cannot even get their hands on $500 for an emergency at any given time are just ignored and now that emergency is happening all across this country. People who still have credit are living on credit. Others are applying for emergency assistance that has been set up to help in some small way.

The nonprofit Coast Guard Mutual Assistance is helping out lower-ranking members, offering $550 to married members and $350 to single Coast Guard members who need help paying for food or overdue bills. If all 21,000 members who are eligible for the aid request it, that would cost some $12 million.

Well, there’s a bit of help for those in the Coast Guard, but what about everyone else?

On Thursday, the federal Office of Personnel Management took the extraordinary, odd and ominous step of posting a link to a document that offered tips to federal workers on weathering a lengthy interruption, including suggestions on how to defer rent payments, or even barter with landlords by offering to perform minor repair work like painting or cleaning up.

Barter with your landlord????!!! Seriously???!!! Has anyone tried bartering with their landlord? If so, please leave a comment and let us know how well THAT worked out! I can’t wait to read about that! Offer to make minor repairs????!!!! Paint and clean up???!!! Uh…that is why landlords have ‘maintenance departments’. This is the best that the federal Office of Personnel Management can come up with? No real solutions to the serious issue of federal workers receiving no paycheck? Their so-called ‘tips’ are absolutely ludicrous, not to mention, stupid! And if you are buying your home, who are you supposed to barter with then? The bank? I seriously had to pick myself up off the floor over laughing at that scenario. So, I guess you go into the bank, tell them that thanks to the government shutdown, you are unable to make your mortgage payment, but it has been suggested by the federal Office of Personnel Management that you barter to keep a roof over your head and so is there any minor repairs that the bank needs done? Can you paint and clean up the bank in order to stay in your home? Now how well is that going to go over with the bank manager? Let me just put it to you this way, you will be introduced to either the bank’s security officer or the police to be escorted out and when you’re put out of your home, please try and find a Wi-Fi hot spot so you can let us know if there was any bank willing to allow you to ‘barter’ to keep your home.

Now, I don’t want you to think that I am insensitive to what is going down as it pertains to federal workers who are going to continue to work without pay until….whenever! I think it would be prudent of me to attempt in some small way to help out all I can and so below is a list of agencies that maybe able to assist you with utility payments, food and the other necessities for living.


They assist in times of crisis and offer help with trying to obtain food, health services, housing and utilities, jobs and employment.


Although I don’t like this organization, they may be able to help out.


I don’t like that one either, but again, they may be able to help out.

And if anyone knows of any other agencies that could help these federal employees to continue to remain in their homes with the lights on and food in the fridge, by all means, the comment section is below because I don’t think ‘bartering’ is going to do it. I don’t know if this latest development will make us aware that we need to get back to true community involvement (which means building relationships within your community) and looking out for one another or not, but that is what is truly needed because as you can plainly see, government shutdowns and the like are not going anywhere and people cannot continue to put their faith in politicians who so obviously don’t care about the plight of those they are ‘elected’ to serve. No member of congress is worried about keeping a roof over their head during this shutdown. Donald Trump is most definitely not worried about keeping the White House roof over his head since it is quite obvious, he has no known kryptonite since he could probably get away with murdering someone in broad daylight in the middle of the Washington Mall.

Finally, a new year is about to begin. Anyone feel like ‘celebrating’, other than those two women who just bought two bottles of Andre Cold Duck? To those two women, “bottoms up!”


4 thoughts on “Federal Workers Are Now Starting To Feel The Pinch – The Shit Is About To Hit The Fan

  1. Oh boy. There are a couple of levels to this. First, as far as I am concerned Congress should just give Trump the money for the wall. Though I understand that these people come from a horrible condition, we have been told by our leaders such as Dr. Claude Anderson, Dr. John Henrick Clark, and Dr. Frances Cress Welsing that Black people have no friends, immigration is our enemy, and most of the immigrants will register as White on the census and turn on us the first chance they get.

    Second, hopefully when July 4th comes around, and people are eating their dead animals to celebrate America, they will remember that their Congress went on Christmas break when many of there lives were hanging in the balance. Land of the free and home of the brave. Got to love it.

    Third, I don’t like Trump, but I respect his gangsta. I wish Obama would have fought for us the same way that Trump fights for his.

    What I am tripping off of is the fact that a U.S. Veteran was able to raise over $10 million on go fund me to help Trump build the wall. Yet Black people can’t come together and do group economics? Frustrating as hell that other groups can come together to support their own, but we can never pool our resources to do anything.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. An excellent, excellent comment.

      The only problem I have with a border wall is the fact that it is a waste of money because the illegals have dug tunnels underneath several states bordering Mexico and are quite happily smuggling in people and drugs by that route and so why build a wall when there is no way in hell that they can stop the tunnel digging? That is just ludicrous.

