Who/What did we Celebrate in Africa in 2018 — African Heritage

Who or what did we celebrate in 2018 in Africa. Here are 10 people, events and things, which marked the year 2018 (if there are some other you would like to share, please send them in): 1. Abiy Ahmed Ali became prime minister of Ethiopia this year, and brought in a wave of new measures. He is […]

via Who/What did we Celebrate in Africa in 2018 — African Heritage

Senegal, like many other African countries, would like the restitution of all the looted African arts taken by Europeans and still hosted in European museums.

10. Not sure whether to applaud this or not: Major museums across Europe have agreed to loan important artifacts back to Nigeria for a new museum the country plans to open in 2021 (Europe’s Largest Museums to “Loan” Looted Benin (Nigerian) Artifacts back to Nigeria). How someone can loan you something they stole from you is beyond me! They should just return it!


Uh…descendants of slaves stolen from Africa, the Africans want you to know that they are pissed off only because ARTIFACTS that were stolen from them by the Europeans should be returned to them. Your Black ass??!!! Not so fast! You see, artifacts are much more valuable to those who let our ancestors be taken from their native land.

How many African countries or nations have yelled and screamed that they want the Europeans to return Africa’s stolen people? None! And they never will because you see, Africans do not view us as true Africans even as you don dashikis and African head wraps and ‘jump the broom’ and recognize Kwanzaa and other stupid shit of the like. Those ‘people’ over there don’t give a shit for those of us who are the descendants of people who were stolen by the Europeans and deposited on these shores. When will you understand that Africa doesn’t give a shit for you? They don’t claim you! They never have.

You are somewhere handing money to Ancestrydotcom and some 23andmeDNA kit shit so that you can find out where your so-called African ancestors originated from so that you can do what? Go over there and get your feelings hurt? Unless you are part of a delegation that is bringing back a stolen artifact, those people ain’t thinking about your ass.

Those of us who are descendants of slaves are on our own and we had better recognize that fact, deal with it and move the hell on. We don’t have anything in common with those Africans and whatever DNA of theirs is in our makeup is so minuscule thanks to the rape our ancestors had to endure at the hands of slave traders and plantation owners and their overseers, that it makes no sense for us to consider ourselves to be, African.

We don’t have a ‘motherland’. We are a people without a country. Deal with that. No one has come to our rescue. Not Africa, not this shithole called Amerikkka and nothing will. It is up to us to do for us and the sooner we recognize this, the better off we will be in understanding that we need each other because we are all we have!

You are not a valuable artifact and because of that, Africa doesn’t give a shit for you or me! That’s reality! Ask yourself this, “What has Africa done for you lately?” I know what it’s done for me. Not a goddamn thing! I don’t expect it ever will because I face reality and I deal with it.

The sentence below is taken from the article. Re-read it and get a clue!

“How someone can loan you something they stole from you is beyond me! They should just return it!”

So as you can see, they want the return of ‘it’, an artifact. You? That would be a resounding, “NO!” Think about that!

7 thoughts on “Who/What did we Celebrate in Africa in 2018 — African Heritage

  1. We are the after thought of most of the so called people of color( Black Africans included) on their march to becoming citizens or obtaining the green card. As it pertains to Africans we need to ask to the question ( Yvette Carnell) who are you? Meaning are you Descendant from those that help to capture/sold/ traded black us to the europeans. We need to know if you are one of those described in the book of revelations as an evil spirit or hateful bird as it relates to the fall of babylon. Mystery. Babylon(america) has fallen and has become a habitation of devils and cage for every for spirit and hateful bird. You. Would have thought that we had personally had fucked over these people for centuries when you examine the mal behavior toward us.

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    1. Yele66, your comment is spot on!

      I cannot get the descendants of slaves in Amerikkka to get over the fact that they don’t need some sort of validation from a region of people who are also, their mortal enemy. We owe those fuckers over there NOTHING!

