White Women’s March Planned For Martin Luther King Weekend Cancelled Due To A Lack Of Black Faces To Put On Display


Event organizers are claiming that a ‘lack of diversity’ has caused them to cancel a women’s march in the city of Eureka in Humboldt County in California that was to take place on January 19, 2019, a day that coincides with the holiday that supposedly honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A planned Women’s March in California has been by canceled by the organizers over fears about the lack of diversity from those taking part.

Apparently the organizers did not think it would look right to have only ‘white’ faces in attendance at an event so close to a holiday set aside to ‘honor’ a Black man who was assassinated because he believed that people of all complexions could live in harmony with one another which does not seem to be the case in Humboldt County since the Black population count stands at 1 percent. Nope, no diversity there. I guess they remembered just in time that in Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech, he said,  ‘I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls.’

That ain’t happening in Humboldt County and that fact would be quite obvious when a bunch of white women took to marching through the city of Eureka for….hell if I know. Because what the hell are white women marching for? What rights do they lack? They are living the ‘good’ life in Humboldt County, free from having to rub shoulders with poor Black folks and so what need have they to take to the streets?

However, it should be quite well known that Dr. King helped launch the Poor Peoples Campaign which was meant to draw attention to the economic disadvantages of poor Black people in America, who despite taking up the white man’s ‘Christianity’, were still poor as hell then and are just as poor as hell today. Dr. King was brainwashed as well into believing in that Christian blue-eyed Jesus bullshit!

But now, along comes some rich white women, who, apparently, have to research history in order to figure out that it would not look good for them to parade their ‘white privilege’ around town with nary a Black face in the crowd to give their march for ‘whatever’, any credibility especially when it coincides with the holiday honoring a Black man who spoke out in defense of poor Black folks who were being economically disadvantaged and with Black History Month right around the corner, that was just not a good thing to do. Damn! Those white women just cannot win, can they?

However, some prospective event attendees were quite put out by the cancellation. So much so that they voiced their dismay on Facebook. Go figure! They’ve obviously not heard or maybe they just don’t care that Facebook has announced that their data is still being hacked. That’s all good!

“I was appalled to be honest,” Amy Sawyer Longwrote on Facebook. “I understand wanting a diverse group. However, we live in a predominantly white area…not to mention how is it beneficial to cancel? No matter the race people still want their voices heard.”

David Holper added: “I was really saddened to hear that the march won’t be happening this year. Isn’t there still time to reach out to minority groups and pull this together?”

Yes indeed, it is absolutely appalling that this event was cancelled due to the fact that Amerikkka is just as racist today as it was when Dr. King and crew were marching through the streets of this shithole attempting to showcase the plight of Black people who faced down high powered water hoses, were bitten by vicious dogs, were denied the right to vote, were denied the right to go inside any establishment and be served since Jim Crow was the law of the land(still is) and yet, whites are the ones who are appalled. Why am I not surprised? They still want their voices heard. Bitches, you are always somewhere with diarrhea of the damn mouth. You’re all over the news; both local and national. You’re on every talk show with your ‘view’ and still you feel that you are not being heard? Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!

And David Holper wants to know, in this eleventh hour, if there is still time to reach out to minority groups and pull this thing together. Well ain’t that a bitch? “Quickly now, let’s find some minorities over in ‘Poorville County’, you know where they are, underneath bridges, sleeping in boxes and standing in line at the welfare office. Just go there and pay some a few dollars and they’ll be glad to walk with us for a few blocks in January. They’re already homeless and so what’s a little cold weather to them?”

Whites don’t give a damn for any other group on this godforsaken planet, but for some strange ass reason, they are somewhere attempting to get people to understand that they’ve got no fucking rights. You’re the only ones who have rights because you give them to yourselves while everyone else has to take a back seat and deal with your shit! And now, you’re whining because you can’t find some ‘minorities’ to back your shit up so that you can strut through town and show your ass as if you’re doing something worthwhile. Nothing you worthless pasty asses could do is worthwhile because you are worthless. You’re all wastes of skin. So sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up!

We don’t want to get bombarded with pictures of a march with you decked out in pink pussy hats looking stupid as hell protesting the likes of you! Because I know you’re not protesting Donald Trump because you voted him into office. And now two years in, what’s the use in you taking to the streets to protest what you put inside the White House? Trump is doing nothing to fuck up your damn day, but he sure as hell is doing plenty to fuck up ours. You’re the same shits that call the kkkops on us for doing not a goddamn thing wrong, but apparently, to you when Black people are barbecuing, selling bottled water, sitting in a hotel lobby, sitting in a Starbucks, taking a nap in a common area of a college dorm they’re paying tuition at, accidentally bumping into you in a store, doing their job of inspecting houses for fire codes, taking pictures of a house they intend to buy, that’s wrong and yet you expect Black people to march down the goddamn street with you? So that you can call the kkkops and say that a Black man or a Black woman or a Black child is marching down the street? Seriously?