      Believe me, I am NO fan of Latinos, not at all because those taco crunchers come here and despise us, just as the Africans do, just as EVERY other group does. Just as you say, we have NO friends. I just like to point out the obvious hypocrisy of the worthless white shits in this shithole because they go on and on about how humanitarian they are and about how benevolent they are and in the same breath are shouting and screaming that everyone is illegal besides their white asses. Newsfuckingflash, their white asses are just as illegal as what’s attempting to crawl across the border because the Indians are damn near decimated in numbers thanks to the fact that they tried to implement an immigration policy against whitey pasty asses from coming here and their almost ‘genocide’ was the result. But now whitey pasty ass gets to say who can come and who cannot when the Statue of Liberty supposedly welcomes ALL including the “tired, poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free” from some shit stirring that the U.S. started in their countries.

      Those people in Central and South America are trying to come here because of American corporations that have decimated their country and because the CIA is in those countries deposing democratically elected heads of state and saturating their countries with the same drugs and guns they did in Black communities here and the goddamn list of the like is endless and yet the Latinos come here and praise whitey pasty ass for fucking them and their shit up when if you go to any of those Latin American countries, all you see are pasty-assed expats sitting somewhere swilling liquor while a native maid is cleaning up behind their worthless lazy asses and they can also get away with paying a gardener mere pesos same as what they pay the maid. They buy up the choice properties and build condos and tennis courts and spas and live the good life on the cheap because of the exchange rate. They are no favor to those natives, but they use each other and so there ya go.

      Secondly, Amerikkkans have the attention span of toddlers and so this will ALL have been forgotten by the time the 4th of July rolls around and the hot dog eating and parades will commence. You give Amerikkkans too much credit. The same federal workers and their families that are dealing with being furloughed will be out there at a baseball game, eating a hot dog and waving that Amerikkkan flag, dripping with the blood of dead Indians and African slaves, same as everyone else will, besides you and myself, of course.

      Thirdly, Trump is just like his base and so he has no problem dishing the shit out. Obama was nothing like us. He had nothing in common with us. That Kenyan born asswipe was not a descendant of slaves and he could never put himself in our shoes and feel a goddamn thing for us and he stated that on numerous occasions. Just because he had a dark hue to his skin did not mean that he felt our pain because he did not. Even his ugly ass wife followed in lock step with his criminal ass, but she was a given since she married that SOB who should be behind bars on war crimes charges.

      And finally, there are so many skinhead groups and the like that have no problem putting up mucho dinero to beat back against any ‘colorization’ of Amerikkka. They view the Latinos as a threat to their white existence and so they will throw every cent they have into the pool and they’ve got the money. Look at those Bundys; they formed a militia group and went up against the federal government and not one shot was fired and they own millions of acres of land out west but was still grazing their cattle on government land and refusing to pay for the privilege. How much land does Black people own? How many cattle do we have? All of that land was homesteaded and purchased for pennies on the dollar when Lincoln so-called ‘freed the slaves’ and told them to get the hell on, but gave them no means in which to do so. Meanwhile, the white ‘settlers’ headed West, killed the Indians’ main source of food, the buffalo and staked out a claim. Meanwhile the south was built by Black slaves and just as soon as we get reparations for that, we can launch our own GoFundMe company. But seriously, there is no reason why we cannot attempt to ‘crowd fund’. The only problem is I don’t believe that our ‘crowd funding’ would result in raking in millions because Black people have got to spend their money on bling, hair extensions or weaves, Timberland boots, name brand white clothing lines and shit of the like.

      So, Cory, have I cleared anything up? I certainly tried.

      Again, seriously, thank you for your comment. It was right on time!


  2. Shelby,

    You are friggin brilliant. That is all I have to say about this piece. I learn a great deal about the corruption taking place when I read your material, and so do many others. Please start a Patreon if you can or a PayPal link so that the public can fund you. You deserve to make money for your work.

    One Love,
    The Stormy Poet

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! Indeed I thank you for that most glowing compliment on what I do here! It is usually a ‘thankless’ task, but I try, in some small way, to get people to understand that they are being duped every which a person can get duped. We are to ‘follow the bouncing ball’, while our ‘elected representatives’ engage in some underhanded shit and get away with doing so. Whenever there is something going down that makes no sense, you had damn well better believe and understand that the true and REAL shit that we need to be worrying about, we’re not. I just try and clue people in. It’s not working, but for some strange reason, I keep trying.

      And I doubt that I’d make enough money from this to keep me in lettuce. But thanks for the ‘heads up’. I sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness and for your comment.

      Take care!


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