      The U.S. government actually treats those who come from Somalia better than they treat those who are descendants of people who were dragged from Africa. They treat every African who comes over here a damn sight better than they do us. I have seen this with my own eyes. There are thousands of descendants of slaves walking the streets homeless while Somalis and other African immigrants are living in upscale townhouses in Minnetonka, MN and that is a rich area. The Somalis own two malls in Minneapolis. They have their own healthcare facilities that cater ONLY to them. They have taken ALL the Section 8 vouchers and public housing units in Minnesota while the descendants of slaves and the Indians die from the cold or are in bedbug infested homeless shelters being treated like shit by those who claim to be Christian. I have volunteered at those agencies just so that what I knew to be true could be validated. I would never give a goddamn dime to the Salvation Army because they are guilty of treating descendants of slaves like shit. I would never give a damn dime to Catholic Charities because they are just as vile and atrocious as the Salvation Army. I would give nothing to the Red Cross or United Way for the very same reason.

      I even volunteered at Legal Aid and the Disability Law Center and through those doors marched many a Somali motherfucker getting free legal help because of having been involved in yet another car accident. One came in the door for the FIFTH time yelling that he had totaled his FIFTH vehicle and wanted help obtaining another one. They can’t even drive because many don’t even speak English nor do they read it and yet they are out on the roads, not even able to understand road signs. They are even allowed to take the written driving exam in their native language. What road sign is in Somali or whatever the hell language they speak? They speak that gobblygook and get away with it because every agency has 25 different languages posted so that those puss head motherfuckers can just come on up in there and feel right at home. Now, if I took my Black ass over to Somalia, would those bastards do that shit for me? Hell no! This is why we don’t have any fucking money to help those who have paid taxes to this shithole and when they fall on hard times and need help, all the funding has gone to immigrants from Africa and elsewhere.

      And yet descendants of slaves are somewhere shouting up and down that the ‘motherland’ is ALL the shit when it is just flies and shit, literally, along with Black assed filthy motherfuckers who can all just drop dead because they are some funky, vile ass sons-of-bitches. I met many an African from Nigeria and elsewhere when I lived in Minnesota because for some strange ass reason, they flock to that state and I gotta tell you, they hate our guts! They think they are better than we are and I’ve got plenty examples of that because I had the misfortune to date one of those tree climbing bastards and he took me to some function that had something to do with paying the bride’s family some sort of bride price. I was the only descendant of slaves there and even though my ‘date’ knew that I didn’t eat meat, I was escorted to a room that was away from everyone else, who was African, and told to sit down. Some African girl brought me a glass of water and a plate of burnt white rice with a big piece of fat sitting smack dab in the middle of the rice. Meanwhile, those Africans were knocking back Guinness beers and high end liquor and eating shit I’d never seen before. I got up, marched out, got into my car and sped the hell out of there! When that bastard contacted me, I cussed him up one side and down the other and that was the end of that. I’d never fool with one of those nasty bastards, ever again. And that is why I don’t understand descendants of slaves loving all up and down on everything African because those heathens over there are not even civilized and they hate us and think they are better than we are and yet we try and take up some of their practices. And what the hell does that gain us? Not a goddamn thing, but unfortunately, there are millions of us who just need to identify with something and so that cesspool of flies and shit and tree climbers seems to do the trick. They are welcome to them. To hell with ’em!

      I thank you for your comment yele66! As you can see, my many Black readers were not about to comment on this one because they are all on some, “Africa is the ‘motherland’ and I’m gonna jump the broom, celebrate Kwanzaa, don a dashiki and an African head wrap, go see The Black Panther…AGAIN(“Wakanda Forever!”) and continue to worship the ‘motherland'” bullshit!


  2. And one other thing I just remembered that is extremely important, that nasty Nigerian I went out with also told me that if I was to go to Africa, one of those tree climbers over there would whisk my ass away to some hovel and I’d never be seen again because I would become a sex slave. I am so NOT kidding. So yeah. let these Black-assed Africa worshipers take their ass on over there just a whooping and a hollering that Africa is the ‘motherland’ to them and they’ll find out, quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry, just how fucked up that shit is over there!


  3. We. (Dos) need to study the foriegn born Blacks as they are(Most are here for the money only , not interested in building relationships with us) not as we would like them to be. A few yrs back I was in Orlando Fl had a conversation with a Nigerian man who commenting “I don’t understand the black americans, they have all of this opportunity yet they do nothing.” (Sounds familar?) I asked him how many whites live in his country? He stated about 100, 000. I stated to him if a 100,000 whites got you all crazy(over 90million) how do you think 200million would affect us? I got a smile but no answer.