Why White Women Keep Calling the Cops on Black People

In April, when a white woman called the police on two black men in a Philadelphia Starbucks, the video of the event went viral. The men were accused of not making a purchase and therefore trespassing. They did not damage property or assault anyone, but their lingering was enough to cause them to be ejected from the store. Most significantly, there was never a confrontation between these men and the woman who called the police.

In the following weeks, a white woman called the cops on a group of black people barbecuing in an Oakland park. Not long after, another white woman called the cops on a black girl selling water on the sidewalk in San Francisco. Because we were able to see these white women’s faces, their identities have been turned into memes and they’ve been given nicknames – BBQBecky and PermitPatty, respectively. The accused were not violent, but apparently they were seen as  disturbing the peace, whether it was through conducting business, enjoying themselves or simply being present.

But now you’re cancelling a march due to a lack of diversity and you racist bitches have the nerve to wonder why. Fuck you!

9 thoughts on “White Women’s March Planned For Martin Luther King Weekend Cancelled Due To A Lack Of Black Faces To Put On Display

    1. I’m glad you like it. I’m kinda partial to it myself. And what’s more, every single word of it is on point and true. Those nasty white bitches have got some goddamn nerve sitting somewhere in their McMansions with not a goddamn thing to do but put together a march for who the hell knows what? Oh, that’s right. They’re just SO bored! Everything that money and credit cards can buy gets old after awhile, doncha know. And so, look around for something to do.

      “Oh, yeah! Let’s march through the goddamn streets just pretending that we give a shit about some diversity and all and while we’re at it, the cameras will be rolling and we can showcase our pink pussy hats. Oh wait! This event would coincide with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations. Where’s the Blacks at? They ain’t here in Eureka! Cancel the march! We ain’t got no Black faces for show! Damn!”

      Yeah, that’s how those pasty-assed bitches roll and they can just roll by their damn selves because they moved to an area that was ALL WHITE and then scream about caring about a LACK OF DIVERSITY? For real? Those stupid, pampered, pasty-faced bitches, do indeed, need to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up!

      Prince, I am so very glad that this one is KP approved! Thank you for your comment.

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  1. WOW Shelby,this is very disturbed to read,Becky will do everything to please her privilege ass!
    For what I can say, I can really careless about their good and hypocrite intention for this march,
    the only thing I care about WW that they were famous in history only to false accuse BM on rape they have never committed!
    How many innocent BM have dead because those white bitches they couldn’t feel good about themselves just to see the body of BM be tortured, hanged, torn their genitals and burned, and their bodies be exhibited as if they were an art show?
    What Emmett Till body would say? Look now Becky cares about black people and BM? Really?
    There are thousand old photos of lynchings, where they were so many WW in these photos,
    they were laughing and smiling,as they felt so good to see innocent BM to be killed!
    WW suffer like their male counterpart of Amnesia,every time they call cop on BM or on black people for me,in their evilness they wish the cop would kill or beat the shit out of them,the same thing their ancestor had done in the past!
    I believe 100% the white female is the most dangerous person on Earth!

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    1. qnubian, the pasty-faced bitch that accused Emmett Til of whistling at her or some such shit has now stated that SHE LIED! Who the fuck didn’t know that? A blind man that’s been planted can easily see that the bitch was lying her ass off and when her male relatives admitted to brutalizing and murdering that poor innocent child, not a goddamn thing was done about it.

      What I cannot figure out is why Black men will take up with the most vile ass shit to ever slither across this planet. One Black guy told me that he mistakenly had sex with one of those creatures and he said the pussy was SO stank, he don’t think his dick will ever smell better or recover from the experience. Of course it’s not. How in the hell do you expect to lie down with a parasite and not get up with something that’s unpronounceable? They probably blame their funky ass odor on using tampons and getting toxic shock syndrome but that ain’t all that’s the reason white women are funky as hell! I wouldn’t touch one of those skanks with a fifty foot pole. Don’t ever swim in a pool behind those vile funky assed bitches and don’t shake hands with them because you’ll be scrubbing your hands for days getting funky pussy odor off of them as well as the odor of shit because they are the very ones who go in the restroom and come out without washing their hands. I have seen them do that, times too numerous to count.

      Black men must have been dropped on their goddamn heads to want to mess with some shit that can call the kkkops on them for looking at them cross-eyed and get beat down or murdered for that shit. And the fact of the matter is, pasty-assed whites are worthless. I don’t care how much money they have, they, themselves are worthless. They have not one thing that counts; heart, soul, compassion, empathy, love and everything that makes the rest of us ‘human’. They have no ‘human’ qualities at all and so to get with something as bloodless and cold as those freaks of nature? That is just begging for trouble. Who in the world would want to touch such pallid and flimsy flesh as whites have. No wonder the sun burns their ass up. I just wish the sun would ramp up the amps and fry their asses where they stand. It would certainly be doing those of us with melanin in our skin, a world of good.

      And yeah! Those bitches are some dangerous motherfuckers alright, but you see, that don’t stop me from telling it like it is. To hell with those loathsome parasites and they can take their pasty-assed homosexual debased males of their species and all drop dead, quick fast and in a goddamn hurry!

      qnubian528, I thank you for your comment!

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      1. Your comment made me smile!
        They are dirty and they don’t like to wash their hands after use the toilets,I saw so many times, also they don’t like to flush after they have been in the toilet,and they like to live behind all their disgusting staff!
        BM who are with them,they should be careful that they can easily cath some diseases,because with their beautiful hands they cook,look after their kids!
        The most important things they sleep with dogs,so you know very well that dogs carry diseases in their body!
        They have sex with it and they kiss dogs in their mouths,so BM are in good hands!
        If they don’t wash their hands,
        off course they don’t clean their houses!
        You can’t believe that we BW, they said and they still say that we were and we are the one who are stink,dirty, and gross!
        I am not surprised why they have this strong hatred and dislike for us,because we BW,we are what they will never be!
        Dispite their racist prejudices,they have for us,we are good women,kind,strong,
        smart and we have good hearth,they hate us because,when we see them in pubblic we don’t bow to them!
        They want us we should feel inferior of them! Because they can’t stand our natural beauty!
        I can carry on as long as I can talk about their sick behaviour and their crazy staff!
        Black people who didn’t participate at the march, they know very well the role of WW have played in the story and the death of Emmett Till!


      2. qnubian, you are SO right. I went into the restroom at my doctor’s office one day and I could hear a stall door opening as I came in. A white woman quickly passed by me on the way out and she just left the stall and headed straight for the door, bypassing the washing up station. I went to the stall that she had just vacated and what I saw made me gasp! I would have clutched my pearls, if I’d had any around my neck, but alas, I don’t like anything around my neck. But, when I opened the stall door, in the toilet was the most vile looking shit I have ever had the displeasure to see. It was grey and white camouflage looking. Something was wrong with that bitch because the turd was SO big, when I tried to flush it, it just sat there looking at me as if to say, “I ain’t going nowhere!” I left that shit alone, literally!

        And I am glad you mentioned how they lie in bed with dogs and let them lick all over them because I posted a blog about a white man who was licked by his dog and lost his hands and feet and his nose because he developed a ‘rotting disease’ and his shit started to rot and fall off and they had to cut the rest off.

        Dog Damn Near Licked His Owner To Death

        So, a man needs a GoFundMe page because he allowed dogs to lick him all in the face? Let me get this straight, this man who knew that dogs licked their ass, balls and other assorted parts that would be filthy as hell, allowed dogs to lick him in his mouth and all over his face? Dogs will even sniff another dog’s ass and I am going to allow a dog to lick me in the mouth and all over my face? For real? I am not going to ever think that there could be a potential problem to me for allowing a dog to lick me in the mouth and face while knowing that I’ve seen dogs lick themselves to hell and back? I am just going to assume that Fido goes into the bathroom and gets my toothbrush out of its holder, brushes his teeth and then comes to me and licks my mouth and all over my face? I am going to assume that those doggy treats that are supposed to clean a dog’s mouth are going to do just that? Well, I don’t think this dude believes that shit anymore.

        This man’s life is basically over. His nose has been eaten away by bacteria. His arms and legs are gone. He can’t even wipe his own ass, but maybe, when his wife gets tired of wiping it for him, she can just turn him over and call Fido and Fido will be more than happy to lick his ass for him.

        And I kid you not, my cousin was perusing the internet one day and he yelled for me to come look at something and it was indeed, a white female parasite having sex with a dog. I told him don’t he ever call me to look at something that vile and disgusting. Even on this blog of mine, there was a search term initiated for someone looking to have “sex with a small cow.” Now how gross is that? And I know it HAD to be one of those white parasites looking for some animal action. Of course, anyone that is human that attempts to lie with one of those parasitic creatures is going to get up with more than just fleas.

        And at a company function, we all had to cook a dish and so I was in the company lunch room preparing to heat my dish up and in front of me was a white female parasite heating up her dish. When the buzzer went off on the microwave, that bitch took a spoon and dipped it in the dish, tasted it and put the spoon back in the dish and stirred it. I went back upstairs and told every Black employee to steer clear of that bitches dish. They can’t fucking boil me water, much less cook a goddamn thing for me because they are nasty as hell! Who in hell wanted that bitches germs? I sure as hell did not!