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    1. Exactly!!!! We don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell over here with nothing to work with except white supremacy, Jim Crow, racism, bigots, the Klan and other skinhead groups, a school-to-prison pipeline, racial profiling, gentrification, income inequality, mass underemployment and mass unemployment, illiteracy, no economic achievement and this is by design, kkkops killing us for breathing, other white racists calling other racists on us for doing not a goddamn thing wrong since, apparently, paying your rent and being in the home you’ve paid rent at is wrong since Botham Shem Jean is dead because he didn’t get out of his own apartment when ordered to do so by a racist kkkop, but yeah, we got every reason in the world to be doing fucking GREAT over here.

      You should have cussed that Black-assed goddamn bottom feeding scum sucking, nasty piece of shit out! I would have cussed his ass up one side and down the other like I did that Nigerian I had the misfortune to go out with. They come over here and get handed all sorts of shit. They get a FREE education. They are NOT taxed. They get FREE healthcare. They get FREE interpreters. They get food stamps out the ass! They get free money. They get free vehicles, if they’re Somali. I know this for a fact. Meanwhile the descendants of slaves who have paid taxes to this shithole can just drop dead. Every other group of dark skinned people are treated better than those of us whose ancestors were forced here because whites don’t have to feel fucking guilty when they look at Africans who come here willingly or as refugees from countries that whites have fucked up like Somalia. That’s why the Somalis have the red carpet rolled out for them because they’ve got something the U.S. government wants and so they are allowed to come here and live the ‘good life’. And they do! I never met a Somali who didn’t think he/she was better than we are. I have cussed their asses out, even if they could not understand me, so many times, I can’t even count them. Why I did not go to jail, I don’t know because those pusshead motherfuckers had me riled up every single time I came into contact with them and you can’t not come into contact with them in Minnesota because they’ve damn near taken the whole state over. One African from a different region even told me that the whites in Minnesota were getting pissed off because the Somalis were taking over and running them farther and farther afield.

      Those nasty Africans don’t know a damn thing about us, but will come over here and immediately put us down and don’t even bother to find out just what the fucking score is. They are arrogant and conceited and for no good reason because they came from shit! The Somalis even put up a fuss because over on Cedar Riverside, there are two huge high rise apartment buildings that are HUD funded and they were screeching and yelling that the managers were not listening to their complaints about broken elevators and dark stairwells and plumbing issues. Those heathens came from living in huts in the middle of the jungle, so what the hell can they complain about? They aren’t paying a goddamn dime to dwell inside, our tax dollars are paying for that shit! Something they should have appreciated on its own merits. Don’t even get me started on those African shits!

      Again, yele66, I thank you for your comment. As you can see, it struck ANOTHER nerve!


  4. They the so called people of color who practices
    what the dominant white group practices against us do so willingly with full knowledge of the crap they are doing against us is without cause. That is why the reference to …. Every evil spirit and foul and hateful bird(revelations). America made us(according to 3/5th writi
    ng in the US constitution) less than the birds of the air, the fishes of the sea and every creepy crawly thing om the earth( paraphrasing the making of adam in the 1st cpter of genesis). When America made us(as far as they can enforce it) niggers they attempted to usurp the creators authority. Eg. Let us make niggers after our image and our likeness let us make the niggers lower than the fish of the sea , the birds of the air and every
    creepy crawly thing in the earth. This. is the whites attempt at creation by artificially creating people who for the most part only knows what america has taungbt us…….


    1. Preach it Yele66! Preach it! Those who come here are very much aware of how whites treat us. They know the hatred that whites have for us and they know that in order to impress whitey pasty ass, it would also be in their best interest to treat us like shit. Every group does. It matters not if they come from Central and South America or from Africa or China or hell! Bangladesh! There is no getting past the hatred and contempt that the whites have for us because of something that is not even on us. That is something THEY did to us. We did nothing to them. And unfortunately, I had previously posted a blog arguing with someone about how the Africans were not responsible for slavery when I was ALL wrong and he was ALL right. I did apologize to him and I posted that apology very publicly. The blog that I was so wrong is the one titled, “Africans Are To Blame For Why Slaves Were Brought To AmeriKKKa! Fuck THAT Shit!!” And I was so wrong, I could not have been more wrong in my arguments. I only leave that blog up as a testament to my foolishness and stupidity. It is my shame and I own it. I’m not braggin’, just sayin’.

      I sincerely appreciate that right on point comment! Because it most certainly IS that!


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