        Of course they want the Black woman’s beauty. At one time, they used to try and get us to feel bad about the size of our lips and how our butts have that most beautiful, curve and damn it if those rejects from hell didn’t turn right around and start injecting their lips with fillers to plump up those thin lines they called ‘lips’ and got surgery on their flat asses. They hate us for our beauty even as they attempt to get us to understand that we are ugly. We are not. And never shall we be. For one thing, we don’t have to lie out in the sun for hours or seek a tanning bed to get our gorgeous complexion. Those creatures spend a fortune on beach vacations just to tan. They spend a fortune on tanning beds when our kind of tan is free! They will risk a cancer diagnosis just to get what we were blessed with and yet they try and get us to hate the color of our own skin which they seek. They are crazy!!!

        qnubian, you said a mouthful and I thank you for it!


  2. On point, as usual, Shelby.

    Keep infecting these hard truths. To echo what you wrote about, while I will always have regard for all human life, I understand that, when it comes to those who are classified as white, based off my own experiences and off my research, the majority of them are far too indoctrinated and psychologically warped to value anything else over whiteness. Sure, they will advocate and support other social issues as long as it doesn’t pose a threat to the concept of “whiteness.”

    Plus, as was the case when this whole thing called white supremacy got started, the benefits of whiteness are addicting, like a drug. Like addicts, when you start telling them they’re going to have to give up the benefits of whiteness in order to produce Justice for all people (the drug), they’re going to fight you tooth and nail to hold on to the high it produces.

    Good look to any black person thinking a white person is willing to get locked out of the wealth generated by AADOS, get shunned by their family, get shamed for being friends with/dating someone outside of their race, to have to hear about racism day-in-day-out when they’ve never had to deal with it their entire lives, in order to have to have any type of relationship with them, whether it be plantonic, romantic, or business.

    We appreciate your analysis, Shelby. I love everytime I get an alert that you’ve posted in my inbox.

    One Love,
    The Stormy Poet

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    1. Yeah! I have regard for ALL HUMAN life, but the thing is see, whites ain’t human. What ‘human’ would intentionally destroy the only home he will ever have? Whites did that. We are ALL walking toxin factories about to drop dead because whites are not human since it is those vile creatures who are responsible for destroying this planet and all who live on it. No other group on this planet has done more to destroy it than whites. Who dropped bombs on others? Whites! Who killed the Indians and turned this land into the cesspool it now is? Whites! Who went over to New Zealand and fucked up the Indigenous population over there and stole their land? Whites! The original inhabitants of New Zealand, who all have a permanent tan, have NO political representation whatsoever! How much political representation do the Indians over here have? Zero! Who went over to Australia and fucked up the Aborigines and stole their land? Whites! And to make matters worse, sent a bunch of prison rejects from England over there to fuck up those Aborigines. You don’t remember Botany Bay PENAL Colony? And just look at us! Who went over to Africa and stole our ancestors? Whites! Who damn near destroyed The Marshall Islands by testing atomic bombs there right where the Indigenous population lived? Whites! Those people dropped dead by the thousands over cancer diagnoses as a direct result of the atomic bomb testing done by whites! Who went to Hawaii and colonized it? Whites. The native Hawaiians are homeless while the whites own every goddamn thing over there and the whites are trying to hand plane tickets to the homeless so that they can get the fuck off the island and you say that you “have a regard for all human life?” Tell me, how ‘human’ do whites sound?

      Who initiated ‘climate change’ and still want to deny it? Whites! And the reason why is because they never, ever want to own up to the vile, vicious shit they do which is why they will re-write history to make the shit they do seem less like a pile of shit and more like a fucking rose. That is why McGraw-Hill Textbook publishers had to issue reprints because they had inserted into textbooks that African slaves IMMIGRATED to Amerikkka alongside the Irish and other immigrants looking for well paying jobs! Slavery was NOT a well paying job! Again, those white parasitic creatures are NOT human and therefore, deserve not a grain of ‘regard’. A gnat couldn’t wipe its ass on the amount of ‘regard’ I have for white parasites; the goddamn leeches! To hell with those worthless ass pieces of trash!

      You have not noticed that EVERY group who has some sort of melanin in their skin has been fucked up and fucked over by ‘whites’? Those fuckers are not human. And wherever the hell they came from, they are not wanted back. And I damn sure don’t want them here! Not a one of us who has a permanent tan should want those debased creatures slithering among us because they have done nothing that was beneficial. Everything they have done has caused us harm and yet they own everything while destroying us in the process and you want me to have ‘regards’ for some shit that’s fucking me up? Hell if I will!


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